Allowing Ourselves To Courageously Deliver Our Message To The World – Ep.018 – Liz M. Lopez

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Episode summary:​ Liz and I discuss her findings from being a career coach during the pandemic and how she’s helped her clients maneuver career and life changes in the midst of everything going on.  We get into some of the behind-the-scenes conversations with executives and business owners throughout the past few years as well as the stories that have shaped her and the wisdom she can share with us all.

Guest Name & Bio:  Liz M. Lopez is a valued Executive Career & Business Coach who corporate professionals and business owners to life-changing levels of success through one-on-one coaching and signature group coaching programs.

A bestselling author and celebrated speaker, Liz wows the crowd during action-focused keynote presentations and workshops.

She ignites live and virtual audiences by showing them their own potential and creating a clear path to accomplishing their true objectives. After an award-winning 15-year corporate career with leadership roles at Capital One, Verizon, and PODS, Liz launched her own company, Captivate Your Audience in 2007.

Since then, Liz has championed thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their highest level of success.

Liz M. Lopez

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[Nick McGowan]: Hello, Liz. Welcome to the show. I’m so glad you’re here. How are you doing?

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’m doing very well, Nick, and thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to our conversation.

[Nick McGowan]: Absolutely. I appreciate you being here. You and I met a couple of

[Nick McGowan]: years ago through a networking group in Florida. I think it was literally one

[Nick McGowan]: of the first things I did when I got here. I was like I need to get back in

[Nick McGowan]: people again and meet with some people. And you were one of the first handful

[Nick McGowan]: that I met. Are you A? You actually still part of that group?

[Liz M. Lopez]: you know, Because of the mostly working from home over the past couple years,

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’ve not really been in person to a lot of groups at all,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but I, I am looking forward now to kind of revisiting some of them and kind of

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: seeing where I’m going to spend a little bit of time going forth. I tend to

[Liz M. Lopez]: kind limit my own person stuff to a couple times a month, but I do a ton of

[Liz M. Lopez]: networking virtually.

[Nick McGowan]: Sure isn’t a beautiful thing that we have the opportunity to do that Now

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: where years ago it was kind of weird like. even if you’re like, Hey, hop onto

[Nick McGowan]: thiskype call, they’re like. I don’t want you to see my face, so everybody

[Nick McGowan]: just got their camera closed. Not anymore. for the most part.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I think now as as things are opening up, it feeds everyone, like the people

[Liz M. Lopez]: that really need that imp person energy are going to be able to indulge in that

[Liz M. Lopez]: more, receive that and those

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: of us that are more uncomfortable with more comfortable with more of a digital

[Liz M. Lopez]: type of exchange and feel like we can truly connect in this manner, still have

[Liz M. Lopez]: that option, So I like

[Nick McGowan]: Heck, yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: the hybrid world of it,

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, what a beautiful thing you know. Business just needs to get done,

[Nick McGowan]: relationships and

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: communication just need to happen no matter what the platform is, and

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes I know I have first world problems where I’m like. Oh, there was an

[Nick McGowan]: issue with this laptop. I’ll jump to another laptop. There was an issue with

[Nick McGowan]: that. I, I guess I’ll grab my eye Paad. there are times I’m like Jeeze, they

[Nick McGowan]: are kids that just want water in different parts of the comp. You know the

[Nick McGowan]: country, and I’m looking at this stuff like

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Ive, dumb First world problems. Uh, but let’s take a little bit of a step

[Nick McGowan]: back, Liz. want’t you introduce yourself? Tell us one thing you do for a

[Nick McGowan]: living, and maybe something that most people don’t know about you.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Sure, sure, uh, so I am an executive coach and I work with leaders both in the

[Liz M. Lopez]: corporate world, so these may. Be your C, Ios, your C, M os, your C, F, os, as

[Liz M. Lopez]: well as people as aspiring into that sea suite, and on the business side, I

[Liz M. Lopez]: work with owners of their own companies, so we’ looking at success strategies,

[Liz M. Lopez]: whether they’re looking to accelerate growth in careers with their credibility

[Liz M. Lopez]: and their visibility, or they looking to accelerate growth within their

[Liz M. Lopez]: business, which sharpening their business model, Really getting clear on their

[Liz M. Lopez]: messaging and sales process, and then going into some highly productive

[Liz M. Lopez]: legeration to achieve what I like to call joyful profitability, They leaving

[Liz M. Lopez]: living leading a. Life, where they are really enjoying what they’re doing, They

[Liz M. Lopez]: not working themselves to death, and they are creating

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: abundance for themselves and for their legacy.

[Nick McGowan]: you touch on a nerve almost right off the ba. Now I was having a conversation

[Nick McGowan]: with somebody recently about the whole hustle culture

[Nick McGowan]: and the guy called me out and was like. Well, I think what you’re doing is

[Nick McGowan]: hustling because I’m doing my my job, my business, my podcast. but I think

[Nick McGowan]: there’s a difference between doing work on things that you enjoy and that you

[Nick McGowan]: love, or just doing things that you don’t do. Now as a coach that helps people

[Nick McGowan]: in their career. How often do you come across people that go? You know what

[Nick McGowan]: I’m doing exactly what I want. Where you just not even

[Liz M. Lopez]: not that often.

[Nick McGowan]: talk to those people because they’re They’re not your ideal. Yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: right. Well, you know it, it depends on the career side. They. they’re on a

[Liz M. Lopez]: path, so they may be at the end of their path with where they where they are

[Liz M. Lopez]: and looking to make their that next move right. So they. they’re

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: happy with their own overall.

[Liz M. Lopez]: You know, maybe their industry or their their role type, but just not their

[Liz M. Lopez]: current circumstance, and on the business side, I, sometimes it is a decision

[Liz M. Lopez]: point next. Sometimes it’s a matter of. Do you really want to do this

[Liz M. Lopez]: right? Because

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I and I just had that conversation with one of my clients. They were

[Liz M. Lopez]: looking at the different services that she provides and I was asking very

[Liz M. Lopez]: clearly,

[Liz M. Lopez]: which one of these do you want to do, and which ones do you not Is why teach

[Liz M. Lopez]: you to make money doing something you don’t want to do

[Liz M. Lopez]: right. And and that to me becomes really really critical. you know, speak.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Speaking of things that were that we want to do, I’m going to jump back as I

[Liz M. Lopez]: did forget to tell you something you did ask, and she asked me. What’s

[Liz M. Lopez]: something that people don’t know about me? Uh,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and that is that I have a lot of metals and I, I don’t have them displayed at

[Liz M. Lopez]: the moment, but I have a lot of medals. I, I’ve done all my life. I’ve done a

[Liz M. Lopez]: lot of five ks. I’ve done half marathons de ten Ks, and I’ve done a whole bunch

[Liz M. Lopez]: of triathlons as well, and that

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: tends to surprise people, Nick, because I don’t look like I would be fast and

[Liz M. Lopez]: honestly I’m not fast, but I’m persistent and I get to that end and finish line

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I get my medal.

[Liz M. Lopez]: H.

[Nick McGowan]: that is such a cool thing

[Nick McGowan]: and it would be a judgment to look at the surface of people and just

[Nick McGowan]: automatically think thats, but they’re not into that sort of thing. But you

[Nick McGowan]: never know what people are into until you actually get into the conversation

[Nick McGowan]: or even ask. So how did you get into that side of life?

[Liz M. Lopez]: uh, I was, but I was in my early twenties. I was invited by coworkers to go

[Liz M. Lopez]: bike riding

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I, I wasn’t great at it right that, but we were doing it. We started doing

[Liz M. Lopez]: some biking events and I was again persistent, but not very fast. I felt like I

[Liz M. Lopez]: needed to increase my stamin us, so I started running to increase my stamina in

[Liz M. Lopez]: cycling, and over time just found that it was so much easier to just go out the

[Liz M. Lopez]: door in my shoes as opposed to like the The You know all everything, I needed

[Liz M. Lopez]: to go on a serious bike ride, And and over time that just took over.

[Nick McGowan]: That’s pretty cool. I think Most people, if they say I’ve got a lot of metals,

[Nick McGowan]: it’s like, Yeah, we, uh, we won something in sixth grade. My mom kept the

[Nick McGowan]: metals, Um. I think we won something in like I don’t know. Whatever that field

[Nick McGowan]: day was we did in eighth grade. You know that was the third place medal. But

[Nick McGowan]: the fact that you’ve done a lot of this stuff and you have those medals. Do

[Nick McGowan]: you just not have them showing off now? Because you haven’t had them set up,

[Nick McGowan]: or is uh? is there something deeper to that?

[Liz M. Lopez]: No, I redecorated my office. I,

[Nick McGowan]: Okay?

[Liz M. Lopez]: so, and I have not yet. I have this vision of how I want to put them together,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but to build something to do that in the time for that building has not yet

[Liz M. Lopez]: arrived.

[Liz M. Lopez]: but I,

[Nick McGowan]: Okay,

[Liz M. Lopez]: I will probably display them. You know. fun fact, we know, we talked about the

[Liz M. Lopez]: fact that I have a puppy and my wife actually enrolled him in a race about two

[Liz M. Lopez]: weeks ago and he won. He won

[Nick McGowan]: what?

[Liz M. Lopez]: two out of four races, so now he has metals.

[Nick McGowan]: Oh man, it’s a whole family situation. Does

[Liz M. Lopez]: Guess

[Nick McGowan]: your wife have medals or is she lagging behind?

[Liz M. Lopez]: yeah, know, she does some events with me just for just for fun. So she has

[Liz M. Lopez]: somebody

[Nick McGowan]: Okay,

[Liz M. Lopez]: some of the same metals that I do. But um, my my wife is a maker, so her world

[Liz M. Lopez]: is more like three deep, printing and

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: resin printing and just creating amazing amazing things. So I think the puppy

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I are going to be the ones with the most medals.

[Nick McGowan]: that’s a cool thing for you too to share. though,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Thank you,

[Nick McGowan]: uh, so let’s touch a little bit about the the coaching and taking a little bit

[Nick McGowan]: of a steer over to the people you’ve been working with over the past two

[Nick McGowan]: years. Oh gosh, at this point we’re on calendar, you three with this whole

[Nick McGowan]: Covid thing,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: but um, since all of that stuff happened and we touched a little bit on that

[Nick McGowan]: on our own personal call that we had,

[Nick McGowan]: But I’d love to hear what sort of patterns you have seen with people that are

[Nick McGowan]: trying to either shift careers or in the space that they are trying to do

[Nick McGowan]: more, but be more aligned, so I’d love to hear your perspective on that

[Liz M. Lopez]: I think you’re hit a really important word with that Nick. In terms of

[Liz M. Lopez]: alignment,

[Liz M. Lopez]: there are. I’ve always. I’ve been coaching out for fifteen years and on the

[Liz M. Lopez]: career side for the most part, you know, Except for like, maybe that two

[Liz M. Lopez]: thousand age to two thousand ten,

[Liz M. Lopez]: the majority of my clients are employed and they are intentionally uh, mapping

[Liz M. Lopez]: out their next level strategy

[Liz M. Lopez]: in the past two years, which you, what I have experienced is a lot of leaders

[Liz M. Lopez]: not necessarily looking for. I just want the next great, you know, Good job.

[Liz M. Lopez]: that aligns my next step. Now they want the next job they’re happy with Right.

[Liz M. Lopez]: It’s gotta be something that. I mean. I have seen so many redirections. I’ve

[Liz M. Lopez]: always wanted to work in this industry. It’s my time. I’m going to go F pivot

[Liz M. Lopez]: this way or I’ve decided I’m just going to go ahead and launch my own business

[Liz M. Lopez]: right like I have one client that’s talking about. I might open a a bird store

[Liz M. Lopez]: right coming out of a deep financial industry. So there’s so many different

[Liz M. Lopez]: types of pivots going on,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but it has to fulfilment. has become

[Nick McGowan]: mhmm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: supercritical and my clients. That’s always been important because that’s part

[Liz M. Lopez]: of what I’m about,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but the commitment of people to if it’s not an alignment, I’m not going to do

[Liz M. Lopez]: it and I’ve had so many clients of mine that are interviewing their

[Liz M. Lopez]: interviewing extremely well, Nick, and they’re turning down offers because it’s

[Liz M. Lopez]: just in the end, the offer just didn’t didn’t align in all ways, And they’re

[Liz M. Lopez]: being patient about V.

[Nick McGowan]: It seems like such a power play for people, especially people in the know with

[Nick McGowan]: themselves if they understand. it’s got to fit this criteria. I think there

[Nick McGowan]: are a lot of people that forget about. Um. the interview being a two way

[Nick McGowan]: street. Like when you go in for an interview, it’s not just them interviewing

[Nick McGowan]: and grilling You kind figure out. Do you want to even work there? Do you want

[Nick McGowan]: to work with those people? If you instantly get a gut feel. If these people

[Nick McGowan]: are weird and creepy, they might just be your people, or they might not be

[Liz M. Lopez]: Absolutely, and you know the interview process is highly traditional still and

[Liz M. Lopez]: I feel like employers hurt themselves a little bit by not having some more

[Liz M. Lopez]: upfront conversations about what exactly are going to be a part of that offer.

[Liz M. Lopez]: You know you, You go through that process for so long, you know. sometimes

[Liz M. Lopez]: multi month processes to hire these executives and then come out and make an

[Liz M. Lopez]: offer that isn’ an alignment. You could save yourself a lot of time if you just

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm. Yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: disclose more up front.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: you know. So so it becomes this dance when I, when I wish it could be a much

[Liz M. Lopez]: better partnership in in really reaching a decision about, can we be mutually

[Liz M. Lopez]: beneficial to each other?

[Nick McGowan]: Sure,

[Nick McGowan]: this may be a very simple question, but do you think that just basically boils

[Nick McGowan]: down to the people, Because if there’s people on both sides that are apathetic

[Nick McGowan]: and understanding and trying to look for when you would think that it would

[Nick McGowan]: work out that way, But maybe that’s typically not the case. Are your clients

[Nick McGowan]: finding that to be where they’re meeting with other companies that are sort of

[Nick McGowan]: along that same line or no?

[Liz M. Lopez]: I believe that there’s really good intentions. I just

[Nick McGowan]: Okay,

[Liz M. Lopez]: believe that the industry, employers as a whole are very mired in the system

[Liz M. Lopez]: right. This is the way it’s done and sometimes you know with there’ recruiters

[Liz M. Lopez]: involved.

[Liz M. Lopez]: There’s a process right and people are very very attached to their process.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Talk about

[Liz M. Lopez]: we having conversations about mindse.

[Liz M. Lopez]: It’s such an enormous change,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and the

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: mindset has to be their first rate. They have to feel the safety Nick. that we

[Liz M. Lopez]: will arrive at good decisions even if we do this from a genuine human

[Liz M. Lopez]: direction. And I don’t think that mine sets there.

[Nick McGowan]: Oh, I agree. and what a beautiful way to basically say no. They need to clean

[Nick McGowan]: their shit up,

[Nick McGowan]: everybody

[Nick McGowan]: and it, it’s a people thing.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Well. I think they’re spending a lot of money they wouldn’t need to if they

[Liz M. Lopez]: would embrace a different way, But I think there’s a lot of fear involved.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, yeah, uh, I know, there’s a lot of fear just in the industries, no

[Nick McGowan]: matter what. So if you think of, um, a fear of supply chain issues and just

[Nick McGowan]: stuff that’s happening there’ is also the fear of the companies that have

[Nick McGowan]: employees that are leaving, some that are

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: leaving on their own or

[Nick McGowan]: needed to be asked to go somewhere else Because of that, I think that inner

[Nick McGowan]: stir it seems like everybody. Most everybody started to have some sort of

[Nick McGowan]: inner stir when everything happened. They were like. What do I want to do? So

[Nick McGowan]: do you find that people are now coming to you saying I feel like I need to

[Nick McGowan]: find something aligned or you working with them to find that aligned thing?

[Liz M. Lopez]: So part of my clients are in transition,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: They. They are intentionally making a move where a whole other part of my

[Liz M. Lopez]: clients are in roll like they are C, I, o, c, e, c, e, o, c, M, Os already in

[Liz M. Lopez]: place are not looking to make a career change. I’m just a executive coach,

[Liz M. Lopez]: right, I’m their board of advisers. that one person that they can talk to and

[Liz M. Lopez]: be with

[Liz M. Lopez]: so,

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: I kind of see both sides of that equation.

[Liz M. Lopez]: A great example of this. I recently am supporting one of my clients in on

[Liz M. Lopez]: boarding to a new one organization, and as I’m studying the organization with

[Liz M. Lopez]: him, and and talking about at the different roles, one of the people that he’ll

[Liz M. Lopez]: be that will be app to him is is the the be theor B P of supply chain,

[Liz M. Lopez]: And I made the point of of mentioning

[Liz M. Lopez]: this person needs help

[Liz M. Lopez]: right, This is the person that’s in the most pain. So this is. This is one of

[Liz M. Lopez]: the first relationships you have to build and investigate how do you support.

[Liz M. Lopez]: How do you support them and how do you lessen their pain? Uh, because there is

[Liz M. Lopez]: so much happening right now. Um, so some people? Yeah, they’re looking to move.

[Liz M. Lopez]: They’re looking to to shift, but others are just really looking to be

[Liz M. Lopez]: successful with what is,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and then it’s about how do we have these conversations and and have some

[Liz M. Lopez]: vulnerability in that to you know, approach another

[Liz M. Lopez]: executive level person

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and let them know that you want to support them, but let them keep their

[Liz M. Lopez]: dignity as well, like not to make it seem like they’re They’re struggling.

[Liz M. Lopez]: And then the flip side of that is how you accept help without making it seem

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: like you can’t do what you need to do.

[Liz M. Lopez]: So there’s a lot of that happening out there in the market right now, And I

[Liz M. Lopez]: think my sense is my. Gud tells me, Nick. that if more of those conversations

[Liz M. Lopez]: were happening,

[Liz M. Lopez]: you would see less of the people leaving

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah. well,

[Nick McGowan]: I, I can think that that could probably go for many sort of relationships. The

[Nick McGowan]: people that

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: were married and got a divorce throughout, coved people that switched jobs or

[Nick McGowan]: change careers or made some sort of transition. I guess hell, even the people

[Nick McGowan]: that just bought the coveed petcause. they’. well, we’re stuck at the house.

[Nick McGowan]: What’ going to do to get a dogs good, an iguana or whatever?

[Nick McGowan]: Uh, there are those little stirs that come up and being able to

[Nick McGowan]: manage what that alignment looks like? Uh, I know that’s something first hand

[Nick McGowan]: that you’ve actually helped me with, and I’m not sure if you’re aware of that,

[Nick McGowan]: but a couple of years ago we talked. I think we talked a couple times like

[Nick McGowan]: maybe an hour or two. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I was basically

[Nick McGowan]: having a breakdown. I don’t think they call it a nervous breakdown anymore,

[Nick McGowan]: but I was in the midst of something um, and about to leave my own company and

[Nick McGowan]: it’ like I need to create a resume and I set up the bones of it, And you and

[Nick McGowan]: I’d met recently and started talking through some of that And you’re like

[Nick McGowan]: Guess and it over. Let’s talk through. Uh to help. However, I can. Um, and I

[Nick McGowan]: remember you asking me like, Do you want to do what you’re doing? Like all

[Nick McGowan]: this aside. Just do you even want to do it? And I really appreciated that

[Nick McGowan]: question of likecause. I arrived to. No. I absolutely do. not. This is eating

[Nick McGowan]: my soul through my nose, and I want to get out of this thing and you’re like.

[Nick McGowan]: All right, Cool. What do you want to do next? So I’d assume your conversations

[Nick McGowan]: are probably still the same with that, because you’re very good at that, but

[Nick McGowan]: they’ve probably shifted a little bit. so when you’re working with somebody

[Nick McGowan]: now who is in the role they’ve been in, they’re trying to be maybe risk

[Nick McGowan]: averse, but still be empathetic. Can you kind of give us a a glimpse of what

[Nick McGowan]: those coaching sessions look like?

[Liz M. Lopez]: So much of it depends on Nick. First of all, thank you for sharing

[Liz M. Lopez]: that I really value that you shareed that with me, so thank you

[Liz M. Lopez]: those. Those conversations vary so much, depending on current state on where

[Liz M. Lopez]: they are going

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and are very different on the career side versus on the business owner side.

[Liz M. Lopez]: but the majority of the point in that is

[Liz M. Lopez]: discovering what their true north is.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Were they really looking to go

[Liz M. Lopez]: And

[Liz M. Lopez]: how willing are they to visible in that

[Liz M. Lopez]: right onlying? are they to be visible in that and and in the business sense,

[Liz M. Lopez]: there’s a little bit more flexibility right like you’re creating your own thing

[Liz M. Lopez]: anyways, so you can do whatever you want

[Liz M. Lopez]: and what I find in that and and so in the career side too. Next so often the

[Liz M. Lopez]: battle is not the external. You know, there’s always levers to be to be watched

[Liz M. Lopez]: out for. Like I don’t want a risk not having a job. I don’t want to risk losing

[Liz M. Lopez]: clients, but a lot of the

[Nick McGowan]: M,

[Liz M. Lopez]: barriers are inside Right that that I do a whole series called Permission to

[Liz M. Lopez]: dominate and has nothing to do with dominating other people. It’s dominating

[Liz M. Lopez]: the barriers inside the things like being so afraid to fail that you don’t even

[Liz M. Lopez]: give yourself a chance to succeed.

[Liz M. Lopez]: The fact that so many people don’t give themselves to permission to feel

[Liz M. Lopez]: confident, right, they don’t give themselves to permission to be abundant,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Nick. I cannot tell you how many times I hear people in business say Well, you

[Liz M. Lopez]: know, I, I just want to help people. It’s not about the money. just want to

[Liz M. Lopez]: help people,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and, and being able to bridge for them that you are able to truly serve others

[Liz M. Lopez]: while creating massive abundance for yourself. right. You can create financial

[Liz M. Lopez]: legacy for you and your family while you serve the world in a great way,

[Liz M. Lopez]: And that is one hundred percent mindset.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Because if you believe that you can only serve people if you’re broke or you’re

[Liz M. Lopez]: struggling, then you? that’s all you’ll ever do and it’ll actually limit your

[Liz M. Lopez]: ability to serve and help others.

[Liz M. Lopez]: So a lot of it is the internal battle of what? What are the permissions you’re

[Liz M. Lopez]: not giving yourself

[Liz M. Lopez]: And where? where does’ a shift in the way you see the world, and whether’s a

[Liz M. Lopez]: shift in your belief system open you up to have more success. And do you just

[Liz M. Lopez]: feel more fulfilled?

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: It’s It’s almost a very simple thing to just think about? Well, just put

[Nick McGowan]: yourself in a better mental spot. It’s like, Oh, okay, yeah, just do that real

[Nick McGowan]: quick. Let me just turn that mental button on. but it’s a lot more difficult

[Nick McGowan]: than that or so people think. and I’m one of those people. There are times

[Nick McGowan]: where you know my own head about this stuff and it’s like Well, there’s all

[Nick McGowan]: these things. But if you really get down to the boiling of it you, well, it’s

[Nick McGowan]: dumb. It was just this one stupid thing and that was eating up my time and

[Nick McGowan]: eating up my bandwidth internally. So I, I’ve even experienced. Uh. The

[Nick McGowan]: conversations with people are like man. I just want to serve. We just really

[Nick McGowan]: want to help people like. Totally cool. How are you going to do that? Broke is

[Nick McGowan]: hell like well,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: probably not very well like, Yeah. So imagine if you were abundant, you had

[Nick McGowan]: money to do greater things.

[Nick McGowan]: So with the conversations you have with those people, how do you help them

[Nick McGowan]: manage their mindset?

[Liz M. Lopez]: A big thing that works really well in the process I go through with my clients

[Liz M. Lopez]: is that we do a really good inventory of what their history is right. So what

[Liz M. Lopez]: are the things that they have achieved

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I have certain tools that I use for this, one of them being an online

[Liz M. Lopez]: questionnaire that I customize for each client? that, basically asking them

[Liz M. Lopez]: really specific questions all about the milestones in their career or their

[Liz M. Lopez]: business,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and people forget,

[Liz M. Lopez]: people, forget the things that they have achieved. They get buried and they get

[Liz M. Lopez]: so very, just swept under the carpet. And the response that I have over the

[Liz M. Lopez]: past fifteen years is that first people look at this day and they’ like Wow,

[Liz M. Lopez]: That’s a lot of work. and by the time they’re done they like it is the best

[Liz M. Lopez]: thing I’ve ever done. I, I forgot who I was

[Nick McGowan]: H,

[Liz M. Lopez]: so a lot of times it’s just reawakening them through their own words and

[Liz M. Lopez]: putting them through the process of having to write it out themselves

[Liz M. Lopez]: to really be able for them to remember who they are

[Liz M. Lopez]: and then teaching them how to use that in language so that they can be their

[Liz M. Lopez]: best ambassadors for their own value.

[Liz M. Lopez]: So there’ a lot of different exercises, but really it comes down to them really

[Liz M. Lopez]: reconnecting to the value that they have through collecting evidence.

[Nick McGowan]: hm, mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: hm,

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, I, I agree with that. totally. uh. part of my program is to uh, take

[Nick McGowan]: inventory. It’s one of the first things you do is figure out what other

[Nick McGowan]: things. But you first got to be aware of it. You got to know there’s a problem

[Nick McGowan]: or something positive, whatever it is, and then start to go through that

[Nick McGowan]: inventory process to figure out what is the stuff that I have. I think of it

[Nick McGowan]: often as like, If you, if you think I got to clean up that closet, you know, a

[Nick McGowan]: lot of people have to junk closet with just all the shit that you just put in

[Nick McGowan]: there, just stuff in and shut the door real quick. Um, if you mentally think

[Nick McGowan]: through what’s all in there could be daunting. But if you just open the door

[Nick McGowan]: and start moving bit by bit by bit, slow pee at a time. Sometimes that that’s

[Nick McGowan]: all really takes and then figure out what the inventory is and go. what do we

[Nick McGowan]: do from here? So with the I, I know, I don’t want you to give away any your

[Nick McGowan]: secret, souce or any of that specific when it comes into the Uh, into the

[Nick McGowan]: coaching, but a couple of the things that are standing out to you and your

[Nick McGowan]: clients right now. Uh, I’m sure, Uh, as like, we’ve already talked about some

[Nick McGowan]: of the risks and things of that sort. But is there anything else that really

[Nick McGowan]: stood out over the body of the past? Let’s say two years you’re like. This was

[Nick McGowan]: an interesting fact in the conversations I’m having with people.

[Liz M. Lopez]: That’s a really great question,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Justy, I was coaching a client

[Liz M. Lopez]: and she was going to meet with another executive. Now, I don’t coach that,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but I was able to frame from her. Here’s how to prepare, Because here’s what’s

[Liz M. Lopez]: likely. This is what this person is likely going to be saying and doing right.

[Liz M. Lopez]: None of it was negative, but it was just an analysis of that person that would

[Liz M. Lopez]: allow her to prepare for that engagement and she almost fell out of her chair.

[Liz M. Lopez]: She, Liz. I don’t. I don’t know how you do this. You don’t know this guy and

[Liz M. Lopez]: you are describing him to the tea right and now, like I, I have seen that about

[Liz M. Lopez]: him, but I didn’t really think about that in the context of her conversation,

[Liz M. Lopez]: so now I feel a lot more prepared and could really mentally adjust and any kind

[Liz M. Lopez]: of relax into this conversation because of those observations, and that’s

[Liz M. Lopez]: always something I’ve been able to do is to really see people clearly, but also

[Liz M. Lopez]: help them see the world around them really clearly, so that they could have

[Liz M. Lopez]: better interactions.

[Nick McGowan]: Is that something you think you were born with? Would did that come through

[Nick McGowan]: experience early in life?

[Liz M. Lopez]: I definitely think it’s a talent that that I, that I’ve always had, and that

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’ve learned to hone and that I put time and dedication and and investment into

[Liz M. Lopez]: developing

[Liz M. Lopez]: because it serves my clients well right. My my ability to connect with them and

[Liz M. Lopez]: to read them, but also to understand other people,

[Liz M. Lopez]: allows him to

[Liz M. Lopez]: to to better strategize and better prepare to be more emotionally available at

[Liz M. Lopez]: times, And

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: it surely not. uh, It doesn’t come from a very, a cold place of like, Oh, I

[Liz M. Lopez]: read them like a book, or it it. It really is more of a an intuitive, sharing a

[Liz M. Lopez]: very. you know, I’m very business based, but I, I do get really clear

[Liz M. Lopez]: on what all the moving parts is. I read politics, office politics really well.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I can navigate people through different uh challenges that they’re having, And

[Liz M. Lopez]: and that allows me to serve them well. Absolutely feel like I’ve always known

[Liz M. Lopez]: it from my childhood that my success comes from championing the success of

[Liz M. Lopez]: others, and these skills are a part of that contribution.

[Nick McGowan]: Hm, So over the course the time that you worked in corporate America, let’s

[Nick McGowan]: say who are just any sort of jobs, and you saw that stuff happening. Is that

[Nick McGowan]: how you got into coaching just by naturally coaching other people? You’

[Nick McGowan]: working with

[Liz M. Lopez]: I had the the incredible, you know honor of having leadership positions when I

[Liz M. Lopez]: was in a corporate world, so a lot of that came from there. Um, honestly, I

[Liz M. Lopez]: didn’t really set out to be a coach. I did a lot of consulting on the content

[Liz M. Lopez]: side, so was helping people with their messaging at the beginning of of my solo

[Liz M. Lopez]: career here, as as my as a business owner, really helping them

[Liz M. Lopez]: get clear on how to express themselves so that they could better engage their

[Liz M. Lopez]: target market,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and over time it evolved into coaching.

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and then I decided Well, I’m I need to get a little serious around them. so

[Liz M. Lopez]: I. I. I got coaching on coaching and the

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: certifications just to be able to to serve them better, but it definitely had

[Liz M. Lopez]: its evolution. I’ve always been someone that people came to for guidance. I’m

[Liz M. Lopez]: the older of five and I have

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: fourteen nieces and nephews, so like I am constantly tapped into for for

[Liz M. Lopez]: guidance, so I, as’s always something that I’ve aimed to be very graceful in,

[Liz M. Lopez]: to be very non judgmental in, and

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: to be very authentic in doing that.

[Nick McGowan]: and to be pulled on in so many different directions, clients, family, All of

[Nick McGowan]: that. it almost sounds like it could be one of those situations. like Uh, with

[Nick McGowan]: a hairdresser almost like they cut hair for work. Then they come home and the

[Nick McGowan]: familys like Hey’s getting a little long. And like here some damn scissors.

[Nick McGowan]: cut it yourself. I don’t want to. So how do you manage your your bandwidth?

[Nick McGowan]: Where you still, you’re able to love and serve, but still balance your time.

[Liz M. Lopez]: You know when you first launch a business, you’ so hungry like you want, like

[Liz M. Lopez]: every client you can possibly get, but you reach a point if you’re fortunate,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I feel very grateful in this that I can be more mindful of who I take on

[Liz M. Lopez]: and who I don’t

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I have boundaries set around. That way I work with ▁x number of clients on

[Liz M. Lopez]: ▁x number of days,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and I aim to stick to that as much as possible, so I cann time with my

[Liz M. Lopez]: family and also have a lot of down time. My hobbies do not involve speaking. I

[Liz M. Lopez]: watch movies I read or I’m doing something you know to gain another medal. but

[Liz M. Lopez]: they’ very. ▁quiet.

[Nick McGowan]: Well, that’s smart. Um. I, I’ve realized over the course of time that

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes I can work myself

[Nick McGowan]: kind of crazy, especially on things that I love to do. so having things

[Nick McGowan]: outside of whatever work we’re doing, even sometimes just getting off the damn

[Nick McGowan]: computer and going to do something different. And one of those hobbies, Uh,

[Nick McGowan]: that are ▁quieter hobbies. And maybe that’s a thing for people that talk a

[Nick McGowan]: lot. You know. it’s what we do, coaching or sales. We’re just talking, talk

[Nick McGowan]: and talk talking right now. This is a frigging podcast about us talking, Um,

[Nick McGowan]: and we’re doing pretty well with it. you know, so virtual. I, uh, So I? in

[Nick McGowan]: that Yeah, where where you’re able to kind of slow down? Do you find that it’s

[Nick McGowan]: it’s gotten easier for you over the course of time to be able to pull your

[Nick McGowan]: energy back and say it’s me time, or it’s family time. Or what? have you or do

[Nick McGowan]: you have a little bit of a buffer, ▁zone, where you have to kind of reel from

[Nick McGowan]: the day and kind of get into Then the other mode?

[Liz M. Lopez]: There is at of a buffer. So

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I have to be intentional about it. I really love what I do and I could

[Liz M. Lopez]: easily overwork.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and that only only lasts so long before it just get. I get totally drained,

[Liz M. Lopez]: so I

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: manage that carefully.

[Liz M. Lopez]: you know. Ironically, the day to day is probably more challenging for me,

[Liz M. Lopez]: really having to be very disciplined around that, whereas seasons are easier

[Liz M. Lopez]: for me like I take three weeks off during the holidays, no matter what, and I’m

[Liz M. Lopez]: completely comfortable with doing that And there are times when fellow coach is

[Liz M. Lopez]: like, Oh my God, aren’t you afraid? all your clients are going to disappear and

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’m like, No, I’m not not at all. Um, and I take, I, I’m very mindful about

[Liz M. Lopez]: taking vacations and and being

[Liz M. Lopez]: Um, for the most part, disconnected in those,

[Liz M. Lopez]: so I’m very very comfortable with with assigning blocks of time that are just

[Liz M. Lopez]: mine. Um, but I have to discipline myself in not having a an extra long day

[Liz M. Lopez]: just because I can get in such a roll with things,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm. Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I, I need to know when to stop with the step back.

[Nick McGowan]: Is there something that hits you? Maybe in your intuition that you’re like. At

[Nick McGowan]: that moment I need to step away, or is it just something where you go off

[Liz M. Lopez]: I don’t know if it’s my intuition or if it.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I don’t know if it’s my intuition or my lower back that says you’ve been

[Liz M. Lopez]: sitting here way too long.

[Nick McGowan]: right?

[Nick McGowan]: Oh man, yeah, so, even if you get a stand up desk, still probably going to

[Nick McGowan]: happen. I realize the same thing. I have a sit stand desk and there are times

[Nick McGowan]: where I’m standing and I’m like man, My cab’s really hurt and my feet hurt

[Nick McGowan]: like how long have it been? Stand here? Like what time is it? It’s been six

[Nick McGowan]: hours. It’s just been in the same damn spot. She probably go to the bathroom.

[Nick McGowan]: Eat dinner. You know, not be here at the Dan computer,

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Liz M. Lopez]: Yeah, I will say, over the past year that’s been one of my big things is that I

[Liz M. Lopez]: Yeah, I will say, over the past year that’s been one of my big things is that I

[Liz M. Lopez]: have a lunchtime

[Liz M. Lopez]: have a lunchtime

[Nick McGowan]: okay,

[Liz M. Lopez]: every day every day like same, pretty much the same time every day, dedicated

[Liz M. Lopez]: lunchime and I

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: leave the office and I go do my thing, and uh, and I really really enjoy that.

[Nick McGowan]: wow, that’s uh. that’s smart. to be able to kind of lock yourself into

[Nick McGowan]: something you’ like have to go

[Liz M. Lopez]: Thank you.

[Nick McGowan]: do this. You almost have it stack it in a sense to say. Well, along with

[Nick McGowan]: launch, we going to get myself away from the computer. I’m going to do this.

[Nick McGowan]: do that, et cetera So let’s talk about the daily for you. What is? Um. What is

[Nick McGowan]: daily mind to look like? Do you have the things that you do like, Uh, rituals

[Nick McGowan]: or anything you do through the morning or at night, or you just wake up and

[Nick McGowan]: just you, just Liz Lopez, and you just do you?

[Liz M. Lopez]: There are mornings when i, when I am like, I’m like literally. The path to my

[Liz M. Lopez]: office is very very short and there are mornings when I’m just like I want to

[Liz M. Lopez]: go do that thing. I

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: try very hard and I’m successful most of the time of I. I’m very fortunate to

[Liz M. Lopez]: have an area in my house that set up as afficient fitness area and I aim to go

[Liz M. Lopez]: there first.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Um,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and really spends at least thirty minutes there, kind of having an a

[Liz M. Lopez]: different awakening of the day and trying to be more involved in movement.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Ah, I love breakfast. I am a breakfast person. I would rather skip dinner than

[Liz M. Lopez]: skip breakfast, and so I, I usually have something exciting for breakfast. And

[Liz M. Lopez]: then you know we do whatever

[Liz M. Lopez]: transition needs to be done to get into the office, So most days I have a

[Liz M. Lopez]: really nice morning routine. Uh, but there are some days when I wake up and I’m

[Liz M. Lopez]: like I’m going to go in the office. I got to do that thing,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: so

[Liz M. Lopez]: I, I. I’m trying to be one of those people that has a morning routine and I’m

[Liz M. Lopez]: I, I. I’m trying to be one of those people that has a morning routine and I’m

[Nick McGowan]: I understand that. feel the bug.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’m I would say seventy five percent of the way there, but I also give myself

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’m I would say seventy five percent of the way there, but I also give myself

[Liz M. Lopez]: grace. like if there’s a day that I’m just like chomping at the bit, and

[Liz M. Lopez]: grace. like if there’s a day that I’m just like chomping at the bit, and

[Liz M. Lopez]: there’s something I want to work on then I’m going to go do it

[Liz M. Lopez]: there’s something I want to work on then I’m going to go do it

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, that’s smart, and I think if you understand how you operate then you can

[Nick McGowan]: play jazz in that sort of way where you well today. I’m going to go do this

[Nick McGowan]: thing because it’s not like you don’t do it today, and that means it just

[Nick McGowan]: never happens ever again. You’re just like No, I’m done, So you’ll get back to

[Nick McGowan]: it. That is a habit thing that you need to kind of put in a place and I’m sure

[Nick McGowan]: you work with your clients and that sort of stuff,

[Nick McGowan]: but I want to jump a little bit. so we’ve talked a lot about your clients. The

[Nick McGowan]: mindset and kind of what’s happened over the past couple years, but are there

[Nick McGowan]: any major moments that have happened over the course of time that you can look

[Nick McGowan]: at and say man, That was one of those moments that changed me,

[Liz M. Lopez]: there. There’s always one that comes to mind and this is when I was in a

[Liz M. Lopez]: corporate world, So I had worked at capital one. A capital one had a, had a

[Liz M. Lopez]: massive layoff, and

[Liz M. Lopez]: my boss got a job at Pods portable under man storage, but at the time was still

[Liz M. Lopez]: kind of small company growing,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and she hired me to come work for her

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I was in charge of. I, actually quite a bit of different thing, many hats,

[Liz M. Lopez]: but one of the hatches, I did a lot of the reporting I did. I was the call

[Liz M. Lopez]: center analyst. I really kind of gathered all our data and you know, took it

[Liz M. Lopez]: from all this craziness and try to make it something readable for for the

[Liz M. Lopez]: executives, particularly my my boss, Laurie,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and this words relatively well, you know, I was well regarded, but one day she

[Liz M. Lopez]: sat me down. She told me something

[Liz M. Lopez]: Be. she had asked me for some kind of you know report and getting data was

[Liz M. Lopez]: never easy. It was like pulling tea from I. T. System was homegrown. It was

[Liz M. Lopez]: amazing, but it just wasn’t reporting friendly. so she asked me to do something

[Liz M. Lopez]: else and I immediately, I don’t know that we’re going to be able to

[Liz M. Lopez]: that. That looks complex And you know I don’t think the guys are gonna wantnna

[Liz M. Lopez]: go there and she said to me, Let me tell you something that happens.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’ll ask you for something

[Liz M. Lopez]: and you’ll himm, and your Han. you’ll tell me. I don’t think we can do it and

[Liz M. Lopez]: then you’ll disappear for a couple of days and then you’ll come back and you

[Liz M. Lopez]: were like here. This is what we will be able to do and it’s perfect. She’s

[Liz M. Lopez]: like. So you always deliver even when you think you’re not going to be able to

[Liz M. Lopez]: do it like you don’t let it go, you you. you gnaw it until you get it done. But

[Liz M. Lopez]: the experience that you gave me is that you said no.

[Liz M. Lopez]: It’s like, How about considering telling me, Hm, that might be a little

[Liz M. Lopez]: challenging. Let me go see what we can do and I’ll get back to you in a couple

[Liz M. Lopez]: of days. The result is the same, but the experience that I have is different

[Liz M. Lopez]: and Nick. this was right about the same time that ▁jim. Cary had done that

[Liz M. Lopez]: movie Yes, ma’am

[Nick McGowan]: m,

[Liz M. Lopez]: right where he. He had to say yes to everything first.

[Nick McGowan]: mhm, mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: And it really like that conversation, or having recently watched that movie

[Liz M. Lopez]: just could explode it in my head of what is the experience that we’re

[Liz M. Lopez]: delivering? And how often are we saying no, when either a yes, we’ll do and

[Liz M. Lopez]: then go figure it out or a, you know what, Let let me get that my best shot.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Let me look into that for you. let me approach that, let me study that, let me

[Liz M. Lopez]: analyze that. What a great idea I’m enthusiastic about that. Let me find out

[Liz M. Lopez]: the logistics of it right. And and I was always someone who studied language.

[Liz M. Lopez]: You know, I’m the kind of person that will tell somebody what, Avoid this, as

[Liz M. Lopez]: opposed to don’t do this. So when she said that to me, it really was just

[Liz M. Lopez]: massive lightning bulls and it was life changing. It was absolutely life

[Liz M. Lopez]: changing And I know this person. This is fifteen years ago. We are still

[Liz M. Lopez]: friends because that was just a moment that opened it up from me, because

[Liz M. Lopez]: shortly after that I launched my business as a side gig, and every time

[Liz M. Lopez]: somebody would ask me, Can you do this? I would say yeah, I’m pro. I’m I can do

[Liz M. Lopez]: you. As long as I felt it was in the realm of possibility for me, they was like

[Liz M. Lopez]: Yes and I go, and I figure it out and I would deliver,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I and I would not have been able to do what I did here today if I was still

[Liz M. Lopez]: starting, But no

[Nick McGowan]: Oh, wow, what a shift

[Nick McGowan]: I can imagine

[Liz M. Lopez]: h.

[Nick McGowan]: as a coach talking to somebody and then be like Well, I’m having a problem

[Nick McGowan]: with this and it’s right in your wheelhe. Can you help me? You’re like? Well,

[Nick McGowan]: you know you sound like you could be kind of shitty at times and I don’t know

[Nick McGowan]: if that’s going to work. And you know here’s this and I’m also seeing this is

[Nick McGowan]: potentially a problem. They’re going to be like, Oh, um, okay, and probably

[Nick McGowan]: feel much worse to the fact you’re able to take that and be like. Yeah, well,

[Nick McGowan]: let’s spendin this. I appreciate from the sales side of just going. Sure y,

[Nick McGowan]: how are we going to

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: do this thing? Um, but as long as it’s right around your wheelhous, Typically,

[Nick McGowan]: I found that that’s a good spot to kind of get yourself moving. Are you in

[Nick McGowan]: that same spot where you go? All right? Why I said I’m going to do this thing

[Nick McGowan]: so damn it, I’m going to figure it out.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Oh, yeah, I totally am and I’m and I’m fortunate enough that I have a good team

[Liz M. Lopez]: around me. I have got a great network, so I mean, and then is your friend

[Liz M. Lopez]: Google, right? Like you, you can figure out pretty much anything, but

[Nick McGowan]: Yep,

[Liz M. Lopez]: I’m also mindful of boundaries. Right if somebody comes in to me and they have

[Liz M. Lopez]: something that they need is not really in my wheelh. I’m going to be

[Liz M. Lopez]: enthusiastic with them, but I’m also going to be enthusiastic about connecting

[Liz M. Lopez]: them to the right person.

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Liz M. Lopez]: Right, I’m not at at a place in my life and I never really was, but especially

[Liz M. Lopez]: not now where I’m just going to take a client to take a client. Right, I’m

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Liz M. Lopez]: going to take the people that I can serve properly and if we’re not, I don’t

[Liz M. Lopez]: feel like we’re in the perfect alignment like we’re not a good match. I have

[Liz M. Lopez]: wonderful colleagues that that own their own coaching practices that I can

[Liz M. Lopez]: refer them to so that they can have of a better experience,

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, and you got to be aligned with yourself back to the

[Liz M. Lopez]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: beginning of this conversation. You got to know what’s right for you. At that

[Nick McGowan]: point. You’ so much easier to be flexible and say Well, I know what makes

[Nick McGowan]: sense for me if you fit within this thing. Great, let’s party. If not totally

[Nick McGowan]: good, this person can help. That’s that’s a beautiful way that. I appreciate

[Nick McGowan]: that you look at that sort of stuff. I know throughout the conversations that

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve had even with me, Uh, many years ago, there is no trying to sell. Just

[Nick McGowan]: hey, does this make sense? If I can help a little bit? I’ll help a little bit

[Nick McGowan]: and I don’t think I. I don’t think I put too much stress on you. but again,

[Nick McGowan]: thank you for your help with that.

[Nick McGowan]: Are there any other moments that kind of come to mind or anything that stands

[Nick McGowan]: out That was kind of a shift in life.

[Liz M. Lopez]: I, I had the incredible. I’ve had some great coaches in my life, neck, some

[Liz M. Lopez]: really great coaches.

[Liz M. Lopez]: One of the first coaches that I really got that that I made a major investment

[Liz M. Lopez]: in was Lisa Nchols and some people know her very well, so people don’t know her

[Liz M. Lopez]: at all, but you know Lisa Nicols was in the in the Secret many years ago, kned,

[Liz M. Lopez]: African American Tony Robins,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and in her program

[Liz M. Lopez]: she, she shares this this thought process and may not have all the words right

[Liz M. Lopez]: now, but it is Dis that she has a talks about. There’s nothing to prove.

[Liz M. Lopez]: there’s nothing to hide. There’s nothing to defend and there’s nothing to

[Liz M. Lopez]: protect. I remember all for them. I got him

[Liz M. Lopez]: and that was really liberating for me

[Liz M. Lopez]: because so much of what we do

[Liz M. Lopez]: sometimes is hedging around those right, trying to protect our fear, or trying

[Liz M. Lopez]: to defend ourselves before somebody. Something’s even happened or we trying to

[Liz M. Lopez]: hide the ugly, which is trying to show the the shiny, And I found that just

[Liz M. Lopez]: absolutely

[Liz M. Lopez]: really truly

[Liz M. Lopez]: liberating

[Liz M. Lopez]: to know that that I, I had permission to just be my authentic self right And

[Liz M. Lopez]: that was something that always resonated with me. But to hear it sometimes from

[Liz M. Lopez]: others is so important, and Nick

[Liz M. Lopez]: to me, that also proved that the the importance of voice,

[Liz M. Lopez]: and Lisa Nichos was a very big speaker. but I have also learned amazing things

[Liz M. Lopez]: from somebody just starting out.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and and the lesson behind it all is that

[Liz M. Lopez]: you need to speak. you need to be. you need to be sharing your message. If

[Liz M. Lopez]: there’s something inside of you that’s telling you, this needs to be known to

[Liz M. Lopez]: share it, and to not worry about who said it before or how they’re saying it,

[Liz M. Lopez]: or if they’re saying it better or they’re saying it fancier.

[Liz M. Lopez]: There are people that will only be able to hear it in the method, and in the

[Liz M. Lopez]: way that you say it, they can only hear it from you.

[Liz M. Lopez]: And if we can

[Liz M. Lopez]: remove ourselves from comparison,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Liz M. Lopez]: and I know that we have permission to to build out our space in this universe,

[Liz M. Lopez]: then we will be able to more courageously deliver our message, and in that we

[Liz M. Lopez]: will better serve others, we will unlock others to serve the way they need to

[Liz M. Lopez]: serve.

[Nick McGowan]: Well, I wish I was standing next to you so I could hand you the mike. so you

[Nick McGowan]: could just drop it.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Than

[Nick McGowan]: That was beautiful and I really appreciate you being on the show today. I

[Nick McGowan]: think this has been a fantastic conversation. I would love to have you back at

[Nick McGowan]: some point, and especially at the point when those medals are up on the wall

[Nick McGowan]: somewhere. When have to move that came around and be able to see them.

[Nick McGowan]: But please tell me where people can find you and they can connect with you.

[Liz M. Lopez]: so. A couple of placesn’t. at first of all, thank you, Nick. I have loved this

[Liz M. Lopez]: so much has been such a great conversation. I love that we reconnected. I’m so

[Liz M. Lopez]: excited about the work that you’re doing. so. thank you for sharing your space

[Liz M. Lopez]: with me and

[Nick McGowan]: H.

[Liz M. Lopez]: for sharing my voice with your audience. and if they’d like to connect with me.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Ah, my website is w w w dot, Liz M Lopez Dot com. So Liz M Lopez dot com, Just

[Liz M. Lopez]: like my name, or you can find me unlinked in. I am big on Linkden, I love

[Liz M. Lopez]: Lincden, ledge jam on Lincton, Uh, and I’m there as well as Liz M. Lopez,

[Liz M. Lopez]: coochlez and Lopez,

[Nick McGowan]: that is beautiful again. Lets thank you so much for being on the show. It’s

[Nick McGowan]: been a pleasure to have you and I look forward to having you back again.

[Liz M. Lopez]: Thank you so much, Nick. You have a wonderful wonderful evening.

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