Deep Work For The Stirring Soul – Ep.031 – Claire Campagna

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Episode summary:​ One of the most interesting results of something like a global pandemic is that it affects everyone’s lives more similarly, especially in our thought life. In late 2019 / early 2020, Claire began resenting her current circumstances…

She had a “perfect” life from the outside, but something was stirring in her soul. Since that time, she’s dedicated herself to getting to know who she is, deep at the core & she’s figuring out what tools/habits/actions work best for her on her journey of self-actualization.  

She joins us today to share about her journey so far and shares some great tactics and practices that have helped her… they may do the same for you! 

Guest Name & Bio: Claire is a soulful guide and mentor, 200-RYT, and astrology/human design enthusiast with one foot in the corporate world and another building my business.

She helps “successful,” but unsatisfied 20-30 somethings to learn how to connect with themselves on a soul level so they can have clarity, direction, and a plan.

Her passion is to inspire anyone hoping to deepen their connection with themselves + others to feel empowered to live authentically as a unique individual and as a member of the collective.

Claire Campagna

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hello and welcome to the mindset and self-mastery show i’m your host nick
mcgowan and on this show my guests and i unpack the stories that shape us and the lives we lead on our path to
self-mastery today on the show we have claire compagna one of the most interesting results of something like a
global pandemic is that it affects everyone’s lives more similarly especially in our thought life than you
could ever imagine and claire in late 2019 early 2020 she
began resenting her current circumstances from the outside she had a perfect life but something was stirring in her soul
since that time she’s dedicated herself to getting to know who she is deep at the core and she’s figuring out what
tools habits actions etc that work for her on her journey towards self-actualization she joins us today to
share about her journey so far and share some great tactics and practices that have helped her they may do the same for
you so let’s not wait any longer let the games begin
hey claire welcome to the show how you doing very good how are you thanks for having me i’m great yeah absolutely i’m
excited that you’re on i know we’re shooting the a little bit before we uh hit record and i think
we’re gonna have a pretty awesome conversation i’m excited i appreciate you reaching out to me i
have different people that reach out at times and some people aren’t fits and other people are 100 fit and one of the things that stood out
was you’d mention that there was stuff that you went through in 2019 and into 20 and uh you know i
think a lot of people are kind of in that boat but yours is a little deeper than that you actually took it a bit further
so um i don’t want to jump into this for you claire why don’t you tell us what you do for a living and one thing that
most people don’t know about you for sure so i am claire compagna
um i am a packaging consultant during the day that’s my corporate role
and um my my business side because i am dabbling in both worlds right now is really all
around basically helping people to connect with themselves on a soul level it’s people
that feel really disconnected with themselves and with their lives and are kind of just having that like what the hell moment um how did i get here um and
i helped bring them back to themselves and and like in a way that most most of my clients at least have never really
connected with themselves on that level before and and in that they find you know clarity and direction and you
know the goal is to ultimately help them to know themselves so that they can you know actually enjoy their
lives what a thought who to thunk it i know it you want to enjoy your life yeah please
yes that’s the goal um and really so it’s i don’t even like to say i’m a coach like i just like to support and mentor and guide people because they’re
they’re really figuring out themselves um that’s the gist of that and then a thing
most people don’t know about me um i have had the same best friend my
entire life like our moms were literally pregnant together so that’s kind of a cool that’s cool
that is pretty cool didn’t go to my school growing up so like most people actually didn’t know that i had this like secret best friend
so it was like an invisible friend people were like yeah sure sure oh yeah she goes to a different school
that’s pretty funny man they’re um i don’t know if i have any friends from
like even grade school i have a couple from high school still and i know there are certain people that they just they
move along with their clan in a sense my mom has friends that are basically ants to me like i have three different anands
they’re not really blood but they’re just people that have been in my life since like she was a toddler so how do
you guys like did you not grow differently or did you kind of grow along the same path or what no we’re
extremely different people um we joke about this still go on i know like we’re i mean we’re going on
30 years of friendship and we’re like if we didn’t go through
our entire lives together like that that is really what does connect us that’s what binds us is that we have quite
literally seen the ups and the downs like a sister has it’s like it’s honestly very similar to
a just a sister it’s like we you know we bicker we get over it in two seconds and
and we were there when all of the things were happening in our lives like every single big and small
change an event and you know i i literally have no other friends that i can say that with other than my actual
blood sister yeah and and sometimes uh your friends can be
closer than your siblings at times or at least in some cases is that kind of how it is with you
so honestly i view them both as sisters but my sister my blood sister my real sister
is actually one of my best friends to this day too we were not super close growing
up we’re four years apart so she’s four years older than me she’s my only blood sibling um and
we we never crossed paths in school because of that four year gap like when i was a freshman in high school she was a
freshman in college and um it was actually that year when i was like whoa you just left me alone
with mom and dad like when i’m a high schooler are you kidding that’s mean not that she had any control but sure yeah
but that was actually when we started to become close when we weren’t living under the same roof and um now she lives
literally in the neighborhood across the street from me and is one of my best friends
oh man that’s awesome i love that sort of stuff my uh my brother’s five years younger than me and um he lives in
philadelphia i’m in the tampa uh florida area so i wish that there were times
where i’d be like yo dude let’s go grab a couple beers or like come over and let’s watch the game or something like that so that’s cool you’ve got that it’s
it’s so nice we we’re like very spoiled and hey do you want to go on a walk in 10 minutes like
it’s it’s as easy as that some days again to kind of like step back to where
we were when uh when we were talking about um about everything before we hit record brought up 2019 and 2020. so why
don’t you give us a little bit of context to what was going on in 2019 2020 because
covid hit and we all know this and i think that’s one of those big curveballs that as people were going through things
it just knocked the wind out of people yeah some people would help them a little bit because they were like uh okay i need to look at things
differently other people just got their asses kicked so let’s stop let’s dive into that where do
you want to start um i would say i was a combination of those things it got my ass kicked and
and picked it back up and learned a lot from it um but i would say like at the the end
of 2019 so this is obviously pre pre-covered at least hitting the us
um i i was starting to feel just like inklings of
resentment um i was definitely pushing them down but just kind of like
getting frustrated at work getting just a shorter temper in general just getting annoyed really quickly and being like
this isn’t me but you know i don’t have time to sit and think about it um fast forward three months to 2020 march i had
plenty of time to sit and think about it all the time but time unfortunately for me
um and i mean i spent a lot of 2020 just being really
frustrated like probably a lot of us um a lot of mine was turned inward though
at you know that again that what the moment that moment of just like how did i get here
it was like i snapped out of autopilot and like actually had to sit and consider where i was at and be like i am
literally one of those people that just goes through the motions every day how did this happen how did i get here why am i here is this
where i want to be um and you know i spent basically the from
from 2020 on to now i’ve been working through that i’m continuing to work through that and
really just like undoing every single piece of my life and looking at it and reflecting on it and
figuring out why i made the decisions i did and you know how
how i became the person i did and really for me like what it’s what i’ve would have come to at this point is a lot of
it boils down to i was doing everything i was supposed to i was following the rules you know i
supposed to yeah exactly exactly what everything i was expected to do i was doing and it
didn’t feel like that to me which is why i think it took me so long to realize it um because i was like in high school i
was this is gonna sound annoying but like i wasn’t taking that much effort to get good grades i was still going out and
blacking out every weekend and like i didn’t feel like i was like doing what i was expected to do and being this like perfect kid i was still partying a ton
and being a very normal high school student in my opinion um but
you know like no one was ever questioning me because i was doing well in school and i was i then fast forward i get a job doing
exactly what i went to college for like i actually did what my degree is for so it’s just like i didn’t realize
how much i was just going based on conditioning and expectations and i think when it kind of hit me in the face
it was like oh what do i even like what do i what what are my preferences do i even
have any um and a lot of it’s just been like unlearning and relearning ever since
then it sounds like you kind of um you were set in a fixed mindset
because if you grow up and you go through things and for the most part everything’s all right you can just subscribe to well it
must be my innate ability to be able to do these things and once you come to that awakening of
what what the is going on right now and you start to rethink everything and
you start to shift from that fix to growth mindset that can be extremely painful i’ve been
through that as well but the fact that you’re going through and you’re processing through bits and pieces of that it’s huge let’s set that aside for
now because i know that our audience and listeners have either gone through some of that or they’re trying to go through
that now so let’s talk about the triggers and the things that you were aware of when you went oh hold on wait a minute
there’s some going on in my head yeah um i think a lot of it started with
me sitting alone in 2020 and seeing all this
polarity going on in the world all of this like horrible stuff going on in the world and a lot of it came out of guilt
for me of being like well i have no reason to be as unhappy as i am as unfulfilled as i am
but uh i am you know i’m like looking at my life on the surface level like everybody else is and i’m like i’m in a
great relationship i have very supportive friends and family for the most part i have a
successful job it’s financially successful i’m like comfortable in it i’m doing good things like what’s wrong
and i think what i’ve realized with myself and with just like my peers and clients is that’s
a that’s a big theme and i want to make sure i i mean it’s going to sound annoying when i say it but it’s just
like the quote unquote better off your life looks on the surface i think it can be really
really challenging to figure out what’s what needs course correction it’s like
that was the biggest struggle for me in 2020 was like i you can ask anybody that i was willing
to talk to about it like the three people i was just like begging for clarity i was like i just want direction i’m
ready for this it was like the the knowing that i needed to shift my life was there before i knew what i needed to
do and that was so frustrating so so frustrating for me and i spent a lot of
time just like being frustrated and not not doing anything about it
that was like honestly that was my main i would say that was my main trigger if you will of just like give me some
clarity and i could not find it i couldn’t find it and it was because i was just let sitting in my own resentment instead
of doing something about it yeah oh you’re not alone and you kind of
nailed it a lot of people were going through things i’m sure a lot of people had thought similar thoughts of like well why am i upset or
oh i i’m all right nobody’s really sick or whatever and then there are people that had tons of terrible things happen
totally get that you know and they would have things that they could kind of look at and say well because of this i’m in a
shitty mood um but there are a lot of people that went through that frustration and they were stuck just trying to figure out
what it would do what do i want to do what have i done to get here and i think a
lot of people looked at that as like well what if we as a country done to get here or is the world done to be able to
get here and what the do i want to do next so seeing that and being aware of that trigger how did you
start to work on that stuff and i understand that you were frustrated because look in there get it that is super
frustrating and as you grow you’re stretching how did you continue to work on that so that you could get
kind of past the i don’t want to go work out and just do it
um it took me an entire year like it took me seriously it didn’t
happen in two days no uh it took me until like probably honestly i didn’t
feel massive growth if you will until probably like spring of last year
um i started actually doing things that was genuinely the game changer it was like
the clarity came through taking any step in any direction
it was like that was my thing it was the paralysis by analysis of like there’s so many different things i could
explore that i guess i am interested in and now i don’t know what to do and it’s like if i take the wrong step in the
wrong direction then it’s like my whole life could crumble and um you know one day the frustration
just got greater than the confusion if you will and i was just like it i’m
just gonna do something and i went to a women’s circle which was like so not something i would do
um and it ended up being like a random girl from my high school posted it i had
never spoken to this girl in high school it was on instagram i was like whatever i am that’s where i’m at in life i’m
gonna go and i went seven people were supposed to show up
one person other than me showed up yeah no like seven people signed up and they all backed out at the last second
except one other person other than the host so there were three of us there and they are literally two of my close
friends now to this day still
self tonight like it was such a it’s an immediate
connection it was wild and it was like that was that was the sign i needed i guess to just propel me into branching
out and just doing more things and like you know some of them felt better than others and and those are the ones that
i’m continuing to just like follow the breadcrumbs at this point and that’s that was really it it was as
simple as just doing it yeah just take some sort of step it’s
funny today as we record this there was an episode that was launched that’s called keep moving
just keep moving yes just keep moving throughout yeah totally and when you really think
about the incremental progress and the little baby steps you make i think we as people always want to just make some
giant leap every single day i want to wake up and i want to take down mountains and monsters and do all these
things but for the most part the little bits and pieces will add up so taking that first little step
did you see and were you grateful about that step at first or was it something where you had to actually look back and
say it was because of those initial steps that i took where i was like well it i’m at this point i’m gonna go
do this thing that was wildly outside of what you were used to doing
yeah so i will say when i made the decision to go and do the thing i was just like this is so out
of character that i can tell that something big is going to come of this whether it’s immediate or not like i i
feel like i did have that intuitive knowing right out of the gate that whether it was going to hit me in a year
if it was going to hit me immediately like something was going to come out of this and i mean like i said i literally came home
that night and we stayed i think like an hour or two longer than she expected us to
and i came home that night and was just like i don’t know what just happened that was wild um because it really was
my first experience first person if you will not just like through consumption of audio books or or
podcasts and whatnot where i was connecting with people on that conscious level and like having
real conversations with people and not not the i mean i love all my my friends
from my my former life and my my still life really but it’s just like the friends i’ve made from 2021 on i just
have a different type and level of conversation with them and connection
um that feels more more soul related than anything else i
could boil it down well think about it if you didn’t move if you didn’t act if
you weren’t aware of that frustration and then start to take some steps with that frustration you wouldn’t be where
you’re at now and you’re still early on in that journey because 2021 was just
last year i mean less than six months ago so what happened after that like what
did you kind of step into and do differently to keep that thing going instead of just reverting back to where
you were i think it gave me the courage to
actually dive into these other tools and modalities that i had been reading about and consuming information
about but too too scared or too you know me busy like i made up excuses um to do
myself and it was like no i’m gonna i’m gonna go do a past life regression hypnotherapy it um and i literally
booked one within a week of that like and you know just like i just started doing sound healing reiki just like all
these things that i had wanted to do and you know for whatever reason just didn’t
didn’t feel like doing i felt too stuck to even know which one to do first and i was
like well just do one like and then do another and i think that’s that’s really
what launched me is like i just started trying things and um i didn’t even
launch my or think of launching my business i should say until november of last year i officially launched it in march of this
year so it is brand new um but i i had it some version of it brewing literally
since that day that women’s circle in like march or whatever of last year um i had i knew
that there was something that i was gonna do with all of this that i was about to this journey i was about to go
on yeah man when you know that and you feel it your body shifts your soul shifts
everything shifts it’s like that i guess it’s an awakening in some ways
but it’s more of i i felt more of an energy burst at that point like like almost like a star exploded inside of
you you feel the same thing yes totally like so excited like anticipation nervous
anticipation and just like oh like i can tell something big is gonna come with this and i don’t know
what it is and quite frankly i’m still i can the picture’s getting clearer each day but i still don’t know what it’s
going to be you know and um yeah it’s just like it’s this nervous excitement behind all
of it for sure in a way that i hadn’t felt in so long like after coming out of that level of
just disconnection and existing instead of living it just it
lights you up uh it can be easy to look for different things and try to just find different
things to fill holes you know where you go i want to try this because i really don’t want to process the that’s
behind me so do you find that you had gone through some of that that you were actually looking and like poking around at
different things because you were running from the that you really needed to actually process so
i think the easier answer would be to say yes but honestly no i
i am a person who is very into depth like i a surface
level conversation i have always been that way breach yeah i’m like
about the weather so i i have always been that way but at the same time up until
you know 2019 2020 i was also
a very um dissociative and numb person
and so it was like this very strange paradox of wanting to go deep with other
people but not with myself and i think because i already had that openness to
depth to it to begin with when i opened the gates for myself it was like oh
oh no should have been doing this with myself the whole time yeah not just other people um so it was more so that type of thing
where it was like oh and i mean that’s why i’m i’m here one week after uh the
a women’s circle booking a past life regression therapy i’m like whoa could you go any deeper than that like you’re
not even trying to pull out things from your your current life um which i am doing as
well but yeah i’ve been trying to dig up every possible thing i can since that day
i’m glad you circled back to that because that was part of the reason why i brought that up you know you kind of almost jumped over your own life like
let me go back and see if there were things that were outside of that i don’t know it can be easy to do it i i call
this stuff out because i have done this sort of and it’s it’s it’s daily almost at times where things come
up and it’s interesting because now i’m sure you’re aware where like stuff will pop up and you’re like i see you talking
to yourself almost like you you better stop that and be able to shift those things
so what have you done differently yeah yeah so what are you doing differently now than you would have done a year ago
in your daily work to to make sure that you continue to work on this stuff and grow i think a forever
growth mindset thing that i’m working on in my life from now on and since that day is
being present and being like being a witness in my own life you know and that
sounds so easy and it is not it is not no it’s not not at all yeah
it’s like duh who’s not witnessing their own life but it’s like actually everybody party yes exactly no
one’s doing that so i think that honestly is has been the biggest shift for me is
like i’m now that freak that’s like in the middle of an argument with somebody i’m like i need to walk out of the room
and i like literally will separate myself and feel you know where in my body
that that trigger is actually coming up where okay like whoa my heart tracker is on fire right now that’s
that’s interesting when i feel like i’m being forgotten that part of me is
is what’s lighting up you know just like actually paying attention um which i think is like a huge theme
for anybody that has a history of dissociating or numbing or
escapism or anything of that nature to like really focus on embodiment and
you know being in the physical body because for me it’s so much easier to just like float away
and be in my mind and i think that’s been like the biggest shift for me is like i actively have to
put effort into being here now yeah and when i do that
when you’re like pull your ass back that hard yeah it’s not that hard to see it but it can be hard to pull it uh to be
able to pull yourself back into the space and make sure hey we’re here we’re here we’re here understanding what that
triggers uh what that trigger actually is and what it’s coming from i’m going to ask you kind of a tough question
maybe it’s tough maybe it’s not but it keeps coming to me what happened when you were younger that you were running from that when you when you were a
little kid yeah like i i think that honestly was the
the biggest thing for me and the past life therapy just to give more context around that it wasn’t just past life
like we were going back to the childhood as well so that was that was honestly the main thing i was like part of it
i know that i dissociate and i was curious if there was like a moment that i had suppressed and you know maybe
there still is and i haven’t excavated it yet who knows but um
there i have not found a smoking gun if you will like there’s not like this single okay moment in my life
that i’ve pushed away and was running from per se
but i i i did have i think again that theme of like on the surface level my life looked
quite unquote very fortunate probably to a lot of people um but there was a lot going on behind
the surface like i i like many millennials my parents got divorced when i was in third grade like
the next year my best friend who i mentioned a minute ago her dad passed away and it was tossed it
was very unexpected and it like still to this day i haven’t experienced a death that hit me as hard
as that one did um sixth grade my entire apartment burned down and we lost every single thing we
owned um that’ll do it well this happened before i was even in high school and i think
like there’s all these you know quote unquote smaller events like that that aren’t necessarily like
that mind-blowing but just i had so many of those incremental moments that i just
breezed past where i like i literally remember in sixth grade
watching our apartment burn down like my sister’s amp her guitar amp her window
in her bedroom busted open and her amp just like fell out of the bushes or out of the window and landed in the bushes
and like my mom and my sister are you know crying understandably that’s a normal reaction and i’m literally
standing there like a 12 year old and i’m like do i have to go to school tomorrow
yeah capital dissociation yeah like i mean just i yeah just numbing it all out
and i you know i think it made a lot of that easier for me probably because i did
have a lot of situations like that but um you know in the past year i’ve had a lot
of emotions come up that i’ve like found again that i’ve stored in my body and i
think that’s probably a reason also that i don’t love to be in my body because i
i have been storing these emotions and this like trauma that i just like pretended didn’t happen to me
for so many years so it’s been a year of release really like a lot of just like crying that i never did for the past 25
years a lot of stuff to go back through i think most things i don’t want to say
everything but most things that affect us and potentially infect us throughout
life come from childhood trauma of some sort and everybody’s trauma is different i
could talk to somebody where they go some kid took my bike and popped my tire when i was 10. and
that me up other people it could be like okay i watched my apartment building burned down but you know it’s
all right moving along there’s some that happens that we tried to dissociate from but you can’t really
dissociate from it it’s still back there it’s still in there so the fact that you went back through and you’ve started to
look through it and allowing yourself to shake that energy off i keep having this visual in my mind of like a dog getting
out of water and just shaking its ass and getting everything off of it if only it was that easy just be like well get the off my arm you know and
that’s about it but it’s not so you’re still doing this work but what does that look like daily
for you to do that work outside of being aware of those moments do you do journaling or
any sort of god yeah what do you do part of what i did from 2020 through now is i
did become a certified yoga instructor i don’t actually actively teach it i did
it for myself um maybe i will one day but it was it was to help with the embodiment piece
because that was that was actually one of the first steps i took i was like okay like this is gonna help me i know it is
at one point in my life if not now and um that’s been helpful to just be able to use that as a tool um
the breath work side of it honestly has been super helpful as well like breathing to me is so so powerful
um and i also like literally will use dancing and
shaking back to your image of shaking like that really is something that i do like i if i’m starting to get really
pissed off at work or something like that like i will stand up walk away from my computer and just like
this is so funny i will literally turn on one of those like emo songs from when i was in like high school or something
you know nice some really good teens what’s the go-to let’s hear it oh man there’s so many
like you know there’s like if we’re going real dark let’s turn on some hawthorne heights guys let’s just go
let’s just go ape let’s put on some paramore and like the kill by 30 seconds to mars like let’s let’s like
hate ourselves and our the world for a minute um but honestly it’s like the most therapeutic thing to
when you’re already in that feeling of like teenage rage almost like to just
like tap into it for three minutes and just like dance to it like no one’s watching and
you’re like damn i feel pretty good now all right you get your body in motion it gets the
energy in motion i don’t think that you need to get pissed off to listen to paramore or something though maybe hawthorne knights
whatever i mean honestly today’s been a day to remember day i’ve had a day to remember on my mind as soon as i
woke up and then it was just playing all whatever nine albums they got or whatever yeah um
but yeah that that energy can definitely move you i totally get that i think there are times where there’s no energy
except for the energy that’s happening inside of you and you feel like you need to do something outside of you um like
how i used to as a little kid i used to like throw or punch things because i needed to get the energy out so as we
get older and we start to do the stuff where we go oh and we shake that’s totally should be normal you should be allowed
to be able to do that because at that split second and you’re not losing your for like an hour to well are you i
mean it’d be a different story yeah exactly if you did that i’d be like pivot we’re going that direction you know what this conversation’s over
yeah uh it’s been real real long bye um i know but the fact that you can go
through that and be okay is okay so everybody that’s listening be okay
with that because you go through just be okay with it just don’t let it linger so how do you how do you manage your
mindset uh after those moments and how do you not let it linger yeah um there’s a there’s a couple things i do for like
the the mental aspect of it so i do journal i do meditate i do reflect
pretty often um and as you as you heard from my earlier example i love the voice memo note
option on phones um i do i find i’m a very audio person already like i like to
consume information that way versus reading and um i think that’s why i like to
speak it out as well like it’s just more natural to me so i i find it really helpful to get my thoughts out in that
form and replay them later and just reflect on it that’s a super super helpful thing for
me and honestly a good cry like crying and
while i’m crying i’m always reflecting like i’m one of those people that’s like it’s tied in with
processing if that makes sense whether it’s like actively consciously thinking or not it’s like
the work is being un undone if you will the knot’s being untied while i’m crying
and um music is just so so helpful for me in that so that’s that’s like honestly my number one is just like play
a song that’s going to evoke emotion to the point where i’m going to cry
and because it’s i you know it is difficult still for me to just like cry when i
need to and sometimes i i do need that music to set it in motion but usually it
takes like one note and then tears are flowing that i want to touch on something uh
a potentially sexist thing where i think there might be some listeners that listen to this that go well you’re a
woman you you’re gonna cry but that’s complete and i’m glad that you bring up the fact
that it’s difficult for you to be able to get to that point but you find things that help you actually get to that point
where you can find that release because i think there are a lot of men and women that need to allow themselves that
release like look if you’re going to cry cry get it out if you’re going to rage for a moment and scream go for
it try to do it the right way like a singer would don’t blow out your voice but same deal with anything else don’t
go too crazy with it let that energy out so whatever way you can figure out to do that that’s huge
so do you think that you subconsciously kind of figured out like i have to get myself to this point like
the recipe is to be able to get myself to this point to allow me to get past this to then be able to release but did
you consciously kind of put that together you’re like well something’s got to trigger me and i don’t want to poke myself with a knife
like how did you get there yeah um i think i’ve always been very sensitive to to music so i
didn’t necessarily always cry when i would hear it but i i know how much it evokes in me like within an instant i
can feel it so it was a quick thing for me to turn to i guess um but i will say just back
to the whole like shaking thing i i don’t know if you’re familiar with like shamanic shaking and
that whole thing a little bit just the basic surface level they shake the energy out yeah exactly yeah no
totally that’s i mean that’s what it is and i mean i won’t get into what it is but in very short summary it’s like
basically think of an animal that’s getting preyed on like a possum or something when they
you know come to after playing dead they literally simulate the attack like
it still happened and they they literally caused that adrenaline to flow through them because it’s still
there it did flow through them and they they have to shake it off quite literally to allow it
to pass through them and not be stored in their bodies and i heard that on a podcast in 2020 and then i heard it like
three more times you know one of those synchronicity things shortly after that and that’s what led me to the combo i
think of the dancing and the singing and like that’s i think why i do the the teenage
angsty music too because i mean you know all that stuff is like it is shaking like you’re like mosh pitting alone in
your bedroom [Laughter] yeah oh man
uh great image yeah well that’s where my head was i’m trying to pull myself back now um just
as an adult jumping around but that’s i mean i do that there are times where you know i can feel that my energy’s off or
i’m just not at my natural state of joy i’m like all right is wrong with you i’ll toss on typically my go-to is
heavy so i’ll go to something i’m not super super heavy like meshuggah wise depending on the day but typically it’s
like a periphery or something like that where i kick it in and then you just gotta move around there are times where i’ve joked with people i’m like i’m
head-banging in my office for 15 minutes because you need to you need to get that energy out and at that point
you’re able to actually go all right cool i’m good what’s next i should probably turn this down a little bit and then you move along and you kind
of do your thing so i feel that i totally feel that and i want to encourage people to be able to
explore that explore that more often i think as a lot of us continue to work either from home
consistently or hybrid that we can use the space that we have that we’re comfortable in do you work from home are
you a hybrid worker or do you work specifically from the house uh i would say like 85 of the time of working from home
so it is still the primary but i i am in sales so you know when i do go visit customers or we have like a divisional
meeting or something i’ll go into the office but i totally am taking advantage of the my my dance floor here
yeah i’m sure it’s different for different people people that have kids or pets
around things of that sort but if you can still find some of that energy or that space to release some of that
energy that’s huge um so it’s been great talking to you i think we’ve gotten a lot of great stuff here
so thank you for being on the show uh is there a one piece of advice you’d give somebody that’s on their path towards self mastery i think the the major thing
i would say that’s been really helpful for me is to give yourself grace
and recognize that you know once you do open this can of worms and you decide to
to really grow and evolve and you know care about your life um it’s gonna be a roller coaster it’s
it’s not gonna be able to be closed back up and you know once you start it you’re not gonna wanna stop but just know that
it’s not all an upward trajectory like you that’s part of that’s part of it riding
the wave and learning how to ride the wave and um that can be really really frustrating
when you’ve just started and you’re like you can get discouraged so i just i
would i would say to give yourself grace and and be compassionate with yourself and just you know
take every opportunity as a learning a chance to learn
great appreciate that where can people connect with you where can they find you online my website is
just my name very easy and my instagram is claire campana so also very easy
i’d say those are the two best places to connect with me um feel free to shoot me a message i mean as you can probably
tell from this conversation i just i love talking to people on on similar journeys and
um that’s like my favorite thing in the world so even if you don’t don’t want to be a client please please talk to me i
just love love people on the journey to consciousness i appreciate that it’s been great having
you thanks again for being on the show yeah thank you [Music]
another great conversation on today’s episode of the mindset and self-mastery show
claire answered the call to that stirring in her soul i mean let’s be real here you can only push it away for
so long until it just claws to get out okay maybe that’s a bit much but if you
don’t feel that then you’ve really got some deep diving to do like but yeah you got some you got some
work to do like claire here we should all continue to aim for learning and growth so that’s
okay we all have work to do and it’s about incremental progress on our journey doesn’t all have to happen
overnight but you got this so what did you think i’d love to hear your thoughts on the topics we got into today and if you
enjoyed the episode please jump over to itunes and subscribe rate and leave a five star review
and if you really enjoyed the show just go ahead and share with a friend family member just somebody that you like because this is a pretty awesome show
right yeah i appreciate that we covered a lot of stuff so appreciate you sharing out i’m sure your friends
will too and check out the show notes for more information and specifically for claire and check out other episodes
on the mindset and as well as our youtube channel just go to youtube type
in the mindset and self-mastery show and there you go and thanks again claire for being real honest and vulnerable with us
and thank you for sharing some wisdom and thank you to you yeah you thank you for hanging out with us today and with
that remember your mindset matters and so do you [Music]

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