From Rock N’ Roll To The Answers Within Our Soul – Ep.045 – Steven Machat

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Episode summary:  Steven Machat has a deep understanding of life and what the purpose of life is. Love. The answer is love. He knows that we are here on Earth to love, to experience joy, and to help others. We are dreamers and we are meant to achieve our dreams. In order to do that, we need to do what we want and disregard what others tell us what to do, and follow our hearts.

We have the choice to create our heaven by living freely or choosing to live in our hell by following fear. Steven knows that every person can live in their own heaven, but it’s up to them to create that. 

Guest Name & Bio: Steven Machat has had an incredible life. Born and raised in NY City, through his entertainment lawyer father, Marty Machat, he met some of the biggest names in the industry; Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Elvis, Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, Clyde Otis, and Sugar Ray Robinson to name but a few. Steven has worked with the likes of Genesis, Phil Collins, Phil Spector, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen, and the Electric Light Orchestra.

His management company represented Colonel Abrams, Soft Cell, John Waite, Bobby Brown, and New Edition. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Steven was forced to assess his rock n’ roll lifestyle and was quick to realize this fabricated world was not serving him well. His vision changed, and he realized that life is not to accumulate more money or be the boss of everyone else, but about learning how to share and to live in a society where we all work and live together.

Other Info: Machat has been a worldwide entertainment attorney, music publisher, manager of music talent, and record label owner as well as film producer, among other commercial endeavors. His clients have included Electric Light OrchestraGenesisPeter GabrielPhil CollinsReady for the WorldLeonard CohenPhil Spector, Stacey Jackson, Snoop DoggNew EditionBobby BrownManu DiBangoRita Lee, and new artists from Sweden, Yung Lean and The Sad Boys.

Steven Machat

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[Nick McGowan]: Steven welcome to the show

[Nick McGowan]: how are you?

[Steven Machat]: I’m great

[Steven Machat]: thank you for having me and hello audience

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely and i appreciate you being on to those of you who don’t know Stephen

[Nick McGowan]: you should and you probably do at least your parents may or somebody else in

[Nick McGowan]: your family he’s got a lot huge background i don’t want to jump into your

[Nick McGowan]: steps but i would love for you to give us some context so Stephen want

[Nick McGowan]: to tell us who you are what you do for a living and maybe one

[Nick McGowan]: thing that most people don’t know about you that’s kind of weird or bizarre

[Steven Machat]: i’m just basically a dreamer living a dream i came to earth to discover why 

[Steven Machat]: people hate each other why people can’t get along when we think that we behave

[Steven Machat]: and all we do is basically fall in line and become a servant or a

[Steven Machat]: slave and i’ve studied history and i run around producing music and you could google

[Steven Machat]: me it’s m c h a t. I produced as much music in all various

[Steven Machat]: capacities ince any human alive yeah i’ve written now eleven books and i try to

[Steven Machat]: explain to you you are not your body a b you do not die and

[Steven Machat]: see no one can talk to God for you except yourself so stop giving away

[Steven Machat]: your powers come here to live the life that you believe this is heaven and

[Steven Machat]: there’s no short cut to heaven and the there is love and you need to

[Steven Machat]: shine a light on both you and everybody else and get out there and enjoy

[Steven Machat]: the moments that you’re here playing in a place called earth stop believing

[Steven Machat]: people who talk and say they will

tell you what you’re meant to do

[Steven Machat]: and i produced a lot

[Nick McGowan]: it’s a

[Steven Machat]: of

[Nick McGowan]: great

[Steven Machat]: music

[Nick McGowan]: way to start this off

[Steven Machat]: and i worked with a lot of

lot of people all over the world that

[Steven Machat]: people your parents age your age and

if anyone’s fifteen sixteen or whatever you know

[Steven Machat]: i attract talent you know i attracted

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: it comes to me because i could


[Steven Machat]: what they’re dreaming and i can help

make their dreams come true and i don’t

[Steven Machat]: know if anyone could ever make my

dream come true my dream is to end

[Steven Machat]: hate yeah my dream is to end

relations with

[Steven Machat]: third party guards that say it’s okay

as long as you worship me you could

[Steven Machat]: kill everyone that doesn’t and as sir

s this may sound to you that’s the

[Steven Machat]: history of earth and we need to

make this place to heaven

[Steven Machat]: that it can be we learned to

believe we are all equal unique special individuals

[Steven Machat]: that come from a collective consciousness all

here to share all moments in camp earth

[Steven Machat]: i give it to you

[Nick McGowan]: well i think we can

[Steven Machat]: no i

[Nick McGowan]: go for it

[Steven Machat]: give you back your mice

[Nick McGowan]: uh h i was just going to

say i think we can probably just end

[Nick McGowan]: the episode there like thank you

[Steven Machat]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: for your time that was a ton

of wisdom right in a couple of sentences

[Nick McGowan]: appreciate it so you’ve got a ton

in your background sick entertainment entrepreneur ship things

[Nick McGowan]: that you’ve done but there’s also you

kind of grew up in that right like

[Nick McGowan]: you were raised in that sort of

[Steven Machat]: i

[Nick McGowan]: environment

[Steven Machat]: believe you choose your parents so whatever

my journey here

[Steven Machat]: on earth was for it was to

understand dreams and to make dreams come true

[Steven Machat]: so my father was one of the

first musicales and you gave me a ball

[Steven Machat]: that go hits all hit when i

grew up dad would sit and let me

[Steven Machat]: be dad used to manage a box

of called sugar red robinson so sugar rat

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: Robinson Samantha taught me that your temple

is your body don’t let anyone tell you

[Steven Machat]: that the church is where you speak

to god you speak to god in your

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: heart take care of your temple take

care of your body that’s your ability to

[Steven Machat]: move around earth he didn’t teach me

everything i just said but he put me

[Steven Machat]: on that path i met a guy

named sam cook know and i was in

[Steven Machat]: seventh grade and

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: he put out his song don’t know

much about history don’t know much of biology

[Steven Machat]: i wanted to know where he got

that song and what that did is that

[Steven Machat]: put me on a trajectory where all

the clients dad would represent as their lawyer

[Steven Machat]: and soon manager i would ask these

people where they got the songs that they

[Steven Machat]: sang where did the lyrics come from

you know before we became a oke cutter

[Steven Machat]: a or b society which is what

america is now

[Steven Machat]: you

[Steven Machat]: know when i look at people like

i don’t know what to do you are

[Steven Machat]: totally controlled by computers

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: totally either a or b are political

parties you’re either republican or democrat i don’t

[Steven Machat]: think you’re either you’re a lost soul

that’s allowing

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: one side to sway you you don’t

build a place of equality you believe you

[Steven Machat]: have the right to tell other people

they’re right and wrong instead of saying i

[Steven Machat]: respect your opinion let’s see how we

can get along answers love what i did

[Steven Machat]: is i went to accounting school down

here in miami and i studied history i

[Steven Machat]: studied how the catholic religion became a

religion and how they created the world that

[Steven Machat]: we live in you know tricking you

in the believing jesus is the same thing

[Steven Machat]: as christ one is love one is

control and if you really love you don’t

[Steven Machat]: control it’s that simple you accept

[Steven Machat]: you respect and you help each other

you know you need to take care of

[Steven Machat]: yourself but you need to become strong

and life is not a golf game life

[Steven Machat]: is a team sport you know if

i want to break say i want to

[Steven Machat]: break peter gabriel someone you told me

you like we need to get put together

[Steven Machat]: a team of energy that likes peter

and would help spread his message

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: whatever his message is same thing with

genesis who your dad loved you know and

[Steven Machat]: it’s it’s it’s a simple message you

look at ball clubs i love baseball okay

[Steven Machat]: i love baseball home run hitters

[Nick McGowan]: am

[Steven Machat]: don’t win championships may win the home


[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: championship

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: that’s the one off you know you’ve

got to put together a team you live

[Steven Machat]: a dream and i’ve spent my whole

life trying to put together dreams so i

[Steven Machat]: could learn why some succeed why many

don’t where do you fall into a trap

[Steven Machat]: you are not the answer

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: you are part of the chorus to

create the answer and when you have a

[Steven Machat]: dream you create a matrix where everyone

believes the dream it’s written in my book

[Steven Machat]: called we’ve got to get out of

this place i recommend to all you read

[Steven Machat]: is to go buy it because i

teach you naked truths that people are scared

[Steven Machat]: to tell you because this

[Steven Machat]: life that they’re living sort of gets

negated and maybe you could be this year’s

[Steven Machat]: new york yankees they look like they’ll

have the best record ever you know maybe

[Steven Machat]: they won’t but you know sometin you’ll

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: have a lot of fun living a

dream with the team you will never have

[Steven Machat]: fun living a solo dream it’s a

hard thing because you buy yourself so here

[Steven Machat]: you could be

[Steven Machat]: an individual and you could share a

dream you become a flock of love f

[Steven Machat]: l o c k let’s go grabbing

into it you know

[Nick McGowan]: yeah that makes sense it’s interesting how

people for the most part when they get

[Nick McGowan]: either really upset or jaded by life

or whatever they just kind of say we’ll

[Nick McGowan]: suck it i’m just going to do

this on my own i’ll become that lone

[Nick McGowan]: wolf and i’ll

[Steven Machat]: and

[Nick McGowan]: do

[Steven Machat]: then

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Steven Machat]: what

[Nick McGowan]: thing but i agree with you that

yeah then they’re kind of in a circle

[Nick McGowan]: because you end up getting back to

well i need community in some sort of

[Nick McGowan]: way need to have other people i


[Steven Machat]: ah

[Nick McGowan]: do life with and right there with

you i think that life is about doing

[Nick McGowan]: it with oh people and there are

certain times where i think people get afraid

[Nick McGowan]: because everything typically goes back to some

sort of fear so what have you find

[Nick McGowan]: with the people that you’ve talked to

over the years that were sort of some

[Nick McGowan]: of those patterns that are those success

principles in a way

[Steven Machat]: i don’t know why but anyone that

has ever met me will tell you since

[Steven Machat]: the day i wasn’t how to ride

a bicycle started sharing my energies with others

[Steven Machat]: i do not believe in debt i

knew from the one we don’t die i

[Steven Machat]: knew we go somewhere you know when

you want to call it heaven it’s not

[Steven Machat]: hell they try to scare you you

make your own hell by living in fear

[Steven Machat]: let go you’re an energy that’s

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: all you are you’re an energy and

i knew this my whole life and my

[Steven Machat]: issue is i can’t believe people don’t

under stand what i understand because almost everyone

[Steven Machat]: i know

[Steven Machat]: is fearful of something they will all

turn to that ultimate source they’ll turn to

[Steven Machat]: their father god which they don’t believe

in you talk to them and then start

[Steven Machat]: asking father god to help them they’ll

do something wrong and they’ll go into a

[Steven Machat]: hole somewhere and pray to be forgiven

it’s like who’s going to forgive you but

[Steven Machat]: yourself stop it stop looking for third

parties to do something for you when you’re

[Steven Machat]: in control if you did something wrong

fix it own up to it tell someone

[Steven Machat]: you did wrong you know or get

to them when it’s a later time stop

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: living and believing you could forgive yourself

for your sins you never will what you

[Steven Machat]: can do is learned from your sins

where you know you did wrong behavior live

[Steven Machat]: a better life help people plant your

seeds plant your seeds

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: together build your dream it will come


[Nick McGowan]: it sounds like you you have a

hard time and hard time is probably a

[Nick McGowan]: rough way to put it but a

hard time understanding how people don’t understand what

[Nick McGowan]: you understand almost like how some people

are like i can’t deal with stupid i

[Nick McGowan]: can’t deal with the idiocy of things

and for you to think i know all

[Nick McGowan]: of this but you don’t and you

should know all of this it should be

[Nick McGowan]: in it and i do think at

kind of a quantum level like we all

[Nick McGowan]: have that under standing but a lot

of people are either calused over or they

[Nick McGowan]: can’t actually get to it so throughout

that frustration do you sort of tips or

[Nick McGowan]: ways that you can help those people

or even just patterns that seeing people be

[Nick McGowan]: able to do it for themselves

[Steven Machat]: now it’s a little bit different i

just don’t get it

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: and then if there are energy and

i don’t match figure out see im at

[Steven Machat]: a late point in our joint lives

and if i don’t i don’t and by

[Steven Machat]: the way i’ve produced over produced in

all business aspects over a thousand albums and

[Steven Machat]: i’m the i’m the pool reviere i

sit and tell you this album is out

[Steven Machat]: this songs out this movies out now

my books are basically stories of my frustrations

[Steven Machat]: my endless pursuit

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: of love and i don’t try to

tell you what to do i can’t do

[Steven Machat]: that but i can say to you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: this another way to see it i

can’t believe the

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: united states of america i’m telling you

straight up where a year or two away

[Steven Machat]: from a serious civil war and what

are we fighting over you know we’re fighting

[Steven Machat]: to pay taxes well where does the

money come from that they

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: spend they create the money then they

give it to the fetal reserve who loans

[Steven Machat]: it back to us and no one

wants to understand what said and my favorite

[Steven Machat]: person that ever lived that understood you’re

smiling that understood what i just said to

[Steven Machat]: you created a game called monopoly why

does the united

[Steven Machat]: states create

[Steven Machat]: money and then agree to pay the

film reserve interest for distributing the cash that

[Steven Machat]: we give them i’m a very outspoken

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: person and i just don’t get

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: it but only through song and dance

can i immediately open your heart that’s why

[Steven Machat]: right now i have four great new

artists coming out i opened the record label

[Steven Machat]: with my wife you know we met

again after not seeing and knowing each other

[Steven Machat]: for many years and you know here’s

some grief you know my son died in

[Steven Machat]: two thousand fifteen we had a record

label together

[Steven Machat]: the artist that i was marketing and

promoting with him basically is energy killed my

[Steven Machat]: son and i had to deal with

that and the only way i knew how

[Steven Machat]: to deal with that

[Nick McGowan]: o

[Steven Machat]: my son would have been thirty how

would a baron have been now thirty five

[Steven Machat]: so you were born in nineteen eighty

four and you know baron was born in

[Steven Machat]: nineteen eighty seven and with baron we

had young lean we

[Steven Machat]: had grimes we had archer if you

know him and a

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: just it didn’t work it was bad

energy young lean killed my son straight up

[Steven Machat]: that energy and what they did i

got over it i never really get over

[Steven Machat]: it but at the same time i

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: put up in facebook that my son

is hovering around me you know when debby

[Steven Machat]: saw it and she communicated with me

we hadn’t really spoken to each other since

[Steven Machat]: nineteen seventy the next thing i knew

she was helping me run for the u

[Steven Machat]: s senate you know i went away

to finish my books came back in twenty

[Steven Machat]: twenty she told me when we first

spoke that her son had died too and

[Steven Machat]: so she said to

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Steven Machat]: me if i ever need to talk

to someone call call me

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: and we spoke and she helped me

and when i got back to florida right

[Steven Machat]: before covid we basically kissed and we

fell in love and right now we’re husband

[Steven Machat]: and wife and she’s my partner in

s s i’ve opened up the school of

[Steven Machat]: sacred knowledge where i try to teach


[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: it’s okay to question everything you are

mystic you’re living a life it’s mystery you

[Steven Machat]: don’t know the ending or you know

what you’re mixing your energy with other energy

[Steven Machat]: and you’re going to make a milk

shake trying to discover why you’re here

[Steven Machat]: and what the love is

[Steven Machat]: and there’s nothing better than drinking a

milk shake when it’s balanced and no it’s

[Steven Machat]: my favorite drink

[Nick McGowan]: i grew that

[Steven Machat]: so here i’ve opened up the school

of sacred knowledge google you have to put

[Steven Machat]: this school of sacred knowledge they once

existed all over europe and the catholic church

[Steven Machat]: decided to close it down because the

story that you learned there doesn’t agree with

[Steven Machat]: papacy telling you that this is what

they do you know when you read in

[Steven Machat]: the united states

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: constitution separation of church and state church

is capitalized which means it’s anon so people

[Steven Machat]: don’t do what i’m telling need to

do when you read a contract constitution to

[Steven Machat]: contract you got to see why it’s

a noun what is he what is that

[Steven Machat]: capital church referring to in seventeen eighty

eight it was what today we call the

[Steven Machat]: vatican our country was created to throw

the vatican out and then we have five

[Steven Machat]: supreme court judges telling us what we

can and can’t do you need to talk

[Steven Machat]: to whatever you consider your sources and

live that life you don’t need anyone telling

[Steven Machat]: you what you can and can’t do

with your body you need a government that

[Steven Machat]: works for the health welfare and safety

of the people and the most important ascepect

[Steven Machat]: of the health welfare and safety is

to create the world where you could live

[Steven Machat]: a dream that’s something that’s far fetched

and you have to put on your whatever

[Steven Machat]: you go play video games i’m guilty

of video games i made the movies of

[Steven Machat]: judge dread and i made the movie

of street fighter wasn’t an evil and mega

[Steven Machat]: man

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: if you remember them you know when


[Nick McGowan]: oh man yeah

[Steven Machat]: right it’s like okay

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Steven Machat]: and anyway

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Steven Machat]: you know and then i had the

united states government tell me i can’t advertise

[Steven Machat]: while they’re selling you bad food at

the end of those cartoon shows i got

[Steven Machat]: into it where the united states government

said you can’t advertise albums and what i

[Steven Machat]: was doing was using that show to

introduce you to new artists you know when

[Steven Machat]: i did street fighter

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: i was part of a if you

know wrap i divided it between west coast

[Steven Machat]: and east coast and it ended up

being a civil war you know i had

[Steven Machat]: all those

[Steven Machat]: people in that street

[Steven Machat]: fight or album i just love life

i love your smile right now because i

[Steven Machat]: realize you’re resonating with something i’m telling

you you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: you came to earth turn on the

radio from genesis right when i was with

[Steven Machat]: phil collins or

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: a cap you need to understand abe

cap this song says to you

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: where do you get your ideas from

and he gets frustrated and yells and screams

[Steven Machat]: i don’t know it can come from

a mirror and come under the bed it

[Steven Machat]: can come behind the couch and i’m

like there it is there’s your answer

[Nick McGowan]: yep

[Steven Machat]: so my books i try to i

don’t i don’t know anything i’m not better

[Steven Machat]: than anyone i’m just an energy and

if i can make you smile it’s great

[Steven Machat]: if i can make you believe you’re

here to live in heaven and we can

[Steven Machat]: make heaven if we letting other people

tell us what to do because if you

[Steven Machat]: really know the truth and if you

live the truth you don’t need people telling

[Steven Machat]: you what to do but when you

live in a country that teaches you you

[Steven Machat]: could lie steal cheat and but when

you live in a country that says all

[Steven Machat]: the judicial decisions before can be overturned

so there’s no consistency so if you pay

[Steven Machat]: enough money and if you lie enough

you can make new laws when the same

[Steven Machat]: law was set low it’s like hey

what are you telling us you need to

[Steven Machat]: have certain conditions that are permanent and

you need to understand it deals with making

[Steven Machat]: sure everyone has an equal opportunity to

become the dreamer and if your dream is

[Steven Machat]: going to live and live on earth

and not you know that be a type

[Steven Machat]: a personality bless you go get it

that’s what my books are about it’s right

[Steven Machat]: there and i lecture around the world

i produced music i’ve got four great albums

[Steven Machat]: coming out i’ve got some movies coming

out before i leave planet earth i’m going

[Steven Machat]: to keep doing what i do because

sooner later my body will say you know

[Steven Machat]: something not only can’t you hit the

ball but you can’t walk to for a

[Steven Machat]: space and then i’m like okay those


[Steven Machat]: feet

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: will not be walked just i actually

love life no matter how i come off

[Steven Machat]: i love watching people smile i love

giving people the confidence to go forward it’s

[Steven Machat]: like

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: okay let’s go

[Nick McGowan]: hm these little magical moments throughout life

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: you know like even right now as

you’re talking about this stuff to be fucking

[Nick McGowan]: aware of that and go this right

here you’re

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: smiling a lot of people just by

past that and just don’t even think about

[Nick McGowan]: because they’re too lost in themselves thinking

about how they look to other people

[Steven Machat]: the truth is if you smile guess

what you look ten years younger you just

[Steven Machat]: you’re

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: smiling you just got rid of every

wrinkle you have you know it’s really cool

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it’s funny yeah i’m right there with

you man it’s interesting how a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: people will get so frustrated

[Steven Machat]: m

[Nick McGowan]: with the ship that’s going

[Steven Machat]: m

[Nick McGowan]: on out there and i’ve watched you

kind of go through some of that son

[Nick McGowan]: even if you as you’ve talked you’re

frustrated but you understand that at the same

[Nick McGowan]: point life isn’t about those frustrations about

the joy that we have throughout life and

[Nick McGowan]: what we’re doing i appreciate that you’re

an inspiration because you’re just doing what you

[Nick McGowan]: do like if somebody told you differently

you wouldn’t give a funk you’d be like

[Nick McGowan]: that’s cool and moving along and continue

to do what you do but i think

[Nick McGowan]: it’s a fact that you have that

journey and that pursuit to be able to

[Nick McGowan]: find those magical moments that brings those

magical moments into existence for you more of

[Nick McGowan]: that stuff comes from it because you’re

pulling it out of me you’re

[Steven Machat]: m

[Nick McGowan]: pulling it out of other people

[Steven Machat]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: so how do we pull that out

of you to be able to have some

[Nick McGowan]: of that for ourselves almost a little

bit of that elixir to be able to

[Nick McGowan]: just take is there any sort of

like hey if you boil things down it’s

[Nick McGowan]: this and i think you’ve said it

a couple of times basically love

[Steven Machat]: he then you wrap

[Nick McGowan]: love of

[Steven Machat]: your

[Nick McGowan]: life

[Steven Machat]: interpretation of love and you make an

onion out of it the answers love


[Steven Machat]: the question is love love is what

love is if you define it you ended

[Steven Machat]: it if you sign if you get

married and you sign a pre nuptial agreement

[Steven Machat]: basically just ended your marriage have to

find the ending

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: yeah makes sense if and when this

thing ends you don’t take any

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: of my things that’s a pretty brutal


[Steven Machat]: you share everything you created what you

walk into with it i don’t know you

[Steven Machat]: figured it out but what you to

create together

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: you know it’s like writing a song

if you write the word a and i

[Steven Machat]: have a song and you put a

in there under common sense common law in

[Steven Machat]: the copy right i guess what you

and i are partners unless they make you

[Steven Machat]: son an agreement that

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: says no not true

[Nick McGowan]: so have you been married before

[Steven Machat]: i’ve been married three times i’ve learned


[Nick McGowan]: right yeah so it’s interesting that you’re

saying what you’re saying having been married three

[Nick McGowan]: times i recently went i went through

a divorce last year so i’m understanding that

[Nick McGowan]: side of it as well

[Steven Machat]: you smiled when

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Steven Machat]: i said this

[Nick McGowan]: i

[Steven Machat]: song to

[Nick McGowan]: want

[Steven Machat]: you here

[Nick McGowan]: to feel

[Steven Machat]: today

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Steven Machat]: the

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: beach boy song

[Nick McGowan]: i

[Steven Machat]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah

[Steven Machat]: now you learned

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: the truth and when you’re young love

means something different to you than when you

[Steven Machat]: start aging and you discover well that’s

not love

[Steven Machat]: you’ll also learn that sex is not

love sex is a physical activity

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: you engage in love is higher than

that love is the highest form of life

[Steven Machat]: you could live nothing

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: higher

[Nick McGowan]: hm don’t want to pull this back

into a weird spot

[Steven Machat]: o

[Nick McGowan]: for you but on the topic of

love you and your wife both share the

[Nick McGowan]: loss of love can share in that

together but how how did you manage how

[Nick McGowan]: did you manage

[Steven Machat]: it’s

[Nick McGowan]: your mind

[Steven Machat]: worse

[Nick McGowan]: set and being able to be in


[Steven Machat]: it’s

[Nick McGowan]: spot

[Steven Machat]: even worse

[Nick McGowan]: you lost your son

[Steven Machat]: m

[Nick McGowan]: in fifteen

[Steven Machat]: i wasn’t married

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Steven Machat]: to my baby’s mother

[Steven Machat]: she

[Steven Machat]: in her activity helped engage them in

living in fear she never taught him to

[Steven Machat]: respect himself because she couldn’t do it

and i used to spend days with my

[Steven Machat]: son basically blowing love into him as

if it’s attire teaching him how to get

[Steven Machat]: strong

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: how to believe in himself we created

a record label and he didn’t believe in

[Steven Machat]: himself it was hard when he was


[Steven Machat]: me it took

[Steven Machat]: time

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: to get him to believe in himself

you know i don’t disparage her she was

[Steven Machat]: a weak person she got hooked on

certain drugs and she was weak she got

[Steven Machat]: hooked in parma suitor co pills mood

pills it’s a hard life especially when you’re

[Steven Machat]: in front of people your whole life

especially when you could rebound you know they

[Steven Machat]: could throw nuts and bolts at me

all day i’ll get over it you know

[Steven Machat]: maybe i’m zose i can catch

[Steven Machat]: those thunderbolts so what happened

[Steven Machat]: was

[Steven Machat]: really never never one with my x

it basically set me free

[Steven Machat]: i took care of her i gave

her money i moved into mexico and it’s

[Steven Machat]: it’s on see you

[Nick McGowan]: how did you process through that that

loss of your son never mind the mother

[Nick McGowan]: just your son in general and that

was your business partner and sounds like you’re

[Nick McGowan]: pouring love into him as often as

you could and then he’s not there anymore

[Steven Machat]: he is there that’s what you learned

you learned he does

[Nick McGowan]: great answer

[Steven Machat]: i wrote a book it’s called him

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: sacred knowledge a rock and rolls guide

to higher consciousness and he pooped it and

[Steven Machat]: in that book i share with you

that god

[Steven Machat]: is love love is

[Steven Machat]: god god is not a definable entity

it’s in energy we all come from the

[Steven Machat]: energy of god so he dies and

physically dies and all of a sudden he

[Steven Machat]: reappears formalized this right in front of

me he’s wearing what he was wearing when

[Steven Machat]: he died he told me he made

a mistake and he’s sorry he says i’m

[Steven Machat]: going to be your messenger he says

energy wise vibrational wise and you can pick

[Steven Machat]: this up if you pay attention says

to me look you’ve got a hole

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: in your heart and i’ll forever travel

with you i will mend the broken heart

[Steven Machat]: i will be there with you you

said dad you of old people know that

[Steven Machat]: to be true and he said your

book is true and i looked at him

[Steven Machat]: and i said to him baron i

didn’t need you to die to tell me

[Steven Machat]: that he said i didn’t need you

to die to tell

[Nick McGowan]: geez

[Steven Machat]: me that and we were we had

a producer that was producing canio west and

[Steven Machat]: my son wanted to give canon a

new book before he died and go no

[Steven Machat]: you’re not you are not giving that

man my book so that becomes his rap

[Steven Machat]: people need to read the book

[Steven Machat]: but anyway barons with me you know

it’s debby and i are going to go

[Steven Machat]: watch the yankees we’re going to see

him play in houston two games like with

[Steven Machat]: kids i will be at that game

there’s no way he won’t be at that

[Steven Machat]: game and by the way that’s

[Steven Machat]: in my book

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: we’ve got to get out of this

place i teach you energy as long as

[Steven Machat]: you maintain and remember that energy it

never leaves be it reincarnation which i believe

[Steven Machat]: in or believe in ascension where you

get out of this matrix as long as

[Steven Machat]: you basically have that energy because it’s

an attraction that energy is here our parents

[Steven Machat]: are like watching

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: us right now

[Steven Machat]: and every religion is based on what

i’m telling you except they interject a father

[Steven Machat]: god you know we’re so crazy we

don’t even respect mother earth our body is

[Steven Machat]: from mother earth it is not from

father god and is made up of chemicals

[Steven Machat]: and it’s a d n a made

from other d n a here on planet

[Steven Machat]: earth so what do we do every

breath we take we poison the air we

[Steven Machat]: poison the water we poison the seas

we poison the land we make genetically modified

[Steven Machat]: food which makes new viruses that became

covid we sit there and we poison everything

[Steven Machat]: and we say we just do a

little less poison and if you believe the

[Steven Machat]: ten commandments they

[Nick McGowan]: just

[Steven Machat]: tell

[Nick McGowan]: a little

[Steven Machat]: you to honor your father which

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Steven Machat]: is your conscious has you came from

and they tell you to honor your mother

[Steven Machat]: which is planet earth you can’t sit

here poisoning planet earth and thinking it’s okay

[Steven Machat]: you know we wrote a book it’s

called the history of viruses and their effects

[Steven Machat]: on mankind then and now i give

you a thirteen thousand years study of where

[Steven Machat]: viruses come from and to this day

people say viruses are not alive because they

[Steven Machat]: can handle when you can’t see living

organisms that are too small for you you

[Steven Machat]: know i record everything i recorded a

man that produces music from plants he mike

[Steven Machat]: the plants called steve scully

[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Steven Machat]: now in his singing plants and what

we did is we mike the soil and

[Steven Machat]: guess what they communicate with each other

but we can’t hear it we hear a

[Steven Machat]: through g

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: we have forty nine notes you know

and it’s like that crisis still sinassong forty

[Steven Machat]: nine reasons all on the line all

of them good ones all of them lies

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: but anyway it’s it’s there i just

try to teach it your energy listen to

[Steven Machat]: the energy tune in watch the birds

fly watch this formation they fly watch ducks

[Steven Machat]: walk around going like this uh uh

and they’re looking for food they’re looking for

[Steven Machat]: seeds that’s what we are where a

bunch of ducks we don’t understand that we

[Steven Machat]: could fly we could be a butterfly

you don’t need to be a moth and

[Steven Machat]: i could go on and on with

all these things that’s why i write the

[Steven Machat]: books because it will be remembered you

know and then you go to the school

[Steven Machat]: of secret knowledge i teach you i

teach you history i share it with you

[Steven Machat]: you may not want to believe me

but it’s all true who are we you

[Steven Machat]: know it’s like okay my god is

bigger and better than yours so i’ll kill

[Steven Machat]: you are you kidding me you go

to church or whatever you want we sit

[Steven Machat]: there it’s insane we’re living in a

country now right now where it’s red against

[Steven Machat]: blue and it’s i went to camp

that’s like color war at the end of

[Steven Machat]: cola whoever had the

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: most points you know you wont koloa

you hugged each other

[Nick McGowan]: what

[Steven Machat]: and

[Nick McGowan]: do

[Steven Machat]: you

[Nick McGowan]: we get

[Steven Machat]: love

[Nick McGowan]: a pizza

[Steven Machat]: each

[Nick McGowan]: party

[Steven Machat]: other one time i took

[Steven Machat]: barine

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: game seven of the world series were

in arizona and the yankees won games three

[Steven Machat]: four and five they lost one and

two it was pretty funny because i ended

[Steven Machat]: up sitting next to the presidential soon

to be candidate john maclaine because he had

[Steven Machat]: to be at the world series i

came and then anyway we went to game

[Steven Machat]: seven these idiots they were winning three

to two and barons going nuts were right

[Steven Machat]: off were at first base side and

he’s going bezirki’s jumping up and down the

[Steven Machat]: yanks winning he’s making fun of everybody

and he and i both learned something marianne

[Steven Machat]: reviewer came in the game got tied

bottom of the ninth he blew it all

[Steven Machat]: right how does marianne rever a blow

a game we guess what he’s human so

[Steven Machat]: anyway so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: all these people looking at baron and

i just

[Steven Machat]: heard tell your son to congratulate them

and shake their hands and how old this

[Steven Machat]: baron is two thousand one so he

was four team and i had him shake

[Steven Machat]: everybody’s hands on the way out and

these people looked at me and they’re like

[Steven Machat]: what a lovely boy you have oh

this is so nice

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Steven Machat]: you know what he said to me

as we were walking to the car did

[Steven Machat]: you know something dead i’m really happy

i did that what did you learn i

[Steven Machat]: don’t know what he learnt he said

they had every right to root for their

[Steven Machat]: team the

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: way i did team one

[Nick McGowan]: yep

[Steven Machat]: so that was really cool i congratulated

them on winning a powerful lesson that was

[Steven Machat]: for me

[Nick McGowan]: yeah and to

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: him and those

[Steven Machat]: i mean

[Nick McGowan]: other

[Steven Machat]: he gave

[Nick McGowan]: people

[Steven Machat]: me his lesson and all those people

on reset correct but i gorge you know

[Steven Machat]: something okay this is fantastic you just

keep speaking and i watched everybody i was

[Steven Machat]: in heaven because my son was a

light after being so much darkness

[Steven Machat]: for all of them you know it’s

like okay the light got turned on and

[Steven Machat]: i’m sitting there and i’m dwelling in

his light and our light and all their

[Steven Machat]: lights they want okay move on

[Nick McGowan]: it’s such a powerful thing for you

to not only bring that up but for

[Nick McGowan]: you to hear that feel it and

do something on it change the rest of

[Nick McGowan]: the outlook for those

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: people as a hilly as a philly

and i think of what the filly fans

[Nick McGowan]: would do and that’s not typically how

they would roll

[Steven Machat]: no not at all

[Nick McGowan]: they would be the ones freaking out

cursing and everything else but it’s kind of

[Nick McGowan]: almost to be expected in that sort

of sense because there’s so much passion back

[Nick McGowan]: to the political side there’s so much

passion for things and sports i’ve got a

[Nick McGowan]: couple of friends that don’t get sports

they just get it at all and they’re

[Nick McGowan]: like i don’t understand how you can

root for people to do things that it’s

[Nick McGowan]: just the game i’m right there with

you where it’s deeper than

[Steven Machat]: it’s

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Steven Machat]: a team

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Steven Machat]: sport

[Nick McGowan]: there’s deeper meaning

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: to it yeah and it’s still it’s

a medium of any sort so if you

[Nick McGowan]: take sports you take politics you take

art you take whatever it’s just choosing of

[Nick McGowan]: a medium at that point

[Steven Machat]: i’ll share something with

[Nick McGowan]: from

[Steven Machat]: you

[Nick McGowan]: there doing what you want with it

[Steven Machat]: anyway i’m older than you and i

love baseball so philadelphia phillis never won a

[Steven Machat]: pennant never on a world series right

they were the last original of the sixteen

[Steven Machat]: baseball clubs that created the national american

league team to win a world series i

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: was used to think there was no

way to do it and before i was

[Steven Machat]: you know it’s i learned a lot

watching the phillies winning and two thousand eight

[Steven Machat]: you play tampa right

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: then two thousand

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: nine it was the yankee term

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah you’re welcome you can have


[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: one

[Steven Machat]: you know we just

[Steven Machat]: saw them i love i love i

love life i love concerts

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: i started real world and well man

with peter gabriel world of music arts and

[Steven Machat]: dance i ended up going

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: all over in the world learning people’s

formulas learning what they’re doing and they share

[Steven Machat]: all this wisdom or whatever i obtained

without it’s not about me it’s about we

[Steven Machat]: this is what i

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: could share with you you could believe

what i see or you could you could

[Steven Machat]: see something different but this is what

i see if you put together a team

[Steven Machat]: you could live a dream and if

you have to get power by divining people

[Steven Machat]: that’s a problem because

[Nick McGowan]: a big time

[Steven Machat]: the triad will come back and it

will re balance and that’s when war states

[Steven Machat]: you need everyone that believed in a

dream and my dream is not your dream

[Steven Machat]: on or their dream and let them

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: figure out how to make it happen

but if your dream precludes anyone else from

[Steven Machat]: having a dream you’ve created in balance

and you’re gonna have a problem no one’s

[Steven Machat]: better than

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: anyone and everyone is as good as

each other

[Nick McGowan]: the dreams that i think people are

[Steven Machat]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: afraid of are the things that are

outside of themselves that they don’t understand

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: so

[Steven Machat]: in a coach

[Nick McGowan]: what i’m

[Steven Machat]: m

[Nick McGowan]: that then i’m also kind of gathering

one of the things that maybe you’re not

[Nick McGowan]: fully directly saying but you’re alluding to

that doesn’t really matter where you’re able to

[Nick McGowan]: just take moment by moment and be

able to go through those moments because you

[Nick McGowan]: look at each moment as a moment

of love a moment of that life and

[Nick McGowan]: being able to actively be in that

space it’s funny

[Steven Machat]: or you

[Nick McGowan]: how

[Steven Machat]: o u r is a memory

[Steven Machat]: i know each memory that’s what your

brain does your consciousness is not in your

[Steven Machat]: brain your brain is the machine it’s

a computer it tells your body how to

[Steven Machat]: work what

[Nick McGowan]: yep

[Steven Machat]: a human being does is the same

thing a duck does it eats it sleeps

[Steven Machat]: it ships and it reproduces so what

we do is because we have consciousness and

[Steven Machat]: we don’t walk around all day like

this looking for food and then go to

[Steven Machat]: sleep we try to figure out what

to do in between those four activities and

[Steven Machat]: we get ourselves into trouble you know

it’s like okay

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: it’s i love life and you’re smart

i love talking to you it’s great you

[Steven Machat]: get it

[Nick McGowan]: yeah absolutely man totally so hey why

don’t you tell tell the audience what you’ve

[Nick McGowan]: got coming up and coming out that

we can expect to see and hear from

[Nick McGowan]: you

[Steven Machat]: it may be easy just to ask

you if you go to the school of

[Steven Machat]: sacred knowledge dot com everything i have

coming up is right there and so so

[Steven Machat]: everything not everything that i’ve done but

the list of all my books are there

[Steven Machat]: and then you could segued to s

s k movies you could see i’ve got

[Steven Machat]: three movies coming out when i could

tell you about one second and you go

[Steven Machat]: to s s k records see what

you know what we have coming out you

[Steven Machat]: know i’ve got a poetress who happens

to be my wife she’s as good at

[Steven Machat]: writing poetry as anyone in the world

she describes the books through her poet it’s

[Steven Machat]: it’s fun it’s really a

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: lot of fun and then i have

a friend who in nineteen seventy eight ends

[Steven Machat]: up down in little bit south of

you he ends up down by the everglades

[Steven Machat]: i didn’t know him then so he’s

in the everglades and he’s trying to make

[Steven Machat]: a living out of everglade city of

a sudden he goes on to the fishing

[Steven Machat]: boats and then he works on this

fishing boat and the guy looks and he

[Steven Machat]: goes you know we do a lot

more than pick up crabs well what else

[Steven Machat]: do you do captain well we’re going

to go into the coribium we’re going to

[Steven Machat]: pick up these some pot that’s being

thrown over the boat of the people from

[Steven Machat]: columbia and you’re going to help me

bring it into the keys not the keys

[Steven Machat]: you’re goin t help me bring it

into past the keys where there’s ten thousand

[Steven Machat]: islands and we’re going a go chop

it up

[Steven Machat]: in the everglade city and we’re going

to exported all around the united states anyway

[Steven Machat]: it’s called the salt water cafe cowboy

and it’s becoming a full length motion picture

[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Steven Machat]: and you know it’s going to be

done with amazon and i’d be really really

[Steven Machat]: surprised if it doesn’t make you smile

just they did this without guns now they

[Steven Machat]: had no guns they just did it

they all got picked up but you had

[Steven Machat]: grandma there you know it sounds like

an elton johnson country conforente grandma down

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: out of out of the parish no

the calli parish or whatever and waiting

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: for the trains to come and they’re

sitting they’re chopping up pot to go sell

[Steven Machat]: it there were no guns and the

f b i busted them

[Steven Machat]: and they didn’t know what to do

and they sent them way and he got

[Steven Machat]: sentence and now he’s just good old

boy sitting and writing his memories and he

[Steven Machat]: met this good old boy named stephen

and all of a sudden

[Steven Machat]: he asked me to help him get

a movie in it will be coming it’s

[Steven Machat]: a great

[Nick McGowan]: that’s

[Steven Machat]: story

[Nick McGowan]: awesome

[Steven Machat]: and it’s great

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: rock and roll and he’s telling you

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: stories how he went to columbia he

met the drug kings and anyway that’s coming

[Steven Machat]: you know and then we have i

sic ryan brown okay and it’s he’s an

[Steven Machat]: actor in disney and he’s you know

he’s part of someone’s home that people would

[Steven Machat]: know raven’s home and raven home oh

he’s the star actor in it so he

[Steven Machat]: put together an album and

[Steven Machat]: just like i did bobby brown this

kid’s a great dancer and but he writes

[Steven Machat]: his own lyrics and i’m like i

love this so i’m going to do whatever

[Steven Machat]: i can to help it happen then

right by you i have an artist called

[Steven Machat]: rocks revolt in the velvet listen to

it it’s great rock and roll and

[Steven Machat]: hopefully i’ll break it and then because

you are an eagle’s fan you know i

[Steven Machat]: have an artist called has nothing to

do with the eagles except football but his

[Steven Machat]: name is dallas and

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: he was a star football player for

iowa he was a defensive guard he’s a

[Steven Machat]: big boy but he was the singer

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: he sings song of love and my


[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Steven Machat]: who is who lived with so and

mc vey who the grams coach one of

[Steven Machat]: super bowls been into super bowls anyway

i’ve got this is some of the best

[Steven Machat]: country music i’ve heard you know and

and then i have another artist coming out

[Steven Machat]: who no one knows yet i’m telling

you she’d be big she’ll be big and

[Steven Machat]: it’s all up there and you could

read my books you can talk to me

[Steven Machat]: you could take some of my courses

i mean one of the courses i would

[Steven Machat]: would i don’t care what it would

cost i have the guy that created the

[Steven Machat]: singing planets plants and he’s talking about

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: inter species communications and he tells you

how plants talk to each other but i

[Steven Machat]: can go on and on and you

need to get a

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: breath because they throw a lot of


[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: so tell your listeners i’m here

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: if you need me you go to

the school of sacred

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: knowledge whatever i’ve got to let other

people bet i need your mind the rest

[Steven Machat]: to go show a mouthful you know

and it’s

[Steven Machat]: i’m on a roll

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: and i appreciate that i like you

said earlier i like to toss up those

[Nick McGowan]: soft balls and let you kind of

swing at those

[Steven Machat]: let’s

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Steven Machat]: go

[Nick McGowan]: you take those things and run with

it so man i appreciate that and look

[Nick McGowan]: i want to be mindful of your

time stephen it’s been fantastic talk with you

[Nick McGowan]: i appreciate the connection i hope we

can stay connected i’d love to hear about

[Nick McGowan]: the new things that are going on

and keep you in touch with what’s happening

[Nick McGowan]: here with the show

[Steven Machat]: please let me know

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Steven Machat]: and straight

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: up i should be in tamper to

watch the yankees feed them in september but

[Steven Machat]: other but other than

[Nick McGowan]: i

[Steven Machat]: that

[Nick McGowan]: don’t

[Steven Machat]: whatever

[Nick McGowan]: blame you

[Steven Machat]: i’m around

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: and by the

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Steven Machat]: way those artists i just told

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: you if i could interest you to

come get hold of me and i’ll take

[Steven Machat]: care of you

[Nick McGowan]: i appreciate that man yeah let’s definitely

talk i appreciate you being on the show

[Nick McGowan]: given us as much wisdom as you

have and going into depths of stories i’m

[Nick McGowan]: sure we could sit here and probably

out the ship and just go through hours

[Nick McGowan]: and hours of stories hopefully at some

point we will hey where where would you

[Nick McGowan]: suggest people go to find you and

best connect with you would it be the

[Nick McGowan]: sacred knowledge

[Steven Machat]: school of secret knowledge dot com

[Nick McGowan]: perfect

[Steven Machat]: school

[Nick McGowan]: all right

[Steven Machat]: of secret knowledge you

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: could also go to stephen michel dot

com and you know just come on come

[Steven Machat]: on in sign up join

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: us

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Steven Machat]: let’s become a better earth

[Nick McGowan]: well

[Steven Machat]: let’s clean up

[Nick McGowan]: i’ve

[Steven Machat]: our

[Nick McGowan]: got

[Steven Machat]: trash trash is fear

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: then you need to

[Nick McGowan]: i’ve

[Steven Machat]: burn the hate you burn hate you

end up in love it ain’t worth it

[Steven Machat]: ain’t worth your energy

[Nick McGowan]: i agree

[Steven Machat]: plant

[Nick McGowan]: with that

[Steven Machat]: your energy plant your love and let

it grow

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: be the seed of the future not the solution

[Nick McGowan]: awesome

[Steven Machat]: of the past

[Nick McGowan]: yeah no more trash

[Steven Machat]: rest

[Nick McGowan]: so i’ve got one one

[Steven Machat]: but

[Nick McGowan]: last question for you before i let you go what’s one piece of advice you’d

[Nick McGowan]: give somebody on their path towards self


[Steven Machat]: straight up real simple believe in yourself

and if

[Nick McGowan]: beautiful

[Steven Machat]: you can’t believe in yourself get that

energy out of your body i could sit

[Steven Machat]: and teach

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Steven Machat]: people quindolina energy i could teach you

how to breathe i can teach you if

[Steven Machat]: you’re living in fear i’ll tell you

actly what’s going on you’re not breathing through

[Steven Machat]: you know is i’m not some hippy

dippy new age

[Steven Machat]: whatever i’m telling you fill your

[Steven Machat]: body with breath breath is the kiss

it’s the kiss of love put it inside

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: you go for

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Steven Machat]: it just believe in yourself take a

shower just sit there close to your eyes

[Steven Machat]: shut your mind off and then wake

up and come back you would give

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Steven Machat]: in a gift it’s called the present

live the gift the present don’t live in

[Steven Machat]: your past which is your ass and

don’t live in the future which is anxiety

[Steven Machat]: stay in the gift the present so

in one sentence

[Steven Machat]: believe in you believe in me it’s

an hour run on sentence believe uh

[Nick McGowan]: believe man thank you so much for

being on the show it’s been a pleasure

[Nick McGowan]: thank you

[Steven Machat]: thank you an audience i bored you

i’m sorry but you got

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Steven Machat]: a mouthful anyway it’s a lot of

rain let it sleep in you and thank

[Steven Machat]: thank the host he’s doing good for

you not just introducing you to me but

[Steven Machat]: he’s teaching you love life and he’s

got a great smile and he looks ten

[Steven Machat]: years younger anyway

[Steven Machat]: anyway thank

an i

[Steven Machat]: you

[Nick McGowan]: appreciate that

[Steven Machat]: i’m humoring

[Nick McGowan]: thank

[Steven Machat]: myself

[Nick McGowan]: you

[Steven Machat]: now i’ll stop take care of yourself

[Nick McGowan]: take care

[Steven Machat]: bye bye

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