Growing Stronger From Infidelity, Abuse And Devastation To Now Showing Others How To Do The Same – Ep.043 – Dawna Campbell

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Episode summary:​ Dawna Campbell was in a hostile and abusive relationship. Her partner couldn’t break the family cycle of abuse, his father and his father’s father were also abusive. Looking for peace, happiness, and joy, Dawna, her husband, and her children went to live in an ashram.  

Dawna was learning a lot but was now starting to question… How can you love someone unconditionally living in such a negative environment? Later, she decided it was time to be free and end the marriage. Dawna started working more on healing, but knew she still had work to do when she would see him around, she would still get the feeling of fear. Dawna continued to work on healing and growing stronger and now wants to help others overcome and become stronger from infidelity, abuse, and devastation.

Guest Name & Bio: Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love. She has over 25 years combined years of experience and is an international healer, professional speaker, and best-selling author.

Dawna shares the healing techniques that she has learned all around the world, including from yogic healers, Zen Buddhist Monks, and a Medicine Woman while maintaining a private practice. She embodies life and lived in an Ashram (spiritual living community) for a year. This has earned Dawna the title of “The Mind Whisperer” for creating instantaneous results for others in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.

Dawna has shared the stage with notables, such as Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter and Kevin Harrington. She has been featured on Roku TV, Fox News, NBC, and the Los Angeles Tribune.

Dawna’s educational background includes Business Administration Degree’s in both Finance and Marketing, spending over a decade as a Financial Planner and Managing Principal for an Investment Firm.

Her book, “Financially Fit”, is a #1 international best-seller for empowering others through the heart, mind, and soul to gain infinite prosperity.

Dawna currently resides in Bigfork, Montana, is the President of her company, The Healing Heart, Inc., and has 3 beautiful children.

Her personal Heart Centered Healing Philosophy is to live the life you love and love the life you live!

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[Nick McGowan]: Donna welcome to the show I appreciate you being on how are you doing?

[Dawna Campbell]: od and thank you so much for having me here with you and on mindset and self mastery

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely well when you reached out about the show

[Nick McGowan]: i checked out your website what you

do and i’m excited for this episode i

[Nick McGowan]: think there’s a lot thayu’egonna be able

to share and that the audie audience is

[Nick McGowan]: going to be able to take away

from it why do you give us some

[Nick McGowan]: context where you come from

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: who you are that sort of deal

but what do you do for

[Dawna Campbell]: ah

[Nick McGowan]: living

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: and tell us something that most people

don’t know about you that’s maybe kind of

[Nick McGowan]: weird or bizarre

[Dawna Campbell]: okay so where to begin i guess

[Nick McGowan]: yea

[Dawna Campbell]: my first career because i thought i


[Dawna Campbell]: to live my life like how other

people parents think you should live your life

[Dawna Campbell]: and i became a financial is er

for an investment form at the height of

[Dawna Campbell]: my career i was responsible for five

hundred million dollars of other people’s money if

[Dawna Campbell]: you do the math

[Dawna Campbell]: that’s

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Dawna Campbell]: half a billion

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: so sounds a little sexy but you

know it’s not

[Dawna Campbell]: because i gave up my health it

cost me my health i couldn’t digest food

[Dawna Campbell]: for over two years

[Dawna Campbell]: i couldn’t what i couldn’t digest in

the outside world was the infidelity of my

[Dawna Campbell]: marriage and so that ended and then

during the global recession being a single parent

[Dawna Campbell]: of two kids i was left financially

devastated myself even though i followed all the

[Dawna Campbell]: money rules so i did a quick

transition that took me you know two and

[Dawna Campbell]: a half years

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: and now i have an international healing

practice i speak i’m an author and i

[Dawna Campbell]: talk a lot about the subconscious creation

of money with all the lessons that i’ve

[Dawna Campbell]: learned i guess one of the catalyst

for changes there about what somebody may not

[Dawna Campbell]: know about me is that ring that

transition time i lived in a us based

[Dawna Campbell]: austro which is a spiritual living community

learning about meditation and science and physics and

[Dawna Campbell]: brain wave patterns all through that time

and what love do you have in common

[Dawna Campbell]: because like all of those things that

happened to me had me in common there

[Dawna Campbell]: was even more than what i just

shared there but you know understanding yourself and

[Dawna Campbell]: how you fit into this world what

you’re meant to do

[Nick McGowan]: so i’m sure you’ve walked through your

story more times than probably you want to

[Nick McGowan]: in certain ways and i’m sure that’s


[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: a condensed piece of it but

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: what i’m hearing is things were crazy

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: you got a divorce and then you

ended up in an ash rum and this

[Nick McGowan]: happened in about an eight to twelve

months period

[Dawna Campbell]: um

[Nick McGowan]: that about right

[Dawna Campbell]: m so my

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: health from the time my health started

to the time i was financially devastated in

[Dawna Campbell]: that was a four to a five

year time period with all

[Dawna Campbell]: of those events i did live in

the austro during that time

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: and the other piece that happened was

i thought

[Dawna Campbell]: i could you know let’s have a

spiritual relationship and let’s do that and at

[Dawna Campbell]: the end of two years that that

person in that spiritual relationship who was all

[Dawna Campbell]: with me at the astra attempted to

take my life so all of those things

[Dawna Campbell]: happened in those four to five years

[Nick McGowan]: oh my gosh that’s an insane thing

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it’s kind of funny in a way

not funny laugh laugh funny but funny in

[Nick McGowan]: the sense where you wouldn’t know that

right off the bat

[Dawna Campbell]: no

[Nick McGowan]: think about the people you walk down

the street

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: and see you wouldn’t know the crazy

story that has

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: built that person into who they are

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: and the whole point of the show

is about mind set and self mastery which

[Nick McGowan]: is

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: basically just disciplined so ow did you

manage your mindset through that time looking back

[Nick McGowan]: from where you are now and going

how did you manage your mindset in that


[Dawna Campbell]: well it was really interesting because on

one hand you’re living in the ostrom you’re

[Dawna Campbell]: living by these spiritual principles you’re living

by these virtues these positive moral characteristics and

[Dawna Campbell]: that’s what verything is on the outside

and what you’re learning internally but yet within

[Dawna Campbell]: your own relationship the person that you’re

with was volatile and it was night and

[Dawna Campbell]: day and one moment i’d be moment

by at one moment it was really really

[Dawna Campbell]: good it was like heaven on earth

and the very next moment whatever the person

[Dawna Campbell]: triggered it would snap and then the

next thing you know you’re like taking their

[Dawna Campbell]: hands off of you because you don’t

want to show to death and um

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: not knowing what’s going on within that

person so it was like a dichotomy and

[Dawna Campbell]: i thought a lot about

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: that over the years and when you

asked for a spiritual relay friendship yes you

[Dawna Campbell]: get both sides of a spiritual relationship

and how do you still love somebody unconditionally

[Dawna Campbell]: or love unconditionally with when those types

of things are going on and so i

[Dawna Campbell]: did a lot of work on myself

during that year

[Dawna Campbell]: um and i met some people that

had some amazing skill sets that showed me

[Dawna Campbell]: some things along the way and if

it wasn’t for them and some the teachers

[Dawna Campbell]: that came into my life i don’t

know where i would be today yeah

[Nick McGowan]: yeah and to be able to look

back at that and feel that the way

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: you do can you remember what it

was like to be able to actually make

[Nick McGowan]: that pivot where you’re like i have

to change this

[Dawna Campbell]: uh

[Nick McGowan]: it’s not always like a black and

white were one day you wake up go

[Nick McGowan]: holy shit i need to change things

right now

[Dawna Campbell]: right it’s

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Dawna Campbell]: not

[Nick McGowan]: what did that look like

[Dawna Campbell]: yes i remember we had moved from

the oregon area into montana and that was

[Dawna Campbell]: where i met working with a medicine

woman and she taught me that skill set

[Dawna Campbell]: you said the word pivot was a

pivot and shift the very first way she

[Dawna Campbell]: taught that to me was physically so

if i was in the room and the

[Dawna Campbell]: person started acting out rather than engage

with him then you would just if you

[Dawna Campbell]: were sitting down you would stand up

you would physically move if you were in

[Dawna Campbell]: the room you might go get a

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: glass of water or you might leave

the room whatever it was because every time

[Dawna Campbell]: you physically moved the energy of the

room changed and then after that she taught

[Dawna Campbell]: me how to shift it on an

emotional level and i could see where i

[Dawna Campbell]: had been connecting with this person through

negative vices through the negative connotations also the

[Dawna Campbell]: positive connotation but

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: how to start shifting and changing that

in the deeper subconscious which is the whole

[Dawna Campbell]: scope of the work that i do

today internationally because everything is vibration frequency and

[Dawna Campbell]: energy and so are our feelings and

emotions and so i was essentially my own

[Dawna Campbell]: first client in that but to share

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: with you the volatility of day to

day he would tell me a story about

[Dawna Campbell]: how his father would leave markings around

the house that if his mom didn’t have

[Dawna Campbell]: it perfectly one hundred percent desk free

he would draw a line in it so

[Dawna Campbell]: you could see the line going across

the pattern of the desk and if it

[Dawna Campbell]: wasn’t done in a certain time period

it had to have been you know there

[Dawna Campbell]: would have been reprocustions and i remember

the story and it was about a month

[Dawna Campbell]: later i’m thinking i’m a very clean

person in that

[Dawna Campbell]: i was cleaning it all the time

that i walked into the kitchen and i

[Dawna Campbell]: saw that marking

[Dawna Campbell]: across the stow

[Dawna Campbell]: fend and i knew so

[Nick McGowan]: geez

[Dawna Campbell]: interesting and today this person is no

longer here on earth they’ve crossed over they

[Dawna Campbell]: actually died of bread and cancer but

there was some pretty valuable lessons that i

[Dawna Campbell]: learned from that time period as well


[Dawna Campbell]: and even being in that really sonship

[Nick McGowan]: it’s interesting that he died of brain


[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: because i was going to ask what

was it

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: obviously the traumatic

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: experience is growing up and

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: the the awesome leadership that from his


[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: showing him how to be a complete

captain jerk

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: but there it sounds like there was


[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: something deeper mentally

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

aybe even just brain wise but did

they end up finding anything specifically with that

[Dawna Campbell]: um not that i know of i

actually left the relationship

[Dawna Campbell]: i ran into him a couple of

times after that and at first you

[Nick McGowan]: with

[Dawna Campbell]: go

[Nick McGowan]: your

[Dawna Campbell]: into

[Nick McGowan]: car

[Dawna Campbell]: complete fear

[Nick McGowan]: like

[Dawna Campbell]: thou

[Nick McGowan]: at him with things

[Dawna Campbell]: thou that could have been interesting no

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: um

[Dawna Campbell]: um like in the grocery stores in

different places

[Dawna Campbell]: like that and i would go into

a complete fear set i would tremble from

[Dawna Campbell]: the inside out so i knew i

had more work

[Nick McGowan]: a bet

[Dawna Campbell]: to do and then when i got

good with it it was a while later

[Dawna Campbell]: i saw an obituary posted it just

surfaced up in social media i wasn’t looking

[Dawna Campbell]: for it but it was like the

universe wanting me to know this is what

[Dawna Campbell]: happened so that’s how i know he


[Dawna Campbell]: of brain cancer and i knowing what

i know about cancer tracing it back the

[Dawna Campbell]: start of it would have been at

the time i left the relation ship of

[Dawna Campbell]: when it was coming into his energy

fields i thought that was really interesting because

[Dawna Campbell]: he was already engaging in that energy

with it and and so at first i

[Dawna Campbell]: had compassion and you remember all the

good times and everything and then i had

[Dawna Campbell]: to stop and no dona there was

some things that were not acceptable like the

[Dawna Campbell]: day you almost died and then and

then i learned more on those value sets

[Dawna Campbell]: and then it was about a year

ago that i realized that wait a minute

[Dawna Campbell]: this person is not here i am

i’m worthy to

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: live they’re they’re dealing with their own

karma so if i’m worthy to live how

[Dawna Campbell]: do i want to live well i

want to live abundantly

[Dawna Campbell]: and prosperously and that’s a huge message

that i share with people around the world

[Dawna Campbell]: today you work you’re sitting in front

of me you’re listening to the podcast and

[Dawna Campbell]: you are also worthy of this because


[Dawna Campbell]: are here otherwise you wouldn’t be so

live abundantly and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: prosperously

[Nick McGowan]: oh absolutely yeah if you if you

can choose to do it the right way

[Nick McGowan]: in

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: positive way

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: why the hell would you choose opposite

of that it

[Dawna Campbell]: you wouldn’t

akes no sense no but we’re conditioned

in certain ways

[Dawna Campbell]: we are

[Nick McGowan]: and some of that comes from just

like what you’re talking about

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: with the x his father and i’m

sure his father’s father and father and father

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: and further back et cetera

[Dawna Campbell]: yep

[Nick McGowan]: where somebody needs to break that chain

so you’ve got children

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: what does that look like because it

sounds doesn’t sound like to me at the

[Nick McGowan]: end of your life you’re going to

go damn i didn’t break the chain because

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve obviously done that

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: so what does that look like for

your kids and did they experience some of

[Nick McGowan]: that raziness and

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: nonsense

[Dawna Campbell]: they did they were pretty young at

the time when that happened

[Dawna Campbell]: and they went to the school at

the austro and we were all learning and

[Dawna Campbell]: growing together i did their teacher training

program so they weren’t around during some of

[Dawna Campbell]: those crazy volatile times and if they

do remember anything it’s very very minor i

[Nick McGowan]: it’s

[Dawna Campbell]: think

[Nick McGowan]: good

[Dawna Campbell]: subconsciously they blocked some of it out

which was probably good and what happened during

[Dawna Campbell]: that time was all

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: of those things that we did because

of the school that they went to they

[Dawna Campbell]: learned a lot about mind set they

learned a lot about having that self mastery

[Dawna Campbell]: and how to work through their own

emotions and feelings so they would start off

[Dawna Campbell]: their day with yoga meditation at the

school um and then moved into their daily

[Dawna Campbell]: activities and it was a very very

small school like forty fifty students from grey

[Dawna Campbell]: kinder garden

[Dawna Campbell]: to six grade so it wasn’t huge

[Nick McGowan]: how

[Dawna Campbell]: and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: they got a lot of personal train

and like that and what that gave them

[Dawna Campbell]: today is a really good solid foundation

to who they’ve become so my son who

[Dawna Campbell]: was older is now in the military

he’s married and off on his own he

[Dawna Campbell]: just finished lineman school and then my

daughter she’s eighteen she’s already a c n

[Dawna Campbell]: a certified nurses assistant and she just


[Dawna Campbell]: medical assistant training and has and so

they have really good grounding that way and

[Dawna Campbell]: i remember when we first moved to

the new town we were in here in

[Dawna Campbell]: montana she came home from school one

day and said we didn’t grow up like

[Dawna Campbell]: the rest of these kids and i

don’t understand

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: them because they participate

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Dawna Campbell]: in act this

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Dawna Campbell]: way but

[Dawna Campbell]: we’re like this over here like they

don’t take into consideration

[Dawna Campbell]: other people and their parade

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: and what they’re going through they just

look at it from their self point of

[Dawna Campbell]: view so they’re very very good that

way so

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that’s so awesome if only other

[Dawna Campbell]: my

[Nick McGowan]: school you know all schools had

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Dawna Campbell]: yah

[Nick McGowan]: i think of the it’s easy for

certain people that have gone to like public

[Nick McGowan]: school and you

[Dawna Campbell]: h

[Nick McGowan]: know private schools where they can crack

jokes about it and everybody can find something

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: about whatever they grew up with but

there are certain

[Dawna Campbell]: ye

[Nick McGowan]: human core principles and spiritual

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: principles that everybody just needs to know


[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: then to be able to actually make

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: better decisions instead of just being taught

it’s like a factory you do this

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: thing this way and you’re supposed to

get this thing

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: but if you actually know how to

learn that’s a whole different story

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: o that’s it’s great i mean if

that’s the only positive thing that came out

[Nick McGowan]: of it that you’ve got awesome kids

then honestly well done

[Dawna Campbell]: they’ll make

[Nick McGowan]: like

[Dawna Campbell]: the world a better place they both


[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: a huge degree of compassion and that

if a

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: system is not working then they have

the ability to be they’re in that system

[Dawna Campbell]: to make and help make and facilitate

changes so the system is better for everybody

[Dawna Campbell]: and i watched him do it throughout

their schooling i remember one time my daughter

[Dawna Campbell]: came home and she was vastly upset

actually she called me at lunch time because

[Dawna Campbell]: one student threw their lunch away in

the garbage can and happened to ben soup

[Dawna Campbell]: and it spilled all over another student

walked by picked it up and started eating

[Dawna Campbell]: and she totally freaked out because she

thought that that person needed food and then

[Dawna Campbell]: have access to food and called me

and needed

[Dawna Campbell]: to come home but i made her

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Dawna Campbell]: go to the principle they talked about

and realized she found out later that the

[Dawna Campbell]: person did it on a dare

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Dawna Campbell]: and it wasn’t

[Nick McGowan]: because

[Dawna Campbell]: about

[Nick McGowan]: they’re

[Dawna Campbell]: that

[Nick McGowan]: in school

[Dawna Campbell]: and i’m like if the if the

child needs food i will

[Dawna Campbell]: set up a lunch account for them

and i’ll pay for it they don’t need

[Dawna Campbell]: to know because we need access to

food and healthy food but she was he

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: do go in and make a difference

with but she went through a whole emotional

[Dawna Campbell]: side but it was out of that

love and out of that compassion that

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: she’s known since she was

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: three because she was three and three

four when she started at the strong

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: that’s an awesome view to be able

to look at that because you know

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: i think back to school where

[Dawna Campbell]: h

[Nick McGowan]: somebody would do that and be like


[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: that’s that kid that would do that


[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that person that’s the one who that’s

the one who dared them where somebody’s just

[Nick McGowan]: golfing around

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: but that’s so sweet that she just

jumps in immediately like oh my gosh how

[Nick McGowan]: can

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: i help she sounds

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: like she’s a little eager like crazy

eager in a

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: sense like i want to do this

oh you’re you’re fine all right cool i

[Nick McGowan]: just want to be

[Dawna Campbell]: probably

[Nick McGowan]: able to

[Dawna Campbell]: why

[Nick McGowan]: help

[Dawna Campbell]: she’s in the medical profession now

[Nick McGowan]: exactly good and have her keep moving

that way that’s cool so let’s take a

[Nick McGowan]: little bit of a step back

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: obviously you kind of went through some

of the craziness that had

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: happened but let’s break apart some of

those but are there any major episodes that

[Nick McGowan]: have happened that you look back to

and we’re kind of that pivot point at

[Nick McGowan]: least a moment where you go

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: hat was a moment in time that

changed me

[Dawna Campbell]: yes um i can think of the

time i was sitting on the sofa reading

[Dawna Campbell]: a book and he had come downstairs

looked over at me out of the blue

[Dawna Campbell]: out of nowhere he walks over puts

his hand around my neck his thumb cutting

[Dawna Campbell]: off my air way and then he

drew up his fist so i could see

[Dawna Campbell]: it i was frozen and i is

really frozen in time and i remember looking

[Dawna Campbell]: at him going this is it i

can’t breathe and about a moment maybe two

[Dawna Campbell]: moments before i took my last couple

of breaths he took his hand off he

[Dawna Campbell]: pulled me up off the sofa and

handed me this exercise board it was called

[Dawna Campbell]: a voodoo board so it’s ah it

rolls back and forth for like to practice

[Dawna Campbell]: for snow snow boarding and skin and


[Dawna Campbell]: and he handed me the board and

said it’s your turn you just hit me

[Dawna Campbell]: with this i deserve it now and

the moment that i had was i looked

[Dawna Campbell]: at this board and i looked up

at him going what do i do because

[Dawna Campbell]: that’s not in my nature i remember


[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: back utting the board down and i

said i can’t do that

[Dawna Campbell]: and i got up walked out of

the room and that was that moment i

[Dawna Campbell]: couldn’t it’s not in me just not

there and that i think that is just

[Dawna Campbell]: a definition of true authentic character i

had every right to do it back but

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: i couldn’t after i made it home

safe to a different state i contacted my

[Dawna Campbell]: lawyer

[Nick McGowan]: sure yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: after i got

[Nick McGowan]: it makes

[Dawna Campbell]: out of

[Nick McGowan]: total

[Dawna Campbell]: harm’s

[Nick McGowan]: sense

[Dawna Campbell]: way that way so yeah

[Nick McGowan]: yeah man that’s a in that moment

you’re right the character shown

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: because you had every right to even

break that dam board and half slice his

[Nick McGowan]: throat with it or do whatever you


[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: and people would have potentially

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: understood but it seems almost like

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: he was trying to push you to

a level

[Dawna Campbell]: oh

[Nick McGowan]: to get you to be on the

same level of monster

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: um and that’s a whole different psychological

[Dawna Campbell]: there

[Nick McGowan]: aspect

[Dawna Campbell]: is there is and

[Nick McGowan]: you know along with the spiritual side

of it

[Dawna Campbell]: right and my i remember going back

to idaho and talking to my lawyer and

[Dawna Campbell]: he goes i am so thankful you

did not retaliate because if you did

[Dawna Campbell]: he would have called it in potentially

domestic violence and you would have been the

[Dawna Campbell]: unarrested and not him and what is

really interesting today this is years later of

[Dawna Campbell]: all of the things from that that

is the one thing i still own in

[Dawna Campbell]: my possession is that board and that


[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Dawna Campbell]: ball it’s

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Dawna Campbell]: in my exercise

[Dawna Campbell]: room it’s just propped up it’s my

reminder and when i go out on stages

[Dawna Campbell]: and speak and share opinion on i

bring it because it’s example i still have

[Dawna Campbell]: it to this day

[Nick McGowan]: do you think it holds any of

his energy

[Dawna Campbell]: i don’t think so any more i


[Nick McGowan]: gotten rid of all of it

[Dawna Campbell]: like with all the stuff that i

do in the techniques and the clarion and

[Dawna Campbell]: everything

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: it’s not there it doesn’t have that

physical hold over to me but it’s a

[Dawna Campbell]: definite reminder especially knowing that i’m still

here and i’m worthy to live and to

[Dawna Campbell]: do the things i meant to do

share these principles make an impact in the

[Dawna Campbell]: world created a better place help those

that need to be helped in whatever way

[Dawna Campbell]: it’s possible it’s just a reminder i

don’t look at it every day i don’t

[Dawna Campbell]: see it every day very rarely

[Nick McGowan]: of course

[Dawna Campbell]: do i even see it

[Nick McGowan]: not like

[Dawna Campbell]: but

[Nick McGowan]: you

[Dawna Campbell]: it’s

[Nick McGowan]: walk

[Dawna Campbell]: just

[Nick McGowan]: by

[Dawna Campbell]: there

[Nick McGowan]: the room and you’re looking at it

[Dawna Campbell]: right it’s just there

[Nick McGowan]: like i see

[Dawna Campbell]: as

[Nick McGowan]: you

[Dawna Campbell]: as part of that because it’s a

part of my story and

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: i haven’t used it since that time

is just significant to me so

[Nick McGowan]: that’s awesome it’s cool that you literally

have something that you’ve conquered in that

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: way and you have it in your

physical presence where

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: you can look at it whenever you

want but it’s not something that’s petually you

[Nick McGowan]: know kind of pulling at your energy

so talk to us a little bit about

[Nick McGowan]: what you’re doing now because the accumulation

of everything you’ve learned and

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: all that you’ve gotten to is now

what you’re doing so i think we

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: understand how you got there and what

kind of created but what has it created

[Nick McGowan]: and what are you doing now

[Dawna Campbell]: so today i have an international healing

practice and i’ve been taking that from the

[Dawna Campbell]: individual level to the global

[Dawna Campbell]: stage

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Dawna Campbell]: and i have a book called financial

life living the secrets to an abundant prosperous

[Dawna Campbell]: life i teach the programs and i

teach everything that i do in the healing

[Dawna Campbell]: world and share it also out on

stage internationally as i speak but really about

[Dawna Campbell]: making the world a better place or

making an impact in the world because there’s

[Dawna Campbell]: three area as clients all around the

world doesn’t matter what country you’re in or

[Dawna Campbell]: what culture you’re in you want a

change with your health your wealth or a

[Dawna Campbell]: relationship and all three of those are

interconnected and when i was in the financial

[Dawna Campbell]: world those were the exact same three

areas of my life that as affected because

[Dawna Campbell]: i wasn’t listening to those wake up

calls and when i sat with that in

[Dawna Campbell]: meditation i realized the values people really

want in life is happiness prosperity and love

[Dawna Campbell]: prosperity meaning all things not money and


[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: and material things and so that’s what

i bring to clients today except i do

[Dawna Campbell]: it through the techniques that i learned

after being my own first client working with

[Dawna Campbell]: the people that i’ve worked programming the

subconscious to accept say peace and balance and

[Dawna Campbell]: eliminate stress and frustration maybe it’s happiness

and releasing bitterness or whatever we hold on

[Dawna Campbell]: to in our body the stress the

anxiety the depression the anger the rage my

[Dawna Campbell]: key word was anger that i had

been holding on that

[Dawna Campbell]: destroyed mydigestive system and everything and when

that ship some changes in the subconscious that

[Dawna Campbell]: energy is not there any more or

not as prominent and then you can be

[Dawna Campbell]: in those better frequencies or those better

emotions and feelings and you’re like i’m calm

[Dawna Campbell]: and balanced and i at

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: peace or i have happiness or i

have harmony and then you get to move

[Dawna Campbell]: forward attracting that magnetically back into your

life through the law of magnetism versus the

[Dawna Campbell]: things that you it wont and because

that was my transition over those years that’s

[Dawna Campbell]: what my gift is to the world

to help other people through that transition and

[Dawna Campbell]: it happens instantaneously i’m going to say


[Nick McGowan]: hm it’s a lot of work leading

up to it for some people

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: to be able to actually figure that

stuff out

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: so for people that are actively in

that spot that are listening to this episode

[Nick McGowan]: that go i want that and i’ve


[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: looking for that clarity and

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: being able to actually feel that sense

of peace without giving away secret sauce

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: what sort of stuff do you walk

your clients through or even some of the

[Nick McGowan]: talks that you have from age to

be able

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: to get into the depths of that

[Dawna Campbell]: um from clients what i do is

i find out certain key information first i

[Dawna Campbell]: have to know what it is you

want to work on whether it’s trauma

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: abuse maybe you just want more money

in your if um i had one person

[Dawna Campbell]: earlier today called me and asked me

okay my mind sets going back to scarcity

[Dawna Campbell]: i need to make a change so

we fund and cover that the second step

[Dawna Campbell]: is to create the awareness and once

that awareness comes in we can identify what

[Dawna Campbell]: the feeling is so the awareness is

that you’re feeling something when these things are

[Dawna Campbell]: half and then the third step creating

the um identifying the feeling so what does

[Dawna Campbell]: scarcity feel like to a person and

then we can locate

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: that where it’s in the body and

because there’s cellular memory in the body it

[Dawna Campbell]: will trigger the conscious to recall or

[Dawna Campbell]: remember an event where that feeling was

associated because what we’re doing is we’re going

[Dawna Campbell]: back to the earliest possible event that

you can recall that started the pattern of

[Dawna Campbell]: the feeling that it was attracting scarcity

which would be the answer to the problem

[Dawna Campbell]: which is the feeling that you’re feeling

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: and then we can also uncover what

it was that you actually needed in the

[Dawna Campbell]: moment no we didn’t to feel frustrated

we didn’t need to feel angry we were

[Dawna Campbell]: looking for something else usually it’s love

or happiness or some other good feeling and

[Dawna Campbell]: then the secret sauce shifting that in

a person’s brain so the energy goes down

[Dawna Campbell]: a different neurone pathway and when that

happens you feel it instantaneously in the body

[Dawna Campbell]: it’s a physiological change because in every

moment every frequency exists every emotion exists is

[Dawna Campbell]: just that you got stuck on anger

instead of balance

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: for example and when that transition takes

place just do this over the phone then

[Dawna Campbell]: when you go back and look at

the earlier event you go oh it looks

[Dawna Campbell]: a little bit different

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: which is part of the process that

the medicine woman her name is leandre i

[Dawna Campbell]: call her the medicine woman because she

is a medicine woman but she looks like

[Dawna Campbell]: missus doutfire on robin

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Dawna Campbell]: williams movie she

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Dawna Campbell]: didn’t look like an indian lady

[Dawna Campbell]: but what exactly how she taught me

and then when you go back into the

[Dawna Campbell]: body where you felt that energy at

first you are like oh that looks different

[Dawna Campbell]: that feels different although not in my

stomach is gone

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: what just happened because you’re creating awareness

of a new paradise and the next thing

[Dawna Campbell]: you know

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: you have the things you want versus

the things you don’t want and it happens

[Dawna Campbell]: in all areas of life and when

you make a change in one area if

[Dawna Campbell]: you’re looking at something financially your health

will improve your relationships will improve because it’s

[Dawna Campbell]: all based on frequent cyfie ration and

energy which is what nichalatesa says is the

[Dawna Campbell]: secrets to the interverse m

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely agreed it’s

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it’s always interesting to me to

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: think about the recipe to all of


[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: how there are things that you have

to do consistently and have to change

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: and look at ifferently

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: so it’s almost at the cost of

sounding like a total nerve it’s video game

[Nick McGowan]: like in some ways where you have


[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: go through these puzzles to be able

to figure

[Dawna Campbell]: you

[Nick McGowan]: this

[Dawna Campbell]: do

[Nick McGowan]: stuff out but

[Dawna Campbell]: do

[Nick McGowan]: people will yell at this creen and

their controller and go why can i just

[Nick McGowan]: have the result

[Dawna Campbell]: uh

[Nick McGowan]: like why can’t i just be fixed

and you’re

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: like well you got to play the

freaking game you got to go through it

[Nick McGowan]: and i’m sure this point you know

going through the awareness and understanding where everything

[Nick McGowan]: is and

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: kind of what you want to do

and then going through the body etcetera you

[Nick McGowan]: can probably do it like that

[Dawna Campbell]: i do

[Nick McGowan]: you personally

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: as you go through craziness

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: something happens you go wait a minute

process through and kind of walk through it

[Dawna Campbell]: mhm

[Nick McGowan]: i would imagine that a lot of

your clients start to see some of those

[Nick McGowan]: sort

[Dawna Campbell]: h

[Nick McGowan]: of aspects coming up in times but

can you make note for for the audience

[Nick McGowan]: for when they’re going through that because

i kind of preach

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: the same thing in a way

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: as they’re going through that what to

look for because i always promote those

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: little winds that you can kind of

capitalize on

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: but the things that you talk to

your clients about like keep an eye out

[Nick McGowan]: for this

[Dawna Campbell]: i think the biggest tip that i

can share is about creating that awareness because

[Dawna Campbell]: a lot of times we are

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: so disassociated with how we feel in

the moment because we’re busy we’re busy doing

[Dawna Campbell]: things we’re busy on a zoom call

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: we’re busy putting together an invoice we’re

busy over here we’re busy over there and

[Dawna Campbell]: we forget to check in with ourselves

and once

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: you check in with yourself you can

stop and ask your how do you feel

[Dawna Campbell]: so set a timer on your phone

for like odd times like you know one

[Dawna Campbell]: hour and thirty three minutes from whatever

time it is

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: now and when that time goes off

no matter what you’re doing you stop close

[Dawna Campbell]: your eyes and ask yourself how do

i feel if you’re happy and joyful and

[Dawna Campbell]: abundant and pleasant and all of that

keep on going but if you’re not and

[Dawna Campbell]: you’re like wait a minute i feel

a little stressed i feel a little like

[Dawna Campbell]: i’ve been paying

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: my bills i’m not feeling so good

in this moment beaus i have to give

[Dawna Campbell]: my money

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Dawna Campbell]: away or whatever it is that’s the

time to stop and ask yourself how you

[Dawna Campbell]: would rather feel and do the opposite

of it so if you feel stressed in

[Dawna Campbell]: the moment ask for peace but you’re

going to it threw two minutes of breathing

[Dawna Campbell]: so when you breathe in you breathe

in oxygen all the really good things that

[Dawna Campbell]: the body needs and we breathe out

we breathe out carbon dioxide all the toxins

[Dawna Campbell]: that we don’t need so when you

identify how you feel the opposite breathe in

[Dawna Campbell]: peace breathe out stress and mentally think

those words every time you breathe in and

[Dawna Campbell]: breathe out and you will start to

feel the physiological effect in your body once

[Dawna Campbell]: you understand that awareness and then when

that happens

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Dawna Campbell]: you go back at your task you

have more clarity you have more focus you

[Dawna Campbell]: have more balance the task that you’re

working on finishes faster than it normally would

[Dawna Campbell]: even though it took five minutes out

of your day to identify how you feel

[Dawna Campbell]: to create that awareness

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes just taking that beat just a

b a moment or two

[Dawna Campbell]: yep

[Nick McGowan]: can shift everything

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely

[Dawna Campbell]: so that’s what i

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Dawna Campbell]: do

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Dawna Campbell]: for myself

[Nick McGowan]: that is

[Dawna Campbell]: instantaneously i always check myself in mentally

only takes me two or

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Dawna Campbell]: three breaths any more and i can

change it m

[Nick McGowan]: what a beautiful thing right you

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: know once you get to that point

where you can do that and go hold

[Nick McGowan]: up i’ve noticed over the

[Dawna Campbell]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: years that when my native state of

just kind of being type and

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: over joyous at time when i’m not

there i’m like there’s something wrong

[Dawna Campbell]: h

[Nick McGowan]: what is it and being able to

kind of check in with yourself with that

[Nick McGowan]: so right there along with you it’s

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: interesting how that stuff works though because

if you’re not aware of it how are

[Nick McGowan]: you supposed to do anything

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: about anything if

[Dawna Campbell]: hm

[Nick McGowan]: you have no idea that anything is

going on and i think a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: people just kind of sit in that

kind of soup where they’re just pissed like

[Nick McGowan]: i don’t get it

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: today is just a terrible day

[Dawna Campbell]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: well that sucks what yo’re gonna do

though screw it

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: like all

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: right

[Dawna Campbell]: what would you rather have

[Nick McGowan]: you got to shift yeah choose something

different and so well i appreciate

[Dawna Campbell]: m

[Nick McGowan]: you jumping through all of that and

being able to explain what that looks like

[Nick McGowan]: what kind of advice would you give

somebody that’s on their path towards that mastery

[Dawna Campbell]: i’m going to share a mantra that

i wrote during all of those hard difficult

[Dawna Campbell]: times and it is trust and you

will see believe and you will know have

[Dawna Campbell]: faith all as well follow what’s in

your heart and spirit will lead you

[Nick McGowan]: i should just turn the thing off

now that was beautiful thank you

[Dawna Campbell]: you are welcome

an well it’s been a pleasure having

you on the show

[Dawna Campbell]: thank you

[Nick McGowan]: tell us where people can find you

and where they can connect with you

[Dawna Campbell]: well the easiest fastest way is if

you have a cell phone you can do

[Dawna Campbell]: a text often so text the word

abundance to two six seven eight six it’s

[Dawna Campbell]: a five digit number so abundance to

two seven eight six or you can just

[Dawna Campbell]: go to donna campbell dot com

[Nick McGowan]: thank you jonah

[Dawna Campbell]: right

[Nick McGowan]: and i’ll have all that all that

contact info in the show notes it’s been

[Nick McGowan]: a pleasure to have you on i

appreciate your time

[Dawna Campbell]: all right thank you so very much

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