Say Hi To Money – Ep.029 – Ryan Daniels

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Episode summary:​ Ryan is a licensed financial advisor and owner of RFinances. As a U.S. Army Veteran, Ryan and his team continue to serve by partnering with businesses, churches, and community groups to host workshops to teach people the basics of money.

They also provide 1 on 1 financial coaching to help people build a simple-to-follow financial plan that fits their life. Ryan is the author of “Money Basics and Fundamentals (Build A Plan That Fits Your Life!)” and host of the “Say Hi to Money” podcast.

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hello and welcome to the mindset and self-mastery show i’m your host nick
mcgowan and on this show my guests and i unpack the stories that shape us and the lives that we lead on our path to
self-mastery today on the show we have ryan daniels ryan is a licensed financial advisor and owner of our
finances he’s also a u.s army veteran and he and his team continue to serve by partnering with businesses churches and
community groups to host workshops to teach people the basics of money they also provide one-on-one financial
coaching to help people build a simple to follow financial plan that fits their life and ryan’s also the author of money
basics and fundamentals build a plan that fits your life he also hosts the say hi to money podcast so let’s not
wait any longer let the games begin
hey ryan welcome to the show man how you doing doing great thanks for having me absolutely i appreciate you jumping on i
know we uh we’d connected through actually another podcast guest uh rich who was on i think he was
episode four or five or something it seems like it was a while ago but he had connected us through a
networking that he had put together and uh i know we had a conversation a couple weeks ago it was great chatting with you
so i’m excited that we’re able to do this uh you also have your own show right i do it’s called the say hi to
money show so well i’m sure we’ll dive more into that as why i call it that but
yeah i’m looking forward to our conversation today man i appreciate that so wait why don’t you start us off tell us what you do for a living and one
thing that most people don’t know about you sure so i’m a licensed financial advisor
but i prefer the term coach and the reason for that is you’re never gonna find me in a suit and tie in a
stuffy office and certainly not going to be trying to impress you with charts and graphs and a whole bunch of complicated
language because let’s face it everybody’s busy the last time last thing they have time for is to sit down
in the stuffy office and be overwhelmed by all that jargon so what i like to do
is meet people where they’re at so i enjoy partnering with businesses churches
community groups that are willing to host events where people can come and learn everything they should have
learned in high school because let me ask you this nick so um what did you learn about money in school
um specifically from school or yeah outside of school my extracurricular activities
yeah like your formal education how many classes did you take that was kind of my answer i mean they taught us nothing
when it comes to money in school i’d even go i remember getting out of school getting credit cards and stuff like that
and getting in the debt and being like man why why didn’t i learn about any of this stuff in school
and everybody i was with at the time that was in the same spot they’re like yeah why didn’t we yeah absolutely
because that’s the answer i get from everybody and the flip side to that coin is how often do we use money well just
about every day if you’re buying a cup of coffee or you’re buying a house money’s involved so
i believe if people know better they can do better and what i’m excited about being on your show today is when it
comes to money a lot of it is we have to start with your mindset what do you believe about money what were you shown
growing up because what we think about is what we bring about and i’m sure you know that’s a cliche we’ve all heard before but it’s true it’s totally true
uh so you didn’t tell us the one thing that most people don’t know about you oh yeah so i would say the one thing people
don’t know about me is i really enjoy three things carpentry so i’ve actually
built all of my kids furniture i enjoy hunting and fishing so anytime i
can get you know working with my hands or be outdoors that’s where you’ll find me so
that’s that’s really my dream and what drives me is i want to be in a position
one day where i can walk out my back door own about 400 acres or more and just be
in my own paradise right people want to go on vacation i want where i live to be a vacation now i know you’re in
pennsylvania so do you see that happening in pa or is that more like a wyoming thing or something
well i don’t like to set limits so i think it would be cool to have your primary home right i still want to
always continue serving people through the business because it’s so rewarding uh but then have those escapes right you
could have a like a mountain house here uh it’d be awesome to own like a ranch out west somewhere you know different
types of hunting that way so yeah that’s what that’s what drives me yeah that’s cool so
tell us how did you get into uh finances yeah so after high school um i guess
people don’t know this either is growing up i was passionate about music and nick
i believe you were a musician as well but from the time i was five years old
is when i first started music played the piano at first seventh grade or fourth grade rolled
around i picked up the saxophone and then ninth grade i picked up the clarinet just to open up more
opportunities with different groups long story short went to college majored in
performance on clarinet joined the army i always wanted to be in the army
originally i wanted to be a para rescue jumper with the air force but you got to be a strong swimmer to do
that and that’s not really in my wheelhouse so i enlisted served nine years in the
army bands that was pretty cool got to travel the world was in alaska for three
years uh south korea virginia japan just for a couple weeks so that
was pretty exciting but once we started a family i was ready for something different i want a little more stability
uh you know the army calls you 10 o’clock at night and says it be in tomorrow at 5 that’s where you go so
i want a little more predictability so i went back to school i worked on my mba
and that’s when it really solidified the decision that i wanted to still serve people in a meaningful way and that just
happened to be a good fit with teaching people about money because of what we talked about earlier so i am licensed as
a financial advisor can help people with you know investments insurance the whole nine but really what i get motivated
about is educating people so they feel confident in what they’re doing so that’s how i got started
under the mentorship of a financial advisor in virginia i worked part-time until i got out of the military and i’ve
had my own business now for a little over five years so all of the business
sounds like it would be fun but potentially not as fun as playing in bands all over the world in the army but
i could only imagine that you had to manage your mindset pretty tightly because i i’ve never been to the army
but i could almost picture a drill sergeant yelling at you to play a b-flat
or whatever yeah i you already know right musicians are
usually a pretty cool bunch of people so some of those stereotypes of the army
were a little bit more subdued i mean i did pursue other training that was something that attracted me about a
career in the army was i was i didn’t just have to do music there were opportunities to do other
things so i i love shooting i go to the range as much as i can so that’s something i really took a
knack for in the army was they always put me in charge of planning the ranges and running the ranges
but as far as mindset goes uh one of the toughest experiences was doing the
mountaineering course when i was in alaska it’s actually considered one of the hardest
courses and training you can do in the army and in all honesty the first time i did
it i actually failed i didn’t pass and they structured it in a way where
it’s a two-week course you go through the first week and then a few days in the second week because they need
everybody there to do the team obstacles so like you’re lowering equipment down the side of a mountain
you’re having to cross a ravine like you’re hanging from a rope and you know going across doing all these things
it’s not until like mid-week of the second where you do your final testing
and if you pass all of that then you get the opportunity to go for two or three days and spend it out on a glacier so i
mean that’s pretty cool but what happens is i failed the initial testing so i had to wait till week one
and a half to retest and i missed the smallest detail like i did the knot correctly but i
forgot to put an overhand knot to secure it at the end that little detail
made me fail the class so as far as mindset right i i was fortunate i was raised in a family of
a strong work ethic you’re persistent you don’t quit it’s just not acceptable right so that was ingrained in me
and i think that’s why i enjoyed the military with that that no quit uh this you know
team team environment so with that i had one of two options i could be like well i made it most of the
way through that was a cool experience but i went back the next year and then
and then completed the course but i think all that has to do with mindset it’s it’s too easy to give up on
anything in life right whether you’re trying to lose weight whether you’re trying to grow a business
you’re gonna have challenges so if you if you know that going into it
then you can already mentally prepare yourself of i’m going to keep going because it’s you already know it’s going to happen
and that’s got to be tough to to get almost there and then have it pulled out from under
you and have to wait an entire year i i’ll be honest what comes to mind right
now is not army but completely basketball chris paul from the phoenix suns
everybody’s kind of butchering him because he has to wait a whole another year to be able to see if he can come back and
they can do something i thought about his mindset and what he must be going through and now obviously that you’re
here talk to us about what that was like going through that entire year knowing that you’re working back toward this
thing you could be in the exact same spot where you fail all over again so how did you manage that throughout those
365 days yeah so a few things one uh obviously i
messed up right so i accepted responsibility of this was the given task and i did not complete it too
standard so what did i have to do with that well i had to own it and then the second thing is i had to
fix what i screwed up so i sought counsel of somebody else in my unit that
completed the course previously and i got them to work with me on that skill set so i wouldn’t mess it up the
next time so throughout that year it was kind of spot checking of reviewing some of the skills so it would stay fresh
that you know i wouldn’t lose all the information i already learned the second one
is i had to recognize it wasn’t a guarantee that i would even get the opportunity to try again
so there’s only so many slots available for that course uh and on an aside i always wanted to do
the uh airborne school so you know be able to jump out of airplanes but again there’s only so many slots so i i would
apply year after year i think i applied like four or five times and never got a slot
so i mean it just wasn’t meant to be in that in that regard but as far as the mountaineering course
i i just made sure that my training sergeant knew i want to go back so when
you see that those slots open up submit my application like i want to go
and so that just that persistency of speaking it into existence like hey i
want to do this i got to complete this but then also doing something about it like taking the action
uh you know you and i shared uh some books that we’ve been reading and different things like that
uh one of my mentor he told me knowledge is great but only applied knowledge
will solve anything or change anything so that always stood with me of every time
i read a book of okay what did i learn now how can i apply it like come up with a couple
action steps so i hope that answered your question it really was just mindset of hey i’m going
to pursue this but i’m also going to work on my skill set in the meantime so that i have the best chance possible to
complete the course when the opportunity is given to me yeah it makes total sense
especially like you mentioned with the book being able to figure out what are the things i can take away from the book i know there
are books that i’ve read multiple times where different things will pop out at different times uh
the book that comes to mind the most is kind of obvious it’s the bible you know that’s one of those books where you
might read a verse at one point and you’re like god i have no idea what you’re talking about and then you read it six or seven years
later and you’re like oh my god you can just hear it be spoken to you then there are little nuggets of wisdom that pop
out in other books but you’re right being able to put those things in action is the thing to be able
to do some people have a very hard time figuring out how do i take what i just learned and put into action but i think
we need to be mindful that you don’t have to immediately put it into action it’s not like you stand up go oh i’m
halfway through this page let me go do this thing but it’s being able to simmer on that a little bit and how do you take
the things that you’ve learned from books and be able to put them into practice do you kind of go through and
note them a bit or do you kind of let them sit back in your mind and kind of seep in
uh so combination of that while i’m reading i always have a highlighter tucked beyond my ear and then i also
have a pen because if uh you know you’re going to highlight a lot more like what’s standing out to you but if
something really speaks to you or it’s an action item i’ll put like a star next to it
and and so the the best example i can give you of books that i’ve just completely devoured uh in the process of
building my business is the e-myth one page marketing plan
and then there’s a a couple other ones of building a story brand by donald miller and his marketing made simple
those are gold for anybody looking to build a business or even if you’re starting an organization
you could even be a non-profit and you’re trying to attract people you’re getting your message out there i highly recommend those books but like you were
talking about when you read it later right when i’m at a different stage in the business i’ll go back and re-read
those and actually just pull them out uh on friday uh work because i was working on a
pop-up for my website i was like what can i give away as a lead generator right because
that’s what a business thrives on is if you don’t have anybody to talk to you’re going out of business
so i would say starting with highlighting things that you’re learning in the process using a pen
take little pieces of paper and write ideas on shove it into the page where you got that from
and then i always carve out in my schedule at least an hour a week where it’s
solely focused on marketing or applying what i’m learning
so you know i glean everything from my morning and evening readings and then i take that information of okay
how can i apply this the next week you know if it’s a very specific
personal development book like i know you’re reading atomic habits right now that one you probably can apply
something the next day after you’re done right because he gives you so many specific tips that you don’t
have to have drastic changes just something really small and it makes the world of difference oh yeah
that and i’m halfway through the book and it’s basically yellow it’s just covered in highlighter
because i’m the same way i don’t have it behind my ear but i always have a total nerd moment here but i’ve got um
pens and pencils and stuff next to my desk and earlier today i was going through my highlighters and i was like
oh i’m going to take some of these out and my my brain i was like i’m going to put them around the house
so that when i have the books that are also around the house i can grab them and i got so excited about it i was like
this is so great i’m going to be able to just color it up because that is a crucial thing to be able to actually go back through i mean
think about how many times you’ve just picked up a book as you’ve walked past it and you go oh you’re just thumbing through it and that yellow bit or the
orange or whatever pops out to you and you’re like oh yeah i remember that thing that’s cool
well that’s also why i don’t particularly like borrowing books from people i might borrow it just to skim it
but if i’m actually going to read it i go and buy my own copy so i can you know highlight it all up and right all over
it i’m starting to get to the point where i’m starting to buy a couple books at a time
where like i’ll buy atomic habits and i’ll buy two or three of them so i can send one out
um some of my friends and family live a bit of a ways away so i’ve stopped doing that with some books where i’ll just i
know i’m going to send it to you but i’ll just drop ship it with amazon or whatever um but those really good ones
when it starts to speak to you and you want to talk to somebody else about it that means it’s doing something for you
so let’s actually take a little bit of a step back you’ve touched on your uh on your upbringing a little bit just that
it was a prime to be able to lead you into the military but are there any major moments or
episodes that have happened in life that you can look at and you say you know what that was one of those moments in life that absolutely changed me
yeah i i think as far as how i feel the upbringing is helping me in my endeavors
now one of them was just a constant reinforcement from my parents and especially my
grandfather uh he was one of those uh think think of your
your old school you know uh grandfather with you know conservative values just
he instilled you know you you hold the door for for women to walk through like you get the point there
but the inspiration for the book i wrote about money was a phrase he always used of basics and fundamentals so growing up
playing baseball uh yeah i love the atlanta brave so if i showed him like hey watch this wind up i
saw so and so doing he like smack me upside the head and say basics and fundamentals so in other words too you
can do all the basics like perfect yeah don’t worry about all
the the flare right and i think too quickly we try to embrace all that so fast forward a little bit when i really
got passionate about music i think school became a hindrance on
that a little bit because i was not interested in science i was not interested in math and any of that stuff because it
was taking time away from my passion of music yeah so uh i’m if there’s any kids
listening cover your ears but it what i would do by the time i got to high school i would go around to all of my
teachers and request permission to go to sectionals right so like the little
small group band practice things they didn’t know whether i had it or not but what i did is i locked myself in the
practice room for like six hours because i could work on my craft to pursue the
passion i had which was to be a professional musician so
but that started even before that i mean middle school i i was busy i had activities in the
evening like boy scouts and all these different things and you know as a musician it’s
competitive right your skill set has to be super high and again you pursue something with no
guarantee that it’s ever going to work out that you’ll ever get your big break but you got to try it so what i did is
well i don’t have that much time in the evening so i would wake up at like five o’clock in the morning to
practice before i would go to school and it’s just that was reinforced from my parents and
grandparents of like don’t do things half-assed right if you’re going to do it do it
otherwise you’re just going to give excuses and mediocrity in my opinion is no way to live oh my gosh
yeah totally i i think there’s a battle of mediocrity where we as humans and
specifically men have to battle mediocrity throughout the day where it’s just so easy to just i
don’t want to do it it you know whatever and you lean back on something or what have you but i think that always
opens up the door there’s something behind it because if you really wanted to go do something guess what you’d do that you would go do it you’d go figure
out a way to be able to go do it like you had done even as a kid so i i appreciate that you were doing
that as a kid i i was an art kid in high school so i would kind of do the same thing just
with like art class where i’d be like hey i got a project in art maybe whatever and i would just go down or i
would leave or whatever i was gonna do um but it’s interesting like let’s talk about the the high school thing and with
music because you ended up getting into the military or army and playing music i remember sitting in the counselor’s
office and them telling me well as a musician or an art kid we can get you into art institute or berkeley but
you’re not going to make any money so what do you want to do and i stopped listening at that point in fact i was
like i’m done and i think senior year was basically like two major classes and the rest was
nothing so to have that sort of scenario where they were like you’re not going to make any
money you’re not going to do anything it’s a different story because here we both are you’re a financial advisor a
podcast host sales and a coach obviously we didn’t hit our rockstar dreams but things worked out the way they needed to
work out so you’ve got some kids now how old are your kids so my oldest is six she’ll be seven uh
in the summer my middle is four years old and the youngest is 18 months
so you’ve got some time until they’re in middle school to be in the same spot that you are or that you were rather to
be able to kind of work through that stuff but now that you’re in that spot and you get to be dad and you get to
pass this stuff along uh how do you see what you’ve learned growing up that you’re going to be able
to transfer over to your kids well definitely the uh the work ethic and one thing we do not tolerate in our
house is excuses so you it’s okay to make mistakes but you need to own it right so as soon as i
hear the words like uh but or they’re you know that’s always followed by an excuse i was like ah
who’s responsible for that so even at four years old and six years old they can say i am okay so how are you
gonna fix this but that but that all starts with that that’s a reflection of those roots
that were instilled in me of uh you know from a parenting perspective my dad he started a side business
of uh cutting grass but the reason for that was that would be the money
that would allow me and my siblings to do the extra things like music lessons
and my brother was good at football and you did all kinds of different things
but i saw how hard he worked but then the key here’s here’s the key i think for parents is
you you always hear about these like snotty teenagers that don’t appreciate anything i think a lot of that is
because they they weren’t told or they don’t have the perspective so from a
financial advisor standpoint what i teach parents on a coaching level is if you ever hear your teenagers complain
like when you’re on a vacation put it in perspective do you know that your dad had to work
two and a half weeks so that we could be on vacation right now right like those little things of oh i
never thought about that maybe i will be a little bit more grateful so so really i think back to what you
said too of especially men uh they’re just like yeah i want to do that but
forget about it that one you haven’t found your passion or two
if you don’t motivate yourself find something in your life that does motivate you you’ve heard it in all your
reading right you got to have a why and so for me one how selfish would it be and two
what kind of man would i be if i didn’t be the model for my three daughters that
anything’s possible right so if i put a goal out you gotta speak it and then you gotta have people hold you
accountable so not only does my mentor hold me accountable but because i told my kids and my wife what i’m going to do
you gosh darn better do it right integrity is a big deal and it’s just really really cool to see
them at such a young age already dreaming about hey we could do a business like this hey we could do this
or that but it but it doesn’t it has to be that positive environment that you’re
creating but reinforcing it with your own actions so i i’m not perfect by any
means you know i i don’t hit my goals all the time i obviously uh
slip up you you’re nobody has a solid mindset so you go through a couple days of you’re down in the dumps about oh i
didn’t hit my goal last week or whatever it is but you have to have something to remind you of what
you’re fighting for and get back on the horse and you’ll be that example
yeah it’s uh it’s interesting so i don’t have any kids but i’ve
been around little kids before and i know little kids are usually unfiltered so if you tell them hey i’m gonna do
this thing that four or six year old might go daddy where did where is this you said you were going to do this
and to have that i would imagine you’re like i don’t want to be in that sort of spot we’ve got to make sure that we’re
doing these things the right way and that’s cool that your kids are already starting to do that sort of stuff i’m
sure that also you know probably a little pat on back for you and your wife to say hey we’re doing some good things
here yeah and uh you know this show’s about your mindset
and self mastery so if you pick up any book to get started on these topics
you’re going to hear some common themes one of them you’ve probably all heard of a vision board right
that’s not just for you you can make that a family activity so
we we actually took our one wall in the dining room and we each have a frame so our personal
vision board but then we have a vision board for uh family goals as well as
business goals so it’s like a collage on our dining room wall
and then uh it’s just something we can all look at when we’re eating dinner together and kind of be like hey
you did this that’s awesome you’ve already reached one of your goals this month that positive reinforcement goes a
long way uh for sure because it’s counter to think about your how you felt when that
counselor said you’re not going to make any money as a musician right all the air went out i was like right
okay yeah so a parent’s job i think is to
um you know reinforce the what do you call that a self-esteem
self-esteem i think is really lacking in the world today um and a lot of it
i believe comes from like a victim mindset uh where instead if you
empower yourself through the self to and you know that you’re responsible i think that’s the difference if you accept 100
responsibility for your life game changer right because then you know
you have the control to do whatever you want it starts with a decision and then the
action that follows and you don’t have to have all the answers what’s great is you know there’s people like yourself
nick that have podcasts to talk about you bring people on to share experiences
so you you don’t have to be born a master nobody is but there’s teachers and mentors everywhere you know
if you just pick up a book norman vincent peale he can be your mentor you pick up any of these things
and that’s going to get you to where you want to be that’s a good point uh and thank you for the nod to the podcast i always
appreciate that but i i think the the day and time that we live in now with the amount of
information that’s out there social media and everything that’s going on in some ways can be too much information
for people because we can see people that are doing things social media is kind of a
an evil in some ways but it’s primarily bringing out the stuff in us because we see people that are doing
great things but you really didn’t see all the bs that went behind whatever that great thing was
um and i’m hoping that more of this comes up like you’re saying where you’re able to listen to podcasts you’re able
to go look for things but it takes somebody taking that action to either pull up a podcast or start to google
something to look for help so i want to get into some of the deep work because when people talk about
doing some of the work throughout the days i know people listen to this show they look for little nuggets of wisdom
what are things that i can take away from this that i can add into something i’m already doing now you touched on
your reading in the morning and reading at night sounds like we’re probably akin to that where we have morning and evening routines but wanna tell us a
little bit about what your routines look like to be able to share some of that wisdom sure so i usually wake up about six in
the morning i do some exercise grab my cup of coffee afterwards and
that’s when i do my little there’s a great book you guys can read called miracle morning that’ll help you
it’s quick read but that’ll help you what uh explain what nick and i are talking about of everybody’s is
different your morning’s gonna be different than ours probably a little bit but that book will coach you through how
to build your morning routine and so i get my cup of coffee i’ll start off reading a devotional
and then i’ll pick up whatever book i’m reading at the time usually i try to do something more on
the mindset or you know habit building anything like that in the morning
in the afternoon or evening is when i’ll read something business specific so find
out new ideas of how i can market better communication like how can how can i be
a better presenter so a great book i reading recently is talk like ted
so that’s actually by a researcher he examined all of the top ted talks and
what is it about them that made them go viral and he breaks it down and it was affirmation for me that
my style doesn’t have to be like somebody else’s style you can be great
in your um persona right so uh
some people were successful with a whole bunch of powerpoint slides other people they just had a title up and talked but
they went viral as well so there is no right or wrong way to do things and i think that’s one of the first things
you need to embrace and recognize is your journey is not going to be my journey your journey is not going to be
nick’s journey and speaking of social media yes uh
social media is like snapshots of people’s life so i always love this phrase
compete don’t compare right so if you it’s great if there’s somebody in your same industry or you’re
like a a competitor in with your business don’t come i’m not going to compare my
business to somebody another financial advisor’s business i’m going to compete with them because
you know deep down i believe i can help people a thousand times better than anybody else but that’s because i know
my heart’s in the right place to do that and i want to make sure that person’s taken care of but let’s say that they’re making more
money than i am i’m not going to feel bad about that and matter of fact i want to congratulate them right success
leaves clues so now i can look at what are they doing is there something i’m missing maybe they’re communicating better
maybe they learn something or offering something that i’m not and that’s why those people are going
there but if i looked at that and got defeated and was like man this just isn’t going to work then
what do i do do i quit quit my job and and go do you know move widgets around
like what what am i going to do what that would show is the exact opposite again back to man up about it
right accept that learn from it and then be the example for my kids of overcoming
those obstacles because like you said it’s social media
it looks like an overnight success but that’s years in the making you don’t see the
sitting there at night all all defeated uh you know you didn’t make any money this week like what are we gonna do
do i have to put it on a credit card like the entrepreneurial roller coaster especially is true right the ups and
just when you think you got it going boom like it drops out from underneath you but it’s that it’s the mindset that
gets you through your goals have to be bigger than your inconveniences
that’s a good point before we hit record you and i were talking a bit even to the point where i was like we just better
hit record now so we don’t keep talking about these things but you brought up kind of the level system you want to go
into that a little bit yeah great point so uh i learned this from a conference i attended the speaker
there he said that problems are relative to the level that
you’re at as a person so if you he used a scale from one to ten
so if you’re a level four person and you have a level three problem hit you that’s
going to be a pretty big deal but let’s say that you continue to personally develop your
speaking affirmations all the time you you don’t let the the little inconveniences bother you like you keep
it in perspective now you develop to a level eight person that same level three problem
is like a blip in the radar it’s gonna be not even a big deal at all to you right
so i think that’s important because i can’t remember if it’s the average person only reads two books
after high school like total or if it’s only two books per year i know you’re
looking like man i read like probably two at least two books a month right yeah but the point behind that is
yes i think in high school a lot of us when you’re told to read catcher in the rye or these types of things it might
not motivate you but if you’re like hey i have a clear vision a clear goal
of the type of person the type of life i want to have and you see who has that already
okay now what qualities about them make them able to have that lifestyle
and then you find the books resources conferences you can attend youtube videos podcasts to listen to that will
help you develop into that person now it’s enjoyable right if it’s a requirement
to read ex whatever book right you’re probably not going to be motivated to do it but
if you’re motivated by the the end prize then that’s a little bit more motivating to
wake up in the morning read a book and become the person that you need to be to have what those people have
success is not limited same with money right there’s an abundance of money
so this whole like the rich or greedy we should give it to everybody out no the the people that started companies
they sacrificed a lot if you if you read their biographies you know they they slept in their office they
slept in uh started out of a garage they had their parents give their whole life
savings on the hope that it might work out so they risked it all
but it’s because their dream was so big so i really just encourage people no matter where you’re at
if you are a number three that’s not a slight against you that just means you have
you know seven numbers to go to be the person that you want to be and maybe we never maybe we never become a
ten but what if you became went from a three to a four now life becomes a lot easier right
there’s a little somebody cut you off on on the road or uh you go to buy something at the store
and they’re all sold out that doesn’t ruin your day it’s like oh okay well yeah maybe i can get something different
it does you grow as a person um so i like that analogy the one to ten
keep it in perspective i like that too it’s not uh in some ways life is like a video game in other ways
it is not like a video game when you don’t finish a level you collect all the points and then you pause you go to the
bathroom grab a drink come back and on to the next level that’s not how this stuff works so you can’t really see when
you’re at a different level all the time unless it’s a drastic jump like if somebody goes from a two to a six
that’s a big big jump most everybody will see something like that but for those people to be able to see it it’s
those little moments i actually had a moment that happened recently with a podcast i had a great episode with
somebody and it failed the recording failed
and the teenager within me started to lose his just go crazy and just
instantly like i can’t believe it and within seconds all of this like fumed up and i went
wait a minute i actually jumped i stood up stepped away walked outside for a minute came back and was totally good
but i realized that that point up is at a much different level than i had been years ago but it took years to get to
that point do you have things that are similar in that sense where like you can see things that happen you go oh old me would have
freaked out yeah i i think so i think my personality
by nature is i’m pretty introverted pretty pretty chill my wife jokes when uh
she talks to people and says yeah ryan’s excitement like when we got married it was like
cool you know we’re having a baby well calm down ryan yeah okay exactly
uh so you know my band of emotion i guess is pretty pretty
small i do enjoy meaningful conversations like you know i’m enjoying what we’re doing
right now but just as far as a scale i think it’s pretty small to begin with
but absolutely uh frustration is something you need to tame right you gotta you gotta get it
back in the jar because nothing good comes from that and that’s a lesson we’re really trying to get our
six-year-old to understand right now is when she gets so worked up about something she can’t think of a solution
so it’s just calm down right so any parents out there a book i’ll recommend to you is called
raising lions best book on parenting i’ve ever read i don’t know what your style is to
parenting currently but it has puts release so much stress in the entire
household because you don’t let their emotions take over your emotions
right there you have to be the the guide for so i i won’t spoil the whole book but his basic concept is you have to
remain emotional like show no emotion when they do something that you don’t approve of
or they’re out of control like have lost it you simply just say break
and they’ll be conditioned to go sit on their bench or sit right where they’re at for like a minute that’s it
it gives them time to accept what they did and then afterwards there’s no explanation they know what
they did and now they can come at it level headed and solve the problems that works wonders uh the key with it though just
like any personal event is consistency so whenever we hit a lull of
man what is going on around here like the kids is it a full moon like what’s up uh it’s because of us right so parent if
you don’t like what your kids are doing it’s a mirror that’s how your act you’ve let your emotions get out of check your your
demeanor out of check uh so yeah i recommend that book raising lions has been a game changer
for my wife and i and we listened to it on the way home from a conference i had downloaded it on
audible so another tip for you guys turn your car into a classroom forget
the radio turn on auto audio book turn on a podcast because that’s your chance
to use your time wisely so you can do one of three things waste your time
spend your time that’s what most people do or you can invest your time so you can invest your time and becoming
the person you need to be to have the life that you want you can invest your time improving your skill set
right or you can invest your time pursuing through action whatever it is you’re trying to do
but most people because they’re not inspired like your audience here right to
to dream and go after something is most people will waste their time or spend their time i think there’s that balance
where people need to just waste time sometimes just get away and just sit and veg watch some tv do something that’s
not work or what have you but there’s also being mindful of the time so like your buckets of time where
you invest and what you’re investing in i know there are certain people that will wake up and they’ll be like oh man
i got to get right into this thing because they’re not managing their time properly to allow themselves to have time to set
themselves up right and then by the end of the day they’re just stressed and freaking out because they didn’t set
themselves up properly you and i both know that because we’ve done it before you know like you have those mornings
you’re like ah screw it i’m not gonna do this thing halfway through your day you’re like oh i probably should have done all that in
the morning because you know how it primes you and kind of gets you moving through the day and uh to to help people
with that uh i would recommend they take a piece of paper like a just a regular notebook paper
right at the top 168 because there’s 168 hours in the week
and then just go through what you do so if you sleep you know however many hours a night times seven write that number
down uh how long do you eat per day right maybe a half hour for lunch half hour
for breakfast hour for dinner so that’s two hours a day seven days that’s 14 hours minus 14. just go down through all
of that and most people’s mind is blown how much time’s left over yeah so there’s i mean
if you do want to watch tv or something and you think you only do it an hour a day then right now minus seven
but when you see 36 hours left at the end where do you think that money’s going do
you think it’s going to invest in your time no it’s going to wasting time right so that that’s how you can transfer that
awareness into okay well let me let me start like a block calendar from this time to this
time i’m going to be intentional with my time if you like video games if you like
woodworking and if you like hunting doing anything put it in your schedule because if you put it in there from i’m
going to do this from 7 p.m to 8 p.m or 10 10 a.m on saturday to 1 p.m on
saturday then that then you have it planned out because otherwise if you just start
doing it on saturday morning next thing you know it’s 6 p.m and and you never got anything else done
so uh yeah i agree with you you gotta have fun it’s it’s a balance in life of
you know pursuing things you’re passionate about but taking time to what do they say what they say uh smell
the roses right like enjoy the moment as well because some some of your biggest memories are gonna come from
just hanging out in the driveway playing with chalk with your kids or something like that so you gotta you gotta make time
for that as well can’t always be business and again don’t don’t compare yourself to
others that look like that’s all they do so yeah because that’s not all they do that is not all they do
everybody’s human in some ways such as we only see the things ryan you’ve you’ve dropped a lot on us
uh i think we’re probably gonna need a list of all the books that you’ve given us in this podcast episode as well um
but is there one piece of advice you’d give somebody on their path towards self mastery yeah i i think it’s
be uh have grace with yourself right you you can’t change overnight
and if you move two steps forward you’re probably gonna move one step back it’s okay
but what you’ll learn over time is that you can self-correct so like you you shared nick of
uh you know the podcast didn’t record and then you had self-awareness to just
walk away for a moment right and you put it back in perspective if you miss a day like if you say i’m gonna wake up in the
morning and read uh for a half hour and you you miss a day
don’t don’t quit then and there like this doesn’t work it takes time to change no no different
than going to the gym it hurts like heck for the first few weeks because you’re building new
muscles you and you’re building a new muscle when you go down this journey of mindset and self-mastery
so it’s uh i guess the the best quote i’ll leave you with is the most successful people
in the world take the time to figure out exactly who they want to become and what they want to achieve
and then invest the rest of their hours in actions consistent with those ideals
that’s from t harv ecker so that’ll help you figure out what you want to do really
solidify that vision but then it’s an awareness of how am i using my time
and and just be great uh have have grace with yourself it’s a process
great point that’s a great millionaire mindset you got there full pun intended
so ryan thank you for being on the show uh where can people connect with you yeah so i’m on uh
i have a facebook page it’s our finances coach is the handle but you can look for our finances you can see the little r
will be the logo but the best thing to check out would be our website that’s so the letter r
47:16 uh and you know all of our coaching is free so if you guys have questions
don’t don’t do the ostrich effect and bury your head in the sand like reach out we’re here to help it might be as
simple as recommending a book to you it might be sitting down for a half hour on a zoom call and showing you how to do a
budget right no it’s our goal is to take you from where you’re at to where you want to be
and you do and we do that by building you a simple to follow financial plan that fits your life right because
everybody’s life’s different so nick i do appreciate your time today and having me on and i appreciate you and thank you for
wrapping us up like a good old podcast host and trying to get to it before i did you’re the man i appreciate you being on
um and i look forward to being on your show too and thanks everyone awesome
another great conversation on today’s episode of the mindset and self-mastery
show when we think of things we should have learned in school yeah i’m sure we can all agree finances is at the top of the
list and habits and disciplines and grace are great they’re really just components to
a positive money mindset and they really won’t get you anywhere unless you know what to do with that money so
i’m glad there are people like ryan in the world who truly wear their heart on their sleeves and are doing great work
to help people in the community learn about and grow their finances so let me ask you how’s your financial
mindset did this conversation change the way you look at it or think or act towards money
i’d love to hear what you thought about the episode today in the conversation we got into and if you enjoyed the episode
please jump over to itunes subscribe rate leave a 5 star review it’ll help lots of people because remember we
didn’t learn about this stuff in school and if you really enjoyed the show go ahead and share it with a friend share
it with a colleague share with somebody you know that’s pretty rough with their finances and check out the show notes for more
info contact info for ryan and check out the other episodes on the mindset and
49:24 as well as our youtube channel where you can just go to youtube and type in the
mindset and self mastery show and thanks again ryan for being real for
being honest and for being vulnerable with us and for sharing some great tips and doing some great work
and i’d like to thank our sponsors the manly club and the powerhouse men brotherhood men do you consider yourself
to be a powerhouse man the criteria for becoming one is simple live with virtue and do good work
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and thank you to you yes you thank you for hanging out with us today for being here for these shows really really
appreciate it hope you’re getting something out of it i’m sure as hell no i am and with that remember your mindset
matters and so do you [Music]

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