Stature Does Not Equate To Strength – Ep.017 – Pat Maguire

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Episode summary:​ Pat’s a creative at heart whose artistic passions led him toward sales but it was his stature that ultimately set him up for success.  He’s been in sales both selling for and to Fortune 500 companies and now he’s starting to branch out and share more of his wisdom in new ways.

Guest Name & Bio: Pat says…

“I’m a firm believer in testing your limits; if you don’t you’ll never know what you’re capable of. I’ve been homeless, and broken in the hospital, all those things created the foundation for what is now my life.

From what I call my Ramen Noodle days to financial freedom, and making it a point to helping at least one person a day realize their worth.”

Pat Maguire

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[Nick McGowan]: Right, three, two, one Pat, welcome to the show, Man, how are you doing?

[Pat Maguire]: Live in the dream man. How are you?

[Nick McGowan]: I’ fantastic dude. I’m so glad that you’re here. We go back a long ways, but

[Nick McGowan]: um have missed some time so I’m glad that you’re on the show. I know when we

[Nick McGowan]: reconnected again and we were talking through stuff, it just seemed like it

[Nick McGowan]: would make sense to hop on to the Uh to do an episode of the podcast Because

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve grown a lot. you’ve done a lot of things

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: and you’re actively doing a lot more. So, man, I’m just glad you’re here.

[Pat Maguire]: thanks for having me

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, dude. well, let’s kick things off with. Um, why don’t you tell us

[Nick McGowan]: something that you do for a living and one thing that most people don’t know

[Nick McGowan]: about you,

[Pat Maguire]: all right, So I actually had to think about this and I went to like my my main

[Pat Maguire]: source for content. Um, my wife.

[Nick McGowan]: your wife.

[Pat Maguire]: I was like. Oh man. I was like. What don’t people know about me Because you

[Pat Maguire]: know, I use social media just like everybody else, And you’re putting all your

[Pat Maguire]: content out there, Your your life story, Um, or you’re gearing it towards that,

[Pat Maguire]: and I was like. So what I do? multiple things, Um, ninety five. I’m working on

[Pat Maguire]: transitioning out of that Ws side. Uh, right now, it’s the weekend thing I do.

[Pat Maguire]: Coaching

[Pat Maguire]: what people don’t know about me is that I’m actually an artist. That was like

[Pat Maguire]: the number one thing that came up because everything I post is fitness or

[Pat Maguire]: business,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Pat Maguire]: so it took some time to take some time.

[Nick McGowan]: Sure, so obviously there are different variations to artistry. It’s easy for

[Nick McGowan]: you and I to say like we were art kids growing up. I’ve even joked with

[Nick McGowan]: different people like I remember being in high school and being like. I don’t

[Nick McGowan]: want to fucking being in this class. I got a project in the art room and

[Nick McGowan]: they’re like Fuck off. Get out of here. Your’ crest is problem. Now All I go

[Nick McGowan]: down and deal with that. So what’s the artistry of choice?

[Pat Maguire]: Uh, pretty much anything I’ve I’ve um,

[Nick McGowan]: Okay?

[Pat Maguire]: I always wanted, and it, I swear it started like back in school, so like eighth

[Pat Maguire]: fourth grade. it was always like me.

[Pat Maguire]: several people who were like, Oh you, the best artist ever.

[Pat Maguire]: And it was like.

[Pat Maguire]: It depends on what who you know.

[Nick McGowan]: did you meet Dave?

[Pat Maguire]: No, but we. Yeah. Well, so one? when Dave start when he started school, I was

[Pat Maguire]: like this kid sucks because he’s better than me.

[Pat Maguire]: Well, I literally like. but I remember getting in arguments in like

[Pat Maguire]: art class and they werere saying Okay, you have to draw this and I was like,

[Pat Maguire]: But isn’t art an expression of like your feelings, and like, And that’s where

[Pat Maguire]: it literally started. That’s what. It just went downhill from there,

[Pat Maguire]: so I was like, So I’ve done like. Oh my god, uh, airbrush pencil, charcoal, oil

[Pat Maguire]: paint,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: like I’m always trying to. the one thing I always taught myself was, Uh, when I

[Pat Maguire]: do actually do art, I use a Penn, so I have to learn to work with my mistakes.

[Pat Maguire]: So if you mess up and you have a pencil, you erase it right. If you use a pen,

[Pat Maguire]: you’re like Oh, see, come on, man,

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, man,

[Nick McGowan]: well, I, it’s because of those uh mistakes. I think of the notes that I take

[Nick McGowan]: and even the journaling that I do. there are times where

[Pat Maguire]: y,

[Nick McGowan]: I’ll just like rift through things and go. That wasn’t what I wanted and I

[Nick McGowan]: want to be able to go back and fix those things, so I consciously choose

[Nick McGowan]: mechanical pencils and I’ve got. I don’t know,

[Pat Maguire]: see,

[Nick McGowan]: fucking four hundred of these things around the house like. I just pick them

[Nick McGowan]: up and start writing things and eras and my handwritings atrocious anyway, But

[Nick McGowan]: that’s interesting

[Pat Maguire]: you probably had.

[Nick McGowan]: that you actually grab the pens. Be

[Pat Maguire]: I was going to say you, Um,

[Nick McGowan]: you, grabbing those pens are important. You know, be cause. then at that point

[Pat Maguire]: well, right th

[Nick McGowan]: you’re able to say I have to be deliberate in this.

[Pat Maguire]: it makes. So it started making me think differently, Um, at the same time,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: though it started making me approach

[Pat Maguire]: Um issues in art. So like right your drawing and say you want to draw an eye.

[Pat Maguire]: So you start you do the outline right of the eye and you, K. There’s the The Ri

[Pat Maguire]: Circle

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: circle. If you mess up

[Pat Maguire]: and you have pen, you’re like

[Pat Maguire]: Hm. and it makes you like, think harder, and instead just saying like, Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: okay, cool. Let me start over. you’re like. Well, shit, where do

[Nick McGowan]: sure.

[Pat Maguire]: I go from here?

[Pat Maguire]: So I? it always

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: I started. probably in high school with all my doodles all over that no one

[Pat Maguire]: liked, Um, and just kept

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: you on from there. so I’ve actually, I don’t think I own

[Pat Maguire]: a pencil at this point,

[Pat Maguire]: So if it’s written, I’m always

[Nick McGowan]: Wow,

[Pat Maguire]: like. Oh,

[Nick McGowan]: man, that’s

[Pat Maguire]: we. well, ofquik,

[Nick McGowan]: interesting. It’s funny how some of that stuff is so subconscious. Well, it’s

[Nick McGowan]: not just

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: ▁quirks. it’s subconscious things. You know. There’s something that you made a

[Nick McGowan]: choice and then you continue to do it. It’s even as stupid as how you tie your

[Nick McGowan]: shoes. You know you were taught one

[Pat Maguire]: y.

[Nick McGowan]: way and you did something one way et cetera and then sometimes you’ll just opt

[Nick McGowan]: for slippers or sandals or whatever, just for convenience of use. but being

[Nick McGowan]: able to take

[Pat Maguire]: Oh, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: the pens or pencils and understand what the actual what the tool is supposed

[Nick McGowan]: to be used for, And you use it to me. That sounds like it’s a a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: accountability, which is a big thing you know for

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: you to go all right. Los is now an ink.

[Nick McGowan]: Hm, so I guess their eyes is going to look a little different than normal, But

[Nick McGowan]: how do I go about doing that Now?

[Pat Maguire]: Yup

[Nick McGowan]: I would assume that translates into business as well, and probably the rest of

[Nick McGowan]: your life where you

[Pat Maguire]: it.

[Nick McGowan]: look at those things and say like, How do I? How do I do this and then kind of

[Nick McGowan]: build on it, So you want to unpack that a little bit for us,

[Pat Maguire]: So then you brought up something really interesting too is like accountability,

[Pat Maguire]: so I think people always look to others for accountability. Like you join a

[Pat Maguire]: challenge, You join whatever, And it’s like Okay, find your accountability

[Pat Maguire]: partner

[Pat Maguire]: and you’re

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like Okay. Then you, you have to go find someone. I’m like. I’ve always worked

[Pat Maguire]: on being like I can rely myself.

[Pat Maguire]: So if it starts with a pen and then it branches out and it’s like Okay, If it’s

[Pat Maguire]: written then I know I have to do it. So as soon as it’s like making it, it’s

[Pat Maguire]: writing it into reality. it’s like affirmations. right. So you start,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: And you you do affirmations. you’re like I’m gonna be a millionaire. I’m gonna

[Pat Maguire]: be a millionaire and it’s like you, your mind, you learn how powerful your mind

[Pat Maguire]: is.

[Pat Maguire]: I hear something most people don’t know. I’m actually pretty smart. But

[Pat Maguire]: so though you learn

[Nick McGowan]: Just throw that in there,

[Pat Maguire]: just c that one, but you start learning it starts becoming second nature. So

[Pat Maguire]: you start your whole. All your actions change like your whole attitude changes.

[Pat Maguire]: If you keep saying that you can’t do

[Nick McGowan]: H,

[Pat Maguire]: something, you’ll never do it. But if you start approaching it just by talking

[Pat Maguire]: about it, you’re holding yourself accountable and it’s a whole

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: different thing. You’re not going to rely on anyone else to do it for you,

[Pat Maguire]: ’cause

[Pat Maguire]: you start learning how

[Pat Maguire]: small your circle is or how larger

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: circle is, and I think

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: as we grow up, we learn

[Pat Maguire]: where our true circle is. You know like you’re like, Oh, I thought you would

[Pat Maguire]: have been on my side, but you’re not here now,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: so it’s like at the end of the day you look in the mirror, you see yourself and

[Pat Maguire]: you’re like, Oh no, it’s on me,

[Pat Maguire]: so kinda out of kind of interesting. but like the whole Penn thing,

[Pat Maguire]: Um, man, I, so I’ve always had like an entrepreneur mind,

[Pat Maguire]: and

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: I say that loosely, because I have a book of businesses that I wanted to start,

[Pat Maguire]: so I wrote them down. I started where the idea put the idea on paper, but at

[Pat Maguire]: the same time

[Pat Maguire]: I would talk myself out of it. Well, it’s not go to work for this or I can’t do

[Pat Maguire]: it. Because of this, you know and I think we struggle. Everyone struggles with

[Pat Maguire]: that. like others, you know you. it’s easier to find an excuse and a reason.

[Pat Maguire]: Why? So it’s like you start it and you’re like.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: Okay. Well, I wanted to do a food truck one time and I was like, Why don I

[Pat Maguire]: start a food truck Like I only cook for people. I like. I’m goingnna go for

[Pat Maguire]: bunch of strangers. I’m not doing that shit. Um, just wanted to start a

[Pat Maguire]: landscape business. I was like Dude, I am Irish. I burn.

[Nick McGowan]: instantly,

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah, the moon’s out. I’m like, Oh, sunscreen.

[Pat Maguire]: rach your half that happens. Um, So

[Pat Maguire]: so I literally like I have a. I have a book and and at one point it became like

[Pat Maguire]: a running joke with me and Um, Alicia, my wife and I was like

[Pat Maguire]: there’s thirty two businesses

[Pat Maguire]: in there right now. Eventually I’m gonna find one and be like.

[Pat Maguire]: Oh shit, that’s the one. But if you don’t write it down, it’s like out of sight

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmh,

[Pat Maguire]: out of mind,

[Pat Maguire]: so like

[Pat Maguire]: just something to.

[Pat Maguire]: I still

[Pat Maguire]: do hard notes of everything.

[Pat Maguire]: So any conversation anything that’s happening, I’m writing things down all the

[Pat Maguire]: time like the phone’s cool. But if your phone dies,

[Pat Maguire]: or if you, if you know if you can’t download your stuff, it’s like where’s it

[Pat Maguire]: go? But a notebook and I have them all saved. A notebook. You’re good. So I’m

[Pat Maguire]: still like old school

[Pat Maguire]: and that, thinking like I just read down. What? Quick on one?

[Nick McGowan]: Sure,

[Nick McGowan]: well, I. Think there’s um, different ways of

[Nick McGowan]: doing it for each person and doing it right for themselves, Like the fact that

[Nick McGowan]: you write stuff down your notes, your call notes. I’m sure you know client

[Nick McGowan]: notes, meeting notes,

[Pat Maguire]: Oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: shit that you need to do after work and the honey to do list notes and all

[Nick McGowan]: that stuff.

[Nick McGowan]: If that works for you, then awesome I think for most people they need to

[Nick McGowan]: figure out the thing that works for them like there are people that listen to

[Nick McGowan]: the show just like they listen to other shows and they go. Oh, well, that

[Nick McGowan]: thing worked for that guy where the host said this thing, and well, I’ll try

[Nick McGowan]: that and that’s part of the

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: reason why this is here. Like Yeah, try different things. Give it a shot. but

[Nick McGowan]: find the thing that works for you and I think we got to be honest with

[Nick McGowan]: ourrself, too, like I, I know my handwriting iss atrocious, absolutely

[Nick McGowan]: atrocious, ’cause typically don’t give a fuck. I’m just trying to get it out

[Nick McGowan]: and move

[Pat Maguire]: right,

[Nick McGowan]: along and

[Pat Maguire]: oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: it’s easier for me to be able to speak things into dictation, or to type them

[Nick McGowan]: out, because then I can kind of organize them and I think back to like grade

[Nick McGowan]: school where they’re like. Here’s how you build an outline and I still kind of

[Nick McGowan]: work

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, yeah.

[Nick McGowan]: through my notes. That way, call notes, client notes, internal

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: meetings, all of the shit, same deal, but I don’t write any of the stuff down.

[Nick McGowan]: But then when I do mind dumps, I make sure that I write that stuff down

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: because then it’s like a literal flow from brain to hand and just pouring out,

[Nick McGowan]: But then I think I’ve got some o C. D. where I go. Well, I got this eraser

[Nick McGowan]: here. I need to have these things in somewhat order, so I’ll need to like

[Nick McGowan]: route them around. And there have been times where I’m like

[Nick McGowan]: scribbling all these lines all over, and I’m like that looks like chaos and it

[Nick McGowan]: makes it even worse. I’m like, Oh, jeeze, you know, and starting over,

[Pat Maguire]: right. y.

[Nick McGowan]: But finding the thing that works for you is critical and figuring out why it

[Nick McGowan]: works for you, I believe is even more critical. So what do you think it is

[Nick McGowan]: about the writing of the notes that is critical for you?

[Pat Maguire]: so

[Pat Maguire]: with Um, all right, So you know that I’ve I’ve been doing this whole new

[Pat Maguire]: venture right. Part of that is so two things. my wife is a teacher, so I got

[Pat Maguire]: like that. I got that on my side ’cause she

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: reviews all my stuff before it goes, or else I would look like B. Probably both

[Pat Maguire]: of our notebooks and people were like. I don’t understand what

[Nick McGowan]: just a mess.

[Pat Maguire]: he’s trying to say to you. Yeah, I don’t know what any of this means. Like why

[Pat Maguire]: did I even do this? Um, so I have that on my side. The other piece of it too is

[Pat Maguire]: like you have to realize that there’s different learning styles and

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: that’s something like. So when I first started

[Pat Maguire]: and you know the first company I was at and they were like Hey, can you go

[Pat Maguire]: train the people on how you sell? I was like, Oh, right cool. So I went over

[Pat Maguire]: and I’m like Okay. So when a customer says this and I do this and everyone’s

[Pat Maguire]: like.

[Pat Maguire]: So you get like two different reactions from the room. You get people who are

[Pat Maguire]: like. Oh yeaha. hey. Yep’m.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: okay. Okay, cool and then you get like people like

[Pat Maguire]: that is like. What is that? I mean, you know what you’re doing like it’s not a

[Pat Maguire]: process. You know. No, it’s a process like. and to you it makes sense ’cause

[Pat Maguire]: you do it every day. But if someone

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: brand new, they’re like. This dude needs meds really bad. So then I start

[Pat Maguire]: learning like how people learn. so I find that I’m a visual

[Nick McGowan]: yep.

[Pat Maguire]: person where there’s people who

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: like for me If I want to learn something, I’m picking up a book. I learn better

[Pat Maguire]: from a book than watching a video

[Pat Maguire]: Other people.

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Pat Maguire]: So it’s like for me it’s always going to be written, so I can r. I’ll write it

[Pat Maguire]: or if I, if I’m reading a book, I have kind of like a photographic memory a

[Pat Maguire]: little bit, and I can start like reciting. But then not everyone

[Nick McGowan]: that’s cool.

[Pat Maguire]: learns the same way, but it’s like you

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: don’t know how you’re going to learn until you really start deep diving. How

[Pat Maguire]: you’re gonna,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: how you what you process and how you process it.

[Pat Maguire]: So

[Nick McGowan]: man, I think school could have done a such better job for us to be able to set

[Nick McGowan]: us up for that stuff and not to like place blame. But if we think

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: of the Prussian system of schooling,

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: they teach you how to just do shit, basically teaching you how to just be on a

[Nick McGowan]: factory line instead of teaching you how to learn and look for fallacies and

[Nick McGowan]: bullshit in the world, and go, Hm, that smells like horseshipt. probably

[Nick McGowan]: tastes like horseshipt. At that point You know what? Think? we got some more

[Nick McGowan]: shit, but for

[Pat Maguire]: well than

[Nick McGowan]: the most part people don’t get it,

[Pat Maguire]: think about what the American dream was right.

[Pat Maguire]: So everyone knew it the same way, ’cause we all got taught it the same way.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: So you go to school,

[Pat Maguire]: you go to high school, you graduate, you find the love of your life. you get

[Pat Maguire]: married, live happily laughter. you knowahah, blah right.

[Pat Maguire]: but it’s really like that was what they said should happen. but time change.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, if you’re in even if you’re in a business, or you have a potcast like

[Pat Maguire]: you’re going to realize what you need to do to adapt to your changing

[Pat Maguire]: environment, So what worked when they started teaching that they’re like. Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: This is the way and then like fifty years later you’re like.

[Pat Maguire]: No, that’s not the way. Like my wife can’t be home right now, Like we need both

[Pat Maguire]: incomes or else

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like we’re going to find a a carboard box on the street and call it our house.

[Pat Maguire]: So it’s like times are completely different from from how they started, because

[Pat Maguire]: you didn’t learn how to really bolancece a checkbook. Super important

[Nick McGowan]: No, Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: finances are great. But after you graduate high school, what’s the first piece

[Pat Maguire]: of mail you get?

[Pat Maguire]: Here’s your credit card off here.

[Nick McGowan]: here’s a free credit card. Yeah, it’s free money and you’re like, Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: Really?

[Nick McGowan]: my gotd free money. What are we going to buy?

[Pat Maguire]: you know many people. You know how many people go in debt from their first five

[Pat Maguire]: hundred dollar credit card?

[Pat Maguire]: How

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: much do you? ow? I don’t really like three grand. It was five hundred dollars.

[Pat Maguire]: What

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: the hell do you do? I didn’t realize had to pay it back. No one told me,

[Pat Maguire]: but it’s like you think out all the things like.

[Nick McGowan]: uh, it’s like the Cds from when we were kid. You remember the penny C Ds. like

[Pat Maguire]: Oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: Get a get a ten Cds for like five cents or something, and then they hit you

[Nick McGowan]: with some crazy bill. I don’t know anybody that’s ever paid. That is that

[Nick McGowan]: company even still around

[Pat Maguire]: but if that is, I’m going to start a business. That’s my next business idea.

[Pat Maguire]: Hack. Got some Cds for you, Butd

[Pat Maguire]: due to inflation it not five cents.

[Nick McGowan]: you? No, on that note, I wonder if C Ds are coming back. I go out to thrift

[Nick McGowan]: stores every once in a while. Now total nerd alert, but I’m into sports

[Nick McGowan]: memorabilia and sports cards and stuff like that, and I sell some of that

[Nick McGowan]: stuff on Ebay, so I’ll go to a different. Um. You know well, not Walmart’s

[Nick McGowan]: like, uh, uh, good wills and

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: Salvation armies and all, and I’ll look for like any sort of memorable year or

[Nick McGowan]: anything they’ve got, and then you know, typically I below twenty bucks on

[Nick McGowan]: whatever dumb thing I found that I’m like. Oh, there’s this little gizmo that

[Nick McGowan]: can go into my closet in the kitchen. Basically, um, but there are certain

[Nick McGowan]: times where I come across things where I’m like, Manm, it’s interesting to

[Nick McGowan]: kind of just nerd out on some stuff, but you’ve got to be able to be real with

[Nick McGowan]: it and understand.

[Pat Maguire]: yep,

[Nick McGowan]: Uh, just like you have to understand the things that align with you. You know,

[Nick McGowan]: so back to how to do the checkbook, how to even do your taxes or anything like

[Nick McGowan]: that, Like we get out of school and it’s like I don’t know. Oh, they’re giving

[Nick McGowan]: me money. Oh shit. well, you’s a credit card. What do I want? I don’t know,

[Nick McGowan]: Even go to the mall. You wanna get some dummb shit? M, buy some brandom things

[Nick McGowan]: and and not pay them back and it’s like Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: I need to do this, but I

[Pat Maguire]: yep,

[Nick McGowan]: have seen recently. at least here in Florida. they’re starting to mandate that

[Nick McGowan]: there are classes that are financial classes for high school students.

[Pat Maguire]: huge.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, but some

[Pat Maguire]: y.

[Nick McGowan]: fucking adult who’s

[Pat Maguire]: mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: basically like our age, maybe a little older, was like Hold up. I didn’t learn

[Nick McGowan]: shit in school and I fucked up all my finances. We should

[Pat Maguire]: Oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: do something about this and and Karen, the one who’s been there for so long.

[Nick McGowan]: it’s like Jenny shot up like calm down, Karen. We need to fix these children

[Pat Maguire]: settle down. this is our future.

[Nick McGowan]: for the children, Karen. she’s like Fa the children.

[Pat Maguire]: They’re going to ruin the world they are. If we keep having this way,

[Nick McGowan]: We just keep running with this. The thing. I, if feel bad for car. she’s

[Nick McGowan]: getting her as kicked in this uh visual.

[Pat Maguire]: poor or girl,

[Nick McGowan]: So meanwhile,

[Nick McGowan]: back to uh, back to the learning When you think about getting out of school

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Pat Maguire]: Hm,

[Nick McGowan]: you got that credit card. Anything else that happened from there, you had to

[Nick McGowan]: learn that shit on your own, so if you were to take a little bit of a step

[Nick McGowan]: back

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: and let’s say somebody came up to you and it’ likey man. I’m about to graduate

[Nick McGowan]: high school, something I should be aware of either financially or business

[Nick McGowan]: wise. What kind of advice would you give them?

[Pat Maguire]: just one piece.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, chef’s saw choice, whatever you like.

[Pat Maguire]: Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: well, like this. Um,

[Pat Maguire]: so

[Pat Maguire]: I don’t know how to phrase this.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, so I don’t know if I told you this before. so uh, we adopted a sixteen year

[Pat Maguire]: old at one point.

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: So this was.

[Pat Maguire]: I don’t know seven years ago. So she’s like grad. You know college and all that

[Pat Maguire]: kind of stuff right now. Um, but when it makes you realize like you can see it

[Pat Maguire]: unfolding, So my,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: my experience out of high school, I was like I’m the dude I’m talking about

[Pat Maguire]: right now. I was like. How do I owe three thousand dollars Like I didn’t know I

[Pat Maguire]: had to pay Because no one tells you that shit. So I’m talking about myself when

[Pat Maguire]: I say that, but it’s like I found myself. You know you. You always like you

[Pat Maguire]: always hear stories like. Oh man, I’m teing my parents right now, but my

[Pat Maguire]: parents didn’t tell me that shit either,

[Pat Maguire]: so I was sounding like it was just me talking like from like there was times

[Pat Maguire]: And it’s like you don’t know until you you are watching someone

[Pat Maguire]: like literally worked to

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: ruin her life and I’d be like Okay, Like our. This is actually kind of a funny

[Pat Maguire]: story. I don’t know if I should say, but I want to do it anyway. So I had just

[Pat Maguire]: gotten like I, I phrase that. I don’t know if I’m

[Nick McGowan]: Set that up.

[Pat Maguire]: I don’t know if I should have, but I’m gonna. So I had just had double harnea

[Pat Maguire]: surgery. so I at home I’m all metded up like bad. So I,

[Pat Maguire]: my daughter is like she’s home. She was like Hey, anything and I was like I

[Pat Maguire]: just got the mail and I was like Hey,

[Pat Maguire]: What’s this envelope? It says

[Pat Maguire]: your name

[Pat Maguire]: vers, the state of Pennsylvania.

[Pat Maguire]: she opens it up, so she went to S college like fucking four hours away.

[Pat Maguire]: Opened up. She like. Oh, all right, So it was a. I got pulled over and I was

[Pat Maguire]: like, uhhuh. she’s like I got foodo over her. and

[Pat Maguire]: um, you know it was for. it was like for speeding or something. and um,

[Pat Maguire]: I was like. Well, did you like do guilty? not guilty. she was like, No, I just

[Pat Maguire]: didn’t pay it and I was like

[Pat Maguire]: you didn’t. you didn’t pay it and she’s like. Well, No, I was like.

[Pat Maguire]: How are you goingnna get back to school? They’re gonna take your license like

[Pat Maguire]: this. It literally said. Your license is goingnna be suspended on this day

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: and I was like. So I’m on. I’m I’m all with some crazy meds for the pain. I was

[Pat Maguire]: like

[Pat Maguire]: Bro.

[Pat Maguire]: That’s my term. I. I. I realized when I do that, that’s like my term of

[Pat Maguire]: endearment. I’m like.

[Nick McGowan]: Sure about a love with you,

[Pat Maguire]: so I’m like Bro.

[Pat Maguire]: get my get my check book

[Pat Maguire]: like I was like. If you don’t have your liceencese, it’s gonna be harder for

[Pat Maguire]: you get to job. You’re you, ’cause you, you’ have to take up the bus, like and

[Pat Maguire]: I started doing this whole trickle down effect,

[Pat Maguire]: Then later come and find out she’s also falling into the credit card thing, and

[Pat Maguire]: I was like

[Pat Maguire]: Bro.

[Pat Maguire]: like,

[Pat Maguire]: Okay, how can I put this?

[Pat Maguire]: This card controls your future ’cause if you’re late, everything else that you

[Pat Maguire]: want to do revolves around how they score you

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: on this card

[Pat Maguire]: and she like ran up Bill. Oh my God, it was like I, You wonder why I don’t have

[Pat Maguire]: hair

[Pat Maguire]: like that’s legit. Why I don’t up here.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, but like it’s it’s It’s those things so like I would look at. like Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: two things of importance right not to. I. I’ll go off andtaint it all day. two

[Pat Maguire]: things of importance,

[Pat Maguire]: credit card. It should be used properly right. So technically what you should

[Pat Maguire]: do is you. Should you use it to make your purchases? Pa it off the next month.

[Pat Maguire]: If you can’t pay it off, don’t don’t use it, Because all

[Nick McGowan]: Use it,

[Pat Maguire]: you’re gonna do is have a recurring fee and that’s how they make their money.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: But then if you’re using it, you’re goingnna show up a payment history. And

[Pat Maguire]: that’s what Everything you want to buy a house. Younna buy a car. You wanna you

[Pat Maguire]: know, apply for a loan. They’re gonna base everything you do from this point

[Pat Maguire]: forward on what you do with this,

[Pat Maguire]: also on how much they give you later on

[Pat Maguire]: second piece is, Um, always goes back to. Um.

[Pat Maguire]: You’re You’re gonna go as far as you allow yourself to go,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: because it not always comes from internal, but sometimes it’s external. Um

[Pat Maguire]: sources too. like limiting beliefs

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like. Oh, you can’t do that. Oh, you can’t do that. You know. it’s like Hm, but

[Pat Maguire]: you still hang around those people

[Pat Maguire]: that are telling me you can’t do it. And it’s like No, you, you do. whatever

[Pat Maguire]: you put your mind to you, either do it all the way or don’t do it at all.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: So it’s like those two things I think is what

[Pat Maguire]: So it’s like those two things I think is what

[Pat Maguire]: I could have used because

[Pat Maguire]: I technically didn’t have my life together

[Pat Maguire]: until

[Pat Maguire]: thirty.

[Pat Maguire]: So you think about like and I didn’t go to college. So you think about like the

[Pat Maguire]: transition like that’s a lot of years to waste.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: So if I had that talk back then

[Pat Maguire]: I might be further.

[Pat Maguire]: you know today, right, it’s like I’m

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: not going to dwell on it, but it’s like something to think about because I

[Pat Maguire]: wasn’t dead. My my credit score was like my street address. At one point it was

[Nick McGowan]: sure, some

[Pat Maguire]: like four

[Pat Maguire]: fifteen.

[Nick McGowan]: sure twelve.

[Nick McGowan]: Oh man.

[Pat Maguire]: I just be odd. Be blunt,

[Nick McGowan]: that’s funny and we both worked. We both worked in the car industry for a

[Nick McGowan]: minute. so um, we

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: know that looks like where somebody’s like. Well, I got a five sixty score,

[Nick McGowan]: but I want to get a Mercedes like. Oh, cool. So, uh, we see you still actually

[Nick McGowan]: owe your mother from when you were a toddler of things, and you’ve never paid

[Nick McGowan]: anybody back.

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: That’s all right now. Do you you want to do this? Oh, you want to spend like

[Nick McGowan]: eight, fifty, nine hundred bucks a month for this E class

[Pat Maguire]: nothing down. huh, okay,

[Nick McGowan]: From two thousand six

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: exactly

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: No, And you have nobody to co for you. That makes sense. They probably got

[Nick McGowan]: shitty credit. too, come on in.

[Pat Maguire]: I walked over to a customer one time and the and um, I always call it like my

[Pat Maguire]: my uh wolf days when everyone was like Dude, you could sell anyone on anything

[Pat Maguire]: and I was like Ah, okay. I’m sure I. there. The customer comes like I’m my

[Pat Maguire]: cara, credit. It’ like Mm. It could use some help and I was like that’s a good

[Pat Maguire]: sign. So I like go over Pull’s credit and I was like he goes you. So can I get

[Pat Maguire]: that car? I’ like

[Pat Maguire]: you can’t finance the chair you’re sitting in

[Nick McGowan]: you could use some help.

[Pat Maguire]: like No,

[Nick McGowan]: Oh, that’s too good. We’re

[Pat Maguire]: in’t.

[Nick McGowan]: gonna need you to get out of that chair,

[Pat Maguire]: I wasn’t the nicest person back back in those cars out day because I just got

[Pat Maguire]: really cocky and

[Pat Maguire]: I was, I can’t sell anything.

[Nick McGowan]: man. That’s a good point. I think there are things that. Um. The confidence is

[Nick McGowan]: a big thing you know, especially in sales. If you’re confident you walk into a

[Nick McGowan]: room or you walk into a meeting

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: and you know these were things we’re goingnna talk about and I’m confident in

[Nick McGowan]: that, But there’s a difference between being confident and cocky

[Pat Maguire]: Oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: and I think you have to go through that shit. Um, maybe not everybody. Some

[Nick McGowan]: people can be told like Hey, here’s a lesson. Learn it and they go okay. cool.

[Nick McGowan]: Got it.

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: Other people are told lesson and they’re like that’s a fun story. Fuck you.

[Nick McGowan]: I’m go to go figure

[Nick McGowan]: my shit out and then they’re like Hey you wa goingnna buy this thing. Each

[Pat Maguire]: I just was literally justmp

[Nick McGowan]: shit well fock that didn’t work well. What do I do now?

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, y.

[Nick McGowan]: Well, not that you know,

[Pat Maguire]: yeah.

[Nick McGowan]: but you have to go through some of that stuff. I had a had a job years and

[Nick McGowan]: years and years ago. I was on the phones and it was maybe like my first month,

[Nick McGowan]: something like that and there was like this dumb fee that people would get

[Nick McGowan]: charged if they didn’t do a thing or whatever,

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: And I remember talking to this guy. He was just fucking pissed that he got

[Nick McGowan]: charged this and he was like this is stupid. You need to turn around and it

[Nick McGowan]: was a marketing piece and I was like, No, we one, we, we can’t like. we’re not

[Nick McGowan]: going to, and

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: two, let’s talk about it. Let’s figure this thing out and I started just kind

[Nick McGowan]: of talk through it a bit, But I was rough and I was kind of like not having

[Nick McGowan]: any of this guy’s shit, so at one point I was like look, man, you got two

[Nick McGowan]: options. One is, you can just hang up on me right now. Where the second is you

[Nick McGowan]: can just accept this as a learning lesson and we can both move on

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: And he was like, No,

[Nick McGowan]: You could almost hear him just getting so angry.

[Nick McGowan]: and uh,

[Nick McGowan]: I. I don’t remember what happened with that guy. Like if you stayed or wepaid

[Nick McGowan]: the money, but either way I was like.

[Pat Maguire]: You like after I woke up?

[Nick McGowan]: Well, No, I was like you got two options, but I remember having the

[Nick McGowan]: conversation with my boss at that point that had hired me a couple of weeks

[Nick McGowan]: before that, and he was like.

[Nick McGowan]: What was this? what happened and I walked him through the scenario and there

[Nick McGowan]: was like a moment where he was like. Huh? Did I kind of understand that that

[Nick McGowan]: was just a rough choice of words and I was like Hey, did he pay and I, I think

[Nick McGowan]: he ended up paying and he stayed and I was like. Well,

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: then it worked and he was like. Well, what the fuck? and they gave me a look

[Nick McGowan]: like. Who the fuck is this guy? What’s your deal And then I kind of had that

[Nick McGowan]: status where they were like This dude can do it, but he’s a deche bag and had

[Nick McGowan]: to work my way back from that where I think when you go through that stuff and

[Nick McGowan]: you have those things that happen like you should be able to learn from it,

[Nick McGowan]: but full transparency. Like seven years before that, I had my own consultant

[Nick McGowan]: company as a young twenty something, making loads of money walking

[Pat Maguire]: yep.

[Pat Maguire]: yep.

[Nick McGowan]: into dealerships and telling people this is how you should do your fucking

[Nick McGowan]: job. and they’re like Oh, I’ve done it for thirty years. I’m like you did the

[Nick McGowan]: same thing thirty times for a year

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: in a row, just over

[Pat Maguire]: yep,

[Nick McGowan]: and over and over and then my head got so big And then when that whole thing

[Nick McGowan]: and over and over and then my head got so big And then when that whole thing

[Nick McGowan]: crumbled and the ▁ing on my mom’s couch, I’m thinkingck me

[Nick McGowan]: crumbled and the ▁ing on my mom’s couch, I’m thinkingck me

[Nick McGowan]: who. What happens now? you should learn some shit. So on that note, are there

[Nick McGowan]: any major episodes or things that have happened in life where you can look

[Nick McGowan]: back and you go, Man. That was one of those moments that changed me.

[Pat Maguire]: um, I had a few.

[Pat Maguire]: I was thinking. I was actually like thinking about this different

[Pat Maguire]: stages.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: I don’t know if you remember this. I was so like the. I think. The what I read

[Pat Maguire]: when I was looking over this. I was like man. The biggest effect on my life

[Pat Maguire]: was legit being small,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: because

[Pat Maguire]: it’s already hard when you’re the only male and the youngest. So you get like.

[Pat Maguire]: You really get treated completely different right

[Pat Maguire]: so I’m like You know ya, hi.

[Pat Maguire]: like I barely had the You know The The. I couldn’t ride any rides and like I

[Pat Maguire]: could even drink like it was like crazy, but like I was always

[Nick McGowan]: until he was twenty five.

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, but I was always short,

[Pat Maguire]: so

[Pat Maguire]: there was always all these like limiting things and so like when I was growing

[Pat Maguire]: up, I was like I want to get bigger. You know, I can’t force myself to get

[Pat Maguire]: taller, but I’m like Man,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm.

[Pat Maguire]: if I could, you know, ’cause you’re not you. Nothing is threatening about you.

[Pat Maguire]: Not that I wanted to be threatening, but it’s like you you can. I, C. And I was

[Nick McGowan]: Hm.

[Pat Maguire]: a smart ass like. I never stopped being a smart ass and it started young. So

[Pat Maguire]: but there was nothing threatening about me So I was in a really weird situation

[Pat Maguire]: ’cause I would talk the ship and they were like. What’ you saying? I was like,

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: Friends come from himself.

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, yeah, say to my thanks to like. Hold on. I said mah,

[Pat Maguire]: but like

[Nick McGowan]: Let me get on the ground.

[Pat Maguire]: right. So it’s like I was. You know, I had. I had kind of like the that whole

[Pat Maguire]: upbringing right, So it was like everyone assumed that I was fragile. I wasn’t

[Pat Maguire]: um, like that. You get this whole like almost stereotype like. Oh, you have

[Pat Maguire]: older sisters. Oh, you don’t know what it’s like? you’ like

[Pat Maguire]: you know my friends like we’re a bunch of asslesles Like

[Nick McGowan]: so give some contacts here. Who?

[Pat Maguire]: All right,

[Nick McGowan]: who was the family unit that you had? Because I know some of the stuff be

[Nick McGowan]: cause you and I grew up since like F, third grade or whatever.

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah, Yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: So I know some of those people from years ago. But give us some context. Lay

[Nick McGowan]: the groundwork here,

[Pat Maguire]: so I literally had you know, my my mom and then my three sisters.

[Pat Maguire]: my dad. I saw you know peer and there, Um

[Pat Maguire]: shot face. Um, but you know it was which I’m learning more more about. That’s

[Pat Maguire]: the crazy part too, Like I can get into

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: that. That’s a whole different story, but um, so my dad really wasn’t around

[Pat Maguire]: my, so I literally went home. It was my mom and my three sisters. They were all

[Pat Maguire]: older than me, So it was like I was shit. I was like nothing could hurt me at

[Pat Maguire]: that point because

[Pat Maguire]: I was the dude that was getting dressed in girls clothes ’cause I didn’t have

[Pat Maguire]: any male

[Pat Maguire]: support. you know, so like I was like fuck man, I’m getting set to fail

[Pat Maguire]: and I was like All I want to do is be bigger like I wanted a I, You know, I

[Pat Maguire]: remember growing up too, like you know, Uh, they were always worried about me,

[Pat Maguire]: so I was actually supposed to be a twin. The other twin

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: died during childbirth, so I said, Obviously I’m strong. so I little fittest.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, but like so I,

[Pat Maguire]: but I literally it was like you know they. they were like. Oh, you know he’s

[Pat Maguire]: um.

[Pat Maguire]: he’s He’s not going to be a big kid like it’s go to be impossible for him to be

[Pat Maguire]: big. And I hate hearing the word like impossible, like or

[Nick McGowan]: more, ha,

[Pat Maguire]: like You can’t do something like to me. That’s worse than like. Tell me to go

[Pat Maguire]: fuck myself like he’. like Iy fuck off. I’m like, have a great day, but if

[Pat Maguire]: you’re like Ah, you can’t do that. Like says who you know. So it’s like that’s

[Pat Maguire]: always bugged me to like the core, So I was always small and always told you’ll

[Pat Maguire]: never be this. and I was like,

[Pat Maguire]: Fuck off. I will be that. So like I started young, and that kind of moulded me

[Pat Maguire]: to always.

[Pat Maguire]: like. always. Just keep going like

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: whatever everyone else is saying, Like set your mind,

[Pat Maguire]: so like when I met, you know, years later I met my wife.

[Pat Maguire]: I was a hundred and forty five pounds,

[Pat Maguire]: five, nine hundred and forty five pounds, and I wasn’t healthy by any means,

[Pat Maguire]: ’cause I was a part of that two thousand eight crash,

[Pat Maguire]: so I had my. I had my my thorough money days, Whereas I refer to them as my uh,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhmm, Hm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like New York Strip days. Then I had mym my Rama noodle days, ’cause that’s all

[Pat Maguire]: I could afford, And so when the market tanked I literally drank for a year

[Pat Maguire]: legit a year, straight,

[Pat Maguire]: twelve to twelve. It was like it was like I was fucking Clockman for work. Cool

[Pat Maguire]: and Um, so when I met my wife, I was surviving off of like mountain dew beer,

[Pat Maguire]: and like fucking Ben and Jerry’s

[Pat Maguire]: best diet ever. If you ever lose weight, best diet ever beer mountine, And

[Pat Maguire]: don’t take that advice.

[Pat Maguire]: Um,

[Pat Maguire]: And you know it was It was like that was like my lowest point ’cause literally,

[Pat Maguire]: when I met her I was

[Pat Maguire]: spiral, My spiral was like coming to an end. I was spending like ’cause I

[Pat Maguire]: wasn’t working ’cause I was like. Oh, you know, I don’t. I don’t have a job.

[Pat Maguire]: You know, I can’t do this. I can’t do that like my life is flocking over at

[Pat Maguire]: this point, So I’m like I’m just gonna dck myself away right. No one. No one

[Pat Maguire]: cares. Because when you have money, you don’t realize who’s the real friends

[Pat Maguire]: and who are the fake friends. So I thought all my real friends were there, but

[Pat Maguire]: they weren’t because they all were gone. So it was literally me in a bar being

[Pat Maguire]: like

[Pat Maguire]: No, okay, take no. the beer.

[Pat Maguire]: Um,

[Pat Maguire]: when I had her I was one forty five and

[Pat Maguire]: we got married

[Pat Maguire]: two years later.

[Pat Maguire]: So two years later and it was like she kind of helped me get back to the

[Pat Maguire]: mindset that I was,

[Nick McGowan]: Hm,

[Pat Maguire]: because

[Pat Maguire]: one Id say that she has vision problems, Because if you saw her, you’re like.

[Pat Maguire]: How the fuck did you pull that off and I’m like hu, best salesman ever

[Nick McGowan]: I think I asked you that

[Pat Maguire]: I get. I told you I could sell anything.

[Nick McGowan]: two

[Pat Maguire]: I just not proved it. Um. but you kinda, you kinda just helped me get back to

[Pat Maguire]: like that part of my life ’cause before

[Pat Maguire]: I hit that spiral or that downward trend, I was good, I was healthy. Um,

[Pat Maguire]: I was, you know, doing things correctly or what I was considered correct, and

[Pat Maguire]: then that I need, but I needed that complete rock bottom hit for me to look

[Pat Maguire]: back and go

[Pat Maguire]: holy shit like. I just, I just got off track like I let one thing just take me

[Pat Maguire]: off track. completely.

[Pat Maguire]: Um,

[Pat Maguire]: fast forward, we are gonna this July. I think we’re Oh, I can’t say that this

[Pat Maguire]: July, we’re celebrating

[Pat Maguire]: ten years of marriage.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, we’ve been together twelve years in with this, Uh, February this past

[Pat Maguire]: February. Um, I’m like two sixteen

[Pat Maguire]: like, but people are always like and I look back and I’m like. Ah, all those

[Pat Maguire]: people that said it wasn’t possibsle

[Pat Maguire]: like, and I’m not doing it to like for me. it was just me being like. Okay.

[Pat Maguire]: They said it wasn’t possible. I’m not going to do it to prove them wrong. I

[Pat Maguire]: gotta proved to myself like how much effort does it actually take and to be a

[Pat Maguire]: healthy two sixteen, which I am right now

[Pat Maguire]: it’s a lot

[Pat Maguire]: like. But it’s you start

[Pat Maguire]: focusing and it’s almost like

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: you have to have, like you have to be obsessed with your focus.

[Pat Maguire]: So like bodybuilding I’m go to compete this year.

[Pat Maguire]: I’m at the gym every morning by five thirty for uh, six thirty, So six thirty

[Pat Maguire]: at the gym. Most people aren’t even awake. I’m up at four thirty. I’m reading.

[Pat Maguire]: I’m self reflecting. I’m thinking about my day. Everyone’s like man, How do you

[Pat Maguire]: go? Why do you go to the gym so early? I’m like when you start your day with

[Pat Maguire]: the absolute hardest thing possible. It only gets easier

[Pat Maguire]: like I’m lifting a lot of away when I leave the gym. I’m like.

[Pat Maguire]: What else could happen? Nothing. I’m goingnna have a bad call tonight. Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: well, that’s not. That’s not four hundred pounds. I’m cool. you know. I’m like

[Pat Maguire]: all right cool. but like

[Pat Maguire]: literally that changed.

[Nick McGowan]: It couldn’t kill me

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah, right, like if the weight falls. I’m dead a call. Hm. someone mo y me.

[Pat Maguire]: Keep going.

[Nick McGowan]: next,

[Pat Maguire]: what you got. Let it all out. Um,

[Pat Maguire]: but it was like that downward spiralll

[Pat Maguire]: Like so when I was young, I was always told I couldn’t do things and that came

[Pat Maguire]: from

[Pat Maguire]: the hierarchy or the matriarch. like. Oh, it’s not possible. Oh, you can’t do

[Pat Maguire]: this. Oh, that’s you know. that’s not meant for you, not men for me, And I was

[Pat Maguire]: like Okay, Well, what is meant for me, And that’s the matter. I changed my

[Pat Maguire]: mind, so

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: when I was in the stock like doing, you know, I had my six, my twenty sixth, my

[Pat Maguire]: sixty three. like I was full fledged into that. And that’s when I was like

[Pat Maguire]: making a lot of money and I was like Man, all these people. I said he had to go

[Pat Maguire]: to college for the shid

[Pat Maguire]: like that’s fucking crazy like. Oh, you want a good job?

[Pat Maguire]: You gotta go to college. I was like

[Pat Maguire]: I, I don’t know what I want to do with my life.

[Pat Maguire]: Why, my wife? Why? at at eighteen do I have to select the rest of my life from

[Pat Maguire]: one thing, And I was like fock that noise. So

[Pat Maguire]: it kinda started from there then I? but I, I feel like I needed that. That was

[Pat Maguire]: like the humbling experience.

[Pat Maguire]: So like when you start getting really cocky and you start, you’re like I can. I

[Pat Maguire]: could close. everybody. give me a woman in and white dress on myself. Catch up

[Pat Maguire]: all day long, right, I’m go to go to Alaska and sell fucking ice cubes. You

[Pat Maguire]: know why, ’cause I’m Pat fucking of the wire. You start getting this like this

[Pat Maguire]: ego, but you literally need

[Nick McGowan]: uhhuh,

[Pat Maguire]: like that.

[Pat Maguire]: Butck can slap in the face when you’re like, Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: my world just got rocked and then you. it’s

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: like. But then if you can learn from that like that’s I feel like that is like

[Pat Maguire]: you need it to happen almost to have that like.

[Pat Maguire]: Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: Now, I really see what what it is like. Now the vision

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: is clear before you were like

[Pat Maguire]: money. Um, ’cause before that happened, that was all about money.

[Pat Maguire]: Everything

[Pat Maguire]: I was wearing expensive shit. I weare the same shit all day long now and I’m

[Pat Maguire]: totally cool with it

[Pat Maguire]: like, but I had to have like I was like name brands. Okay, let me go to. Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: I’m gonna wear these shades. Do I need ’em No, but I could buy them

[Pat Maguire]: and that was the important thing to me when I was younger,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: but it’s like if I didn’t have that slap or that like, let’s take you down a

[Pat Maguire]: few nachos thing. I don’t

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: think where I would be where I am today, because now my core focus is like, How

[Pat Maguire]: can I help you?

[Pat Maguire]: So sales. All my sales changed like forever. So Iing. for being super cocky

[Pat Maguire]: about how I sold to Now. Okay, how can I actually help you and make? and you’

[Pat Maguire]: I’m

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: building the entire value around them. I’m I’m different from anyone that else

[Pat Maguire]: we’re going to talk to ’cause I’m going to provide them the most value

[Pat Maguire]: possible. So it like it. Just I feel like that was that last thing was. and I,

[Pat Maguire]: I still, I mean,

[Pat Maguire]: should I be thirty eight this year? I don’t know how old I am. That’s not what

[Pat Maguire]: I am. I need gertol.

[Pat Maguire]: but I’ve had little instances throughout my life, and I think about this

[Pat Maguire]: constantly, so I’m begging the body building and I lift every day and I’m I can

[Pat Maguire]: outlift a lot of people for being five nine. So I go to the gym and I’ go. Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: dude. there’s that big dude. I’m like fact. Youre talking about where you’re

[Pat Maguire]: like you like. Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: okay, hey,

[Pat Maguire]: um, but I had double harney surgery because I was. I went at the front squat.

[Pat Maguire]: Uh over three hundred pounds. I had shingles at thirty. so I’ve always had

[Pat Maguire]: these little like Hey, reminders like let me shake you and make you realize

[Pat Maguire]: you’re fucking human

[Pat Maguire]: like you are not a superhero, But it’s like I feel like two things happen when

[Pat Maguire]: people get knocked down. they either stay down and they go. Well, this is what

[Pat Maguire]: it is

[Pat Maguire]: or they’ like Okay, Cool. Great lesson.

[Pat Maguire]: Keep going,

[Pat Maguire]: so it’s like I’ve always been like Okay. No,

[Pat Maguire]: everything that happens to me in life is a lesson. either I learned from it or

[Pat Maguire]: I’m going to let it keep me there forever.

[Pat Maguire]: And then what’s my future going to me? No one knows you know. so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: another tangent, but you know you get the idea.

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: I, um. I would like to think that there’s an innate ability for us all to look

[Nick McGowan]: at lessons and take those

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: lessons and use them. I, however do not believe that to be true. I think for

[Nick McGowan]: the most part we are fed what we’re fed and

[Nick McGowan]: we, we produce what we’ve been given to eat. You know, So the

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: people that were telling you you can’t do this. That’s not for you. You love

[Nick McGowan]: those people and even if you don’t, but they’re the people that are around you

[Nick McGowan]: and they’ taking care of you. Then

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: you listen to them and you absorb that stuff

[Pat Maguire]: Oh, yeah, yep.

[Nick McGowan]: just like the kids that are raised in houses where their parents were super

[Nick McGowan]: grow oriented and growth mindset. You know

[Pat Maguire]: yep.

[Nick McGowan]: there’s balance all that sort of stuff, too. You know you can’t go completely

[Nick McGowan]: crazy with your kids and like on pack, fuck and every single thing where

[Nick McGowan]: they’re like. I just wanted to talk about a toy like I don’t know what your

[Nick McGowan]: deal is,

[Pat Maguire]: I just wanted a

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Pat Maguire]: sandwich, mom,

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, but I think no matter what this touches back to balance, because if you

[Nick McGowan]: have those crazy moments in those crazy highes, some point you got to be able

[Nick McGowan]: to come back because

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: life is about balance. It isn’t about those crazy highs and all of that. I’m

[Nick McGowan]: glad that you and I, both of us kind of got that shit out of our systems

[Nick McGowan]: relatively early. Some people

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: realize that a bit later in life they kind of struggle, and then they work

[Nick McGowan]: through, and in their late thirties or forties’ll have some sort of success

[Nick McGowan]: and then that ego kind of comes out and you’re like It’s about fuck in time

[Nick McGowan]: where

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: it’s like You know that’s not. That’s not what it’s about. you know, like I’ve

[Nick McGowan]: heard

[Pat Maguire]: yep,

[Nick McGowan]: people say before, once I reached the top, I’m going to look back at those

[Nick McGowan]: people. I’m going to laugh and be like, Oh,

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: you people said I couldn’t do it. It’s not about laughing at that point. it’s

[Nick McGowan]: about going.

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: Oh, I got here. How did I get here? and honestly, out of anybody else that’s

[Nick McGowan]: around, can I help them? Can I help them also do this? But it’s on them to be

[Nick McGowan]: open to that, So

[Pat Maguire]: y, yp.

[Nick McGowan]: was there any sort of point where you you can kind of look back and go. You

[Nick McGowan]: know, there was a shift. A mindset shift, be it in school or in your twenties,

[Nick McGowan]: at some point where you’re like, Huh, I remember that moment when it shifted

[Nick McGowan]: and I was then everything changed,

[Pat Maguire]: it was. um.

[Pat Maguire]: I really think it was. it was.

[Pat Maguire]: It was that portion of my life like that. Um that I just kind of like touched

[Pat Maguire]: on. So

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: it was because I was on top of the world, So there’s

[Pat Maguire]: I was with a girl. There was a kid involved. Um was my kid super attached. Like

[Pat Maguire]: was ready to go to court. The whole thing,

[Pat Maguire]: Soly, when the rug got pulled out from under me

[Pat Maguire]: And that was like the point that I always, I always go back to in my head and I

[Pat Maguire]: can. I can never go back to that point and that’s why I make it now every

[Pat Maguire]: morning. I make it a point like I

[Pat Maguire]: don’t ever set my alarm,

[Pat Maguire]: Because it’s like I know I have to get up before everyone else is even awake.

[Pat Maguire]: Everyone else is thinking about waking up. I’m already like an hour or two

[Pat Maguire]: hours into my day

[Pat Maguire]: and it’s become such a routine for me. It’s like okay, ’cause when you when you

[Pat Maguire]: think about it right, like when you go out throughout your day,

[Pat Maguire]: it’s a lot of outside coming in right. So if

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: you are waking up with everybody else, you’re like okay, Let me check my

[Pat Maguire]: messages. Five have emails. I have this. I have that and your day starts. So

[Nick McGowan]: y,

[Pat Maguire]: when do you make time for yourself?

[Pat Maguire]: Especially if you’re if you’re single, ’cause then it’s like Okay. When you’re

[Pat Maguire]: single, it’s like Okay, All right, somebody wake up and I have my job to go to.

[Pat Maguire]: Um. If I own a business, I have to do this. I have to do that. Then when I get

[Pat Maguire]: back I’m gonna cook or I’m going to go out with friends or whatever. It’s like

[Pat Maguire]: there’s all this stuff and you’re like, When do I get to work on myself

[Pat Maguire]: And that’s when I start waking up early like I need to make sure that I’m I

[Pat Maguire]: spend time with my wife

[Pat Maguire]: right, like I could work. I’m a hard worker, so I could keep going like it’s

[Pat Maguire]: not. It’s not above me to. I’m like, Oh, eight o’clock cool me. just sen an

[Pat Maguire]: email right like I’ll keep going. but it’s like No, okay morning is for me.

[Nick McGowan]: hm,

[Pat Maguire]: night time is with her.

[Pat Maguire]: So I had to like, literally set those things in place. and it’s like if you

[Pat Maguire]: don’t, if you don’t put the time in to

[Pat Maguire]: even like, for you know, the self mastery piece.

[Nick McGowan]: mhmm,

[Pat Maguire]: No one’s gonna step anyb like Hey,

[Pat Maguire]: it’s your time like this is your time to

[Pat Maguire]: chill. Like get outside of your head. Just start. You know it’s like you have

[Pat Maguire]: to make a conscious effort

[Pat Maguire]: to be like. Okay, I have to fix myself. But if you have all this shit coming in

[Pat Maguire]: from the outside end, when are you goingnna? have the time to fix yourself So I

[Pat Maguire]: startry waking up early and now it’s just force a habit.

[Pat Maguire]: Weekends Doesn’t matter. I wake up. I’m like Okay. I still have

[Pat Maguire]: three or four before she gets up. So what am inna do?

[Pat Maguire]: read a book. you, immy. let me work on something else. Let me do this. let me

[Pat Maguire]: let me focus on me, and that way at the after that I’m cool. I

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: can give everyone whoever wants who wants a piece of my time. There you go.

[Pat Maguire]: there you go. You’re good because I already feel like I got the most out of it.

[Pat Maguire]: So it’s like, but you have to. you’d.

[Pat Maguire]: you have to find Any amount of time is better than no time at all,

[Nick McGowan]: How beg that

[Pat Maguire]: Right, so it’s like it’s just like people always ask me about fitness right,

[Pat Maguire]: ’cause now since I’m big, everyone’s like. Oh, how do you get to that? I’m

[Pat Maguire]: like, Oh, Fck,

[Pat Maguire]: a lot of work, man. I mean, you got to do some crazy shit sometimes, but like

[Pat Maguire]: when you wa to do something,

[Pat Maguire]: it’s the action. It’s not really the amount of action. It’s the action versus

[Nick McGowan]: yeah, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: no action at all.

[Pat Maguire]: So people are like Okay, I want to lose weight. What do you have to do like I,

[Pat Maguire]: I want this to happen quick. I’m like Okay. Well, you have to do some cardios

[Pat Maguire]: and lifting. You have to do this. You’re like I don’t have time for that. Like

[Pat Maguire]: what? fuck? Don’t you have time for that Like? do something

[Pat Maguire]: I don’t just don’t do. Don’t not do anything.

[Pat Maguire]: Ten minutes is better than ▁zero minutes. If all you have is

[Nick McGowan]: mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: five minutes, focus for five minutes on yourself

[Pat Maguire]: and you, I could bet you your mind will switch and it’ll be the most like

[Pat Maguire]: productive five minutes of your life.

[Pat Maguire]: ’cause it’s all you’re gonna give yourself, But you everyone

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: has fucking time.

[Pat Maguire]: Turn off your notifications for Facebook. Instigram everything

[Pat Maguire]: like

[Pat Maguire]: you know, and it’s like we get swamped in, but it’s like

[Pat Maguire]: give yourself time and then make it a challenge five minutes a day for one week

[Pat Maguire]: Now. Can you do ten minutes the next week? Can you do you know thirty minutes?

[Pat Maguire]: But if you, if you never put the time and you’re never going to get the

[Pat Maguire]: results,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: and that goes for anything you want a promotion?

[Pat Maguire]: what do I do to get it You? you want to you know, lose a bunch of way for the

[Pat Maguire]: beach. Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: you’re going to find time. people will drive. This is this always drive me

[Pat Maguire]: nuts, too.

[Pat Maguire]: People will drive out of their way

[Pat Maguire]: like veer off the road. cut in front of you to get to a Starbucks.

[Pat Maguire]: but they won’t take five fucking minutes to be like Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: let me focus on myself for five minutes

[Pat Maguire]: like, let me spend twenty bucks on a V day cappuccino

[Pat Maguire]: double shot of caramel, Like I want at all, and

[Pat Maguire]: First off that fucking stupid, it’s coffee, which is like the cheapest thing

[Pat Maguire]: you could buy.

[Pat Maguire]: Secondly, you could have used that time to just sit in the parking lot like

[Nick McGowan]: So let’s think about those people that are actually doing that and making

[Nick McGowan]: those decisions. I know that we all kind of fall into this way. There’s

[Nick McGowan]: something you don’t want to do and you look for a happy like I just want to

[Nick McGowan]: happy. I want to little D. Dup in the hit, I want something like Hey, let me

[Nick McGowan]: let me go do this thing. Or maybe I can just step aside and do something like

[Nick McGowan]: this for a minute, or I can watch some

[Pat Maguire]: y,

[Nick McGowan]: T. V or whatever. People look for those things because it’s the fear of the

[Nick McGowan]: unknown at times where they’re like. I don’t really know what that’s all going

[Nick McGowan]: to take, And then when they start to think through it and they think through

[Nick McGowan]: all that stuff Like man, I got to be at the gym for hours. I got to do things.

[Nick McGowan]: I don’t know what all that stuff looks like. Then

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm.

[Nick McGowan]: it becomes this big, giant, hairy scary monster where you’re like. I don’t

[Nick McGowan]: know how to deal with this and it’s just a matter of fucking starting. I

[Nick McGowan]: literally had a conversation earlier today with a friend of mine who was like

[Nick McGowan]: Hey, I’m kind of in a tough spot. I’ve got a great career, Make loads of

[Nick McGowan]: money, but I’m not really fulfilled and I’m looking to switch careers and do

[Nick McGowan]: something that’s brand new that I’ve never done before and I’ have to start

[Nick McGowan]: from scratch and I’m thinking I just want to burn all the bridges and go do

[Nick McGowan]: that. and on one hand I was like I appreciate your heart. With that, put the

[Pat Maguire]: yeah, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: fucking gasoline away. We’re not goingnna burn all the bridges. We don’t need

[Nick McGowan]: to do this,

[Nick McGowan]: Then I was like, let’s talk through and figure this stuff out. They, we hit on

[Nick McGowan]: a couple of things. You know, we had. He’s got money in the bank, so it could

[Nick McGowan]: be easier for him to step away and do something where some people, not

[Nick McGowan]: everybody’s got money in the bank to be able to do stuff. And I get that, but

[Nick McGowan]: we can’t look at those sort of things and’d be like. Oh, well, worst case. I

[Nick McGowan]: got this. There’s

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: a balance even to that because it’s a matter of thinking through, but still

[Nick McGowan]: taking those small actions. So as we werere talking through it, I was like.

[Nick McGowan]: Why? Well, what’s the thing you think you need to do And he’ said like, Oh, my

[Nick McGowan]: go. I want. blahah. Blah starts running through all this stuff. That’s like

[Nick McGowan]: big shit, almost big Harry, scary monster stuff. It’s

[Pat Maguire]: y, y.

[Nick McGowan]: like Okay, that’s cool. But how would you start that? I like. Oh, I would

[Nick McGowan]: probably just google search and find this thing and that I was like beautiful

[Nick McGowan]: man, So what are you go to do tonight? Say, go guess. I’m going to fucking

[Nick McGowan]: Google search and find this and start to look through that stuff. I’m like

[Nick McGowan]: great. So at that point what do you think it happen? He’s like, Oh, well, that

[Nick McGowan]: would probably lead me to this and lead me to that. And then I don’t really

[Nick McGowan]: know Like that’s the beautiful part Because if you start taking those steps,

[Nick McGowan]: you don’t know exactly what’s gonna come up, And I personally believe that’s

[Nick McGowan]: where the magic of the world pops into play. Because

[Pat Maguire]: oh yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: when you start to show up and start to do things, opportunities and doorways

[Nick McGowan]: just open up for you. Sometimes

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: it’s a little much because one door will open. You go all right cool. I’m in.

[Pat Maguire]: y,

[Nick McGowan]: There are forty other doors here. Shit, which one do I go through

[Nick McGowan]: and some of that is still just taking the next step. Even getting close

[Pat Maguire]: mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: to the door and be like, does it smell like fire? Does it smell

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: like death? Does it

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: smell great or whatever,

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: and being able to kind of work through that stuff, but I’m there with. I think

[Nick McGowan]: if we take those steps, just those smaller steps.

[Pat Maguire]: mhm, Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: Even like what can you do today and I go through this shit on the daily. I

[Nick McGowan]: think I’ve made myself so hyper aware that there are times where I can

[Nick McGowan]: instantly kick into awareness and then jump from either side like you should

[Nick McGowan]: have done or you should do, and I’m like

[Nick McGowan]: I’m right here right now, So what is the fucking thing I can do next? What do

[Nick McGowan]: I need to do now and being able to take those little little steps.

[Nick McGowan]: Sometimes it’s all it takes. It’s just that little bit that’ll open those

[Nick McGowan]: doors for you, you know, and you’ve

[Pat Maguire]: Oh yeah.

[Nick McGowan]: experienced that stuff before

[Pat Maguire]: yep. y. I always. one of my favorite sayings is um,

[Pat Maguire]: how to eat an elephant

[Nick McGowan]: one butte at a time.

[Pat Maguire]: one by at the time and elephants are massive, right, so

[Pat Maguire]: your whole entire thing could be huge, but you’re not going to swallow that Shi

[Pat Maguire]: hole. A snake can’t even do that

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: and they can disloate their job, But’s like just piece by piece

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: if you know what the end game is reverse engineering.

[Nick McGowan]: so let’s touch on that, too. I think some of that like where we talk about

[Pat Maguire]: give yourself a lift.

[Nick McGowan]: goals at different times or people are like. You need to know exactly what

[Nick McGowan]: your goal is. I

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: at times have issues with that because I’ve thought of different goals Now.

[Nick McGowan]: I’m not trying to bring religion or faith or whatever into this, but I sort of

[Nick McGowan]: am. Uh,

[Pat Maguire]: y.

[Nick McGowan]: I believe in God. I’m Christian, so there are times where I go right God.

[Nick McGowan]: Well, what do you want me to do? And it’s not like I hear nucleus, So nud you

[Nick McGowan]: to move along this way. you know, but I’m like All

[Pat Maguire]: but if you did,

[Nick McGowan]: right. Cool. What’s if I did? I fuck. I would move that direction like that’s

[Nick McGowan]: right. Cool. What’s if I did? I fuck. I would move that direction like that’s

[Nick McGowan]: the only way I’m going. Yes, sir.

[Nick McGowan]: the only way I’m going. Yes, sir.

[Pat Maguire]: yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: um, but being able to kind of hear those nods and understand that you’re just

[Nick McGowan]: at least moving in some sort of direction. I think we then internally need to

[Nick McGowan]: figure out what. What is it that’s guiding us like you

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm,

[Nick McGowan]: talked about money before where the money was the guide for you and you

[Pat Maguire]: oh, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: were like. Well, I’m going to go and I’m going to get this. I’m going get that

[Nick McGowan]: and do this and do that And then you do all those things and you realize that

[Nick McGowan]: was just a bandage like That’s

[Pat Maguire]: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: not what it’s about at all. you know. So with the with the business that

[Nick McGowan]: you’re starting now, this is obviously different than what you had done in the

[Nick McGowan]: past, and you’re not going into it with that gimme gimm. gimm. I need money,

[Pat Maguire]: Mhm. yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: sort of scenario. So what does the approach that you’re taking with your

[Nick McGowan]: sort of scenario. So what does the approach that you’re taking with your

[Nick McGowan]: mindse as you start to build this thing?

[Nick McGowan]: mindse as you start to build this thing?

[Pat Maguire]: um,

[Pat Maguire]: the

[Pat Maguire]: I think for

[Pat Maguire]: before this time when I, when I look at it right, so I’m I’m doing. I’m

[Pat Maguire]: literally doing the little bit of an elephant at a time

[Pat Maguire]: because I’m still doing the nine to five and it’s it’s funny too, because like

[Pat Maguire]: everyone’s like, I’m like. You know what’s funny, So

[Pat Maguire]: everyone goes. Have you ever trained anyone before and I was like, Oh my god,

[Pat Maguire]: dude, Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: I just never like I was doing it while I was at companies.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: I was doing it, you know, on the side like if I was unemployed. I was like,

[Pat Maguire]: Hey, let me stop into this dealership and tell you guys that you Gu suck and

[Pat Maguire]: I’m going to show you how to actually stop a car. I’m go to tell you how to rip

[Pat Maguire]: someone out of service and sell them a car. Like

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: So there was different times where I was doing it, but I was like, You know

[Pat Maguire]: what this is? A year that I’m go to make it legit.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: so I’m going to get the ▁l ▁l C. I didn’t know anything about analysy, so I’m

[Pat Maguire]: like, Mm. I need an know. I’ll say

[Pat Maguire]: I’m like Okay, feltlled. All information. I’m like All right cool. There’s a

[Pat Maguire]: thing called Google if you need an answer.

[Pat Maguire]: Got

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: it okay? Cool right. So it’s like, But it’s literally been piece by piece and

[Pat Maguire]: I’m still learning. You know, because now it’s not me in person.

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: it’s me here. You paid for videos, Right, you’re going to learn everything that

[Pat Maguire]: it’s me here. You paid for videos, Right, you’re going to learn everything that

[Pat Maguire]: I know in videos in video form. you know. Going get slide. You’re gonna thisish

[Pat Maguire]: I know in videos in video form. you know. Going get slide. You’re gonna thisish

[Pat Maguire]: you and get that you’re going to like all this stuff. You’re not literally,

[Pat Maguire]: you and get that you’re going to like all this stuff. You’re not literally,

[Pat Maguire]: have all my years of sale

[Pat Maguire]: have all my years of sale

[Pat Maguire]: given to you rather than the trial. the error, like all this kind of stuff. So

[Pat Maguire]: for me it’s like the mindset pie is like Okay. Where before when I was younger,

[Pat Maguire]: I’d be like Okay, like I’ve put my heart into it right ’cause we always get to

[Pat Maguire]: that point. Youing, I’ve I’ve dumped my heart into this and it’s not working.

[Pat Maguire]: This isn’t for me like I find myself now. I’m like Okay.

[Pat Maguire]: That didn’t work. Okay. so what I was trying to do didn’t work this. I still

[Pat Maguire]: need to see all the way through.

[Pat Maguire]: Okay. let me let me step back to the drawing board. I’ve revamped

[Pat Maguire]: like and I, I launched January first ’cause I told myself I had to. I was like

[Pat Maguire]: I’m gonna do this. I’m goingnna get the ▁l ▁ city by January first, So I did

[Pat Maguire]: that. That was step one

[Pat Maguire]: and I was like, Oh, you know, had you made any sales? I’m like. I’m not really

[Pat Maguire]: concerned because the right people are gonna come like I’m not going to go out

[Pat Maguire]: there and Bl I could hard sell you. I could hard sell the shit out of you,

[Pat Maguire]: but it loses its purpose at that point,

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like I’ve done that before, Like I know how to force a sail. I don’t want to do

[Pat Maguire]: that. Im let me get you on the phone. I’m go. I’m gonna make you say yes

[Pat Maguire]: right, but it’s like I constantly find myself stopping back and going Okay.

[Pat Maguire]: Only look for me outside in

[Pat Maguire]: here’s where I’m at. Currently

[Pat Maguire]: here’s the next step or whether I think the next step is now. If I don’t know

[Pat Maguire]: what the next step is. Who knows what the next step is? Who can I talk to

[Pat Maguire]: that’s already experienced. This that started this. That’s and you, I think the

[Pat Maguire]: thing to realize too is like people are very open to talking.

[Nick McGowan]: Be time.

[Pat Maguire]: you know. So if I don’t know something, and I openly amit it now before you

[Pat Maguire]: couldn’t tell me otherwise, like you’, Not dism that cool now. I’m like. Oh

[Pat Maguire]: shit. I don’t know

[Pat Maguire]: who the fuck knows and I’m like. Oh, hey, you know all right. I guess I was

[Nick McGowan]: tell me,

[Pat Maguire]: question for you. Please help me. Um. and but like people are very open

[Pat Maguire]: And it’s like you don’t realize because you people are so afraid to talk now,

[Pat Maguire]: or you always think like, especially like. So this is like, Um, I do coaching

[Pat Maguire]: right.

[Pat Maguire]: The coaching business

[Pat Maguire]: has so many people that are in sales

[Pat Maguire]: like they are sales coaches

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: and everyone thinks it’s like you got talk shit about them. You gotta do this.

[Pat Maguire]: You’m like I don’t want to be in that world. I won’t be in that space. Like

[Pat Maguire]: who’s better than you? Oh, fuck this guy. this guy, this guy. You’s my around

[Pat Maguire]: little lower than me Like there’s different levels. It’s like. But you don’t

[Pat Maguire]: want to sell everyone, And that’s what. That’s

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: the difference, too. It was like I’m not trying to sell everybody in their

[Pat Maguire]: mother, whereas before I was like, Bring your family and I’ll sell them too.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: But it’s like my mindset now is is just like

[Pat Maguire]: piece by piece. The biggest thing for me. The biggest hurdle for me was taking

[Pat Maguire]: something that I was doing off the books and making it a bi. a legit business.

[Pat Maguire]: So first starttle’s, done Next

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: hurdle Is you know? Um, the the first official sale, right

[Pat Maguire]: cool? Does it have happen tomorrow? No,

[Pat Maguire]: will it happen? Sure, Well when the

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: time is right and it’s like

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: realizing no one’s going to be a millionaire Overnight,

[Pat Maguire]: you. I’m I’ll make a dollar. I’m like

[Pat Maguire]: that was the best dollar I made ’cause it was all for me right and it’s like I

[Pat Maguire]: don’t care. So this is like. This is more of like a ride for me

[Nick McGowan]: yeah,

[Pat Maguire]: and it’s like it’s keeping myself positive about the whole thing, whereas

[Pat Maguire]: before I would always do what everyone is notorious for doing and self dout,

[Pat Maguire]: negative, self negative, Talk like you start

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: talking yourself out of seeing something through, or you get one failure and

[Pat Maguire]: you’re like Ohck, it’s not gonna work

[Pat Maguire]: now. I’m just like well, mongy. I learn how not to do it. Let me change

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm, Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: lab.

[Pat Maguire]: You know.

[Pat Maguire]: Um, so yeah, it’s it’s it’s just day by day. Just like with anything like you,

[Pat Maguire]: it, the point is that just keep moving and that’s what I realized Like

[Pat Maguire]: that’s what my entire life was. I guess trying to teach me up until this point

[Pat Maguire]: was. No matter what’s thrown at you, no matter what happens, what speed bumps.

[Pat Maguire]: What potholes ’cause you, Pennsylvanias, notorious for patholes. What potholes

[Pat Maguire]: are there like it doesn’t matter.

[Pat Maguire]: Just keep going forward.

[Pat Maguire]: distractions all around you, stay focused and keep moving And that’s where Me

[Pat Maguire]: waking up so early

[Pat Maguire]: it allows me to step back and go. Okay, you woke up.

[Pat Maguire]: You’re still not a millionaire. Okay,

[Pat Maguire]: that’s fine, not fucking like it is what it is, but I’m gonna keep. I’m going

[Pat Maguire]: to stay focused. I’m gonna try different things. I’m still trying. Does this?

[Pat Maguire]: does this add work? Does this marketing piece work? does this do this? No,

[Pat Maguire]: okay, cool. all rightight On the next, How can I reward this? How can I make

[Pat Maguire]: it? You know more enticing. How can I do this? but it’s

[Nick McGowan]: Mhm,

[Pat Maguire]: like, Just keep going. It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter what happens,

[Pat Maguire]: Just keep going forward and that’s kind of like where I’m at now, so it’s like

[Pat Maguire]: cool. It’s up. I have a website. I got this. I have that everything’s running

[Pat Maguire]: and when it’s the right time,

[Pat Maguire]: it’s the right time until that point I’m going to be to keep working on it,

[Pat Maguire]: building it, building it and building it.

[Pat Maguire]: so

[Nick McGowan]: That’s It’s a beautiful

[Pat Maguire]: that’s

[Nick McGowan]: way to be able to get into it. I mean, really,

[Nick McGowan]: I’d like to end these episodes with finding one piece of advice that you can

[Nick McGowan]: give. Then you seemmlessly walked into that. So thank you, because it’s a

[Nick McGowan]: beautiful piece of advice.

[Nick McGowan]: A lot of people can think that they just need to do all of these things, but

[Nick McGowan]: in all actuality you just need to do the next thing. Whatever that

[Pat Maguire]: hm.

[Nick McGowan]: next thing is, Just do those things. So pat, man, I really appreciate being on

[Nick McGowan]: you and I could talk for hours and hours and hours. Um. But these

[Pat Maguire]: Yeah,

[Nick McGowan]: episodes are typically about an hour long, so we’re about at our time will

[Nick McGowan]: definitely have you back, especially as your business grows. and as you learn

[Nick McGowan]: more,

[Pat Maguire]: how? yeah. Yep.

[Nick McGowan]: Um, I’m sure listeners will love to hear some of that, but Pe. Where can

[Nick McGowan]: people find you?

[Pat Maguire]: all right, so this will be interesting. Um,

[Pat Maguire]: so the business is you actually go on Instegram, which is at tie cutters, just

[Pat Maguire]: like a Tiii. wear and cutting it. So tie cutters, Um website is tie cutters,

[Pat Maguire]: and it all relates back to those really hard core sales where you got initiated

[Pat Maguire]: because they cut your tie

[Nick McGowan]: That’s good stuff. man,

[Pat Maguire]: stuper, simple.

[Nick McGowan]: Yeah, I dig it well, cool pa. thanks again for joining the show. We appreciate

[Nick McGowan]: you being on.

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