The Mindset Of A Mobile Home Investor – Ep.009 – Adrian Smude

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Episode summary:​ Adrian and I got into the systems he’s put in place to mostly keep himself accountable and continue to grow. When you know the ways you work best you can seek others that help you do more of that and keep you accountable as you grow.

Guest Name & Bio: Adrian started his real estate career in 2002. Adrian attributes much of his success to his passion for lifelong learning which has led him to continue education courses and fostered relationships with respected mentors.

He implemented what he learned, took action, and now has a successful business that fits his personality and lifestyle. Through sharing his ideas, success, and failures Adrian hopes to inspire YOU to take action and create a life pursuant to your passions!

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[Nick McGowan]: Adrian what is up my man how you been how you doing

[Adrian Smude]: i’m wonderful how about you today

[Nick McGowan]: i’m great man i’m so excited that you’re on here it’s been a while Adrian and i’ve

[Nick McGowan]: known each other for a couple of years now but dude i think it’s been actually a

[Nick McGowan]: few years since we last saw each other

[Adrian Smude]: yeah we have not seen each other we talked on the phone a little bit and you know

[Adrian Smude]: the zoom every other platform world the video world

[Nick McGowan]: zoom

[Nick McGowan]: google meet teams riverside now

[Adrian Smude]: that’s about it

[Adrian Smude]: yeah i can’t keep track of ’em all yeah

[Nick McGowan]: well Adrian man i really appreciate you being on so ad and i have known each other

[Nick McGowan]: for a couple of years when i first moved to florida five or six years ago i joined

[Nick McGowan]: a networking group and Adrian was one of the first guys to introduce himself and

[Nick McGowan]: kind of befriend me there are certain people in those groups that sometimes

[Nick McGowan]: they’re just weird and s squarely and like stay in the corner don’t want to talk

[Nick McGowan]: to new people not this dude he just straight up walked up he was like hey i’m

[Nick McGowan]: Adrian who were you what do you do what’s your deal i was like i i like you i’m

[Nick McGowan]: Nick this is my deal how about you so Adrian on that note why don’t you tell us

[Nick McGowan]: what you do for a living and maybe one thing that most people don’t know about you

[Adrian Smude]: i mainly wear this yellow tshirt that says my wife buys mobile homes but behind

[Adrian Smude]: the tshirt we buy mobile homes so i i buy them and with the home and land together

[Adrian Smude]: and rent them out

[Adrian Smude]: that business plan is to be boring and simple

[Adrian Smude]: we get enough excitement that just comes out of ordinary but we just want that

[Adrian Smude]: business to be boring and simple

[Adrian Smude]: and then something that people don’t know about me probably that i really enjoy

[Adrian Smude]: adult coloring books that does not mean like nudity coloring books that just means

[Adrian Smude]: coloring books that aren’t for three year olds and i use a glitter gel pens i’m

[Adrian Smude]: kind of looking down that way cause i have them out on my

[Adrian Smude]: desk right here i actually use right now how el rod he has a affirmation coloring

[Adrian Smude]: book that i really am enjoying

[Nick McGowan]: oh wow i appreciate you saying not the adult adult coloring books but adult

[Nick McGowan]: coloring books because i i know my i know exactly what you’re talking about but my

[Nick McGowan]: brain instantly goes to are you like coloring boobies and things like what’s going

[Nick McGowan]: on here

[Adrian Smude]: every time i say it that’s the first thing my brain goes to as well

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Adrian Smude]: which i have had a coloring book of of animals pooping that was a fun one

[Nick McGowan]: so i want to see some of those

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: finished beautiful products of your colorful shit let’s say

[Adrian Smude]: yeah i’ll post some in your your facebook group

[Nick McGowan]: i appreciate that man yeah so i’m glad that you’re part of that facebook group i

[Nick McGowan]: know you’re part of another facebook group that i run to so there’s the men’s

[Nick McGowan]: mindset and self mastery group and also the manley club but uh man i’m just so

[Nick McGowan]: glad that you’re here but i want us to get into all of the things that we can talk

[Nick McGowan]: about that you and i talk about on our zoom calls and are just like i don’t know

[Nick McGowan]: uh bi annual catch up

[Nick McGowan]: of being able to talk through like man what have you what have you been up to

[Nick McGowan]: what’s going on so

[Nick McGowan]: let’s start with how the hell did you get into selling or buying mobile homes

[Adrian Smude]: the quickest story i can make it is i bought my second house back at the peak of

[Adrian Smude]: the last real estate cycle i lost it as a short sale and that dinged my

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: ego so about i don’t know six years ago

[Adrian Smude]: i remember the pain from my ego taking a loss and i thought we were at the top of

[Adrian Smude]: the real estate market and i’ve said there’s no numbers don’t make sense but

[Adrian Smude]: obviously i have been extremely wrong

[Adrian Smude]: but because of that i looked for something different than the sight filt single

[Adrian Smude]: family home and i just listen to the season guy and girl in the back of the real

[Adrian Smude]: estate investor room they all talked about mobile homes at some point or they

[Adrian Smude]: still

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: owned them so let me check it out i fell in love with the cash blow the really

[Adrian Smude]: tight niche of it not as much competition and completely transition the whole

[Adrian Smude]: business

[Nick McGowan]: well

[Nick McGowan]: you know i i think there’s a lot to be said to try to pivot you know a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: people will try to pivot their business no matter what but i think too many people

[Nick McGowan]: work in their business and not on it so the fact that you were able to actually

[Nick McGowan]: shift and say i want to go this direction

[Nick McGowan]: i’m sure you hear this often but when people think mobile homes they are not

[Nick McGowan]: thinking glamour they’re not thinking like you’re even gonna make tons and tons of

[Nick McGowan]: money but man you’re doing incredibly well for yourself so can you walk us through

[Nick McGowan]: kind of what that thought process was where you started to piece those things

[Nick McGowan]: together and go i’m gonna make this shift

[Adrian Smude]: well one of my coaches really started just asking me what do i really want today

[Adrian Smude]: because i was trying to build some cash flow some equity some appreciation you

[Adrian Smude]: know i wanted everything he’s like what do you really want today to live off of to

[Adrian Smude]: eat off ’em and those cash flow is the answer i don’t eat off of equity i don’t

[Adrian Smude]: eat off of all these other things

[Adrian Smude]: and

[Adrian Smude]: mobile homes are cash flow i mean there’s really no other way

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: to say it they’re cash flow they’re not very sexy sometimes some but my bank

[Adrian Smude]: account looks good and

[Adrian Smude]: as you alluded to

[Adrian Smude]: not many people like them and that stereotype has helped me buy even

[Nick McGowan]: this

[Adrian Smude]: more because i’ll go to a meeting and say i want you to buy mobile homes people

[Adrian Smude]: say why would you ever want to do that and i reply in a joking way you’re right

[Adrian Smude]: they’re terrible investments give me

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: all your leagues

[Adrian Smude]: and that’s how we buy them that really is

[Nick McGowan]: that’s awesome so can you kind of break down a bit of what it looks like some

[Nick McGowan]: numbers wise of you know buy one for this fix it up flip it or whatever that needs

[Nick McGowan]: to look like

[Adrian Smude]: let’s go on today’s

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Adrian Smude]: numbers because it has changed a lot in three years because they do appreciate

[Adrian Smude]: because people will pay more for a cash flow they’re a cash flow stream not so

[Adrian Smude]: much an appraisal value is that if that makes sense to people but today we are

[Adrian Smude]: buying one for right around one hundred thousand dollars that’s nineteen ninety

[Adrian Smude]: seven with an acre of land in plant city florida and that’s a good deal it really

[Adrian Smude]: is a really good deal for it and we’re going to better rent it probably for

[Adrian Smude]: eighteen hundred dollars

[Nick McGowan]: well

[Adrian Smude]: a month

[Adrian Smude]: those yeah see you can do a quick enough math in your

[Nick McGowan]: damn yeah

[Adrian Smude]: head like that that’s good that’s a good return and uh that’s a that’s a really

[Adrian Smude]: good return a lot of times we bought older ones that people are truly scared of

[Adrian Smude]: like the nineteen sixties and seventies and those are the the falling apart ones

[Adrian Smude]: that i like because they’re even higher cash flow but now we’re upgrading

[Adrian Smude]: portfolio to have something that has less of a chance of being a hurricane missile

[Nick McGowan]: i’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve said that but it’s the first time you

[Nick McGowan]: said it to me

[Adrian Smude]: no

[Adrian Smude]: or a tornado magnet you know

[Nick McGowan]: yeah oh man especially in florida yeah

[Adrian Smude]: so we got lots of jokes with them yep

[Nick McGowan]: so you’ve got a lot of different properties i know you do a lot

[Nick McGowan]: networking and things of that sort you were telling me before we started recording

[Nick McGowan]: that you’re making a shift you’re gonna walk us through your thought process and

[Nick McGowan]: how you’ve made that shift and what that shift is going to be

[Adrian Smude]: so i am the fifth year i’m thinking we talked about because we talked about a few

[Adrian Smude]: different things but

[Adrian Smude]: i’m really focusing on just this one type of mobile homes but it’s really my

[Adrian Smude]: office manager that’s doing

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Adrian Smude]: that work now

[Adrian Smude]: we’ve created a lot of systems and different things and that’s allowing a few

[Adrian Smude]: things she’s better at that than me i’m the imagineer so i do it this way one time

[Adrian Smude]: and this wait’s one time and that business needs more of a process

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: and it runs smoother like that and that’s her specialty she’s really good at that

[Adrian Smude]: and that allows me to be freed up to go around and speak about what has helped me

[Adrian Smude]: be successful my failures about mobile homes you know and i love it i i found i

[Adrian Smude]: really really really like it it’s a lot of fun i get to help people

[Adrian Smude]: and then make money doing something that it’s fun and you’re helping people and i

[Adrian Smude]: get to travel it’s a tax right off the travel i mean it’s checking all my

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: boxes

[Nick McGowan]: oh man so that was the thing i was talking about was being able to travel around

[Nick McGowan]: actually teach people how to do this sort of stuff but i want to take i want to

[Nick McGowan]: pull back a little bit let’s take a step back to little kid Adrian how did you get

[Nick McGowan]: to where you’re at now like did you have parents that were entrepreneurs did you

[Nick McGowan]: have family members that were entrepreneurs or was everybody just in a retail

[Nick McGowan]: business and you figured out i don’t want to do that like what did that look like

[Adrian Smude]: yeah i was very fortunate still am uh my parents my uncle my cousins on

[Adrian Smude]: most both sides of my family are all entrepreneurs they’re the i would say more of

[Adrian Smude]: the typical small

[Nick McGowan]: there

[Adrian Smude]: business entrepreneur that they work in the business not so much on the business

[Adrian Smude]: and nothing wrong with it we’ve had i had a great childhood we got to do a lot of

[Adrian Smude]: things

[Adrian Smude]: but i then did work at walmart about three or three and a half years fantastic job

[Adrian Smude]: because i learned it ruins holidays i do not want to be in retail and i need to do

[Adrian Smude]: something more i did enjoy the time there i actually got paid pretty quick more

[Adrian Smude]: than a lot of people but it taught me a lot of really good lessons so from there

[Adrian Smude]: i got you know my parents always said you do and be anything you want they want me

[Adrian Smude]: to go to school and i think a lot of parents say that but i don’t know i don’t

[Adrian Smude]: know if my parents just really meant it or if i actually believed them ’cause i i

[Adrian Smude]: i believe every parent says that but it just doesn’t happen and i’m not sure which

[Adrian Smude]: side it is or maybe it was a little bit of both maybe i was foolish enough to

[Adrian Smude]: believe them and i’ve shifted a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Adrian Smude]: times in life i didn’t have this like really far out there i want to be an

[Adrian Smude]: astronaut or i want to be a police sir my parents weren’t pushing me you gotta be

[Adrian Smude]: a doctor

[Adrian Smude]: and i’ve done a lot of awesome cool things and i’ll say jobs i’m putting the air

[Adrian Smude]: quotes up

[Adrian Smude]: because i’ve traveled for a company before and worked three or four days a week

[Adrian Smude]: and traveled with my best friend we did fifty three thousand miles thirty eight

[Adrian Smude]: states and

[Nick McGowan]: no

[Adrian Smude]: eight months

[Adrian Smude]: and it was an awesome time of for that period of my life and i got paid really

[Adrian Smude]: good and i don’t even i still don’t know how that happened but that wasn’t long

[Adrian Smude]: term thing it you know it fit its point of life

[Adrian Smude]: and then i slowly just transition i play in the stock market some so i f we can

[Adrian Smude]: say i failed forward there

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t have good of record keeping but i believe i probably broke even which is a

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: huge win for someone that goes in day trade to have a badass computer with four

[Adrian Smude]: monitors and two graphics cards and it’s still ahead of its time being i don’t

[Adrian Smude]: know six years old

[Adrian Smude]: but then i just kind of found real estate i mean it was always i was in it for

[Adrian Smude]: the whole time but as a hobby

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: and i don’t know i just decide all right i’m gonna try something different this

[Adrian Smude]: time and i just kept trying and real estate the one that stuck and as we talked

[Adrian Smude]: about the mobile homes within the real estate is what stuck would even harder

[Nick McGowan]: sure yeah you’ve got these tiers that you’ve gone through like all right i’m gonna

[Nick McGowan]: try something in this realm i like this little piece i’m gonna do something in

[Nick McGowan]: this realm and i like this piece down to the real estate where do i do home single

[Nick McGowan]: family whatever and mobile homes do you think that stuff back to your parents you

[Nick McGowan]: think it was that

[Nick McGowan]: they genuinely believe that you could do these things and therefore you genuinely

[Nick McGowan]: believed or do you think they positively gaslight at you and they’re like Adrian

[Nick McGowan]: you can do whatever you want or i hope he doesn’t fuck and die like

[Adrian Smude]: no i i believe that they truly believed it um i don’t know if it was

[Adrian Smude]: they just believed that a hundred percent or if it was like an ignorance believed

[Adrian Smude]: it you know it doesn’t matter which one they gave me the belief and you know i’m

[Adrian Smude]: in some different masterminds and co have coaches and one of the terms we like to

[Adrian Smude]: use is borrow the faith of the group

[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Adrian Smude]: you know when you don’t fully believe that you can do it you know the rest of the

[Adrian Smude]: group they all believe just borrow the faith and you can get through it

[Adrian Smude]: you know and i kind of on that topic the i would say use my coach as my parents

[Adrian Smude]: and

[Nick McGowan]: he

[Adrian Smude]: putting airports again

[Adrian Smude]: he’s coached me and pushed me on some things that looking back i don’t believe he

[Adrian Smude]: thought i could do

[Adrian Smude]: he just pushed me and you know it was kind of like shoot for the stars and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: you’ll hit theon i actually think that that’s what he was doing

[Adrian Smude]: and i surprised him and and

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: hit the goals but i only hit because he told me he believed i could do it and he

[Adrian Smude]: pushed me to that belief that i was all right he says i can i can

[Nick McGowan]: that’s interesting man i think there are certain people especially people that

[Nick McGowan]: listen to this uh podcast that have beliefs in themselves but they also have

[Nick McGowan]: limiting versions of those beliefs where those fears will pop up and they’ll be

[Nick McGowan]: like yeah i can do things because you know i did things like this before but this

[Nick McGowan]: is different so do you find that it’s kind of make a break for you to have that

[Nick McGowan]: accountability for somebody to go no i believe you can do this thing

[Adrian Smude]: for sure i mean accountability is huge i had my accountability called this morning

[Adrian Smude]: i have one every week with a group of just peers you know i call my coach he’s

[Adrian Smude]: accountability as well i ha i have right now three coaches

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: technically you know i truly believe in coaching for all

[Nick McGowan]: be too

[Adrian Smude]: different things that i mean accountability is huge it’s huge if you have

[Adrian Smude]: integrity to keep with what you said i’ve been with accountability partners with

[Adrian Smude]: people that come back every week and like yeah i didn’t really get it done you

[Adrian Smude]: know i’ll get it done this week that doesn’t help me it doesn’t help them and

[Adrian Smude]: accountability doesn’t good for those people

[Nick McGowan]: yeah i think it’s people got to be mindful themselves like if you show up you

[Nick McGowan]: actually have to show up and set a half asset but that’s also on that group to be

[Nick McGowan]: able to call them out on it part of a group where we we were a paid mastermind

[Nick McGowan]: group where we have people that every so often will kind of show up and they’ll

[Nick McGowan]: half asset and we politely ask them to um join something else because it doesn’t

[Nick McGowan]: really help anybody it doesn’t help them it it hurts in situations

[Nick McGowan]: and being being

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: accountable is a huge thing so do you find that you’ve been able to put together

[Nick McGowan]: sort of processes for yourself even though you’re not a process heavy person but

[Nick McGowan]: processes for yourself that help you to be accountable in those in between times

[Nick McGowan]: when you don’t have those calls

[Adrian Smude]: yeah i mean i would say the in between times uh if i understand you is the good

[Adrian Smude]: times when things are going good that’s the hardest time for me i would say to to

[Adrian Smude]: really keep

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: my habits i keep them

[Adrian Smude]: but it is harder when things are are either really really good or they’re really

[Adrian Smude]: bad because you don’t feel like it

[Adrian Smude]: but i’ve proven to myself enough now that when things are not going great in life

[Adrian Smude]: i’m like i know i need to get up and do my core things and when things are going

[Adrian Smude]: really good i’m too excited and i just want to jump

[Nick McGowan]: three

[Adrian Smude]: into my day

[Adrian Smude]: and skip my tour stuff so it’s weird but it’s actually a little more difficult

[Adrian Smude]: when things are going really good for me to to get my my core so i do the miracle

[Adrian Smude]: morning by hal el rod

[Adrian Smude]: i have my own version of it it’s really close it’s uh i probably about hour and a

[Adrian Smude]: half is my perfect war

[Adrian Smude]: and drinking some hot tea doing all my different things and i love it

[Nick McGowan]: do you want to walk us through sorry

[Adrian Smude]: if i’m doing that yeah if i’m doing that life works really really well so it looks

[Adrian Smude]: like i use uh incantations well here before that let me backup before i go to

[Adrian Smude]: sleep the night before i set my mindset of what i get to do the next day and

[Adrian Smude]: especially something in the morning that i’m going to be excited about i really

[Adrian Smude]: think that the morning starts with going to sleep and i typically listen to

[Adrian Smude]: something positive you know a five minute or twenty minute if i’m alone in bed i i

[Adrian Smude]: listen to few hours worth of positive something you know tony robin’s sleeping

[Adrian Smude]: incantations to get the subconscious mind going and then i wake up i do some very

[Adrian Smude]: light stretches like literally before i opened my eyes in bed and then i get up

[Adrian Smude]: and do incantations right away and incantation is an affirmation with energy you

[Adrian Smude]: know you can be screaming it just something with energy so i’m doing those while

[Adrian Smude]: walking around the house i’m starting my hot tea i have another little stretched

[Adrian Smude]: routine sometimes i’ll jump on the trampoline

[Adrian Smude]: then i go into my journaling

[Adrian Smude]: i have a right now i’m using the clear planner so it’s a planner and a journal

[Adrian Smude]: mixed i change up my journal a lot because i like to learn something from each

[Adrian Smude]: journal but i’m right now i’m really like the clear planner i go from that to

[Adrian Smude]: reading i’ll read i don’t have it set time i would say it’s probably ten to twenty

[Adrian Smude]: minutes and then i go from there over to the uh meditation same thing on

[Adrian Smude]: meditation

[Adrian Smude]: these days honestly it’s probably ten to fifteen minutes uh i had a point where i

[Adrian Smude]: was pushing to get twenty minutes plus uh when i get every once in a while jump

[Adrian Smude]: back into uh joe to spense and i’ll start doing like thirty

[Adrian Smude]: minutes in an hour again uh so that’s yeah that’s my morning routine but you know

[Nick McGowan]: yeah all the energy centers

[Adrian Smude]: that’s i do it at my pace

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Adrian Smude]: cell phones not existent except for that if i’m reading my incantations because

[Adrian Smude]: right right now i have a long list and i cycle through them and i’ll change them

[Adrian Smude]: as different things i read i’m like ooh i really like what that says and i’ll

[Adrian Smude]: tweak wording i’m very big on words that we use and how to tweak them to get more

[Adrian Smude]: what i want

[Nick McGowan]: that’s powerful that’s also a lot of stuff that you go through in the morning uh

[Nick McGowan]: and i i call it out it as as it is you and i have talked about this before we have

[Nick McGowan]: similar things that we do in the mornings the journaling meditation the stretching

[Nick McGowan]: the kind of the rituals that we do and i’ve had conversations with other people

[Nick McGowan]: before where they want to do these things but they’re hesitant like you add one

[Nick McGowan]: more thing to that damn list and all of it’s done they’re like i don’t want to do

[Nick McGowan]: any of it they’re like oh he added journaling i guess it i’m finished so did you

[Nick McGowan]: start off bit by bit by bit or did you just jump in head first and then pull

[Nick McGowan]: accountability in to help you stick with it

[Adrian Smude]: yeah so i started the miracle morning

[Adrian Smude]: and i coupled that with a sixty six day challenge from the one thing and i haven’t

[Adrian Smude]: done one of those challenges in a long time but i use that which basically just

[Adrian Smude]: sixty six days that’s the math they came up with to

[Adrian Smude]: create a habit and i decided the habit i was gonna do is the miracle morning and i

[Adrian Smude]: was gonna do it exactly as how o rod teaches it which has visualization which i

[Adrian Smude]: did not mention i do a little bit of the visualization mixed in with uh

[Adrian Smude]: incantations and meditation anyways i was probably only doing maybe

[Adrian Smude]: ten fifteen

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: minutes worth at that time and now it’s really expanded you know i’m not the

[Adrian Smude]: fastest reader so i just read until i’m kind of done reading you know i i don’t

[Adrian Smude]: know like said some days it’s ten minutes some days it’s twenty thirty minutes and

[Adrian Smude]: the same thing with meditation you know this is that’s my perfect world if it’s a

[Adrian Smude]: day that i didn’t get a lot of sleep yeah i cut cut this down to twenty minutes it

[Adrian Smude]: still works it keeps my habits i really like it when

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: it’s longer and i’ll tell you my days are better

[Adrian Smude]: when i take the time to do that and and i enjoy it

[Nick McGowan]: isn’t it interesting how we can kind of uh

[Nick McGowan]: battle with ourselves like man i know i should do this thing you’re like but i

[Nick McGowan]: gotta get into the day even when you’re excited and you’re like i’m gonna jump in

[Nick McGowan]: and i’m gonna do this thing by the end of the day you’re still like damn you know

[Nick McGowan]: if i would have done the meditations if i would have gone through and do this do

[Nick McGowan]: you find that it’s easier for you to just sit down and just do the damn thing now

[Nick McGowan]: and once you start you’re good

[Adrian Smude]: yeah that’s exactly once you start your good uh one of my awesome coaches he

[Adrian Smude]: recently passed away chuck bom and we would talk about that a lot we would just

[Adrian Smude]: decide all right i’m just gonna meditate for a minute for five minutes and it

[Adrian Smude]: always

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Adrian Smude]: went longer you know in the days i didn’t really feel like it you’re like alright

[Adrian Smude]: i’m just gonna do a tiny bit and i’ve never stuck well i shouldn’t say never when

[Adrian Smude]: i first

[Nick McGowan]: true

[Adrian Smude]: started yeah i was only meditating for a minute to three three minutes but if i

[Adrian Smude]: put on just a two minutes right now there’s no way i would only tom i would always

[Adrian Smude]: go longer but i can convince myself it’s only two

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: minutes you know the same idea of the cold showers that’s how i’ll treat myself

[Adrian Smude]: some time now in florida you know we say cold showers and our northern

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: friends think we’re we’re joking around but you know i’ll do that sometimes i’ll

[Adrian Smude]: turn it on all the way hot and jump in right away so it’s cold for what twenty

[Adrian Smude]: thirty seconds until get taught but that’s how i’ll trick myself into it and then

[Adrian Smude]: almost every time i stop it from ever getting hot cause i’m like i’m used to it i

[Adrian Smude]: i can handle it

[Adrian Smude]: but i i told myself i’m only gonna do this for

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: twenty seconds and it works

[Nick McGowan]: i think it’s a great thing before we started recording we were talking about the

[Nick McGowan]: accountability with yourself with some stupid things like facebook and not jumping

[Nick McGowan]: on facebook first thing in the morning you know i’ve had this conversation so many

[Nick McGowan]: times of people but i love what you brought up of being able to set up your

[Nick McGowan]: parental guidance on your phone that you actually have to make that decision like

[Nick McGowan]: are you about to disobey what you said you were gonna do and then you have to hit

[Nick McGowan]: that yes or no so even like jumping in the shower and being like i’m just gonna

[Nick McGowan]: leave it cold it’ll get hot and then you just turn it it’s like jumping into a

[Nick McGowan]: pool like yeah it’s going to be freezing but then totally good in a minute or two

[Nick McGowan]: that’s uh

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that’s super important ma’am and i i know a couple years ago i’d asked you uh we

[Nick McGowan]: talked about meditation and i was going through similar problems where i was like

[Nick McGowan]: i can sit here for a couple minutes because i can tell myself i can do it for a

[Nick McGowan]: couple minutes but it is just a battle like my brain just goes all different

[Nick McGowan]: places i’m like oh my god i’m itchy when i really am not you know i’m like what is

[Nick McGowan]: all this and you you told me about an app called insight timer that

[Adrian Smude]: oh yeah

[Nick McGowan]: has been huge

[Nick McGowan]: cause they have two minute three minute all the way up to i listen to jason

[Nick McGowan]: stevenson uh episodes of stuff that’s on there it’s like hours long similar to

[Nick McGowan]: what you do like i’ll put that on at night and just let let them talk me to sleep

[Nick McGowan]: in a beautiful empowering

[Nick McGowan]: way instead of just you know music or something like that

[Adrian Smude]: two

[Nick McGowan]: so do you uh do you find that you meditate uh still using apps or are you

[Nick McGowan]: primarily just setting up a timer for yourself and able to just jump right in

[Adrian Smude]: so i used to be

[Adrian Smude]: will say obsessed with tracking everything

[Adrian Smude]: it’s and with the inside timer i actually had four hundred twenty straight days of

[Adrian Smude]: meditating without

[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Adrian Smude]: missing one day

[Adrian Smude]: and then i purposely miss the next day

[Adrian Smude]: because i felt like i had turned this into a check

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: box

[Adrian Smude]: instead of meditating for the reason of meditating that really helped me get the

[Adrian Smude]: habit because i wanted to check that box off every day

[Adrian Smude]: and it got me through some of the times i didn’t so today

[Adrian Smude]: i really strive not to look at those little stars

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: they give you and the badges all that cool stuff that speaks to someone like me

[Adrian Smude]: that wants all it they want a check mark i try not look at it i would say most

[Adrian Smude]: days i use insight timer i still really like the app of the reasons it just has

[Adrian Smude]: such a

[Nick McGowan]: for real

[Adrian Smude]: variety i can listen to a chant one day and then some type of prayer the next day

[Adrian Smude]: in a buddhist monk in a humming i i just love the variety of it uh some days yeah

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t use anything i will just stand there and quiet i do try to change it up

[Adrian Smude]: some days i’ll just turn on joe dispenser on youtube ah i i’m reading a book uh

[Adrian Smude]: buddhist book right now that’s on meditating and there’s been some things i read

[Adrian Smude]: and i was like ooh i wanna try that so then i try exactly what i just read

[Adrian Smude]: and yeah i like to to change it up and really focus on doing it for the reason of

[Adrian Smude]: doing it

[Adrian Smude]: versus

[Adrian Smude]: checking the box which is it was a good habit because it got me into it and got me

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: addicted to it but i felt like i started doing it for the wrong reason

[Nick McGowan]: i appreciate the awareness i think there are people that go through that are still

[Nick McGowan]: probably in that stage of like well i’m trying to put my morning routines together

[Nick McGowan]: or i’m trying to get myself together on certain things but you touched on

[Nick McGowan]: something that most people don’t even get to and you and i have been there where

[Nick McGowan]: we’re just checking off because we said we’re gonna do it and i’ve fallen into

[Nick McGowan]: this as well we’re all half ash journaling because i’m like i don’t really like to

[Nick McGowan]: write but i told myself in the beginning you’re going to write the damn thing out

[Nick McGowan]: because you need to actually do the thing that’s uncomfortable and then i’ll just

[Nick McGowan]: like sloppy go through it and i’m like fuck it and i move along but that awareness

[Nick McGowan]: to be like hold up i’m just checking off this box where do you think that came

[Nick McGowan]: from because that’s not a natural thing to just pull that out

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t know the answer to it because i’ve been told a lot that i’m really self

[Adrian Smude]: aware

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t

[Adrian Smude]: i think it comes from my inner work i think there’s probably something more

[Adrian Smude]: natural

[Adrian Smude]: you know just instilled in me but i do think a lot of it is in her work uh it can

[Adrian Smude]: be a negative

[Adrian Smude]: because

[Adrian Smude]: then in my mind i’m never perfect i’m

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: always looking for something wrong so i’ve recently more discovered that that all

[Adrian Smude]: right i need to just adjust where i’m at you know i am at a good place you know

[Adrian Smude]: that’s that whole meditative you know at

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: peace stay instead of looking for you know you’re scanning your body and i feel

[Adrian Smude]: good but then i’m doing a meditation scan my body ooh what can i find

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: that’s wrong

[Adrian Smude]: but that you know that’s gone through my head of like let me find something to

[Adrian Smude]: improve on

[Adrian Smude]: and it’s the other side of it is when we’re doing just to check the box it keeps

[Adrian Smude]: the

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: habit going on a lazy day you know i talk about that with going to the gym i’ll go

[Adrian Smude]: to the gyms on di i’ll just stretch i’ll do one or two things and i walk out and

[Adrian Smude]: they make fun of me at the front desk and i’m like i kept the habit going

[Adrian Smude]: and that day makes the day that i finally get back into it much much easier

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it’s funny cause we’re half way through february i’m sure all the people that said

[Nick McGowan]: they were going to go to the gym in january were done a month and a half ago

[Nick McGowan]: but having that habit of just doing the thing um i’m right there with you man i go

[Nick McGowan]: through my rituals to be able to check off those boxes and being able to actually

[Nick McGowan]: check them off in the right way that awareness is huge so the fact that you i

[Nick McGowan]: guess intuitively have that awareness if somebody asked you how did you get that

[Nick McGowan]: or how can i get that what sort of suggestions would you give them

[Adrian Smude]: the first thing that comes to mind is an accountability partner that and it can’t

[Adrian Smude]: be a spouse it can’t be really a family

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: member it needs to be someone

[Adrian Smude]: with high integrity but that’s not a co afraid just call

[Nick McGowan]: is it

[Adrian Smude]: your bullshit and just be like what are you doing like this is wrong like it’s not

[Adrian Smude]: good for a spouse because that doesn’t usually end up well and you know your mom’s

[Adrian Smude]: on a good accountability

[Nick McGowan]: she’s your mom

[Adrian Smude]: partner coz most moms think their kids

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: are angels you know and so it’s it’s gotta be that’s one of the powerful things of

[Adrian Smude]: a coach and mastermind you know these days it’s funny i just had my coaching call

[Adrian Smude]: before we got on here

[Adrian Smude]: so i’m like we talked about i’m going around speaking and teaching more and my

[Adrian Smude]: coach was explaining how

[Adrian Smude]: my level of

[Adrian Smude]: doing what i say is going to improve even more of integrity because it’s going to

[Adrian Smude]: be hard for me to get there and speak and say this is how you do it this is what i

[Adrian Smude]: did to be successful if i’m not doing it

[Adrian Smude]: so he was saying how like all his coaching students help him be a better person

[Adrian Smude]: more than we know it because he can’t get on to me about something unless he’s

[Adrian Smude]: doing it

[Adrian Smude]: it’s uh so just how can we say someone that’s not getting into that world what can

[Adrian Smude]: they do besides the accountability part maybe just take on someone as a little

[Adrian Smude]: mentor or a mite you know there’s always someone that’s ahead of us that can teach

[Adrian Smude]: us and always someone

[Adrian Smude]: uh looking to get to where we are i don’t want to say

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Adrian Smude]: below but looking to be where we’ at and just being an inspiration for that person

[Nick McGowan]: i’m glad you say that uh when i was having conversations with my coach early on

[Nick McGowan]: about becoming a coach one of the things that i was saying was oh my gosh well you

[Nick McGowan]: know i know that i know these things and i can help people with these things but

[Nick McGowan]: and you always come up with some bullshit excuse of like but i’m not somebody

[Nick McGowan]: who’s doing millions and millions and millions of dollars so who the am i and he

[Nick McGowan]: had said to me you just need to be a step ahead cause there’s people that are one

[Nick McGowan]: step or two or ten steps behind you everything that you can lay out for them will

[Nick McGowan]: help and change their life drastically and when that sunk in i was like okay that

[Nick McGowan]: makes sense because i know most of the people that i had originally started

[Nick McGowan]: helping were just a couple steps behind me cause they were part of my circle in

[Nick McGowan]: certain ways going hey how did you handle this or how did you go about that how

[Nick McGowan]: did you do this

[Nick McGowan]: and look Adrian and i are gonna not push but promote coaching because we believe

[Nick McGowan]: in it as a coach i believe in it as somebody who has coaches i believe in it same

[Nick McGowan]: with Adrian so those people that are maybe sitting there saying look i get it i

[Nick McGowan]: can get a coach i could get a therapist i could do all this i could talk to

[Nick McGowan]: somebody else and get some sort of accountability

[Nick McGowan]: how can we make it so they have to do something because those things are difficult

[Nick McGowan]: air quotes to be able to take yourself out of your situation and talk to people

[Nick McGowan]: what can they do on their own right now to start moving in that direction

[Adrian Smude]: man ah

[Adrian Smude]: i can’t think of anything

[Adrian Smude]: because i don’t believe many people are gonna do it until they’re in enough

[Nick McGowan]: six

[Adrian Smude]: pain

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: one of my mentors he ah he would tell the splat story and he basically say if

[Adrian Smude]: someone’s if you’re really failing

[Adrian Smude]: the quicker you can hit rock bottom it splat the quicker you’re going to bounce

[Adrian Smude]: back up when you just kind of fall a little

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: bit and then you get it up and it’s not always good you just talk about when you

[Adrian Smude]: hot mom then you are really gonna rock it up and that really hit with me because

[Adrian Smude]: as you study you know tony robbins grant caron all these massively successful they

[Adrian Smude]: all have a spat story

[Adrian Smude]: and their lives really turned around then you know even

[Adrian Smude]: rod cleave he’s a massive multi family investor super super super super successful

[Adrian Smude]: and then he had a massive splat and now he’s even more successful than he was then

[Adrian Smude]: so it’s like you always have one at some point i think they’re actually avoidable

[Adrian Smude]: sorry you cannot avoid them anymore

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t know no one’s gonna do it and if if you if you push someone to get coaching

[Adrian Smude]: and they’re really not ready

[Adrian Smude]: they’re not coach

[Nick McGowan]: yeah at all

[Adrian Smude]: and then you’re going to look bad for not and you’re gonna be frustrated you know

[Nick McGowan]: been there

[Adrian Smude]: i’ve had many people in my uh not i don’t coach but within my group that my coach

[Adrian Smude]: coaches all of us you know we’re just frustrated with them it’s just like they

[Adrian Smude]: bring the group down because they’re just not listening what everyone is it’s it’s

[Adrian Smude]: not that they have to

[Adrian Smude]: the student doesn’t have to do exactly what the coach says but they got to go and

[Adrian Smude]: try it and just do

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: something

[Adrian Smude]: you know yeah it’s

[Nick McGowan]: hm a good point

[Adrian Smude]: i like you said i believe in coaching you know i currently have three coaches i’ve

[Adrian Smude]: had up to four or five at a time that i was paying so i like have coaches for

[Adrian Smude]: different things

[Adrian Smude]: and yeah i totally believe in coaching ‘because it works i don’t spend money on

[Nick McGowan]: yeah one hundred percent and it’s on you to work it too like you’re the coach type

[Adrian Smude]: things that don’t work

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Adrian Smude]: mhm

[Nick McGowan]: you go all right i’ve hired you because i don’t understand how to do these things

[Nick McGowan]: so help me with a plan to then do these things where you’re right if we talk to

[Nick McGowan]: somebody and they’re not ready not gonna do a damn thing

[Adrian Smude]: Nick when i first hired my first coach it was a mastermind group and coach

[Adrian Smude]: together i was not that

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: actually i didn’t realize it at the time but they called me out then and and

[Adrian Smude]: hindsight i was not coach

[Adrian Smude]: i was in enough

[Adrian Smude]: uh comfort pain or like i was just tired of being comfortable in that middle

[Adrian Smude]: ground

[Adrian Smude]: and i was actually listening to a podcast and the guy was trying to sell his

[Adrian Smude]: coaching but he he said something and said michael jordan has a coach why do you

[Adrian Smude]: think you’re better than michael jordan

[Nick McGowan]: sushi

[Adrian Smude]: and that i was like ooh and i’m not even a basketball fan but i was like ooh

[Adrian Smude]: that’s a really good point and he actually michael jordan

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: has tons of coaches you know he has in all different areas that was like i was

[Adrian Smude]: like that is a really good point who who the f am i to say that i’m better than

[Adrian Smude]: him any whoever you look up to they all have

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: coaches and yeah that was the the stinger to get me

[Adrian Smude]: to find one

[Nick McGowan]: man i i’ve never heard that you’re absolutely right and all of those people want i

[Nick McGowan]: mean lebron pops into my head because i heard recently that he spends about a mill

[Nick McGowan]: mill and a half just on his body and then money specifically on his mind and the

[Nick McGowan]: spirituality and all of that and that makes sense i mean you have to make sure

[Nick McGowan]: that you’re in peak physical condition and ultimately peak mental condition to do

[Nick McGowan]: all of these those things but i think the normal people again in air quotes we’ve

[Nick McGowan]: done this a lot in this episode but the normal people of the world forget that

[Nick McGowan]: they also need to be in peak physical condition and peak mental condition to get

[Nick McGowan]: the best out of life that they can i mean think about it we’ve all eaten one night

[Nick McGowan]: and been like well this this great whatever it is you’re eating it and then the

[Nick McGowan]: next morning you’re like oh no that was a terrible idea

[Adrian Smude]: yep and

[Adrian Smude]: going back to how you said i’m very self aware

[Adrian Smude]: i eat a little less bad stuff every time now because i think back to that that

[Adrian Smude]: morning what’s tomorrow gonna feel like and i’m just ooh i just don’t want to feel

[Adrian Smude]: like crap so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: i drink a little bit less i eat a little bit less on those late nights

[Nick McGowan]: yeah and that that can be tough when um when you’re out and about or you’re with a

[Nick McGowan]: group of people and i think stretching that muscle in a sense uh if you’re out and

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve got a schmooze or you’re just out for a night of doing things out on the

[Nick McGowan]: town sometimes it can be easy to just keep throwing those back or keep eating

[Nick McGowan]: stuff for

[Adrian Smude]: two

[Nick McGowan]: like hey i’m here so i think it’s those moments where um

[Nick McGowan]: leading up to that kind of the practice before the game where you got to get your

[Nick McGowan]: head right and make sure that your stuff together so you’re in that moment you

[Nick McGowan]: go nope i’m totally good i was actually at a conference last week and ran into a

[Nick McGowan]: guy that i hadn’t seen in like a year year and a half last time i saw him was in

[Nick McGowan]: uh a wild state

[Nick McGowan]: and we were drinking and having good time but i remember being like wow that’s a

[Nick McGowan]: lot with this and this person had said that they had pulled back from a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: things and that they were completely not drinking or doing these other things and

[Nick McGowan]: it was something that they to hold onto when i’d ask like hey you’re here in the

[Nick McGowan]: conference how are you going to handle this and he walked me through he like i’ve

[Nick McGowan]: been doing it for a months and i’ve kind of stretched the muscle a bit because

[Nick McGowan]: i’ve had to go out with family and friends and say no and then once i do that it

[Nick McGowan]: strengthens my confidence i think the same thing for the rest of the habits that

[Nick McGowan]: we have so instead of just checking off those damn boxes sometimes checking those

[Nick McGowan]: boxes off helps

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes you’re just half as in it

[Adrian Smude]: yeah and i mean i add something newer that i’ve been doing in that idea is i feel

[Adrian Smude]: like so we do a lot of inner work and a lot of mindset and that’s not necessarily

[Adrian Smude]: this cool thing to the most of the public

[Adrian Smude]: so how can i help make it cool that’s one of the things i want to do throughout my

[Adrian Smude]: speaking and teach i’ll pull in with the the real estate sexy thing but then i

[Adrian Smude]: just

[Adrian Smude]: put that in there so how do i do it when i’m out i was at a conference this fun

[Adrian Smude]: last week too and you know there was some late nights and some people were

[Adrian Smude]: drinking all night

[Adrian Smude]: and you know i’m in pretty decent shape i’m successful and people kind of like

[Adrian Smude]: well how do you do it what do you do and so i feel obligated to show these habits

[Adrian Smude]: of

[Adrian Smude]: i literally have my alarm go off really annoying around eleven thirty at night and

[Adrian Smude]: i wanted to be showing everyone i’m like oh that’s my bedtime i gotta get up in

[Adrian Smude]: the morning i got my stuff i want to do so then i actually focus at

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: conference and then some people just stay up still just pounding drinks and i’m

[Adrian Smude]: there more focused so i don’t really say anything the next day i just feel like

[Adrian Smude]: some people are watching and i hope that just by doing it i influence some people

[Adrian Smude]: well let me try one or two of those things or let me set an

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: alarm as well it goes the alarm is the same thing as we’ve talked about with a

[Adrian Smude]: facebook some mornings or some nights i sit up till one a m but i made that

[Adrian Smude]: decision i’m gonna stop this and the other nights i made decision i’m gonna go to

[Adrian Smude]: sleep because i want to pay attention tomorrow a lot better

[Nick McGowan]: that’s all

[Adrian Smude]: but yeah that’s my rank

[Nick McGowan]: it’s important i appreciate it man i think it’s important cause as we become more

[Nick McGowan]: successful it is a responsibility to be able to show others what we’re doing

[Nick McGowan]: still being authentic and not being like oh look everybody i gotta go to bed like

[Nick McGowan]: shut up we’re just drinking and you’re like well i’m showing you better than you

[Nick McGowan]: and i know that’s not what you do but there’s a there’s a

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: line of that where the ego can kick in and people are like oh i want to show this

[Adrian Smude]: is

[Nick McGowan]: off the more authentic we can be and more honest we can be with ourselves i think

[Nick McGowan]: that’s that’s crucial you know we’ve all had those next mornings after drinking or

[Nick McGowan]: eating and you experience that but some people just keep rocking and rolling i had

[Nick McGowan]: a conversation with somebody actually at that conference where they were like yeah

[Nick McGowan]: i was uh in this one company where all the leaders like the sales leaders would go

[Nick McGowan]: out and they were just drinking and drinking and drinking and we were all young

[Nick McGowan]: and we were dead we came in the next morning and were there earlier than we are

[Nick McGowan]: and they were making fun of us i was like that’s a whole nother level like i think

[Nick McGowan]: that’s called alcoholism

[Nick McGowan]: and that’s a whole different story but at that point they had also pointed out

[Nick McGowan]: like that was fifteen years ago and like i ran into one of those guys and

[Nick McGowan]: everything has changed because everybody goes through those ups and downs in those

[Nick McGowan]: pieces so i think we do need to see somebody like you or somebody else to go hmm

[Nick McGowan]: do i need to do something different

[Nick McGowan]: and that’s i think we’d even talked about that before where we’ve looked at other

[Nick McGowan]: people networking groups or coaches and we’re like huh i notice what they’re doing

[Nick McGowan]: maybe i should do that and that takes that awareness to do it

[Nick McGowan]: i

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: appreciate that you have the awareness that you

[Adrian Smude]: question

[Nick McGowan]: have i wanna actually jump into any of the crazy stories that you’ve gone through

[Nick McGowan]: or experiences that you’ve had that you can say look i can look back at that time

[Nick McGowan]: and say that was a time that changed me

[Adrian Smude]: oh

[Adrian Smude]: man my mind has literally gone a thousand different

[Nick McGowan]: pick one

[Adrian Smude]: directions uh

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: uh i mean a time that changes me

[Adrian Smude]: i mean buying the first rental property you know so i was actually the reason i

[Adrian Smude]: bought my first property i was being evicted me

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: and my friends uh we had a mud wrestling party spaghetti wrestling parties putting

[Adrian Smude]: wrestling party you name it we had it cops were there neighbors were there all the

[Adrian Smude]: time we broke the garage door and convinced the landlord to pay for i mean it was

[Adrian Smude]: we were terrible terrible tenant but then i bought a house because of that and so

[Adrian Smude]: that terrible experience i ended up buying a house i got to feel what the landlord

[Adrian Smude]: felt because i moved all my samee friends in and all of a sudden like yeah this

[Adrian Smude]: isn’t as cool as i thought it was

[Adrian Smude]: so that started my i’ll say my real estate career because i got to feel what it

[Adrian Smude]: was like to not pay rent and then eventually they get paid to live there

[Adrian Smude]: and man i mean really a lot of the thoughts that come to my mind it’s gonna be

[Adrian Smude]: like you set this up but joining that first coaching and mastermind group

[Nick McGowan]: there

[Adrian Smude]: that was a scary scary i honestly didn’t tell anyone i was doing it because i had

[Adrian Smude]: a fear that if i was wrong

[Adrian Smude]: i wasted money and i was gonna be humiliated so i didn’t tell anyone i had some

[Adrian Smude]: gift cards for southwest airlines that paid for me get there i didn’t even stay in

[Adrian Smude]: a hotel i did not book a hotel room because i was like i am not

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Adrian Smude]: gonna pay any money because if this is a scam

[Adrian Smude]: i i felt like money was the meter of

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t know looking back i can’t even like put in words it was so foolish the way

[Adrian Smude]: i don’t know looking back i can’t even like put in words it was so foolish the way

[Adrian Smude]: i thought but if i and i honestly i wasn’t one over that very first one but i had

[Adrian Smude]: i thought but if i and i honestly i wasn’t one over that very first one but i had

[Adrian Smude]: already

[Adrian Smude]: already

[Adrian Smude]: got my wife to say she would go to the second one because we were gonna go to the

[Adrian Smude]: grand canyon it was in arizona we were gonna extend the trip and some things

[Adrian Smude]: change in between and that’s when the magic really happened and i started uh

[Adrian Smude]: just trusting people that were pushing me out of my comfort zone

[Adrian Smude]: and now it’s pretty easy for me to trust that you know at the beginning like i

[Adrian Smude]: said i was not very coach but now

[Adrian Smude]: you know we joke around when was the last time everyone in the group was wrong

[Adrian Smude]: like it’s if everyone if you have ten peers that you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: trust are all telling you something different ah i’m the one that’s that’s wrong

[Adrian Smude]: so i’m i’m a lot quicker to that stuff and i’m a lot quicker

[Adrian Smude]: when my coach says something i don’t rebuttal back i just take it even if i

[Adrian Smude]: disagree i take it and think through it

[Adrian Smude]: and then i’ll go so this shirt it currently says my wife buys mobile homes the

[Adrian Smude]: original shirt said my wife buys houses and mobile homes well they told me get rid

[Adrian Smude]: of the houses i said no i want to buy houses and and resell those and i want to

[Adrian Smude]: keep the mobiles they said get rid of the word houses you need to be in

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: one little niche and the long story short i got rid of it to prove them that they

[Adrian Smude]: were wrong

[Adrian Smude]: and we’ll that i was wrong but i was still one so nowadays i don’t have to do it so

[Adrian Smude]: much to prove that you know i’m trying to prove other people wrong now i’m just

[Adrian Smude]: like alright there’s a they might be right let me take let me actually value

[Adrian Smude]: their input when they’re pushing me outside my

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: comfort zone

[Adrian Smude]: um

[Adrian Smude]: the miracle morning you know we talked about that man a lot of these things are

[Adrian Smude]: coming in my head maybe ’cause we just talked about them those are these crazier

[Adrian Smude]: at the time crazy thing now it’s crazy not to be the miracle morning but when i

[Adrian Smude]: started that was a crazy thing who who the hell would do that stuff in the

[Adrian Smude]: morning how would you wake up an hour before you have to get up that’s stupid

[Nick McGowan]: look the the normal thoughts that we had before though you know if you should if

[Nick McGowan]: you talk to both of us fifteen years ago or twenty years ago or whatever

[Adrian Smude]: six

[Nick McGowan]: we wouldn’t have done what we’re doing now because we didn’t know the things and

[Nick McGowan]: we didn’t experience i i love the splat you know we didn’t have all those splat

[Nick McGowan]: moments i had one when i was nineteen but i had a couple before that and a couple

[Nick McGowan]: after that some people i wish there was a pill that i could give e go here swallow

[Nick McGowan]: this it’ll all make sense but for the most part they just need to swallow

[Nick McGowan]: something fall flat on their fucking face and then figure it out from there

[Adrian Smude]: yeah but we’re and i’m a people please are a helper so it can be very difficult

[Adrian Smude]: not to help someone

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Adrian Smude]: i love but i think we just enable when we do these little helps all the time we’re

[Adrian Smude]: not allowing them to fail in failing with the right mindset is

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: so good

[Adrian Smude]: you know it’s so healthy to failing forward

[Adrian Smude]: john maxwell it’s a wonderful book in concept once you grab that gas i mean they

[Adrian Smude]: suck at the time obviously they they’re terrible but that’s what gets me through

[Adrian Smude]: i’m like alright this pain and discomfort i know i’m gonna be a better person a

[Adrian Smude]: month from now six months from now a year from now i i know i just that’s what

[Adrian Smude]: gets me through it

[Nick McGowan]: i’ve seen that quote the meme that runs around facebook and instagram be

[Nick McGowan]: courageous enough to be awful at something at first were you know different

[Nick McGowan]: variations of that and i think we also need to understand ourselves like i know

[Nick McGowan]: deep inside of me the way that i work cause i need to keep testing and working

[Nick McGowan]: through things and just put something out there like the mvps of the world the

[Nick McGowan]: minimal viable product just get the damn thing out shit even this podcast the

[Nick McGowan]: first episode you listen and now that you hear it my microphone wasn’t working as

[Nick McGowan]: an audiophile i wanted to rip all of my hair out

[Nick McGowan]: all of it talk to my coach talk to a couple of other people and they’re like

[Nick McGowan]: fucking calm down everything’s gonna be right just keep moving keep moving and we

[Nick McGowan]: can all look back at those moments where you just need to keep moving some people

[Nick McGowan]: stop though and it’s a matter of continuing

[Adrian Smude]: mhm

[Nick McGowan]: to move so let’s talk about that for a moment where you’ve been smart enough and

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes dumb enough to just move through shit when maybe you shouldn’t have but

[Nick McGowan]: the fact that you’ve gone through that has helped you understand how to keep going

[Nick McGowan]: so how do you make that call where you go hm i need to do this or i shouldn’t do

[Nick McGowan]: this thing is there any sort of process you go through

[Adrian Smude]: oof i’m going through a little bit of that right now with this

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: speaking world you know i

[Adrian Smude]: i planted a lot of seeds without ever planning to be a speaker and then as i kind

[Adrian Smude]: of decided i was gonna do it a little bit i that’s the only thing i can come up

[Adrian Smude]: with i planted tons of seeds throughout the years and they’re all sprouting at the

[Adrian Smude]: same time and a little bit of it is i believe i genuinely wanted to help so why am

[Adrian Smude]: i telling you all that

[Adrian Smude]: i

[Adrian Smude]: this year i’m going to have trouble i’m gonna have too many people

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: wanting me to speak

[Adrian Smude]: and that’s going to compromise if i say yes everyone’s gonna compromise my

[Adrian Smude]: personal life my personal vision of what i i do not want to be go go go go go go

[Adrian Smude]: go

[Adrian Smude]: but i have all that success there how do you say no when you’re young into the

[Adrian Smude]: the career field you know i’ve put some time and i have some proof but you know

[Adrian Smude]: there’s certain people you don’t say no to that opportunity

[Adrian Smude]: so that’s something i’m bowing right now uh

[Adrian Smude]: i i just talked to my coach about it that is one thing i talked to my

[Adrian Smude]: accountability group you know i talk to the other people and my masterminds you

[Adrian Smude]: know i’m i’m in two and i run one so these are things that i like to get feedback

[Adrian Smude]: from all different people and they don’t have to be in a as my i just like to talk

[Adrian Smude]: to other people

[Adrian Smude]: i have other mentors that i can go to and say well what do you do in this

[Adrian Smude]: situation

[Adrian Smude]: you know like you like you said that might be a few steps ahead of me or might be

[Adrian Smude]: four

[Nick McGowan]: eight

[Adrian Smude]: decades ahead of me

[Adrian Smude]: and i saw i for me it’s just talking it out and then going back so i have a

[Adrian Smude]: personal vision and a business vision

[Adrian Smude]: and that helps guide all of this i can get all that information and it has to get

[Adrian Smude]: filtered through that so my vision is what do i want

[Adrian Smude]: my personal life to look like in the future it’s not today it’s what do i want it

[Adrian Smude]: to look like but then when a business opportunity comes up is that gonna help get

[Adrian Smude]: me closer to that personal vision or is it gonna bring me the other direction

[Adrian Smude]: you know and same thing with business you know but business always also gets soter

[Adrian Smude]: through personal and know i can look at mobile home parks that would get me more

[Adrian Smude]: money

[Adrian Smude]: they would be a little sexier to facebook and these bigger deals and you know all

[Adrian Smude]: this but it would not actually get me closer to my personal vision

[Adrian Smude]: so why would i do it you know that that’s kind of the the thing like it doesn’t

[Adrian Smude]: mean it’s wrong to do it or not to do it but you just have to make that

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: conscious thought is this going to improve me towards the life i say i want

[Nick McGowan]: i think a lot of people have no idea what they want you know i didn’t know what i

[Nick McGowan]: wanted for the longest time because i didn’t know what the hell was going on in

[Nick McGowan]: front of me and couldn’t actually see past it and the fact that you could can

[Nick McGowan]: actually look outside of that see what do i want and to be able to reverse

[Nick McGowan]: engineer that’s something i take my coaching clients through because that’s

[Nick McGowan]: something i had to go through years ago sh i was suicidal about ready to jump off

[Nick McGowan]: a building and left my own business took a little bit of a sabbatical to go what

[Nick McGowan]: the is going on and part of that was actually stepping into the future version of

[Nick McGowan]: myself and saying what do i want and what do i see and then how do i reverse

[Nick McGowan]: engineer and create tasks from that to be able to stick along with it it sounds

[Nick McGowan]: like you’re doing something similar but more on the macro level in the daily where

[Nick McGowan]: you’re saying does this thing line up with what i want to do and that there’s your

[Nick McGowan]: hyper awareness again man that’s one of those things we need to make little

[Nick McGowan]: tablets for people to have some of that Adrian awareness because that’s huge to go

[Nick McGowan]: like does this actually tie or

[Adrian Smude]: one

[Nick McGowan]: some people like does that make me happy

[Adrian Smude]: i mean you say that so you go through the process of making your vision lots of

[Adrian Smude]: different people do it you know it’s just getting that in paper and it’s it’s

[Adrian Smude]: never done it’s

[Nick McGowan]: yeah it’s evolving

[Adrian Smude]: always a rough draft it changes it might change is all that but if you right now

[Adrian Smude]: i’m only reading mine once a week i at one point ah it’s a different version of it

[Adrian Smude]: i read it every

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Adrian Smude]: single day

[Adrian Smude]: do you think i was more productive and got to my vision quicker reading it once a

[Adrian Smude]: day or seven days or sorry once a week or seven days a week

[Adrian Smude]: it was seven days a week i mean that’s reading it kept it uh what’s it tony robbins

[Adrian Smude]: the the reticular activating system i think that’s what it’s called where when you

[Adrian Smude]: buy a white car

[Adrian Smude]: all of a sudden you see tons of white cars yeah it’s the same that’s what’s

[Nick McGowan]: you see it everywhere yep

[Adrian Smude]: actually happening in the brain the science start digging into those stuff when

[Adrian Smude]: you read what you want your personal life to look like you start seeing things

[Adrian Smude]: that bring you towards it and not things that bring you away and it’s easier to be

[Adrian Smude]: aware of what you want when you wrote it down and you read it every day

[Nick McGowan]: yeah i think on a simple level of that you can look at positive and negative

[Nick McGowan]: if positive is up and negative is down and you’re constantly looking down you

[Nick McGowan]: can’t see the positive and a lot of people are down on themselves who are down on

[Nick McGowan]: their job or down on their life or what have you when sometimes it just takes a

[Nick McGowan]: matter of moving your damn head up and being able to look so making that little

[Nick McGowan]: change and when we think about the deep

[Adrian Smude]: i like that

[Nick McGowan]: work and working on yourself what do you find that you most struggle with and put

[Nick McGowan]: the most attention towards

[Adrian Smude]: i mean whenever things are going good like i mentioned

[Adrian Smude]: i would say out of a lot of the the

[Adrian Smude]: the visual

[Adrian Smude]: visualization i pronounce that i get my tongue working right that is a little more

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: difficult you know i’ve learned that uh i just my view of what it is it’s just not

[Adrian Smude]: as clean of a image as other people

[Adrian Smude]: so it’s okay i’m stronger in other areas i’m really good at incantation

[Adrian Smude]: you know what you said about the meditation you know all of a sudden your nose

[Adrian Smude]: starts itching and you know you think about what you have to do today all these

[Adrian Smude]: different things you know i like joe dispense has this little drawing of a tree to

[Adrian Smude]: try to get to the down of the roof and it goes everywhere and all of a sudden you

[Adrian Smude]: think of this and you know you go your brain goes everywhere and you have to fight

[Adrian Smude]: through that i have gotten very small glimpses through that

[Adrian Smude]: and

[Adrian Smude]: i would love to actually experience what that is i i have some friends i coach i

[Adrian Smude]: told you about chuck bom and he got through that i mean he had some stories of

[Adrian Smude]: meditation that people don’t believe i believe him because i dove into that world

[Adrian Smude]: and i want to experience that it’s mind boggling at some of this stuff and the man

[Adrian Smude]: doesn’t lie so i know it has to be true and possible i want to get through

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: that i want to get through the noise of my brain

[Adrian Smude]: and all i can say is i just have to keep practicing and one day it’s gonna

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: happen maybe next week and maybe ten years from now but i believe it will happen

[Adrian Smude]: if i don’t give up

[Nick McGowan]: yeah absolutely i think it’s a part of who you are that you believe and we talked

[Nick McGowan]: about that earlier some of that may come from your

[Adrian Smude]: um

[Nick McGowan]: parents some of that just may have been you but either way to the people that are

[Nick McGowan]: listening

[Nick McGowan]: just believe just straight up choose to believe ah we’ve heard of the act as if

[Nick McGowan]: and i think for the most part some of that bus is just dead like you need to be

[Nick McGowan]: authentic but at the same time you need to act like you’re going to have a great

[Nick McGowan]: life or you’re just straight up not just easy as that like you want to have a

[Nick McGowan]: shitty life just believe it and some people just believe they have a shitty life

[Nick McGowan]: and that’s that

[Nick McGowan]: and those things that you do throughout the day and in those moments are

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely huge and i think there’s a lot that we’ve kind of talked about so far

[Nick McGowan]: with the people that you work with that are part of your accountability group and

[Nick McGowan]: the coaches that you work with are there any things that you can share with the

[Nick McGowan]: audience that are some major takeaways that you’ve recently learned that could be

[Nick McGowan]: game changing for people

[Adrian Smude]: uh i really like the straightforwardness you know don’t

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Adrian Smude]: bust me that’s how i wanna be coach though you know i just i’ve learned that’s how

[Adrian Smude]: i want and need to be coached uh

[Adrian Smude]: i think of my coach as more of a guide he asks a lot of questions

[Adrian Smude]: and so i actually one of my accountability partners he is a coach he coaches a lot

[Adrian Smude]: of other things so he’s really good at asking questions

[Adrian Smude]: and when you’re told something we don’t listen so much you know we put that little

[Adrian Smude]: wall up but when’re asked questions now all of a sudden it’s our idea so i’ve

[Adrian Smude]: learned that that is very helpful for me i think it’s most people but being asked

[Adrian Smude]: the question so it’s becomes my idea and

[Adrian Smude]: i mean really getting to know each other i mean my coach my main coach can homes

[Adrian Smude]: for whatever reason he was never my coj i would still call them every month like i

[Adrian Smude]: don’t plan to stop being friends with him i we’re just we’re friends and we we

[Adrian Smude]: know each other he really

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: knows me and i think that that

[Adrian Smude]: you know the very beginning he he didn’t have time to to learn who i was and to

[Adrian Smude]: learn what makes me tick and so you know so that’s how he can also challenge me in

[Adrian Smude]: ways that he knows are going to work better for me

[Nick McGowan]: it

[Adrian Smude]: than you

[Adrian Smude]: and so giving it a little bit of time with the coaches and they all have

[Nick McGowan]: mm hm

[Adrian Smude]: their little lich you know so i have a relationship coach she is phenomenal at

[Adrian Smude]: that and that doesn’t mean ken he’s good at it that’s just what her niche is

[Adrian Smude]: ah i have a book coach to help me write my book

[Adrian Smude]: ken’s ever written a book so you know he can coach for me but he’s never done it

[Adrian Smude]: so how is he supposed to really give me the the tools and the direction so i hired

[Adrian Smude]: someone that’s what they do he’s written books and that’s what he does he coaches

[Adrian Smude]: on writing a book if i believe in getting into the niches

[Adrian Smude]: and you know i still filter back through we’ll say to ken ken is my business and

[Adrian Smude]: life coat he’s just a little bit of everything

[Adrian Smude]: and so i will filter stuff that other coaches say back to him very rare he has a

[Adrian Smude]: different opinion because he also respects well that’s a

[Nick McGowan]: true

[Adrian Smude]: professional book coach you know i haven’t written a book so who you know he’ll

[Adrian Smude]: throw other ideas out there uh and uh confidence i think that’s another thing that

[Adrian Smude]: those two groups give me

[Adrian Smude]: is there’s been times that i’ll go to the group just for reassurance

[Adrian Smude]: you know i just i i have this idea but am i crazy

[Adrian Smude]: and the third piece that just came in my my mind is uh sometimes just a brag

[Adrian Smude]: you know you

[Adrian Smude]: in this world we

[Adrian Smude]: bragging isn’t always looked upon you know as good but you know sometimes you just

[Adrian Smude]: kind of celebrate your

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: success

[Adrian Smude]: and i remember

[Adrian Smude]: one day i was i did a uh i signed

[Adrian Smude]: i sold a property on payment so like a rent to own

[Adrian Smude]: and it says a sunday morning at a mcdonald’s and i got thirty thousand dollars

[Adrian Smude]: and two different cashier checks a month earlier i paid thirty thousand dollars

[Adrian Smude]: for the property and i had another thirty thousand dollars of payments i had never

[Adrian Smude]: gotten thirty thousand dollars at a mcdonald’s and i was like i don’t even who to

[Adrian Smude]: tell like could tell some people and they’re just gonna tell me i ripped them off

[Adrian Smude]: and i scam these people i can tell some other people they’re not they’re gonna

[Adrian Smude]: think i’m j they’re gonna be jealous and then i could go to my closed group and

[Adrian Smude]: they

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: cheered me on and they they said way to go so it’s just sometimes just to

[Adrian Smude]: celebrate your wings with people that are always going to lift you up instead of

[Adrian Smude]: pull you down

[Nick McGowan]: that is beautiful

[Nick McGowan]: my next question is going to be

[Adrian Smude]: zero

[Nick McGowan]: what’s one piece of advice you’d give somebody on their path towards self mastery

[Nick McGowan]: but i think that’s it i think being able to share the winds is a big big thing

[Nick McGowan]: i’ve got friends and people that are in my network that i’ll just start off he a

[Nick McGowan]: share win ten nine and a half times out of ten they’re like bak yeah share it i’m

[Nick McGowan]: ready because they’re team you at that point

[Nick McGowan]: but is there one piece of advice you’d give somebody on their path word self

[Nick McGowan]: mastery

[Adrian Smude]: you said mdp earlier and i don’t remember exactly what it

[Adrian Smude]: stood for but it’s the same

[Nick McGowan]: minimum viable product

[Adrian Smude]: yeah that’s very similar to a term that i’m using right now i just got it is

[Adrian Smude]: imperfect

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: action

[Adrian Smude]: and one of my friends called ah

[Adrian Smude]: um m i a massive

[Adrian Smude]: imperfect action

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Adrian Smude]: and it’s the same idea and that’s something i’m really focusing on right now that

[Adrian Smude]: just take some type of action and when you get a roadblock ask

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Adrian Smude]: somebody a coach

[Adrian Smude]: for somebody your match my group somebody in your accountability group or just

[Adrian Smude]: someone in the same business that’s been doing a little bit longer than you people

[Adrian Smude]: that have success they love to help people that are taking

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: action when they get questions over and over by people that aren’t taking action

[Adrian Smude]: you get a little tired of it but i’ll tell you everyone i know that when someone

[Adrian Smude]: asks and then they go back and they come back maybe a week or two later and said

[Adrian Smude]: hey i did what you said this this and this what do i do next i don’t know anyone

[Adrian Smude]: who doesn’t help them

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah how how can’t you at that point especially when you’ve done something

[Nick McGowan]: and you’re like whoa i’m giving you something because i care and if that person

[Adrian Smude]: mhm

[Nick McGowan]: runs with it you then care more ’cause you’re like yes great you

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: did it here’s the next step

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: exactly and we get

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Adrian Smude]: excited for them like i get to live through some people’s and i’m very strict in

[Adrian Smude]: my little niche so i’ to live through other people’s lives

[Nick McGowan]: mm hm

[Adrian Smude]: sometimes of like oh you’re doing this i’ve always wanted to do that like tell me

[Adrian Smude]: more tell me more

[Nick McGowan]: yeah you gotta be innocent like a child

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: right like what is it what are you doing how can

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: i help what’s going on uh i think sometimes when people

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: get shut out they’re typically just in their own state of fear there’s sh that’s

[Nick McGowan]: going on in the back of their head where they’re like i don’t feel good about this

[Nick McGowan]: uh so i’m gonna tell you to screw off or whatever um but hey man we’ve talked

[Nick McGowan]: about

[Adrian Smude]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: a lot of stuff a ton of stuff in this episode in fact listening to this people go

[Nick McGowan]: back start over because there’s an immense amount of stuff that we’ve talked

[Nick McGowan]: through but Adrian is there anything else that you want to dive into or one last

[Nick McGowan]: thing that we wanna talk about

[Adrian Smude]: it it kind of goes on this topic but uh setting expectations i think that a lot of

[Adrian Smude]: our communication or a lot of our problems are communication doesn’t matter if

[Adrian Smude]: it’s business relationships any of that it really dials back to communication and

[Adrian Smude]: usually under the communication

[Adrian Smude]: is expectations either they were set wrong they weren’t set at all they were both

[Adrian Smude]: opposite

[Adrian Smude]: i think if people dig into that idea a little bit more and just pay attention to

[Adrian Smude]: it

[Adrian Smude]: it’ll really help prevent a lot of uh it it can never completely prevent it i mean

[Adrian Smude]: i still realize all the time i’ll go back and reflect i’m like ooh i think i made

[Adrian Smude]: them assume this and that’s not what i meant at all

[Adrian Smude]: i portrayed a wrong expectation

[Adrian Smude]: and fail that’s the last little thing i can think of

[Nick McGowan]: i appreciate that ma’am well where can people find you and where can people

[Nick McGowan]: connect with you

[Adrian Smude]: really the easiest place is to go to

[Adrian Smude]: mary u d as in dog e as in edward and that really pushes people to my mobile home

[Adrian Smude]: buying business and it pushes people to my education business and i’m on social

[Adrian Smude]: media on both of them an easy place to go either direction whichever

[Adrian Smude]: people want to connect

[Nick McGowan]: cool good stuff Adrian why i appreciate being on the show today

[Adrian Smude]: thank you man appreciate you having me

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