Exploring The Sultan’s 7 Secrets and The Language Of The Gods – Ep.053 – Jeff Buehner

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Episode summary: Jeff Buehner had a near-death experience when riding a bucking horse during a rodeo competition. Before he got on the horse, a voice told him that if he was going to ride this horse, he was going to lose his life. Not wanting to coward out, he asked the voice to protect him.

The voice did protect him but gave him a little taste of the other side. Luckily, Jeff came back to his body and had no idea that this near-death experience was something he needed in order to get his life on track many years later. 

As Jeff got older, he got stuck in a rut of small-town ways, which was causing a lot of misery in his life. Not knowing how to get out, one of his clients had him read a manuscript that then changed his life forever.

Jeff really connected with this manuscript and it gave him the secrets to having a happy life. 

Guest Name & Bio: In 1994 at the young age of 32, Jeff Buehner was fortunate to come across the writings of the richest man to ever walk the earth, Sultan Musa of Mali.

The Sultan embedded the secrets of his success in a compelling fairytale because he could not talk openly about where or how he learned them.

Over the past 25 years, Jeff has successfully mentored and coached countless others to speak this all-important language. When you learn to speak the language of the Gods, you can drastically improve your sales, success, fitness, relationships, and anything else you desire.

Jeff Buehner

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[Nick McGowan]: hey jeff welcome to the show man how are you doing?

[Jeff Buehner]: hello nick I’m doing great thanks for having me on

[Nick McGowan]: absolutely I’m excited for you to be on you know I get into a lot

[Nick McGowan]: of different conversations with people at different times and obviously is the mindset and self-mastery show we get into a lot of different stuff when it comes to mind

[Nick McGowan]: set but I’m really excited to be able to get into what you’ve explored what

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve gone through and without stepping on your toes at all for your story won’t

[Nick McGowan]: you give us a little it of context on what do you do for living and maybe

[Nick McGowan]: one thing that most people don’t know about you that’s little odd or bizarre

[Jeff Buehner]: okay well what i do for a living i’ve been in land development and the vending

[Jeff Buehner]: business and construction most of my life in one form or another and now i’m

[Jeff Buehner]: a life coach help people accomplish what they want to get out of life

[Nick McGowan]: yes

[Jeff Buehner]: one thing that people

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: don’t typically guess about me is i used to be a rodeo writer rough stock

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: and i had

[Nick McGowan]: what

[Jeff Buehner]: a near death experience


[Jeff Buehner]: at the age of eighteen came out of my body died in a rodeo arena

[Jeff Buehner]: and that set me up to accept what going to come when i was thirty

[Jeff Buehner]: three so several years later

[Nick McGowan]: wow man that’s that’s the key reason why i asked that question now you and

[Nick McGowan]: i talked a couple minutes before the

show and you’re like i don’t know if

[Nick McGowan]: i have anything like what i had

mentioned to you but that’s a hell of

[Nick McGowan]: an experience to be able to toss

it and

[Jeff Buehner]: oh

an i got to call out the

dad joke in the middle of this thing

[Nick McGowan]: but how many times do you get

to say this isn’t my first rodeo

[Jeff Buehner]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: i get to say that from time

to time

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: and nobody laughs

[Nick McGowan]: well at least you and i can

laugh about it and

[Jeff Buehner]: ye

[Nick McGowan]: i’m sure there’s some audience you know

that enjoys some of that stuff but so

[Nick McGowan]: that’s a that’s interesting you know there’s

a lot of stuff you’re talking about construction

[Nick McGowan]: not life coaching but starting off in

rodeo how let’s get get down to the

[Nick McGowan]: rodeo tax with this how did you

get into that and how did that come

[Nick McGowan]: about that you basically died for a


[Jeff Buehner]: rodeo was just part of the small

town experience i grew up in a

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Jeff Buehner]: little farming community and you played football

or basketball and you rodioed and you either

[Jeff Buehner]: could rope if you were smart or

you rode rough stock if you weren’t too

[Jeff Buehner]: smart and i

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: wasn’t that smart

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: the way i died was it’s a

crazy story i don’t want to eat up

[Jeff Buehner]: too much time with it but for

actually not the first time in my life

[Jeff Buehner]: i was getting ready to ride it

was my fourth year i just had learned

[Jeff Buehner]: not to allow fear to have anything

to do with this when it was my

[Jeff Buehner]: time to get on the horse i

just got on i didn’t think i nodded

[Jeff Buehner]: my head and the shoot guy had

opened the shoot and that was whatever happened

[Jeff Buehner]: happened right before i got on my

horse a voice came to me like a

[Jeff Buehner]: voice you could hear like you and

me and said

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Jeff Buehner]: if you get on

[Jeff Buehner]: that horse you will die this shocked

[Nick McGowan]: jees

[Jeff Buehner]: me to my core you can imagine

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: and at first i was like oh

thanks for the warning you know

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: and then i looked around

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Jeff Buehner]: and was like my girl friends out

there somewhere all my friends are here it

[Jeff Buehner]: literally would

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: be better for me to die than

chicken out not ride my horse and try

[Jeff Buehner]: to go home on monday morning you


[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: so for the first time in a

long time i said a prayer and i

[Jeff Buehner]: said look i heard your voice i

acknowledge that i have to ride so if

[Jeff Buehner]: i’m going to die i’ll see you

in five minutes but if you can talk

[Jeff Buehner]: to me and warn me you have

the power to protect me will you protect

[Jeff Buehner]: me and the voice came back spoke

to me laughed chuckled and said yeah i’ll

[Jeff Buehner]: protect you well his idea of protect

me and mine were a little different he

[Nick McGowan]: right

[Jeff Buehner]: literally let that ride go until i

i was kicked and stamped to the point

[Jeff Buehner]: where i popped out my body and

was out long enough to think for quite

[Jeff Buehner]: a while you know i mean i

was absolutely

[Jeff Buehner]: still alive

[Jeff Buehner]: i was absolutely still concerned about my

future where i’m supposed to go now i

[Jeff Buehner]: worried but

[Jeff Buehner]: when my mom found out because she

never wanted me to ride and i even

[Jeff Buehner]: worried about how they were going to

find the key to my trunk because i’d

[Jeff Buehner]: hidden it

[Nick McGowan]: ye

[Jeff Buehner]: so absolutely still alive

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: and then i popped back into my

body i wasn’t damaged as badly as i

[Jeff Buehner]: thought i was going to be finished

out my ride and

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: that set me up for kind of

cancelling out some of the skepticism for what

[Jeff Buehner]: was about to happen to me years

later at thirty three then i was a

[Jeff Buehner]: concrete contractor doing what you know i

it was innate in me growing up in

[Jeff Buehner]: a small town that i had to

make my money a hard manual labor that

[Jeff Buehner]: was the only honorable way to do

it we used to look down on people

[Jeff Buehner]: that made their money any other way

when we were growing up in our small

[Jeff Buehner]: town we called them slixters and pitch

men and we had all

[Jeff Buehner]: kinds of names for people who didn’t

earn their money honorably so that’s what i

[Jeff Buehner]: was doing working hard or

[Jeff Buehner]: my money nick i was hating life

i wanted

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: to provide a really good lifestyle for

my family i realized i couldn’t do it

[Jeff Buehner]: trading my time for money

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: i had

[Nick McGowan]: yah

[Jeff Buehner]: no i didn’t know what else to

do i was absolutely stuck i was frustrated

[Jeff Buehner]: i had debts you know i had

to do work you supposed to do this

[Jeff Buehner]: it’s actually legal nowadays but i was

doing trying to finish jobs to pay concrete

[Jeff Buehner]: bills for jobs way past way back


[Nick McGowan]: of

[Jeff Buehner]: it’s kind of robin peter to pay


[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: and that’s when i met a woman

i was working at a home that was

[Jeff Buehner]: absolutely beautiful were poor and conquering in

her back yard and she and her husband

[Jeff Buehner]: were so elegant so cool it was

like this is what i want to be

[Jeff Buehner]: and have there is i just can’t

see any way possible to do it well

[Jeff Buehner]: this lady was so kind she talked

to me and all of my frustration just

[Jeff Buehner]: came pouring out

[Jeff Buehner]: i did what i knew better than

to do i really complained to her that’s

[Jeff Buehner]: what i was doing i was itching

[Jeff Buehner]: and right in the middle of that

session she turned and walked away i was

[Jeff Buehner]: so embarrassed but a few minutes later

she came back and she placed a manuscript

[Jeff Buehner]: in my hands and that manuscript changed

my life forever

 there’s a lot in what you’ve

talked about in the past couple of minutes

[Nick McGowan]: i mean even to jump back to

you sitting on the bull hearing a voice

[Nick McGowan]: and being away or of it and

talking back to it that ended of itself

[Nick McGowan]: is a big thing and i talk

about this all the time on the show

[Nick McGowan]: it’s awareness if you’re not sucking aware

of something how do you know there’s a

[Nick McGowan]: thing you have no idea because you’re

not aware of it but for you to

[Jeff Buehner]: right

[Nick McGowan]: catch that and look back at it

and be like all right cool well i’m

[Nick McGowan]: going to turn the tables if you

can help me here then help me and

[Nick McGowan]: especially now to be able to laugh

about it where that voice laughed and was

[Nick McGowan]: like okay cool i’m going to help


[Jeff Buehner]: ye

[Nick McGowan]: not how you think it’s going to

be when you look back at that situation

[Jeff Buehner]: right

[Nick McGowan]: now what do you peel from that

and what sort of wisdom do you get

[Nick McGowan]: from that whole situation

[Jeff Buehner]: oh okay at the time i can’t

say i got any wisdom i was stunned

[Jeff Buehner]: that’s all i

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Jeff Buehner]: was i was stunned

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: i mean i couldn’t deny that i

had heard a voice

[Nick McGowan]: yes

[Jeff Buehner]: that something talked to me some

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: one it wasn’t something it was a

male voice and it

[Jeff Buehner]: reasoned with me it

[Jeff Buehner]: was willing to negotiate a little bit

[Jeff Buehner]: then but magic i mean it saved

my life in a magic way afterward i

[Jeff Buehner]: talked to my friends and they said

the whole arena went quiet they knew they

[Jeff Buehner]: were going to witness a death

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: and then last second like the last

fraction of a second by the way i

[Jeff Buehner]: wasn’t in my body when i supposedly

did this but i kicked my feet and

[Jeff Buehner]: pulled and came flying up out from

under the horse up on top of the

[Jeff Buehner]: horse and finished out the ride when

i came to the buzzer had just barely

[Jeff Buehner]: sounded and i could hear the pickup

man coming up behind me i was out

[Jeff Buehner]: from i was not in my body

i promise you for several seconds the last

[Jeff Buehner]: seconds of that beating and

[Nick McGowan]: it

[Jeff Buehner]: ride if you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: can call it that


[Jeff Buehner]: what is set me up for

[Jeff Buehner]: this manuscript talked about the richest man

to ever walk the earth this is sultan

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: mos of molly he started out dirt

pore and he had a near death experience

[Jeff Buehner]: at the age of twelve

[Jeff Buehner]: and as i read this that’s one

of the things that allowed me to relate

[Jeff Buehner]: to it and accept it because otherwise

being a small town guy i might have

[Jeff Buehner]: been skeptical of anything having to do

with near death experience is or

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: some of the things in this manuscript

having had one it was like oh yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: this is my kind of dude you

know start

[Nick McGowan]: um

[Jeff Buehner]: out poor want to do

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: something with your life you have a

near death experience so i read it in

[Jeff Buehner]: fact truth is nick i wasn’t going

to read it i

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: took it home put it on the

night stand because she asked me to bring

[Jeff Buehner]: it back to her the next morning

while waiting for my wife to come to

[Jeff Buehner]: bed i read the first page and

then i stayed up almost all night finishing

[Jeff Buehner]: it and making notes


[Jeff Buehner]: this manuscript hills well it has two

things in it it has a fairy tale

[Jeff Buehner]: that musa wrote because he had to

imbed the secrets his success

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: the secrets he learned in this near

death experience in a way that didn’t get

[Jeff Buehner]: him in trouble but allowed him to

teach when it was appropriate so he would

[Jeff Buehner]: tell this story if he started getting

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: in trouble he could just fall back

on it’s just a fairy tale it’s just

[Jeff Buehner]: a story you know chill

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: you wonder

[Jeff Buehner]: why did he have to do that

why not just come out and tell everybody

[Jeff Buehner]: the truth about what he learned but

think about it the thirteen hundreds he’s

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Jeff Buehner]: in west

[Nick McGowan]: context

[Jeff Buehner]: africa it’s a muslim country don’t just

come out and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: say hey i died yesterday but

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Jeff Buehner]: hey then i came back to life

i met god he taught me

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: things that our scholars don’t know and

wouldn’t believe in if you know that’s a

[Jeff Buehner]: quick way to get in a lot

of trouble

[Nick McGowan]: yeah it’s interesting when you when you

think of the context of things and for

[Nick McGowan]: i think for the most people it’s

whatever religion they have or whatever they subscribe

[Nick McGowan]: to you’ve got to we think back

to the context of it how did that

[Nick McGowan]: actually make sense and are the things

fairy tales or they just parabols is it

[Nick McGowan]: all just b s or what have

you but there’s always little bits of wisdom

[Nick McGowan]: that’s in there but i think that’s

i think

[Jeff Buehner]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that a lot of people miss out

on they don’t understand context because they think

[Nick McGowan]: it context from right now like even

if you read the bible and you go

[Nick McGowan]: back through old testament and you read

it like it’s today instantly wrong because you’re

[Nick McGowan]: not thinking about what’s actually happening in

that moment how that all tied together so

[Nick McGowan]: it makes sense to be able to

put things into a story especially i like

[Nick McGowan]: the way you put it where somebody

yells he’s like hey man i’m just telling

[Nick McGowan]: a story i mean so just

[Jeff Buehner]: he’s

[Nick McGowan]: a

[Jeff Buehner]: a

[Nick McGowan]: story

[Jeff Buehner]: yell

oving along yeah exactly

[Jeff Buehner]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: but so with this elegant woman and

there’s a lifestyle that you’re looking at and

[Nick McGowan]: you’re just sitting there bitching at her

and she goes hold on a thing comes

[Nick McGowan]: back with a manuscript and you’re like

the sucking lady just gave me a piece

[Nick McGowan]: of paper did she not want to

talk to me any more and she telling

e to go away did you ask

er the next day even say why what

[Nick McGowan]: stood out about me that you gave

me that manuscript

[Jeff Buehner]: i had a conversation with her but

[Nick McGowan]: kay

[Jeff Buehner]: it was so long ago nick i

honestly don’t remember other than just telling her

[Jeff Buehner]: i asked her if it was true

i remember that

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Jeff Buehner]: but the second i read it i

knew it was true there’s a formula in

[Jeff Buehner]: this

[Jeff Buehner]: in this manuscript there is a formula

and something called the language of the gods

[Jeff Buehner]: this may sound weird but when i

explain it you get it the language of

[Jeff Buehner]: the gods is what musa called when

he met this man made of light and

[Jeff Buehner]: love during his near death experience he

didn’t have to communicate with him with words

[Jeff Buehner]: because

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: your what you emanate the way you

feel about everything is just self evident when

[Jeff Buehner]: you’re on the other side when you’re

out of your physical

[Jeff Buehner]: body and that’s how he communicated with

this man made of light and love who

[Jeff Buehner]: taught him how the world works he

also taught him that this language of the

[Jeff Buehner]: gods is how everybody creates their situation

in life now this is something i had

[Jeff Buehner]: never considered never would have considered it’s

the answer to how do you end up

[Jeff Buehner]: being nick mcgallan and how do i

end up being jeff buner two different people

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: and then all of the variants on

earth all these people with different attitudes different

[Jeff Buehner]: mind sets different goals different desires hatreds

all of it how does that happen how

[Jeff Buehner]: do we become who we are and

that’s what was answered in this manuscript here’s

[Jeff Buehner]: the thing i was thankful for a

lot of things about my life there was

[Jeff Buehner]: a lot i wanted to change and

i had no idea how to do it

[Jeff Buehner]: the

[Jeff Buehner]: second i read about the language of

the gods that’s how you do it and

[Jeff Buehner]: i was freaked out because it was

just right there in black and white this

[Jeff Buehner]: is how

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: you seize control of your life and

your future and so freaked out was i

[Jeff Buehner]: that i literally did i did not

dare do it or like days and days

[Jeff Buehner]: i didn’t

[Jeff Buehner]: even dare play with it because


[Jeff Buehner]: what if it didn’t i had so

much hope now

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: i was so excited but what if

it didn’t work be so

[Jeff Buehner]: let down and i needed that answer

i needed that i needed to find a

[Jeff Buehner]: way to take control of my life

and change it i was

[Nick McGowan]: an

[Jeff Buehner]: so frustrated at the time

[Nick McGowan]: bet

[Jeff Buehner]: so it took a

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: while but i finally started messing with

it in areas that didn’t matter too much

[Jeff Buehner]: right

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: as i did i saw little coincidences

start popping up at some point i had

[Jeff Buehner]: to admit that is a direct result

of me speaking the language of the gods

[Jeff Buehner]: and then i went crazy doing it

i just went nuts doing it everything in

[Jeff Buehner]: my life changed dramatically freaked out on

my friends and my family members because

[Jeff Buehner]: people think you know they can count

on you being you if you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: wake up the next day and all

of a sudden you act differently and different

[Jeff Buehner]: things are happening to you and your

whole life style changes believe me it will

[Jeff Buehner]: make some people in your life very

uncomfortable and that happened to me for sure

[Nick McGowan]: hm it could be a shock to

the system for some people they don’t know

[Nick McGowan]: how to handle it and i think

for the most part a lot of that

[Nick McGowan]: is because the don’t know to handle

the stuff on their own they don’t know

[Jeff Buehner]: exactly

[Nick McGowan]: what it would be like for them

now you would mention that you were from

[Nick McGowan]: a small town on and that there

was a handful of things to do i

[Nick McGowan]: basically you play sports you rodeo what

have you that typically lends itself to everybody

[Nick McGowan]: subscribing to the same thing the same

religion or just how you work within that

[Nick McGowan]: community so were you raised in a

religious household that this already had some fertile

[Nick McGowan]: ground or were you completely nothing like

that and this was just brand new and

[Nick McGowan]: sort of magic being drew pet in

your hands

[Jeff Buehner]: i absolutely raised in a religious background

[Jeff Buehner]: where the opposite of what sultan mose

molly learned was taught in the name of

[Jeff Buehner]: religion

[Jeff Buehner]: take faith for example now i don’t

want to turn this into any kind of

[Jeff Buehner]: a sunday school but faith

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: is absolutely described in sultan mosefhmolly’s second

parchment yeah the way it’s taught in church

[Jeff Buehner]: i don’t care where you go to

church it is so vague and so obscure

[Jeff Buehner]: that you can’t possibly use it to

your benefit and yet it’s the source of

[Jeff Buehner]: all miracles and we were

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: meant to use it i use it

every day

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: but faith is taught to us usually

through the parable of the mustard seed right

[Jeff Buehner]: if you had

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: just enough faith you could do miracles

and it’s not much just as much as

[Jeff Buehner]: a little tiny ester set well when

i read the second parchment the reference to

[Jeff Buehner]: the mustard seed has not one thing

to do with an amount it has

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: everything to do with language of the

gods and how you speak this language which

[Jeff Buehner]: i’ll give you a little hint right

now it’s all about your veiled mind or

[Jeff Buehner]: the subconscious mind it controls your

[Jeff Buehner]: life it absolutely

[Jeff Buehner]: directs you where it believes you’re supposed

to go how does it believe where you’re

[Jeff Buehner]: supposed to go why does it believe

that you’re supposed to do one thing in

[Jeff Buehner]: life someone else is supposed to do

the exact opposite and how can

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: it be that this mechanis that controls

your life can take you to some really

[Jeff Buehner]: dark places take some people into poverty

or addiction or

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: you know all kinds of terrible things

well it’s not a passionate entity it’s like

[Jeff Buehner]: a computer almost it can be programmed

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: who programs it you do you don’t

know how so you think it’s listening to

[Jeff Buehner]: your words you think it’s part of

you you think it obviously cares and you

[Jeff Buehner]: know as think feels your thoughts now

it doesn’t care it’s listening to one language

[Jeff Buehner]: and one language only but it believes

this language anything you say in this language

[Jeff Buehner]: it believes it and anything it believes

it makes true in your physical realm over

[Jeff Buehner]: time so here’s the language links not

words not thoughts links and all of your

[Jeff Buehner]: subconscious beliefs were formed an event or

an experience accompanied by really strong emotion

[Nick McGowan]: it anchored

[Jeff Buehner]: so

[Nick McGowan]: it yep

[Jeff Buehner]: but here’s the reality is nothing’s changed

nick you can still set on purpose new

[Jeff Buehner]: sub conscious beliefs creating experiences have a

really strong emotion attached to him

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: it’s like setting a not know what

you call it it’s not a marker in

[Jeff Buehner]: maritime they’ve got a name for it

but it’s like setting a g p s

[Jeff Buehner]: marker on the

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: trip that you want to take you

can literally do that in your life you

[Jeff Buehner]: can dictate future events and then sit

back and watch while they happen at some

[Jeff Buehner]: future point in time this was so

exciting to me at thirty three you can’t

[Jeff Buehner]: believe it it took a while before

i dared teach anyone because i wanted to

[Jeff Buehner]: make good and sure it worked and

then when i tried to teach people in

[Jeff Buehner]: the beginning

[Jeff Buehner]: i was teaching them tricks and games

and techniques that i developed for myself because

[Jeff Buehner]: the parchment was kind of thick on

concept pretty thin on actual teck nix how

[Jeff Buehner]: do you do it you know

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: so i came up with games that

worked for me like crazy then i realized

[Jeff Buehner]: that not everybody learns the same way


[Jeff Buehner]: relates the same way so over the

years i’ve come up with all the stuff

[Jeff Buehner]: the tricks and tips games that work

for everybody and you kind of have to

[Jeff Buehner]: pick and choose

[Jeff Buehner]: because your subconscious mind will it loves

games and you came

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: into this world loving to play make

believe imagination pretend and that’s how you literally

[Jeff Buehner]: learned everything you’ve learned observing imitating imagining

pretending i loves doing that but there are

[Jeff Buehner]: certain things it will not play along

with because its job is to keep your

[Jeff Buehner]: life congruent

[Jeff Buehner]: so affirmations i’m rich i’m rich i’m

rich i’m it’s not playing along because it

[Jeff Buehner]: knows you’re saying that because you’re poor

and you wish you

[Nick McGowan]: uh

[Jeff Buehner]: were rich

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: it will play make if you ask

the right questions what would it feel like

[Jeff Buehner]: be rich and then get specific

[Jeff Buehner]: what would it feel

[Jeff Buehner]: like have a million butts in the

bank all mine all the taxes paid it’s

[Jeff Buehner]: not needed for anything it’s my money

what would that feel like boom it will

[Jeff Buehner]: tell you it will send you impulses

and feelings so you got to be clear

[Jeff Buehner]: on this you speak to it in

feelings and it speaks back to you in

[Jeff Buehner]: feelings and this is how it keeps

your life congruent and moving exactly where it

[Jeff Buehner]: thinks you’re supposed to go manipulating you

with impulses ideas motivations instincts

[Jeff Buehner]: you act on those you act on

your feelings so if you’re walking down the

[Jeff Buehner]: street and you think i kind of

feel like going into that shop today you

[Jeff Buehner]: do it and you don’t even know

why but it’s leading you by the ring

[Jeff Buehner]: in your nose right

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: where it thinks you’re supposed to go

to have the life it thinks you’re supposed

[Jeff Buehner]: to have

 there’s a lot with feelings because

a lot of people especially now when you

[Nick McGowan]: think of kind of the awakening is

happening where people are starting to understand that

[Nick McGowan]: you can control more than just the

outside physical being but it starts from the

[Nick McGowan]: inside there’s

[Jeff Buehner]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: a lot of talk about people trying

to get away from their emotions or really

[Nick McGowan]: control the emotions and i’ve grappled with

this for years and years and i’ve kind

[Nick McGowan]: of looked at well i’m a creative

so i feel things more often than maybe

[Nick McGowan]: other people do but i think that’s

along the same line to what you’re talking

[Nick McGowan]: about where it’s about understanding and feeling

those emotions and feeling them but looking at

[Nick McGowan]: them for what they are and not

just being controlled by them is that about

[Nick McGowan]: what you’re saying

[Jeff Buehner]: most people are trapped in what i

call the spell they’re living under and it’s

[Jeff Buehner]: basically

[Jeff Buehner]: every morning you wake up thinking about

your reality and this is habitual you do

[Jeff Buehner]: it every morning you think the same

thoughts and it’s about your

[Jeff Buehner]: life what’s going on your relationships your

money all of that that makes you feel

[Jeff Buehner]: a certain way your subconscious mind hears

those feelings believes them and then makes it

[Jeff Buehner]: true in your physical realm by creating

circumstances and situations that match those feelings now

[Jeff Buehner]: this is really easy to see in

others you know you see someone who is

[Jeff Buehner]: surly and angry

[Jeff Buehner]: and they go out into the world

surly and angry and someone says high and

[Jeff Buehner]: they’re like mind your own business man

you know

[Jeff Buehner]: and then that person says what have


[Jeff Buehner]: dude and that perpetuates their feeling that

they don’t do well with people people aren’t

[Jeff Buehner]: nice

[Nick McGowan]: yep

[Jeff Buehner]: so round and around you go break

the spell you’re under and by the way

[Jeff Buehner]: you can so easy so quickly you

can change the circumstances of your life i

[Jeff Buehner]: what i call spell breakers but these

are intense imaginary scenarios that create feelings that

[Jeff Buehner]: match the life you want this is

your super power

[Jeff Buehner]: the ability to pretend because when

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: you do and you get to the

point where you can see it and feel

[Jeff Buehner]: it and you are a pro o

doing this as a kid by the way

[Jeff Buehner]: it creates a portion of the exact

feelings you would have if that were quote

[Jeff Buehner]: unquote real in your physical realm so

the idea is to use your imagination and

[Jeff Buehner]: creative people do this all the time

successful people do it all the time imagine

[Jeff Buehner]: it the way they want it to

be they feel the feelings of having it

[Jeff Buehner]: even though in the current physical realm

they don’t they just see it in their

[Jeff Buehner]: mind’s eye feed it subconscious mind hears

it and believes it now not right off

[Jeff Buehner]: the back but if you keep doing

it with some consistency you keep flooding it

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: with those feelings it does believe them

as soon as it believes him it’s going

[Jeff Buehner]: to set up different situations different interactions

different people will come into your life different

[Jeff Buehner]: you’ll see different things that you weren’t

even looking for before

[Jeff Buehner]: different videos and when i call coincidences

and i always kind of do the air

[Nick McGowan]: yah

[Jeff Buehner]: marks because coincidences

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: will start popping up

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: as you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: delve into the seven secrets i call

them the sultan seven secrets it’s what was

[Jeff Buehner]: outlined in the parchment you learn to

speak the language of the gods and you

[Jeff Buehner]: learn the other things about how life

works and how you can

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: take control of it then i make

you a coincidence hunter because

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: you will see little

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: things popping up that weren’t happening before

they weren’t happening last month but they’re happening

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: now and then match feelings you’re generating

with your super power your ability to pretend

[Jeff Buehner]: and imagine with intensity when you do


[Jeff Buehner]: you’re setting these little markers i’m going

to have to look up the right name

[Jeff Buehner]: for

[Jeff Buehner]: him like on a g p s

map and once your subconscious mind believes that

[Jeff Buehner]: you’re

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: supposed to have more situations

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: that match those feelings you’re flooding it


[Jeff Buehner]: we’ll start doing it and you can

literally dictate future events now they may not

[Jeff Buehner]: come out exactly like what you were

imagining to create the feelings but they’ll match

[Jeff Buehner]: the feelings and sometimes they

[Jeff Buehner]: absolutely match the imagery i’ve got one

story that’s in my book about one big

[Jeff Buehner]: one that happened for me that just

absolutely matched imagery not just the feelings a

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: lot of times it matches the feelings

[Nick McGowan]: yeah that’s an incredible thing when that

happens and you can see

[Jeff Buehner]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it and each time you talk

[Jeff Buehner]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: about the the location or the g

p s i keep thinking about like dropping

[Nick McGowan]: a pin like you would like google

mat or something like that when you’re like

[Nick McGowan]: this is where i’m headed and where

i want to go to but i often

[Nick McGowan]: think about the people that listen to

the show that maybe you’re saying you know

[Nick McGowan]: i get that but look i don’t

exactly know where i want to go i

[Nick McGowan]: don’t exactly know what i want to

do so what

[Jeff Buehner]: yep

[Nick McGowan]: what would you advise those people

[Jeff Buehner]: right back to the language of the

gods that’s the first thing the three elements

[Jeff Buehner]: of the fairy tale that he embedded

his secrets in first of all the fairy

[Jeff Buehner]: tale he is sultan muse molly is

the author of aladdin and the magic

[Jeff Buehner]: lamp the magic

[Jeff Buehner]: lamp is what changes everything for a

latin right that represents not

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: just the language of the gods

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: but the understanding

[Nick McGowan]: ah

[Jeff Buehner]: and knowledge of it how of course

[Nick McGowan]: yes

[Jeff Buehner]: the all powerful genie is your subconscious

mind and and now aladdin understands he has

[Jeff Buehner]: the magic lamp that’s the understanding of

how you command this genie inside of you

[Jeff Buehner]: to do what you want it to

do whereas before you’re just haphazardly going through

[Jeff Buehner]: life letting

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Jeff Buehner]: reality

[Jeff Buehner]: dictate how you feel now you take

control of it you understand that it believes

[Jeff Buehner]: your feeling so you generate the feelings

that match the life you want do that

[Jeff Buehner]: with your imagination with pretending it doesn’t

care how you generate them it just listens

[Jeff Buehner]: to your feelings leaves them and then

makes what it believes true in your physical

[Jeff Buehner]: realm over time so once you understand

this formula you forget about what’s going on

[Jeff Buehner]: in your physical world just

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: think nor to an extent and you

remember the genie only says two things and

[Jeff Buehner]: one of them is a question what

is wanted and then the second one is

[Jeff Buehner]: a statement your wish is my command

[Nick McGowan]: should my

[Jeff Buehner]: so

[Nick McGowan]: command

[Jeff Buehner]: it’s always asking nick what do you

want and you’re always answering by the way

[Jeff Buehner]: you feel right now and then it

says your wish is my command so if

[Jeff Buehner]: you’re feeling crappy about finances it doesn’t

care it just says all right i hear

[Jeff Buehner]: you nick your wish is my command

and it will make sure your finances suck

[Nick McGowan]: hm m

[Jeff Buehner]: think who set this up you know

but then

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: when you realize that i don’t try

to teach this to kids i teach it

[Jeff Buehner]: to people forty and up because you

need that foundation of hardship of frustration of

[Jeff Buehner]: trying to figure out life and running

into dead ends because you’re focused on your

[Jeff Buehner]: reality i got to change my financial

situation you feel crappy about it while you’re

[Jeff Buehner]: focusing on your bad situation it seems

to stay that way you can’t fix it

[Jeff Buehner]: just like when i

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: was in concrete i couldn’t get out

i couldn’t do anything

[Jeff Buehner]: different until i read this manuscript and

just changed my feelings i set up a

[Jeff Buehner]: new spirit world a dream world that

was like i kept that separate from my

[Jeff Buehner]: reality didn’t let reality touch that beautiful

dream world and i’d go in there and

[Jeff Buehner]: feel the feelings of the life i

wanted literally experience them flood my subconscious mind

[Jeff Buehner]: with them and pretty soon i really

got to where i was doing that almost

[Jeff Buehner]: all the time i mean still dealing


[Jeff Buehner]: reality but from

[Jeff Buehner]: this place of just lost in a

day dream that was beautiful

[Jeff Buehner]: so i did better in real life

and eventually my subconscious mind started changing my

[Jeff Buehner]: real life to match my predominant feelings

i’ve had a magical life nick because of

[Jeff Buehner]: this it’s been a blessing in my

life i was about ready to retire on

[Jeff Buehner]: my farm in belize a couple of

years ago and just felt really strongly i

[Jeff Buehner]: couldn’t do that until i’ve shared this

with other people and not just the maybe

[Jeff Buehner]: hundred or so that i shared it

with one on one i had to get

[Jeff Buehner]: the word out there

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: so that’s why i wrote my book

the sultan’s seven secrets and i’m just trying

[Jeff Buehner]: to get that in the hands of

as many people as i can and if

[Jeff Buehner]: you’ll download the book you can do

that today like two bucks we i’d give

[Jeff Buehner]: it away for free but i wanted

to stand alone i want the site to

[Jeff Buehner]: be maintained so i’m charging two bucks

for my twenty dollars at

[Jeff Buehner]: people can get this formula and learned

to speak the language of the gods i

[Jeff Buehner]: could charge a million dollars for it

i’ve literally

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: created many many times a million dollars

using s you can download the book you

[Jeff Buehner]: can be speaking the language of the

gods to night and all day tomorrow it’s

[Jeff Buehner]: not hard to learn you can do

it you’ve been doing it just been doing

[Jeff Buehner]: it kind of in reverse in a

way that hasn’t served you in all of

[Jeff Buehner]: the components of your life but certainly

in some of them

[Nick McGowan]: sure yeah that makes sense i think

at our human core we do some of

[Nick McGowan]: that stuff naturally but as you mentioned

as you get older life gets in the

[Nick McGowan]: way you get jaded and whatever other

excuse wants to come up but not looking

[Nick McGowan]: at things like a child you’re not

being open so you’ve unpacked a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: this stuff so far but do you

give us something practical here besides everybody go

[Nick McGowan]: download the book it’s two bucks go

by this a book come on it’s two

[Nick McGowan]: dollars

[Jeff Buehner]: yes

[Nick McGowan]: but give us a little bit of

practicality here for the people that are on

[Nick McGowan]: their path towards self mastery what sort

of advice would you give them to be

[Nick McGowan]: able to start using this today

[Jeff Buehner]: well take this seriously because when you

talk about self mastery this is how you

[Jeff Buehner]: do it now you look at anyone

who is successful they’re doing this without really

[Jeff Buehner]: understanding exactly what they’re doing they are

building a dream whether it’s a them succeeding

[Jeff Buehner]: financially or in basketball or you know

having the perfect body and physique they build

[Jeff Buehner]: it they see it in their minds

eye until they can feel what it’s like

[Jeff Buehner]: to have it

[Jeff Buehner]: at people who do that don’t do

it in every aspect of life so you

[Jeff Buehner]: have these people who are wildly successful

in one aspect of life and then abject

[Jeff Buehner]: failures in other aspects that they say

are important to him

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: it’s simply because they’ve never codified how

what they’re doing to be successful can also

[Jeff Buehner]: be used in every aspect of life

and it’s easy it’s fun to do it’s

[Jeff Buehner]: fun to build a dream world is

exactly the way you want it you can

[Jeff Buehner]: change it every day you can add

to a delay it stays relevant you can

[Jeff Buehner]: do it for thirty

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: years and every day you’re changing a

little bit it’s always relevant every time things

[Jeff Buehner]: in your physical realm do line up

with your dream world then there’s something else

[Jeff Buehner]: you want to build upon you want

to take that and do even more or

[Jeff Buehner]: sometimes less people

[Jeff Buehner]: ask me well why don’t you have

four billion dollars it’s because i have several

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: millions and that’s i know what it’s

like to have a lot of money coming

[Jeff Buehner]: in and sometimes much money owns you

too many things

[Jeff Buehner]: own you so i’m very careful about

answering that question what is

[Jeff Buehner]: wanted

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: i use the same pretend and imagine

to get clear on what i really want

[Jeff Buehner]: not what people tell me i should

want you know

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: but this is how you get in

the right mind set it’s how you master

[Jeff Buehner]: your life self mastery and it’s all

right there in a little formula and a

[Jeff Buehner]: little easy to read book the manuscript

verd and by the way i do want

[Jeff Buehner]: to throw this out here antin gallant

was honest about the fact that he was

[Jeff Buehner]: not the author of aladdin and the

magic lamp he got two parchments one was

[Jeff Buehner]: the fairy tale and the other one

was the detailed interpretation of the fairy tale

[Jeff Buehner]: along

[Jeff Buehner]: with the way to speak the language

of the gods that tutorial is in there

[Jeff Buehner]: and he got them both from a

syrian fisherman he translated them and was honest

[Jeff Buehner]: about it from ancient arabic text both

written by sultan must molly he never published

[Jeff Buehner]: second parchment he was terrified of this

thing because it

[Jeff Buehner]: spoke of near death experiences and a

man made of light and a spirit body

[Jeff Buehner]: and you know he knew if he

published that he could get in trouble this

[Jeff Buehner]: was the sixteen hundreds people were still


[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: at the stake for heresy

[Nick McGowan]: yeah which is

[Jeff Buehner]: so

[Nick McGowan]: everywhere

[Jeff Buehner]: he

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: he kept the second parchment quiet locked

away but he passed it down generation to

[Jeff Buehner]: generation and i think that’s where this

woman got it i think she’s a descendant

[Nick McGowan]: o

[Jeff Buehner]: i don’t know for sure because i

didn’t know then what i know now or

[Jeff Buehner]: i would have gone and talked to

her i would have got her address

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Jeff Buehner]: i can’t

[Nick McGowan]: you’ve

[Jeff Buehner]: even

[Nick McGowan]: ben her

[Jeff Buehner]: i

[Nick McGowan]: best

[Jeff Buehner]: went

[Nick McGowan]: friend

[Jeff Buehner]: back years later and just tried to

find the home and couldn’t find it because

[Jeff Buehner]: i poured literally thousands of concrete patios

and i

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: couldn’t remember exactly where she lived or

where the job was ten years later


[Jeff Buehner]: you’ve got to read this and if

you feel compelled to read it it’s because

[Jeff Buehner]: you’re ready to read it

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: it

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: just seems to work out that way

i’ve had so many people come to me

[Jeff Buehner]: sometimes by referal and at least four

times first thing they say like in the

[Jeff Buehner]: first five sentences is well jeff it

doesn’t matter because i’m planning to commit suicide

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: imagine that

[Jeff Buehner]: my very first guy the first guy

that someone sent over to talk to me

[Jeff Buehner]: said that to me and he had

said a date commit suicide as soon as

[Jeff Buehner]: someone says the word suicide you’re on

a tight rope you got to be careful

[Jeff Buehner]: what you do and whether

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Jeff Buehner]: you call in experts or what almost

every time fact every time they’ve responded in

[Jeff Buehner]: a way that you just see them

coming away from the ledge that you see

[Jeff Buehner]: hope open up in their eyes where

they think wait a minute you’re telling me

[Jeff Buehner]: that i can change this orrible situation

[Jeff Buehner]: in my life and you know it’s

kind of it’s going a be fun it’s

[Jeff Buehner]: gonna involve some games it’s going to

be you know exciting building this beautiful dream

[Jeff Buehner]: world yes and as you do that

the first thing that changes when you see

[Jeff Buehner]: these little coincidences popping up you become

like a little

[Jeff Buehner]: kid on christmas morning and that’s how

you should

[Jeff Buehner]: go through life with expectancy not dread

but the

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: opposite what cool thing could happen today

[Jeff Buehner]: because i’ve been doing i’ve been speaking

the language of the gods all day yesterday

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Jeff Buehner]: anyway it’s a fun thing to teach

and it’s a fun thing to do

[Nick McGowan]: that’s it seems like the

[Jeff Buehner]: i

[Nick McGowan]: simplest way to be able to put

that is that it’s a fun thing to

[Nick McGowan]: do where this is

[Jeff Buehner]: s

agically creating the life that you want

and some people i think i hard time

[Nick McGowan]: with that wher they’re like yeah that’s

kind of bullshit but then they’ll go fuck

[Nick McGowan]: and play sims or create some other

world than some game and they’re like well

[Nick McGowan]: here i am the video game it’s


[Jeff Buehner]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: you’re doing that but just you can

do it for you self so again everybody

[Nick McGowan]: go download the book it’s two dollars

and jeff tell us where can people connect

[Nick McGowan]: with you where can they find you

[Jeff Buehner]: go to sultans

[Jeff Buehner]: seven secrets so it’s sultans with an

s at the beginning and an s at

[Jeff Buehner]: the end sultans the number seven and

then secrets with an s at the ginning

[Jeff Buehner]: and

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Jeff Buehner]: an s at the end dot com

sultans seven secrets dot com and you can

[Jeff Buehner]: download the book you can see the


[Jeff Buehner]: things we’re doing there this is what

i do now pretty much full time i

[Jeff Buehner]: just teach people sultan’s seven secrets and

how to speak the language of the gods

[Jeff Buehner]: and then as soon as i’ve got

the word out there enough golly i’m going

[Jeff Buehner]: to blaze and nick i’ll recruit you

to be my neighbor over there

[Nick McGowan]: yeah you let me know man i’m


[Jeff Buehner]: all

[Nick McGowan]: jeff

[Jeff Buehner]: right

[Nick McGowan]: it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and thank you so much for jumping

[Nick McGowan]: on for sharing the wisdom i’m sure we could sit here and talk for hours

ore about this and this isn’t going to be our conversation together anyway so there’s

ore that’s coming again man thank you so much for being on the show today

[Nick McGowan]: we appreciate it

[Jeff Buehner]: well i’m proud to know you and all the great things you’re doing and so

[Jeff Buehner]: yeah let’s stay in touch and we’ll do it again. Thank you

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