Shredding Through Life With Authenticity – Ep.008 – Tyler Newton

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Episode summary:​ Tyler Newton and I break down the mindset of an entrepreneur who’s moving along their own path and how sometimes it takes being extremely uncomfortable to find some comfort in life. Tyler’s gone through a lot from losing his Dad as a kid to reshaping his body and mind. Listen in as we dig into the systems that work for him and the hundreds of people whose lives he’s helped change.

Guest Name & Bio: Tyler Newton is a nutritional and personal fitness coach who started his journey with a pat on the belly instead of the behind. When he took his nutrition and mindset seriously his life changed and a lot has happened since then.

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[Nick McGowan]: Tyler, welcome to the show man how are you doing i’m so glad you’re here

[Tyler Newton]: don’t go man can’t complain

[Nick McGowan]: good i hear too damn much of that so thank you for not complaining

[Tyler Newton]: don’t we all

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah and that’s really not something we get into on the podcast though i did

[Nick McGowan]: say something about complaining and like bitching and complaining the other day

[Nick McGowan]: and was like look i let people know that you can talk you can vent you can do

[Nick McGowan]: things like that but if you start to get in the craziness and when you’re just

[Nick McGowan]: bitching about stuff i’m gonna call you out on it um so i appreciate that you’re

[Nick McGowan]: not complaining enough of that so tyler

[Nick McGowan]: tell us who you are one thing that you do for a living and maybe one thing that

[Nick McGowan]: people don’t know about you

[Tyler Newton]: yeah so names tyler newton i am a online nutrition coach and personal trainer and

[Tyler Newton]: one thing that people don’t know about me um well this used to be something that

[Tyler Newton]: people didn’t know about me but i’ve been more

[Tyler Newton]: open about sharing it but i am a huge musical fan so i actually love musicals

[Tyler Newton]: so as a guy that loves to deadlift a lot of weight and be in a gym seeing

[Tyler Newton]: somebody like me that likes musicals is probably the last thing you would assume

[Tyler Newton]: but if you put the greatest showman on i’m probably going to sit there for the

[Tyler Newton]: next hour and thirty minutes and sing along the whole entire time

[Nick McGowan]: nice so how did you get into musicals

[Tyler Newton]: oh man uh well i guess you might have to go back to just growing up my mom used

[Tyler Newton]: to always us watch the sound of music which also i’ve seen like quite a number of

[Tyler Newton]: times and uh yeah i think it just started then whenever i was i was really young

[Tyler Newton]: and having to watch the

[Tyler Newton]: that movie over and over so yeah the sound of music i think started it

[Nick McGowan]: so is there is there any major musical that you constantly go back to

[Tyler Newton]: yeah the greatest showman

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Tyler Newton]: that one and lala land i mean i like la la land too so both of those are pretty

[Tyler Newton]: frequent now because they’re a little bit more up to date um but i would love i

[Tyler Newton]: need to go back to new york and actually take my wife to like a broadway musical

[Tyler Newton]: and see another one hamilton is actually another one got almost left

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Tyler Newton]: out hamilton was a great one i don’t know if you if saw that or not when

[Tyler Newton]: it came out on disney plus but i think i

[Nick McGowan]: about

[Tyler Newton]: watched that one about four times when it first came out so

[Nick McGowan]: damn

[Tyler Newton]: so yeah

[Nick McGowan]: nice i i like musicals i’m a musician so i like music

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: i don’t think i’ve really gotten into well you’ve rattled off a couple of them

[Nick McGowan]: that i haven’t even seen yet when i think of musicals i think of like chicago and

[Nick McGowan]: moulin rouge

[Tyler Newton]: yeah i think i like more of the movie based musicals than the actual like classic

[Tyler Newton]: ones unless i’m in person

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Tyler Newton]: so if i’m in person that works when you go to new york you know obviously on

[Tyler Newton]: broadway but i like the new school kind of on on v d or i guess streaming now go

[Tyler Newton]: i’m starting to show my age i’m like what do we do now um

[Nick McGowan]: on a phs

[Tyler Newton]: i used to have to rewind the sound of music now i can just upload via netflix or

[Tyler Newton]: whatever streaming service we have whatever i want to watch so yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that’s funny you’d mention about new york and going to see a show i’ve got a

[Nick McGowan]: buddy and he’s probably gonna listen to his podcasts but i think about years ago

[Nick McGowan]: he and his wife were dating before they got married and he took her to a show and

[Nick McGowan]: they left at the first intermission because he thought it was over

[Nick McGowan]: and

[Tyler Newton]: he didn’t know

[Nick McGowan]: she found out maybe like a week or two later no they had no idea and he was like

[Nick McGowan]: son of a bitch like we we left halfway through it

[Tyler Newton]: one

[Nick McGowan]: so dude i’m still talking about that story you know who you are and i’m sure your

[Nick McGowan]: wife brings it up

[Tyler Newton]: you know why

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: oh man so

[Tyler Newton]: man i can see how that could happen though i mean when i was a kid my mom took

[Tyler Newton]: us to new york the first time we went and saw forty second street and matthew

[Tyler Newton]: broderick was actually the director of forty second street at that time and he

[Tyler Newton]: actually sat right behind us so i even got to meet

[Nick McGowan]: huh

[Tyler Newton]: him um but as a kid i didn’t know there was intermissions so had i not been there

[Tyler Newton]: and and my mom probably explained it to me i bet as

[Nick McGowan]: just walk right the fuck out

[Tyler Newton]: an older person i probably wouldn’t have known either

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah you’re like oh cool everybody’s going to the bathroom and get out of

[Nick McGowan]: here i guess we’re going to leave then and then everybody walks back in i wonder

[Nick McGowan]: what they’re doing

[Nick McGowan]: whatever

[Tyler Newton]: don’t there’s no post credits are there

[Tyler Newton]: don’t there’s no post credits are there

[Nick McGowan]: yeah is there scene after no this a marvel

[Tyler Newton]: speaking of that when i went and saw spiderman i made my wife and then my sister

[Tyler Newton]: in law and her boyfriend stay afterwards and i was like no no we got to see the

[Tyler Newton]: posting credits she’s like what are you talking about i’m like there’s two

[Tyler Newton]: trailers she’s like are you sure i’m like yes we’re staying and so like the first

[Tyler Newton]: one came up and then it went back to like another trailer and they’re like are

[Tyler Newton]: you sure there’s two of them i’m like look it up on the internet it’ll tell you i

[Tyler Newton]: guarantee it there’s a second one so the whole entire theater cleared out nobody

[Tyler Newton]: stayed except for us and i was like y’all can leave but i’m staying until i see

[Tyler Newton]: both credits so i was like i always do that

[Nick McGowan]: come on i don’t understand why people don’t get this at this point this is how

[Nick McGowan]: this works

[Tyler Newton]: it’s been ten years

[Nick McGowan]: but there are certain movies that yeah but there are certain movies that like

[Nick McGowan]: ghostbusters everybody

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: when i went and saw ghostbusters everybody left they’re all gone and i’m sitting

[Nick McGowan]: there and they’re looking at me as they’re walking out like what the hell’s this

[Nick McGowan]: guy doing i’m like you guys have no idea and then pops up the end credits i don’t

[Nick McGowan]: know maybe we should just hang out the entire time until like uh the custodians

[Nick McGowan]: come in they’re like hey man i need to clean the shit off floor you need to get

[Nick McGowan]: out of here

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Tyler Newton]: like all right man can i get more popcorn

[Nick McGowan]: yeah yeah here’s the shit on the floor like i just told you

[Nick McGowan]: so let’s take a little bit of a step back here

[Tyler Newton]: go

[Nick McGowan]: so we know that you’re into musicals

[Tyler Newton]: yup

[Nick McGowan]: and that you’re also a personal trainer so

[Nick McGowan]: how did you get into that give us some context to how you got here and how you uh

[Nick McGowan]: became who you are today

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: short version or a long version

[Nick McGowan]: well podcast is about an hour long so i’ll keep it within that

[Tyler Newton]: alright got it

[Nick McGowan]: but

[Tyler Newton]: you know i i was a three sport athlete growing up my whole entire life my dad um

[Tyler Newton]: was super athletic and him just kind of teaching us at a young age how to be

[Tyler Newton]: athletes i just knew growing up i was going to be doing something fitness related

[Tyler Newton]: or sports related obviously being under six foot tall i couldn’t make it into any

[Tyler Newton]: of the professional leagues so

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: you know my fallback plan i guess eventually became being a nutrition coach and

[Tyler Newton]: personal trainer but even then i didn’t even know that i was gonna be doing the

[Tyler Newton]: job that i’m doing now because

[Tyler Newton]: i went to school

[Tyler Newton]: kind of quit playing sports other than just working out in the gym and playing

[Tyler Newton]: rack ball the typical college kind of wreck sports flag football

[Tyler Newton]: got my degree in business management and just kind of thought i’d go run some

[Tyler Newton]: company figure it out along the way didn’t really know exactly what but just in

[Tyler Newton]: my head i was like alright get a business degree you can go get a job after

[Tyler Newton]: college

[Tyler Newton]: kind of the typical i don’t know what i want to do so you get a business degree

[Tyler Newton]: and so

[Tyler Newton]: after that moved down here to charleston where i still live today became a caddie

[Tyler Newton]: for five years full time out at the ocean course on kuwa and loved that job and

[Tyler Newton]: one of the reasons i think i really loved it was the whole coaching experience

[Tyler Newton]: along the way as a caddie even though you’re technically carrying clubs it’s the

[Tyler Newton]: helping the golfers get around breeding putts telling them what club they should

[Tyler Newton]: hit um i always try to go like over and beyond because by the third hole i’d be

[Tyler Newton]: like okay i know what club you need to hit for each shot and you know people

[Tyler Newton]: really find that kind of cool when you can club them after three or four holes

[Tyler Newton]: and i just like

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: that coaching aspect of it so kind of left that though because there’s no up it’s

[Tyler Newton]: just your caddy when you get to twenty six and you need like a four hundred one

[Tyler Newton]: thousand in benefits and the whole mount yards you have to kind of decide do i

[Tyler Newton]: like cash or do i want benefits in a real job so i went and did a few things in

[Tyler Newton]: between becoming a nutrition coach and one day was just working out at the gym

[Tyler Newton]: and the fitness director said hey like we’re hiring personal trainers you’re

[Tyler Newton]: always in here trying to help others as well and you seem like you know a good

[Tyler Newton]: bit what do you think about becoming a personal trainer and i just kind of looked

[Tyler Newton]: at it was like i’m not certified i i don’t really know what i’d be doing per he

[Tyler Newton]: but i know a good bit she was like well we can help you get certified take the

[Tyler Newton]: test and you know go from there i said okay cool let me talk to my wife so had to

[Tyler Newton]: have the conversation with my wife that i was going to leave a really stable job

[Tyler Newton]: for more of a commission based job uh with training and

[Tyler Newton]: pretty much

[Nick McGowan]: let’s see

[Tyler Newton]: made that decision jumped into personal training full time and then

[Tyler Newton]: about seven months and i decided to go out on my own because i didn’t like how

[Tyler Newton]: much i was getting paid from the big box gym and looked at my wife once again and

[Tyler Newton]: said if i’m gonna be broke at least i’d rather be broke on my own terms and not

[Tyler Newton]: somebody else’s so

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: took that plunge of entrepreneurship i guess these days or being a business owner

[Tyler Newton]: and four years i spent in person training until covid hit and when covid hit you

[Tyler Newton]: kinda had to figure out a switch as far as how to make money because we couldn’t

[Tyler Newton]: go into gems for a while

[Tyler Newton]: and once we figured out like hey seems like everybody’s kind of turning into

[Tyler Newton]: online coaches now

[Tyler Newton]: i kind of started

[Tyler Newton]: diving into what it’d be like to be more so on social media put myself out there

[Nick McGowan]: she she

[Tyler Newton]: a little bit more and find clients via facebook instagram other

[Nick McGowan]: question

[Tyler Newton]: online avenues and it just kind of took off

[Tyler Newton]: and it’s been going pretty well now for the last two years i can honestly say the

[Tyler Newton]: first year had its up and downs but you know going into like year two of being

[Tyler Newton]: full time online

[Tyler Newton]: things are really starting to take a foothold

[Tyler Newton]: in our business and growth is one of those things that is scary but fun at the

[Tyler Newton]: same time and now we’re looking at running a figure run rate for our online

[Tyler Newton]: nutrition coaching business and finally hired two employees and that was scary

[Tyler Newton]: but fun

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: at the same time as well

[Tyler Newton]: as you know any time you grow a business adding employees and doing the whole

[Tyler Newton]: grown up thing within the company uh is fun and then also you’re like what the

[Tyler Newton]: hell am i doing um i have no clue how to do payroll and taxes and you you just

[Tyler Newton]: kind of learn as you go so we’re really excited to be where we are and really

[Tyler Newton]: grateful for the community that we’ve built because we have a lot of great people

[Tyler Newton]: that have bought in and are getting the help that they really need around fitness

[Tyler Newton]: and nutrition and to me having a community like we do right now is just it’s huge

[Tyler Newton]: in our growth process so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah you’ve built quite the community and i love the fact that you’ve gone

[Nick McGowan]: through a couple crazy times because there are certain people that go through

[Nick McGowan]: stuff where they hit a wall and then they go them out like i’m just not going to

[Nick McGowan]: do this i’m not going to deal with it or they here no a couple times where they

[Nick McGowan]: have to get to that point where they have to have that conversation with their

[Nick McGowan]: wife and maybe the wife goes na we can’t do this and then they just put their

[Nick McGowan]: dreams aside so let’s actually take that step back and go you’re leaving your job

[Nick McGowan]: and telling your new wife at that point i’m gonna go do this thing oh

[Tyler Newton]: we weren’t even married yet actually we were we weren’t even married yet at that

[Tyler Newton]: point girlfriend so she was my girlfriend at the time

[Nick McGowan]: oh okay

[Nick McGowan]: well then at that point i guess she doesn’t have as much say as a wife when

[Nick McGowan]: you’re like hey we’re married and here’s how this thing works but you then made

[Nick McGowan]: that call

[Nick McGowan]: when you guys were married to then be able to shift and how did you balance that

[Nick McGowan]: knowing like hey i’ve got to figure this stuff out and i don’t know what exactly

[Nick McGowan]: is going to happen so how did you balance your mindset within taking those risks

[Tyler Newton]: i i think i’ve just always had the mentality of betting on myself and so i think

[Nick McGowan]: hello

[Tyler Newton]: when you are used to having a for me at least having a sports background and i

[Tyler Newton]: was always

[Tyler Newton]: the personality that just if the game was on the line like i wanted to be the

[Tyler Newton]: person either with a ball in my hand or a chance to win um you know playing

[Tyler Newton]: football soccer and a wrestler

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: when you’re a wrestler you’re you’re it’s only up to you like you don’t have a

[Tyler Newton]: team mate to come in and tag you out and like help you it’s not wwe is you mono

[Tyler Newton]: moo with another guy so either he gets the best of you or you get the best of him

[Tyler Newton]: and so i think for me the sports background really helped with wanting to go into

[Tyler Newton]: business for myself and betting on myself i also think having a family of

[Tyler Newton]: business owners also helped me because my grandfather ran a very successful

[Tyler Newton]: business my dad owned his own business with his brother my other uncle owned his

[Tyler Newton]: own business and i had two aunts that owned theirs so i think maybe it might also

[Tyler Newton]: just be a family thing of we all like to work for ourselves so i i knew that

[Nick McGowan]: point

[Tyler Newton]: i wanted to eventually do two things one run my own company and to find a place

[Tyler Newton]: in this world where i could create value for people every day and help

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: people for a higher cost outside of just a paycheck and the jobs that i had

[Tyler Newton]: before in between you know a lot of them were sales jobs so i was really used to

[Tyler Newton]: hearing the word no

[Tyler Newton]: and when you’re in sales doing cold calls uh you hear about ninety nine noses and

[Tyler Newton]: one yes a day so i got really immune to hearing no and having to really go back

[Tyler Newton]: to the drawing board every daya and find new clients new customers that way with

[Tyler Newton]: you know over the phone sales job and

[Tyler Newton]: i think all everywhere that i’ve gone every step of my journey so far in life

[Tyler Newton]: i’ve just learned different skills and you learn how to take those different

[Tyler Newton]: skills that you’ve learned when you work for somebody else and then see how you

[Tyler Newton]: want to work for yourself or see how you want to run your business and i think it

[Tyler Newton]: just evolves i don’t think you ever actually really know what to do you just kind

[Tyler Newton]: of figure it out but then you also bring other skills that you’ve had from other

[Tyler Newton]: jobs into it as well and it just starts to shape you and how you run your

[Tyler Newton]: business and how you attack things so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: for me it was just i’m still learning i’m growing i mean there’s a ton of stuff

[Tyler Newton]: that i still don’t know so for me it’s important to also have really accomplished

[Tyler Newton]: people in my the corner i mean i have a coach myself for my own personal fitness

[Tyler Newton]: now

[Nick McGowan]: just

[Tyler Newton]: i also have a business coach that helps me along the way so that way i can

[Tyler Newton]: hopefully not make too many mistakes like i did early on and so for me as long as

[Tyler Newton]: you’re always trying to learn

[Tyler Newton]: and you actually

[Tyler Newton]: for me

[Tyler Newton]: you have to kind of be messy at first and and mess up um

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: and i’ve messed up so much that to me it’s like at least i’m taking the action

[Tyler Newton]: and when i do mess up i can learn from that and and learn

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: what i messed up on to fix it and then that can carry over as well further on

[Tyler Newton]: down the line and i think a lot of business owners when they get to that point of

[Tyler Newton]: they are we allowed to cuss by the way

[Nick McGowan]: shit yeah

[Tyler Newton]: okay um i keep having to stop myself i’m like i don’t cuss at this point um

[Nick McGowan]: you’re totally good i mean don’t go nuts but at

[Tyler Newton]: okay all right

[Nick McGowan]: some point i’m sure i’ll have somebody on here it’s got turrets you know so then

[Nick McGowan]: i’ll be like good fucking have at it

[Tyler Newton]: um but no i mean when you up right like and you learn that lesson of like oh man

[Tyler Newton]: like i’ really fucked up this time a lot of people then just wanna kind of give

[Tyler Newton]: up because they dug a

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: big hole and they are not sure how they’re going to get out of it when i’ve

[Tyler Newton]: really up i’ve just been like okay now we just got to work even hard to kind of

[Tyler Newton]: get ourselves back to even and then we’ll figure it out and the biggest thing i

[Tyler Newton]: always say is i’ll figure it out my wife hates it when i tell that because she’s

[Tyler Newton]: always like well how are you gonna do this i’m like i don’t know i’m gonna figure

[Tyler Newton]: it out what do you mean you’re gonna figure out i don’t know i’m going to figure

[Tyler Newton]: it out like give me some time i don’t have the answers yet but

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: i will go find the answers and i think if you’re going to run your own business

[Tyler Newton]: and work for yourself you gotta have that mindset of i’ll figure it out and not

[Tyler Newton]: give up at the first like speed bump because

[Tyler Newton]: in my business

[Tyler Newton]: especially when you look at coaches

[Tyler Newton]: a lot of personal trainers leave this space within two years which to me is just

[Tyler Newton]: not enough time to really build your business up anybody that’s been super

[Tyler Newton]: successful i think you’re going to see most of your growth at at least year three

[Tyler Newton]: year four year five like somewhere in there is like when you’re really going to

[Tyler Newton]: start to get traction because there’s so many steps along the way and i know some

[Tyler Newton]: people can really escalate their business a lot faster than maybe i have i’ve

[Tyler Newton]: seen it but at the same time

[Tyler Newton]: some of us have different parts of their life that are going on and some of us

[Tyler Newton]: aren’t willing to give up other things i think i have a really good balance of

[Tyler Newton]: what i actually want and where i want to go without giving up the things that i

[Tyler Newton]: still enjoy as a person and not as a business owner and so i think you got to be

[Tyler Newton]: realistic with yourself as far as like what am i willing to give up and what am i

[Tyler Newton]: willing to do

[Nick McGowan]: is it

[Tyler Newton]: and when you can kind of mesh those two together

[Tyler Newton]: you’ll be a lot happier because i see so many people that make a a lot of money

[Tyler Newton]: right now and they’re miserable and then i see other people that make less and

[Tyler Newton]: then they’re actually really happy and they have balanced so i think that’s where

[Tyler Newton]: the conversation starts with most entrepreneurs is what do you want and then what

[Tyler Newton]: kind of balance do you want as well and of course there’s seasons involved with

[Tyler Newton]: that where you know if you have promotions or kick offs and and things that are

[Tyler Newton]: going to keep you busy

[Tyler Newton]: you know you’re gonna give up some things during those times but how do you

[Tyler Newton]: balance that out

[Tyler Newton]: to me understanding balance inside of your business and your personal life will

[Tyler Newton]: lead you to less burnout and i think you see most people get burnt out because

[Tyler Newton]: they’re trying to grow too fast instead of understanding

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: they’re probably right where they need to be

[Tyler Newton]: and that comes with a little bit of understanding too like if your goal is to be

[Tyler Newton]: a millionaire and like you just are really ambitious and you don’t have anything

[Tyler Newton]: holding you back from just working twenty four seven and then hey go for it but

[Tyler Newton]: you know i have a wife and i have friends that i like to still play recreational

[Tyler Newton]: sports with and i don’t want to give those things up yet so until then then i’m

[Tyler Newton]: good with like the growth that we’re at and i think a lot of people got to have

[Tyler Newton]: that conversation with themselves

[Nick McGowan]: dude i totally agree the balance thing is such a almost four letter word to

[Nick McGowan]: certain people cause they don’t get it they’re just like i don’t know i i just

[Nick McGowan]: feel like i just need to keep going and keep hustling and for the most part i

[Nick McGowan]: think a lot of that’s just bullshit because they’re just pushing through

[Nick McGowan]: something that they they feel like oh i don’t know what else to do so i’m just

[Nick McGowan]: going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing so back to your

[Nick McGowan]: not being perfectionist and pushing out an mvp of things the minimal viable

[Nick McGowan]: product just get something out there and be okay with yourself in this social

[Nick McGowan]: media world it’s so difficult to not look from side to side and see what other

[Nick McGowan]: people are doing so finding your own balance is a big big problem for a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: people and some of that just boils down to experience like if i talked to you a

[Nick McGowan]: couple years ago balance would have been way out the window and i know that based

[Nick McGowan]: on the short conversations that we’ve already had

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: and i’m akin to that i get that i’ve burnt myself out massively to the point

[Nick McGowan]: where i was standing on top of a building like am i gonna fuck jump or not

[Nick McGowan]: and when you get to that point let me take a step back you should never get to

[Nick McGowan]: that point but if you do please

[Tyler Newton]: no

[Nick McGowan]: don’t jump talk to somebody um but how did you find balance and how did you get

[Nick McGowan]: to that point where you’re at now

[Nick McGowan]: thinking from the mindset of if you could put yourself back in that place a

[Nick McGowan]: couple of years ago and say hey dude chill out

[Nick McGowan]: how do you balance life knowing that you still need to push you still need to

[Nick McGowan]: work things but allowing things to come to you

[Tyler Newton]: the biggest thing that i did was i really set boundaries within my schedule and i

[Tyler Newton]: think a

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: lot of entrepreneurs and i i still can fall into this trap at times but the more

[Tyler Newton]: you actually block out your schedule and look at the things that you have in

[Tyler Newton]: front of you so i’ll use the example i still play in a men’s flight football

[Tyler Newton]: league

[Tyler Newton]: it’s one of the things that i find to be very rewarding because i get to see a

[Tyler Newton]: lot of my guy friends and we all play together so to me like that’s really

[Tyler Newton]: important and i know that i have games on monday nights sometimes on wednesdays

[Tyler Newton]: so during the season i block out in my business schedule those times when i know

[Tyler Newton]: that we are going to have games and everything else is stacked around that my

[Tyler Newton]: wife and i also still play coed volleyball together that is really important to

[Tyler Newton]: her because two years ago she was like hey like this is important that we have a

[Tyler Newton]: day for us to spend time together where you’re not focused on the business and i

[Tyler Newton]: have your attention and so i also know during the season of volleyball like hey

[Tyler Newton]: thursday nights i’m going to plan all of my work stuff around that and so for me

[Tyler Newton]: it was going ahead and knowing my non negotiable just like i ask my own clients

[Tyler Newton]: like hey what are some non negotiable in your life that you’re just not willing

[Tyler Newton]: to give up right for them it might be i’m not willing to give up oreos or

[Tyler Newton]: cheesecake or ice cream okay cool like i can

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Tyler Newton]: work with that tell me and so like the same thing as a business owner you have to

[Tyler Newton]: have your non negotiable for your own life and your business and so for me i

[Tyler Newton]: think putting those two things in there really helped because now everything else

[Tyler Newton]: i can reverse engineer and if i can reverse

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: engineer my non negotiable everything else can start to fit around that and so

[Tyler Newton]: many people

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: just see like i got a push push push push and i mean i was like that when i first

[Tyler Newton]: i mean you want to talk about not having a lot of hair right now i’m starting to

[Tyler Newton]: see grays well heck four years ago when i tried to build my own website i stayed

[Tyler Newton]: up for a month straight trying to figure out how to build my own website it was

[Tyler Newton]: probably a lot easier than i made it but at the time like i didn’t know any

[Tyler Newton]: better and i’m just trying to like youtube things like every day night my wife’s

[Tyler Newton]: just over there like hey it’s gonna to be okay i’m like no i got to get this up

[Tyler Newton]: and you get that one track mind if i got to finish this thing right nowadays i’m

[Tyler Newton]: like you know what it’s probably worth a lot of my time to pay somebody else to

[Tyler Newton]: take care of it so i can actually go focus on what i’m good at and i think as you

[Tyler Newton]: get through this entrepreneurial journey if you are

[Tyler Newton]: a business owner and you want to work for yourself you have to figure out what

[Tyler Newton]: you’re actually good at and what you suck at and if you suck at something go find

[Tyler Newton]: some way that’s good at it and there’s a lot of resources now where you can go

[Tyler Newton]: find labor for things that you don’t know that people can build out a website for

[Tyler Newton]: you now does it cost you money up front yeah it does and if you have the money it

[Tyler Newton]: it’s it’s you’re lucky at the time i didn’t have a lot of money to pay somebody

[Tyler Newton]: to build a website but now if i go in and i want to reconstruct my website i have

[Tyler Newton]: luckily a nest egg where i could pay somebody to go build me out a new website

[Tyler Newton]: which i’m actually doing right now so to me like that’s cool because i don’t have

[Tyler Newton]: to waste time on that i can just be a coach i can focus on my clients

[Nick McGowan]: depth

[Tyler Newton]: i can focus on how to make their programs better their life better now i’m

[Tyler Newton]: working on my business and not in my business and i think that’s really important

[Tyler Newton]: to understand is you have to know

[Tyler Newton]: what you’re good at what you suck at find people that can help you and take the

[Tyler Newton]: least amount of time to get it done and you can always go back and make revisions

[Tyler Newton]: like everybody has this perfectionist mindset i think is like entrepreneurs and i

[Tyler Newton]: actually rather move faster without perfection

[Tyler Newton]: then to move slower and it has to be perfect because even when you think it’s

[Tyler Newton]: perfect you’re gonna mess something up you’re gonna have to go back and fix it

[Tyler Newton]: eventually so you might as well go ahead and put it out there there’s been

[Tyler Newton]: several times where i put things out there and like people like respond back and

[Tyler Newton]: they’re like oh this isn’t working that’s not working i’m like okay cool like you

[Tyler Newton]: go back in refine it but at least i got it out there because the faster you get

[Tyler Newton]: it out there the faster you can fix it and a lot of times you don’t really know

[Tyler Newton]: what the problems are until you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: launch so you might as

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: well go ahead and launch apologize and tell them hey i’ll make it

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: up for it and let it go but

[Nick McGowan]: let

[Tyler Newton]: people want to get so caught up in being perfect that they actually just never

[Tyler Newton]: get out of the starting gate and you

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Tyler Newton]: got to get going before you really worry about that stuff

[Nick McGowan]: dude absolutely one hundred percent i think there are certain people that their

[Nick McGowan]: jam in life is to be organized i

[Tyler Newton]: not me

[Nick McGowan]: totally love organizing things and like i need to get everything together and

[Nick McGowan]: those typically are the people that are like all right so i’ve got the phone i’ve

[Nick McGowan]: got a piece of paper i’ve got a pen i’ve got some water oh i need to go to the

[Nick McGowan]: bathroom or quick it’s like just pick up the damn phone make the call do whatever

[Nick McGowan]: you got to do even if it’s launching your website or not launching the website so

[Nick McGowan]: taking those steps and just being okay with putting stuff out there that’s also

[Nick McGowan]: how you learn i mean when you said people will come back to you and go hey this

[Nick McGowan]: is broken how the hell else would you have known if somebody didn’t come back and

[Nick McGowan]: say something

[Nick McGowan]: so taking those steps are huge for people but a lot of people don’t get to that

[Nick McGowan]: point where they take the steps now do you kind of think of yourself as i’m just

[Nick McGowan]: gonna move fast and break things

[Nick McGowan]: or do you think of are you cautious throughout stuff too or what

[Tyler Newton]: yeah i mean i like to move fast but then sometimes

[Tyler Newton]: i have to say like i’ll also move slow cause i’m a very visual person so if i

[Tyler Newton]: can’t visualize something it’s hard for me to move fast but if i see the visual

[Tyler Newton]: then i can work really fast and get it done so for me it kind of

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: depends on where i’m at you know i was on the phone with my assistant the other

[Tyler Newton]: day who’s helping me redo my website and i was getting very overwhelmed because

[Tyler Newton]: i’m like i just can’t see what you’re talking about right now like we’re saying

[Tyler Newton]: the same thing but i can’t see it so i don’t know how to give you more direction

[Tyler Newton]: right now so then we had to kind of take a step back and be like okay like what

[Tyler Newton]: are the easy things that we can go ahead and knock out just to get moving and

[Tyler Newton]: then we’ll come back to the drawing board later on once we have more of a visual

[Tyler Newton]: for you to see and i was like okay perfect like let’s go knock that out and so

[Tyler Newton]: last night you know i knocked out the three things that we talked about that’d be

[Tyler Newton]: like super easy because i wasn’t even moving because i’m like i don’t know i

[Tyler Newton]: don’t have clarity right i think

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: clarity is more of the kicker there than anything else when you have clarity you

[Tyler Newton]: can move a lot faster when you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: lack clarity you get stuck in your own you get stuck

[Nick McGowan]: just

[Tyler Newton]: basically and so having clarity i think excels you to move forward faster and

[Tyler Newton]: without that you’re going to kind of sit there and spin your wheels

[Tyler Newton]: so for me i’m not somebody that’s just going like hurry up and like throw

[Tyler Newton]: something out there i want to one be passionate about what i’m about to put out

[Tyler Newton]: there two i want to make sure i know exactly how i want it to reach my clients

[Tyler Newton]: and then three

[Tyler Newton]: if i mess it up i’ll fix it like it’s fine

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: so i’m not the most organized person that’s why i have somebody that helps me

[Tyler Newton]: stay organized because once again i know where i’m weak and where i’m strong and

[Tyler Newton]: organization was never my strong suit so

[Tyler Newton]: it just comes back to you know having clarity and knowing what i’m strong at and

[Tyler Newton]: focusing on what i do best which is coach people

[Nick McGowan]: he

[Tyler Newton]: and help them lose weight or and feel their best and as long as i can focus on

[Tyler Newton]: that and then the other task i have people helping me with

[Tyler Newton]: i’m gonna be okay

[Nick McGowan]: i think something for our listeners is the awareness that you have the fact that

[Nick McGowan]: you understand what your parameters are like i know where my bumpers are in a

[Nick McGowan]: sense i think bowling with your shitty at bowling and put up the bumpers so you

[Nick McGowan]: can still play the game with the rest of us you know as long as you know where

[Nick McGowan]: your bumpers are and you’re like hey i’m good at these things but i’m really not

[Nick McGowan]: good at these other things

[Nick McGowan]: that was not something you were born with ’cause nobody

[Tyler Newton]: no

[Nick McGowan]: really is so are there any points in life or any moments in time that stand out

[Nick McGowan]: to you where you’re like right there is where i learned how to do this

[Tyler Newton]: you know i i think a lot of what i’ve learned is just from paying for mentors um

[Tyler Newton]: and and learning from them to be honest i’m i’m someone that loves to be coached

[Tyler Newton]: because i love to coach people so for me

[Tyler Newton]: i i love learning from people that i view as where i want to go and so for me the

[Tyler Newton]: best way to learn where i need to go and how to do it is to pay people that are

[Tyler Newton]: actually doing it and learning from there and so for me i think it’s a chain

[Tyler Newton]: event of as you

[Tyler Newton]: level up you’re going to keep getting higher and higher with somebody else that’s

[Tyler Newton]: above you or above them so for me right now

[Nick McGowan]: question

[Tyler Newton]: like i have a business coach and i’ve learned so much from him and he’s really

[Tyler Newton]: taught me a lot about business and just life in general

[Tyler Newton]: and so having conversations with him to where he also

[Tyler Newton]: points out my strong suits he points out my weaknesses and how to do that that’s

[Tyler Newton]: where i think i became become the most self aware and

[Nick McGowan]: look

[Tyler Newton]: that’s how when you were talking about bumpers i think it was from having

[Tyler Newton]: somebody that could take that thirty thousand foot view of me and relay that back

[Tyler Newton]: to me of like hey like this just isn’t something you’re shun at so like why don’t

[Tyler Newton]: we look at this option i’m like oh

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: okay cool because

[Tyler Newton]: we get in our own ways because we don’t know what we’re not good at because we

[Nick McGowan]: so

[Tyler Newton]: don’t we’re not asking for help and i think that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs

[Tyler Newton]: actually mess up is

[Tyler Newton]: in my twenties i think i was in probably even in my teens i was a very big know

[Tyler Newton]: at all more than likely i don’t want to admit that but i think i have to admit

[Tyler Newton]: that

[Nick McGowan]: i think you just did

[Tyler Newton]: because we all probably were like that

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: um and so i think as i got older and just wiser from you know being an adult i

[Tyler Newton]: just started learning like hey you don’t know what it’s like to do these things

[Tyler Newton]: so you need to go learn

[Tyler Newton]: and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: once i kind of got out of my own way of saying no i can do this on my own and

[Tyler Newton]: started paying for it and seeing like

[Tyler Newton]: my coach’s success and him then teaching me what to do next i think that was just

[Tyler Newton]: a big breakthrough that i needed and understood now okay like there’s certain

[Tyler Newton]: levels to this that you don’t even have any clue how to do

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: so now that you have somebody in your corner that can teach

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: you this you’re going to be able to move a lot faster and so i just always t want

[Tyler Newton]: people to realize

[Nick McGowan]: that’s

[Tyler Newton]: you might pay a lot of money for a coach or a mentor and don’t get me wrong

[Tyler Newton]: there’s some good ones and some bad ones so you know you want to vet that very

[Tyler Newton]: carefully

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: but when you find a good one you’re going to make your money back as an

[Tyler Newton]: entrepreneur and so it’s scary to pay a lot of money up front to not know what

[Tyler Newton]: the actual return is but i also think that comes back on you like if you do the

[Tyler Newton]: work because these people have obviously done this if you do what they tell you

[Tyler Newton]: to do you’re probably going to make your money back and then it’s okay it’s worth

[Tyler Newton]: it but if you don’t do what they’re teaching you just like in anything you know

[Tyler Newton]: you can go back to grade school if you don’t do the work you’re not going to

[Tyler Newton]: learn so you have to do the work yourself and they’re there to guide you like any

[Tyler Newton]: coach just like i do with my clients if i teach you something and i tell you what

[Tyler Newton]: to do i can’t then force you to go eat healthier you have to stop going to

[Tyler Newton]: mcdonald’s and burger king and wendy’s and bojangles like

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: i can’t force you to do that but if you take what i’m telling you and you apply

[Tyler Newton]: it then you can be successful and and that just goes with any level there’s

[Tyler Newton]: always the education and i think where most people mess up in any type of

[Tyler Newton]: coaching is the application of the education because we

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Tyler Newton]: have the internet can probably learn a lot of the stuff that my own coach is

[Tyler Newton]: teaching me off the internet but the

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: way he applies it and the way that he does it

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Tyler Newton]: resonates with me right so him being able to apply what he’s learned and to what

[Tyler Newton]: should be done down to me is a really key step in me being able to succeed

[Tyler Newton]: so

[Tyler Newton]: that then translates to me being very successful in knowing nutrition and

[Tyler Newton]: exercise and now i need to learn how to apply what i know to each client as an

[Tyler Newton]: individual

[Tyler Newton]: so people all the time are like how do you know so much or you know why do i do

[Tyler Newton]: this because a lot of coaches in my space will just tell you hey here’s your

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Tyler Newton]: macros here’s what i want you to eat go do it well we all know

[Tyler Newton]: when it comes to dieting and exercise that no not everybody’s the same you have

[Tyler Newton]: to be able to relay your message in different ways depending upon the person so

[Tyler Newton]: you have to know people and you have to know how to take the education and help

[Tyler Newton]: them apply it in their day to day life and if you can do that you can be very

[Tyler Newton]: very successful as a coach in my business but there’s a lot of smart coaches out

[Tyler Newton]: there who i’ll never be able to

[Tyler Newton]: speak above because they’re so book smart but yet they are so broke because they

[Tyler Newton]: don’t know how to take what’s in the book and apply it to the individual and so i

[Tyler Newton]: think that’s really key for a lot of people is understanding the application of

[Tyler Newton]: things

[Nick McGowan]: yeah and especially seeking help uh be it a coach be it a therapist psychiatrist

[Nick McGowan]: counselor a friend anybody to be able to talk to about that stuff there are

[Nick McGowan]: levels to all of this the awareness then the seeking and the accountability and

[Nick McGowan]: these are all things that literally most people don’t do because they get to the

[Nick McGowan]: point where they think oh man there’s a lot of to do i’m just gonna go eat a

[Nick McGowan]: sandwich and go watch some netflix oh ozark you know what i mean and just be able

[Nick McGowan]: to go into that and push a thing away so i think one of the big takeaways here is

[Nick McGowan]: to be able to push through that and understand like hey you got to have grace for

[Nick McGowan]: yourself you got to love yourself and you got to be real with yourself and no

[Nick McGowan]: like i am great at talking to people but i am terrible at organizing things or i

[Nick McGowan]: am great at organizing things but terrified of having have a conversation with

[Nick McGowan]: people if that’s the thing to get people around you that can help and you’ve gone

[Nick McGowan]: that step of finding coaches and hiring coaches there are people that listen to

[Nick McGowan]: this podcast that i can almost guarantee you’re sitting on their the couch or

[Nick McGowan]: maybe they’re sitting in their office wherever they’re at listening to this and

[Nick McGowan]: they have an idea they have something they want to do do you have any advice for

[Nick McGowan]: them to take that next step

[Tyler Newton]: well i mean for me if if you have a great idea and here’s the other thing

[Tyler Newton]: if you tell somebody you have an idea and they don’t support it it probably just

[Tyler Newton]: means that they don’t see the idea like they can’t visualize it and you can’t let

[Tyler Newton]: that get you down right for the longest time my brother called what i did a hobby

[Tyler Newton]: for crying out loud

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Tyler Newton]: until i showed him how much i made and then i was like hey my hobby’s going

[Tyler Newton]: pretty well by the way right and so nowadays like when we have this conversation

[Tyler Newton]: and now he just bought a business himself and so i’m like hey welcome to

[Tyler Newton]: entrepreneurship and being a business owner man you’re going to quickly learn

[Tyler Newton]: like what all there is to do

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and so for me it’s when you have an idea you have to just take action first and

[Tyler Newton]: foremost right you’re gonna rely on motivation at first but the action steps that

[Tyler Newton]: you take and the boring work and i say this a lot

[Tyler Newton]: what i do and what i coach is actually really boring because you have to keep

[Tyler Newton]: doing it over and over again you have to be consistent with it right

[Tyler Newton]: so when you have motivation that’s great but you can’t rely on motivation because

[Tyler Newton]: that’s a fleeting feeling when you start to actually take action and you just do

[Tyler Newton]: the day to day mundane shit over and over and over

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: again guess what happens it becomes a lot easier and then you start to build upon

[Tyler Newton]: that and then you can start to knock off different tasks that you want along the

[Tyler Newton]: way i think most people have this big idea and they don’t understand all the

[Tyler Newton]: little things that they’re going to have to do day to day to keep it up and so

[Tyler Newton]: you have to go take the small action steps that you can knock out do right away

[Tyler Newton]: to get the ball rolling and so many people just sit on an idea that could

[Tyler Newton]: actually be the next great idea but because they’re so afraid of not being

[Tyler Newton]: motivated or not knowing what to do that they just never do anything at all and

[Tyler Newton]: you’d rather actually go out there and kind of mess up and learn because

[Tyler Newton]: you know i actually don’t like social media i’m on social media a lot and not

[Tyler Newton]: have to be because that’s the only way you grow in a digital age now but for the

[Tyler Newton]: longest time i did not want to put myself out on social media i did not want to

[Tyler Newton]: do that i still sometimes will sit here for like an hour and be like god dang it

[Tyler Newton]: like i really do not want to post this right now this is like it is so stupid

[Tyler Newton]: half the time but yet we are now on tick tock like doing pointy things for ten

[Tyler Newton]: seconds and like we’re boosted in an algorithm that now takes you to the next

[Tyler Newton]: level or something like that and i’m like that was the dumbest thing i’ve ever

[Tyler Newton]: seen in my life like but you’re telling me this is how i have to get clients like

[Tyler Newton]: that sucks i’d rather come talk long form and let people get to know me and i

[Tyler Newton]: want to bring people in that way so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: it’s figuring out what you’re good at and what you want to do and taking those

[Tyler Newton]: steps and doing it over and over again and if something is uncomfortable you

[Tyler Newton]: probably hear this all the time but really truly it’s so true you have to learn

[Tyler Newton]: to become uncomfortable but be comfortable being uncomfortable and the more you

[Tyler Newton]: can get past being uncomfortable all the time the quicker you’re going to

[Tyler Newton]: actually c because when you step into being uncomfortable that’s probably where

[Tyler Newton]: you’re going to learn the most and that’s where you’re actually going to then

[Tyler Newton]: start to see the most growth in whatever venture you’re in or whatever venture

[Tyler Newton]: you’re doing so for me social media was very

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Tyler Newton]: uncomfortable at first me going live

[Tyler Newton]: and doing a facebook live for five or ten minutes used to be the scariest thing

[Tyler Newton]: ever if you go back two years ago whenever i first started going live on my

[Tyler Newton]: facebook to try to like tell people i’m an online coach now i would sit my truck

[Tyler Newton]: because i didn’t have a cool desk with like blue lights and all this stuff my

[Tyler Newton]: truck was my safe space like i felt comfortable going live in my truck and that

[Tyler Newton]: was like the only way i could go live otherwise i would never do it because i

[Tyler Newton]: didn’t want my wife to be around i didn’t want other people to be around like i

[Tyler Newton]: didn’t

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: want to be that person that you see on like influencers in the wild like didn’t

[Tyler Newton]: want to be that guy right so i would sit in my truck like a little kid and just

[Tyler Newton]: like go live

[Tyler Newton]: inside of my truck and it became a joke amongst me and my friends that like oh

[Tyler Newton]: hey like is your truck your office and i’m like yeah as a matter of fact it kind

[Tyler Newton]: of is now because i that’s where i do so much stuff and so i was really

[Tyler Newton]: uncomfortable doing that but i made this challenge with myself that i was gonna

[Tyler Newton]: do it for thirty days straight and so i went

[Nick McGowan]: nice

[Tyler Newton]: for thirty days straight i went live for four or five minutes and just ask people

[Tyler Newton]: hey what do you want me to talk about or like what can i talk about today and

[Tyler Newton]: just try to provide some information for people and after thirty days i started

[Tyler Newton]: to learn wow like i actually have a lot of people that are kind of like hitting

[Tyler Newton]: me up and starting to kind of dig what i’m doing and what i’m saying and people

[Tyler Newton]: are seeing value now and so for me it was the scariest thing and i was super

[Tyler Newton]: uncomfortable doing it but then you kind of get that first win and then you’re

[Tyler Newton]: like oh shoot like i actually touch somebody and like they’re going to go do

[Tyler Newton]: something now with the information i provided that’s really cool

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and so in that sense you start to kind of build that momentum up in yourself

[Tyler Newton]: where you start to believe in yourself and i think most people just need to find

[Tyler Newton]: the belief in themselves first

[Tyler Newton]: and that’s really hard because when you first start working on something you

[Tyler Newton]: don’t really know how it’s gonna turn out like you’re kind of guessing and you’re

[Tyler Newton]: really excited but then you kind of get nervous and you clamp up a little bit and

[Tyler Newton]: that’s okay but if you lean into that and then you keep pushing through and you

[Tyler Newton]: push yourself outside of that comfort zone then you’re gonna be okay and i think

[Tyler Newton]: a lot of us are like afraid to get called out to when we mess up and i i think

[Tyler Newton]: that’s what

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: keeps a lot of us from really reaching our potential and so sometimes you just

[Tyler Newton]: have to accept hey if you mess up you mess up and go apologize if you have to

[Tyler Newton]: like own your shit so to speak it’s okay

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: like i’ve had somebody call me out before hell if you go read my post my wife

[Tyler Newton]: calls me out all the time i’m poor grammar and i’m like i’m just trying to get it

[Tyler Newton]: over with like i i read it once

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Tyler Newton]: and if i miss it i miss it like i’m sorry it’s just gonna be what it is but i

[Tyler Newton]: don’t have all day to sit here and try to like proof for it i have like ten other

[Tyler Newton]: things going on in my brain i gotta get it out there

[Tyler Newton]: and and so it happens but just keep leaning into it and people will find out who

[Tyler Newton]: you are and they’ll like you for you and just be who you are don’t try to be the

[Tyler Newton]: person you see on the other side of the screen and act like them because if

[Tyler Newton]: that’s not you then it’s gonna show up in whatever you do so you have to just be

[Tyler Newton]: who you are and be authentic to yourself when you’re authentic to yourself people

[Tyler Newton]: will resonate with that authenticity and i think nowadays more than ever you have

[Tyler Newton]: to be showing who you really are

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: because we’ve already been through the age whereby is a pretender and now you’re

[Tyler Newton]: gonna get called out for it so own up to who you are be comfortable with who you

[Tyler Newton]: are and i’m sure you’re going to create an army behind you of people that think

[Tyler Newton]: like you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah you’ve got people that

[Nick McGowan]: uh really

[Nick McGowan]: try to make a face like i think i think of the sales people that pick up phones

[Nick McGowan]: and they become somebody else like instead of being like hey thanks go blah blah

[Nick McGowan]: blah i’m nick how are you know just being they’re like hello and thank you for

[Nick McGowan]: calling blah blah blah’s like who the fuck is that guy where did he come from

[Nick McGowan]: this isn’t real what is your problem

[Nick McGowan]: and they try to put on this face and i think some people feel like they have to

[Nick McGowan]: because they’re unsure they’re not clear and they d therefore they don’t have

[Nick McGowan]: confidence they don’t know what they want that to be where if we think about it

[Nick McGowan]: this way tyler if you weren’t being authentic think about the ship people that

[Nick McGowan]: you would pull in that

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: are not the people that you want so the more authentic you can be the more

[Nick McGowan]: attractive you’ll be to the people that are like hey that person’s kind of

[Nick McGowan]: similar to me and we all want to work with people that we’re similar to it’s just

[Nick McGowan]: like no matter what business you’re in if you’re in your own business if you have

[Nick McGowan]: business you you nine to five whatever that is there are certain companies that

[Nick McGowan]: can’t pick the clients that they want to have and there’s certain companies and

[Nick McGowan]: people that go hey this isn’t a good fit and wouldn’t you rather be in that spot

[Nick McGowan]: where you go hey i don’t think this is the right fit or to say to somebody hey

[Nick McGowan]: this is an absolute perfect fit

[Tyler Newton]: yeah i mean it takes me back to when i used to do cold calling for a logistics

[Tyler Newton]: company right and i remember

[Tyler Newton]: i remember whenever i finally started to feel bad about the job that i was in

[Tyler Newton]: whenever so if you don’t know what logistics is i work for a freight brokering

[Tyler Newton]: company and i was the middle guy between the truck drivers and the shippers or

[Tyler Newton]: receivers and what would basically happen is i’m trying to make money off the

[Tyler Newton]: difference between the shipper and the receiver and the truck driver so if they

[Tyler Newton]: want twelve hundred dollars to go from florida to north carolina i’m trying to

[Tyler Newton]: pay them nine hundred so i make three hundred dollars profit and i

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: remember i had a manager and i had a truck driver basically fall off the face of

[Tyler Newton]: the earth and my

[Tyler Newton]: my boss or a company that um i was shipping it

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: to who was i guess my client is asking me like where’s the truck where’s the

[Tyler Newton]: truck and like my boss

[Nick McGowan]: sh

[Tyler Newton]: at inside the company was telling me like tell him you know where it is tell them

[Tyler Newton]: it’s here it and like i’m a terrible liar like you can ask my mom and my wife i

[Tyler Newton]: am terrible at lying you can read right through me whenever i’m telling a lie i’m

[Tyler Newton]: sitting here having to try to lie to this guy and i’m one of those people like

[Tyler Newton]: once you start like once i get going down a rabbit hole it’s pretty very easy to

[Tyler Newton]: pick me apart on a lie like i’m terrible at games where you have to lie and so i

[Tyler Newton]: knew from going there that like okay this is not for me because i cannot

[Tyler Newton]: authentically be me and in the sales conversations that you had to have with a

[Tyler Newton]: lot of these people

[Tyler Newton]: i just felt very inauthentic to myself and i

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: hated that feeling and so i only lasted a year and the bad part is though

[Tyler Newton]: i was actually pretty decent at being who i was and getting clients which is the

[Tyler Newton]: sad part but i left because of that feeling of having to feel inauthentic at the

[Tyler Newton]: same time when things went wrong like you weren’t allowed to just tell them like

[Tyler Newton]: hey you know what like this truck driver honestly um he he went rogue on me like

[Tyler Newton]: you you weren’t allowed to tell somebody that and their whole reason was like no

[Tyler Newton]: like you you want to make them trust you i’m like you make them trust you by

[Tyler Newton]: telling them the truth and just being up front like hey like for some reason this

[Tyler Newton]: guy got pissed off i don’t know whether it was his boss or what or he’s having

[Tyler Newton]: trouble with his wife like i can’t tell you but like he’s not picking up and i

[Tyler Newton]: just want you to know that they didn’t want you to say that and

[Nick McGowan]: hm

[Tyler Newton]: for me i’m like why not just be honest because now i have to keep thinking of the

[Tyler Newton]: lie and how to like back that lie i can’t do that i’m terrible of this and so

[Tyler Newton]: that feeling of like not being authentic to who i was ultimately led me to leave

[Tyler Newton]: because i couldn’t work for a company like that where i felt like i had to lie

[Tyler Newton]: about

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: who i was and so i just think it’s really important to to be

[Nick McGowan]: corn

[Tyler Newton]: who you are be honest you know in my profession like i’m not going to know

[Tyler Newton]: everything i’m sorry like i cannot know all that there is in the human body

[Tyler Newton]: because there are certain things that are not my niche but what i can’t say is

[Tyler Newton]: hey i don’t know but i have a plethora of people that i work alongside in this

[Tyler Newton]: space who i think i can reach out to and get an answer for you and most of the

[Tyler Newton]: time your clients are gonna be okay with that if you don’t know because

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Tyler Newton]: you can’t know everything and so i feel much better now being able to tell

[Tyler Newton]: clients hey i just don’t know the answer to that that’s not really

[Nick McGowan]: situation

[Tyler Newton]: my scope but let me go figure it out for you can you give me a couple of days

[Tyler Newton]: yeah that’s fine cool now next thing i do i go reach out to my network and i say

[Tyler Newton]: hey guys like anybody ever worked with somebody like this yes i have cool let me

[Tyler Newton]: hitch up real quick i got a couple of questions go back

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: to the client like that to me is better than trying to tell that client oh no no

[Tyler Newton]: i know exactly how to fix this whenever i don’t have a freaking clue and

[Tyler Newton]: to be honest like when i first yeah and when i first started out i was so scared

[Nick McGowan]: yeah then you’re just lying

[Tyler Newton]: to say i didn’t

[Nick McGowan]: cool

[Tyler Newton]: know because i thought people would think i was like a fraud so you get scared to

[Tyler Newton]: say i don’t know and then i finally kind of got to a point and i was like why am

[Tyler Newton]: i trying to tell them i know or make something up whenever i’m actually then

[Tyler Newton]: not doing right by the client all

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: i’m doing is probably further hurting them so then you know you kind of come to

[Tyler Newton]: that realization of like alright you just got to step up and just say you don’t

[Tyler Newton]: know go figure out the answer and let them know you’re going to figure it out for

[Tyler Newton]: them and to this day like if i don’t have an answer i i tell them that i’m like

[Tyler Newton]: hey i don’t have an answer right now let me go figure this out let me go get some

[Tyler Newton]: help and then i’ll come back to you with what i got

[Nick McGowan]: yeah that

[Nick McGowan]: goes back to your being well it goes back to your being comfortable of being

[Tyler Newton]: and and you build trust

[Nick McGowan]: unfortu because in that point

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: you’re a resource for people you’re not just bullshitting them like hey i don’t

[Nick McGowan]: know this but you know what i’m gonna go do the leg work and i’m gonna go figure

[Nick McGowan]: this thing out for you and that definitely helps people

[Nick McGowan]: feel like they can trust you more so let’s take a little bit of a step back to

[Nick McGowan]: you sitting in your truck so you were like alright i need to do this thing and

[Nick McGowan]: i’m gonna set up my bumpers i’m gonna do this for thirty days and then you told

[Nick McGowan]: some people you told your wife you told a couple friends and there’s

[Nick McGowan]: accountability there and then you were like all right i am uncomfortable ain’t so

[Nick McGowan]: how do i do this sort of comfortably because you don’t want to completely you

[Nick McGowan]: know traumatize yourself as you’re trying to get into something so you made the

[Nick McGowan]: call of alright this is my comfort zone i’m gonna get in here i’m going to be

[Nick McGowan]: comfortable yet uncomfortable and then by the end of that was it really as scary

[Nick McGowan]: as you thought it was gonna be or were you like

[Nick McGowan]: i’m doing it

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: you know it’s it was one of those things where

[Tyler Newton]: you you do it and then you

[Tyler Newton]: it’s it really comes down to i think impostor syndrome to be honest

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: because here’s the thing i see lane norton i see i’m the guy from uh jim jim army

[Tyler Newton]: i can’t say his last name like you see all these people out there that are like

[Tyler Newton]: really smart in your

[Nick McGowan]: sometimes

[Tyler Newton]: space and in your mind i go shoot i don’t think i know all the stuff that they

[Tyler Newton]: know but in reality what they’re doing is they’re speaking their level of

[Tyler Newton]: knowledge right and that’s what they are really good at i need to just speak to

[Tyler Newton]: what i know and what i’m really good at and if i just speak to my level

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: then i’m gonna be okay like i don’t need to try to impress other

[Nick McGowan]: awesome

[Tyler Newton]: coaches because other coaches aren’t paying me a general population of people is

[Tyler Newton]: paying me women and men that want to get stronger and lose weight who don’t know

[Tyler Newton]: jack shit about fitness and health are paying my bills

[Tyler Newton]: not the coach over here that has a million followers who i think is going to one

[Tyler Newton]: day see me and then like call me out and then all of a sudden like i’m gonna lose

[Tyler Newton]: my whole business they don’t know who i am

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: at all but yet in my mind i’m saying shoot i’m

[Nick McGowan]: cold

[Tyler Newton]: competing against them whenever i’m a baby minow trying to swim out in the ocean

[Tyler Newton]: like

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: i’m a nobody let’s be honest but

[Tyler Newton]: once you realize that and you understand that hey like you’re not on the big boy

[Tyler Newton]: level yet just speak to

[Nick McGowan]: just

[Tyler Newton]: who you know you can speak to and help once you get really clear on that you can

[Tyler Newton]: get rid of some of the impostor syndrome of wanting to compete with the people

[Tyler Newton]: that you idolize

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and i think that’s the biggest problem is so many of us see our idols and we’re

[Tyler Newton]: trying to speak up to them when really and truly that’s not who we need to be

[Tyler Newton]: speaking to we need to be speaking to the people that are going to relate to you

[Tyler Newton]: who understand what you’re saying and feel that pain and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: so when i can just simply speak to the pain of what i can fix with my clients

[Tyler Newton]: they’re going to resonate with that and then come over there and then i could

[Tyler Newton]: start to feel more comfortable with that

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: because once you understanding you’re speaking the same language as the people

[Tyler Newton]: you’re trying to help that’s when you can start to actually build your business

[Tyler Newton]: and get really comfortable because you see that they

[Tyler Newton]: need your help and that you can help them so being in my truck for thirty days

[Tyler Newton]: and going live and you know pushing that comfort zone it was actually really

[Tyler Newton]: freeing at the end of it because it started to help me get better at being on

[Tyler Newton]: camera started making me better at doing podcast i mean i remember the first time

[Tyler Newton]: i ever did

[Nick McGowan]: of course

[Tyler Newton]: a podcast and i was on one that is actually

[Tyler Newton]: in my space a pretty popular one and it through a connection with my coach and i

[Tyler Newton]: almost want to hit that guy back up and be like man i have no clue why you let me

[Tyler Newton]: on

[Nick McGowan]: ye round two

[Tyler Newton]: like i’d never done a podcast before i was so nervous and trying to be like i was

[Tyler Newton]: trying to sound way too cool and smart as if like i was on that level

[Tyler Newton]: and i just needed practice i just needed

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: practice at doing podcasting and being on a podcast and he kind of pop my cherry

[Tyler Newton]: and i go back and i listen to it sometimes and i’m like cad the mighty eye sucked

[Tyler Newton]: as on that podcast that was terrible

[Tyler Newton]: but you know you kind of have to fail again like it comes back to

[Nick McGowan]: co

[Tyler Newton]: it like i had to go on that podcast and just be afraid of what i was gonna sound

[Tyler Newton]: like in order to get over the

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: fear of what i was going to sound like and once you kind of mess up you’re almost

[Tyler Newton]: like what i can’t it up any worse than that can i like

[Tyler Newton]: that was pretty bad so it can

[Nick McGowan]: you

[Tyler Newton]: only go up from here right and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: you know it’s the more once again the more you do it the more comfortable you get

[Tyler Newton]: with doing a podcast or being on video and talking to large groups of people

[Tyler Newton]: i run a challenge you know once a quarter and we had almost a hundred people in

[Tyler Newton]: our last challenge and i’m on a zoom call in front of close to seventy people out

[Tyler Newton]: of the one hundred that showed up and i’m like man this is pretty cool like i got

[Tyler Newton]: seventy freaking people here on a monday night

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: listening to me talk about fitness and nutrition that’s really cool and so for me

[Tyler Newton]: it’s like i had to kind of suck because the first time i ever ran a challenge

[Tyler Newton]: like that i think i had six or seven people show up and you know a year later i

[Tyler Newton]: have seventy some odd people

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: so it’s it’s step by step like where you are right now is probably where you’re

[Tyler Newton]: supposed to be but it doesn’t mean that’s where you have to stay you just have

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: to get the reps in and the more time you spend underneath the bar so to speak and

[Tyler Newton]: the better you get

[Tyler Newton]: being underneath the weight of the bar using gym terms the better you get you

[Tyler Newton]: know if i go and try to do a squat for the first time with a barbell on my back

[Tyler Newton]: it’s probably gonna look a little funky but the more that i do it and the more

[Tyler Newton]: weight that i add the stronger i get the better

[Nick McGowan]: then

[Tyler Newton]: at it i get and the more you progress to where you can then maybe i don’t know

[Tyler Newton]: squat three hundred four hundred pounds like over time

[Tyler Newton]: so i think with anything it’s just repetition

[Tyler Newton]: repetition and getting after it and just knowing that it’s not going to be

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: perfect it’s not going to always go the way that you envision it i mean i can

[Tyler Newton]: guarantee you this in my head the dream of like being on a podcast and like what

[Tyler Newton]: i would talk about you go to bed at night and you’re like oh yeah like i’m gonna

[Tyler Newton]: say this and it’s gonna to go this way and then it doesn’t go that way at all in

[Tyler Newton]: fact you’re like jesus christ like where were you going with that

[Tyler Newton]: so so you know like you just gotta learn in failure and and there’s i i tell my

[Tyler Newton]: clients this too i’m like every time you fail you grow every time you fail

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: you learn something new and as long as you don’t keep dwelling on the failure and

[Tyler Newton]: you actually look at what you’re going to learn from the failure you’ll get

[Tyler Newton]: better it doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen overnight but you will learn and

[Tyler Newton]: you will get better and it’s okay it’s okay to mess up we all are gonna mess up

[Tyler Newton]: we’re gonna to mess up way more than we succeed and you’re damn sure not going to

[Tyler Newton]: succeed on the first try so go fuck up it’s gonna be okay

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: run with that you know allow yourself to just screw it up and when we really

[Nick McGowan]: think about the people that are going to say anything bad or just talk shit to

[Nick McGowan]: you those are not the growth minded people those people aren’t going to be shitty

[Nick McGowan]: towards you it’s the trolls the people that live under bridges the

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: troglodytes of the world those are the ones who are going to be like you i got

[Nick McGowan]: things to say it’s like

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: okay

[Tyler Newton]: the the haters aren’t the people paying your bills so why you listen

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: to them like

[Nick McGowan]: yeah exactly

[Tyler Newton]: haters don’t pay your bills and if anything they might actually help you get

[Tyler Newton]: people that then will pay your bills because all you’re doing is boosting my

[Tyler Newton]: algorithm by commenting back and forth and i appreciate that bro so you know what

[Tyler Newton]: keep coming at me like keep

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: boosting my algorithm for me so it gets seen to ten more people and then ten more

[Tyler Newton]: people and the next thing i know like hey i’m i’m still

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: staying on top so

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: i it’s just funny because we’re afraid of what people are going to say but the

[Tyler Newton]: people that are going to call you out and the people that are going to hate on

[Tyler Newton]: you and like try to bring you down they’re either one they’ve never been where

[Tyler Newton]: you’re at or two they’re just gonna actually help fuel you to get to where you

[Tyler Newton]: want to go and every now and again like yeah you can get knocked down a peg but

[Tyler Newton]: as long as you don’t stop and you keep going you’re not going to fail i think

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: that’s the number one thing that most people have to learn in a growth mindset

[Tyler Newton]: and a self mastery mindset which is

[Tyler Newton]: if you fail you really only fail once you stop

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and so if you don’t stop and you keep getting back up like rocky did and all of

[Tyler Newton]: his movies you’re gonna eventually win but you have to keep getting back up time

[Tyler Newton]: you choose to stop is when you actually truly fail so just don’t stop

[Nick McGowan]: yeah it’s just like pivoting you know a lot of people will look at the things

[Nick McGowan]: that they’re doing and they want to just keep doing that thing that they’ve

[Nick McGowan]: always done it’s always been sort of comfortable and they expect to get different

[Nick McGowan]: results which is literally the definition of insanity yet most people will do

[Nick McGowan]: that stuff a lot of that probably boils down to fear you know where they’re just

[Nick McGowan]: like i don’t know or even the thought of having that conversation back and forth

[Nick McGowan]: with some troll some people probably themselves right now where they’re like i

[Nick McGowan]: don’t want to get into that situation but that’s actually a beautiful situation

[Nick McGowan]: coz you can show up and you can speak elegantly or nicely or you know you can

[Nick McGowan]: pois it the right way and then be able to say hey this is where my thoughts are

[Nick McGowan]: specifically so the other people can see it and that’s a huge boost for you

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: so not only algorithm wise but it’s all your perspective at that point if you

[Nick McGowan]: look at it and go oh my god these trolls just leave me alone use it use the

[Nick McGowan]: trolls but for the most part trolls don’t really come out and just let them be

[Nick McGowan]: but we all fear that in the back of our minds because we think of the the crazy

[Nick McGowan]: thing that can happen instead of the super positive thing that could happen so if

[Nick McGowan]: you didn’t make that step in your truck you wouldn’t have had those seventy

[Nick McGowan]: people you wouldn’t have had all of those people come to you and think about all

[Nick McGowan]: the people you’ve helped that honestly dude you wouldn’t have they just wouldn’t

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: have gone

[Tyler Newton]: yeah i mean i i remember being in arizona

[Tyler Newton]: in december i was in arizona and i was at a coaching conference with a bunch of

[Tyler Newton]: other two hundred fifty coaches and one of the guys came up to me and he’s like

[Tyler Newton]: hey man i remember when you were making those videos and in your truck every day

[Tyler Newton]: and i just started laughing i was like yeah man that’s my office and he was like

[Tyler Newton]: well your office looks a little bit different now and i said yeah it does look a

[Tyler Newton]: little bit different now i’m i’m now in the guest bedroom slash my office as you

[Tyler Newton]: can see there’s a bed right behind me my wife hates that i took over this room

[Tyler Newton]: but i said hey i’m working from home now so i need an office can’t be working in

[Tyler Newton]: my truck all day and gas gets expensive

[Tyler Newton]: so and to me that was just a really good reminder that like man i even had other

[Tyler Newton]: coaches that were like watching my videos and

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: that’s pretty cool because now here i am a year later at a coaching conference

[Tyler Newton]: with two hundred fifty other coaches and this guy still remembers me being in my

[Tyler Newton]: truck for thirty three days talking to everybody going live and

[Tyler Newton]: it’s it’s just rewarding to know that other people paid attention and actually

[Tyler Newton]: some of the people that you look up to as a peer to peer you know him saying

[Tyler Newton]: something to me felt even better than a client saying something or remember

[Tyler Newton]: something because like i said earlier you know you’re always kind of thinking

[Tyler Newton]: like your peers like what are they going to say and half the time they’re

[Tyler Newton]: actually cheering for you too

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: at least in my community i’ve never met more people that are more supportive of

[Tyler Newton]: one another and want to see each other grow than in my community now granted

[Tyler Newton]: there’s probably some bad apples in there too but for the most part the majority

[Tyler Newton]: of the people that i’m surrounded by that i see really cheer each other

[Nick McGowan]: t

[Tyler Newton]: on and if anything we try to send each other clients who we think you might

[Tyler Newton]: actually work really well with which is a great thing in our space because we’re

[Tyler Newton]: not just in it for the money we’re here to try to actually generally help you and

[Tyler Newton]: we want to see you get better and we want you to live your best life

[Tyler Newton]: and so i think it’s really important when we get into business and trying to help

[Tyler Newton]: people if your intention is to honestly help people you don’t have to say yes to

[Tyler Newton]: everybody that wants to work with you you actually need to set them up with who

[Tyler Newton]: you think can help them the best and i think

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: that’s a really great thing right now in our business is i have such a large

[Tyler Newton]: network of coaching friends that if somebody comes to me with a problem that i’m

[Tyler Newton]: uncomfortable with i can say politely no but hey this person can really help you

[Tyler Newton]: and then i’m still actually helping that person by getting them the proper help

[Tyler Newton]: that they need from that person so i’m actually still fulfilling what i truly

[Tyler Newton]: want to do which is get people the help that they need from the right people even

[Tyler Newton]: if it’s not me but i had a hand in it at least

[Nick McGowan]: yeah you gotta do right by people and you

[Tyler Newton]: absolutely

[Nick McGowan]: gotta you gotta set expectations cause if you go i yeah i can help you with all

[Nick McGowan]: these things i don’t know what the fuck i’m doing with this they’re gonna figure

[Nick McGowan]: it out and

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: they’re gonna tell people and then that’s gonna come back and it’s gonna hurt you

[Nick McGowan]: and honestly i think some people need to go through that i’ve been in that spot

[Nick McGowan]: before with businesses that i’ve had where i’m like yeah i could do it to turn

[Nick McGowan]: around i’m like i don’t know how we’re gonna do this but i sold it and sometimes

[Nick McGowan]: you gotta learn the hard way but you also gotta learn like that level of

[Nick McGowan]: aggravation you want to go through

[Tyler Newton]: oh yeah

[Nick McGowan]: so you think of the clients that you work with and all the craziness with the

[Nick McGowan]: pandemic i know that people are going through stuff right now so how are you

[Nick McGowan]: helping your clients not only managing their nutrition and their fitness but

[Nick McGowan]: managing their mind how are you helping them with that

[Tyler Newton]: you know it’s actually funny i joke around with my wife all the time and i tell

[Tyler Newton]: her i probably should have went to school to be a psychologist or a therapist

[Tyler Newton]: because you know for us i really love to get into the inner work with my clients

[Tyler Newton]: i think a lot of us

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: don’t understand that a lot of our struggles with eating correctly and exercise

[Tyler Newton]: stems from things in our childhood and so i think a lot of people actually need

[Tyler Newton]: to kind of go back and reassess things that have happened in their life to really

[Tyler Newton]: understand what got them to where they are today and so for me i like to

[Tyler Newton]: backtrack and unpack a lot of things for my clients when i talk to them to really

[Tyler Newton]: get to the why like why are you eating this way why are you

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: doing this why are you self sabotaging yourself because as a coach the most

[Tyler Newton]: powerful word that i have is why and then i keep digging on that by asking okay

[Tyler Newton]: why again and i just think that as a coach

[Tyler Newton]: anybody

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: can go online and get a macro prescription right like being a nutrition coach

[Tyler Newton]: everybody was like so what do you do and i’m like well i actually like help you

[Tyler Newton]: figure out like what’s wrong with you and why you can’t lose weight and then i

[Tyler Newton]: give you workouts and some other things and it really doesn’t sound that sexy but

[Tyler Newton]: i can sex it up if you want to and sound all smartt but let me just tell you this

[Tyler Newton]: like i’m gonna be with you every step of the way i’m gonna know when to pull the

[Tyler Newton]: right strings on your diet so you’re gonna have that guidance and then from there

[Tyler Newton]: i’m going to help your mindset around why you struggle already and i think people

[Tyler Newton]: lose sight of that when they are trying to hire a coach because you’re so

[Tyler Newton]: programmed to everybody doing the work for you

[Nick McGowan]: hey

[Tyler Newton]: hey here’s the food you’re gonna eat here’s how much you’re gonna eat here’s how

[Tyler Newton]: they’re gonna do x y and z and people are just given templates and they’re like

[Tyler Newton]: oh i can follow this until life happens

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and for me as a coach if you don’t want to be educated then i’m probably the

[Tyler Newton]: wrong coach for you because i never tell

[Nick McGowan]: two

[Tyler Newton]: a client to do something without them understanding why they need to do that and

[Tyler Newton]: they cause an effect it has on their body

[Tyler Newton]: so to me

[Tyler Newton]: if you just want macros hey cool here’s an app you can just plug and play put

[Tyler Newton]: your body weight put your height your age it’ll tell you what it is go from there

[Tyler Newton]: if you want somebody to work with you step by step and actually understand you

[Tyler Newton]: and work on the mindset around why you fear carbs why you feel like you have to

[Tyler Newton]: go keto why you have to do paleo like whatever diet you want to do the first

[Tyler Newton]: thing i always ask my clients i go i don’t care what diet structure you want to

[Tyler Newton]: do because let’s be very clear when we’re talking about different diets we’re

[Tyler Newton]: talking about the structure within a diet a diet is what you eat on a regular

[Tyler Newton]: basis so it can look like keto it can look like paleo it can be whole thirty it

[Tyler Newton]: can be carnivore now whatever you want it if it fits your macros cool whatever

[Tyler Newton]: you want to do don’t care as long as it’s gonna work for you for the next year

[Tyler Newton]: two five or ten what is going to work for you for a long

[Nick McGowan]: sure

[Tyler Newton]: period of time if you’re telling me you want to do keto just because you heard

[Tyler Newton]: nancy down the street lost thirty pounds while doing keto

[Tyler Newton]: no like that’s not the right diet for you if you generally have something wrong

[Tyler Newton]: where like carbs really mess with you okay cool now we can look at like why to do

[Tyler Newton]: keto that’s fine if you tell me you wanna sit there and

[Tyler Newton]: do

[Tyler Newton]: crossfit and you’re only eating fifty grams of carbs maybe a hundred i’m gonna

[Tyler Newton]: look at you and say hey like you need to up your carbs well i always gain weight

[Tyler Newton]: when i eat carbs i’m like no you just haven’t been eating enough and your body’s

[Tyler Newton]: metabolic adapted right so then i can go down that rapid hole of like once again

[Tyler Newton]: why carbs are good for you do you have to have carbs well no we’ve seen people do

[Tyler Newton]: the ketogenic diet but if you’re not going to go keto then you need carbs so you

[Tyler Newton]: know i need to give you education around why you should be doing whatever that

[Tyler Newton]: you’re doing and how to fit that in there i just think that’s really important

[Tyler Newton]: and a lot of people miss out on that inside of our business

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and

[Tyler Newton]: to me when you go into the mindset of digging around why they want to do things

[Tyler Newton]: inside of their diet and their lifestyle that’s when you actually can coach them

[Tyler Newton]: the best because what a lot of people don’t understand is their mindset is oh

[Tyler Newton]: well i just need to eat less exercise more well what happens when somebody’s been

[Tyler Newton]: eating twelve hundred calories and you tell them to eat less and exercise more

[Tyler Newton]: well they’re just creating a further adaptation away from their set point and

[Tyler Newton]: nobody’s going to tell them they actually need to eat more people are just going

[Tyler Newton]: to keep telling them hey eat less exercise more only driving them further and

[Tyler Newton]: further away from where they actually need to be which then guess what when we

[Tyler Newton]: look underneath the hood they probably have thyroid issues they have gut issue

[Tyler Newton]: there’s so many other things that go on that people need to be aware of and so

[Tyler Newton]: this is why when you get into the y and the mindset behind why people do things

[Tyler Newton]: it actually helps you be able to coach them on the right things to get them the

[Tyler Newton]: result that they want yeah their issue is and anybody listening to this and

[Tyler Newton]: struggling with your diet be patient with yourself it’s just like a business

[Tyler Newton]: right like if you’re on here and you’re an entrepreneur like your business didn’t

[Tyler Newton]: go from zero to a million

[Tyler Newton]: overnight well you’re not going to lose the forty pounds you’ packed on over the

[Tyler Newton]: last six years overnight so be patient there’s a lot of steps you have to go

[Tyler Newton]: through to get where you want yes some people can get there quicker than others

[Tyler Newton]: but everybody’s different everybody’s very individualized and unique so you have

[Tyler Newton]: to understand what is right for somebody else might not be right for you and we

[Tyler Newton]: have to figure that out

[Nick McGowan]: yeah there’s a couple main things that come back again it’s awareness and

[Nick McGowan]: accountability and action those people need to take action the fact that your

[Nick McGowan]: clients are asking you those questions is great but the fact that they became a

[Nick McGowan]: client is the first step the fact

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that they actually started to look and go wait i can’t do this anymore i keep

[Nick McGowan]: stuffing back a sleeve of oreos

[Nick McGowan]: every frig night or whatever that looks like and getting into their mind of well

[Nick McGowan]: what is it well you’re dealing with stress or you’re having problems within your

[Nick McGowan]: marriage or you know whatever these things are but take that action so i know

[Nick McGowan]: that you’ve gone through a lot of stuff and

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: that you had some things that happened to you when you were younger that have led

[Nick McGowan]: you to this spot what sort of advice would you give to anybody that’s kind of

[Nick McGowan]: sitting on that cusp they’re like yeah this is that year i’m gonna do

[Tyler Newton]: yeah

[Nick McGowan]: it this year

[Tyler Newton]: i mean like like anything i mean if if there’s something that you keep saying

[Tyler Newton]: you’re going to do this year

[Tyler Newton]: well if you’ve been putting it off year after year then what’s gonna make this

[Tyler Newton]: year any different

[Tyler Newton]: i mean let’s be honest with ourselves if you’ve been having the same goal for two

[Tyler Newton]: three years what is going to help you change and a lot of times you have to kind

[Tyler Newton]: of reverse engineer and think back to like what it is like you really want to do

[Tyler Newton]: and how you’re going to do it and

[Nick McGowan]: she just

[Tyler Newton]: just take one step at a time

[Tyler Newton]: if if you’re saying you’re gonna get in shape and this is going to be the year

[Tyler Newton]: you actually go to the gym and get in shape we have to at least go show up at the

[Tyler Newton]: gym just drive to the parking lot i guarantee this if you struggle to go to the

[Tyler Newton]: gym just drive to the parking lot and walk in that could be step number one and

[Tyler Newton]: you could literally go to the gym walk in and go to the treadmill for five

[Tyler Newton]: minutes call it a day and then do the same thing the next day

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: do the same thing the third day do it the fourth day until you’re ready to

[Tyler Newton]: do the same thing the third day do it the fourth day until you’re ready to

[Tyler Newton]: actually maybe go for fifteen minutes and maybe you go for fifteen minutes then

[Tyler Newton]: actually maybe go for fifteen minutes and maybe you go for fifteen minutes then

[Tyler Newton]: and every day you go walk for fifteen minutes at the gym but you’re there you’re

[Tyler Newton]: and every day you go walk for fifteen minutes at the gym but you’re there you’re

[Tyler Newton]: doing the step and so i just always come back to if you’re going to do something

[Tyler Newton]: doing the step and so i just always come back to if you’re going to do something

[Tyler Newton]: just do it and figure it out along the way

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: when i first got into fitness for myself i didn’t even know what the macros were

[Tyler Newton]: i literally was on my phone trying to figure out what are macros right and then i

[Tyler Newton]: learned what macros were and i was like oh this is pretty simple like i can make

[Tyler Newton]: this work and then you know you start digging in a little bit deeper and then you

[Tyler Newton]: kind of go a little bit deeper and you know the funniest story of really how i

[Tyler Newton]: kind of became really into fitness again and then that led me to being a personal

[Tyler Newton]: trainer was the night my wife tapped me on the stomach and told me i was getting

[Tyler Newton]: a dad not at the age

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Tyler Newton]: of twenty six like i was like what the hell so guess

[Nick McGowan]: oh

[Tyler Newton]: what action i took the next day i woke up at fuck five a m and i went to the gym

[Tyler Newton]: and i started working out and then i dove in and i’m luckily the type of person

[Tyler Newton]: where i go zero to one hundred real quick with anything that i get really

[Tyler Newton]: passionate about and little did she know seven years later i was going to be

[Tyler Newton]: running my own business out of our home and be on a six figure run rate but it’s

[Tyler Newton]: just funny how like that one little thing like just clicked in my mind because i

[Tyler Newton]: couldn’t see it in myself but somebody

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: else saw it coming and then gave me the warning of hey you know this isn’t who

[Tyler Newton]: you want to be and so sometimes you have to actually look for the door that’s

[Tyler Newton]: opening in front of you and actually step through it people are always like i’m

[Tyler Newton]: just waiting for a sign and i’m like well you can see the sign but if you don’t

[Tyler Newton]: actually walk through the door then you’re never actually going to get the result

[Tyler Newton]: that you want from that sign so

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: it’s important for people to know that they aren’t alone but half the time you

[Tyler Newton]: have to just step out the comfort of what you know and do something

[Tyler Newton]: say no to things like so many people were afraid to say no to other people and a

[Tyler Newton]: lot of times when you actually need to grow you actually need to learn the word

[Tyler Newton]: no more than the word yes could you’re probably saying yes to the wrong things

[Tyler Newton]: and know to the things that you need to be saying no to so think about that next

[Tyler Newton]: time

[Nick McGowan]: interesting

[Tyler Newton]: you want to do something and you’re like oh man like i really want to go start my

[Tyler Newton]: own business and then your boys are like hey man we’re gonna go out for happy

[Tyler Newton]: hour and they’re like uh which one should i do well you should probably go work

[Tyler Newton]: on your businesses plan and not go out for drinks because anybody that’s made

[Tyler Newton]: anything

[Tyler Newton]: it

[Nick McGowan]: that

[Tyler Newton]: starts by getting around people that want the same thing that you want

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: and saying no to the people that aren’t actually making you better is really hard

[Tyler Newton]: to do but once you get used to that you really start to grow because you become

[Tyler Newton]: your own person you’re not

[Nick McGowan]: h

[Tyler Newton]: relying on other people to kind of lead you to what they’re doing

[Tyler Newton]: because i see very few people that go to five o’clock happy hours running their

[Tyler Newton]: own business

[Tyler Newton]: it’s usually the same guys who’ve been do like i see some guys still

[Nick McGowan]: used

[Tyler Newton]: when i go downtown when i used to be in

[Nick McGowan]: to be any

[Tyler Newton]: my twenties and i go downtown very

[Tyler Newton]: every so often and i still

[Nick McGowan]: just

[Tyler Newton]: see the same guys running around downtown and i’m like this is coming up on like

[Tyler Newton]: eight years of when i used to be a bartender and you guys are still running

[Tyler Newton]: around here like what the hell

[Tyler Newton]: but they’re in the same place they’re

[Nick McGowan]: yeah

[Tyler Newton]: working the same jobs there’s no growth

[Tyler Newton]: so growth comes from being uncomfortable and growth comes from finally saying no

[Tyler Newton]: and just doing in taking action steps and doing the boring work people don’t look

[Tyler Newton]: good because they sit there and eat a bunch of fancy foods all the time most of

[Tyler Newton]: the time people look really good from being really boring and monotonous and

[Tyler Newton]: eating a

[Nick McGowan]: she

[Tyler Newton]: lot of the same things over and over again

[Tyler Newton]: it’s consistency

[Nick McGowan]: yeah it’s a great way to end this episode because we’ve gone through a lot of

[Nick McGowan]: stuff within this taking action being aware of yourself being consistent i think

[Nick McGowan]: a lot of it boils down to setting yourself up habits and being mindful of what

[Nick McGowan]: your bumpers are so Tyler man i appreciate you being on the show i absolutely

[Nick McGowan]: love what you’re doing love the heart that you have and how authentic you are

[Nick McGowan]: share with us where can people find you where can they find your group et cetera

[Tyler Newton]: yeah man so you guys can find me on instagram it’s new ten that’s anyw one zero

[Tyler Newton]: underscore fitness if you want to look me up on facebook it’s tyler newton they

[Tyler Newton]: got the beard working out in the gym and then we have a facebook group as well

[Tyler Newton]: slash community it’s called strong and shredded if you want to look us up come

[Tyler Newton]: join we have lots of valuable guides we do free trainings every week so if you

[Tyler Newton]: guys want to be a part of that with us and get some help this year

[Nick McGowan]: Georgia

[Tyler Newton]: come join us we’d love to have you

[Nick McGowan]: awesome Tyler i appreciate being on the show thank you so much man

[Tyler Newton]: yeah appreciate fun

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